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Elliot Tsai aka Shaman Dragon Brings a New Moral Angle to Hip Hop: Buddhism

-Cool stuff.

Created by Sha.

Wild East: What’s the motivation behind your latest single, PEACE UP?
Shaman: Peace. Right now in the media and in the world, there are many tragic situations happening. Disease, war, and oppression are just a few of the things plaguing humanity. There is a lot of fear and confusion. There is also a lot of anger and resentment. I just want to put something else out there for people to focus their energy on, such as the feeling of peace.
The Wild East: Also, what’s going on in your life’s trajectory at the moment, to inspire this song?
Shaman: As for the inspiration for the song…my goal in life is to help focus human consciousness on something positive and healing, such as peace. When people are watching violence, consuming it with their minds, I believe that helps to make it more of a reality. I wish to create a reality of harmony by getting people to think “PEACE”, to feel it, using words, music, and imagery.
Peace Up

Peace of the pizza, Peace of the pie
Peace of the dream, Peace of the sky
Peace of the hearts, Peace of the mind
Peace o da puzzle they won't find
It's so absurd, but they ain't heard
Young men die and old men scream war
Ya'll can rest in peace or ya'll can rest in pieces
Drink clean water or drink the feces
ET on some Reese's pieces
Who wanted peace? Probably Jesus
Buddha, man, Ghandi a genius
Illusions I'll tear 'em all to pieces
Peace in the east, Peace in the west
Piece in your nose won't pay the rent
Piece in your hand can't get no peace
'Less you got no choice
Piece of the beast
Ain't no peace for sale
Ain't no peace on lease
Easy to see, inner E.Y.E.
Peace it together, see peace is free
Growin' on trees, blowin' on leaves
Get rid of disease, cause they not at ease
Ease up, breeze up and breathe
Peace of my mind 'till the world is free
Peace of my soul, peace they can't see

Peace UP, eternally
Peace UP, for the galaxy
Peace UP, throughout infinity
Peace UP, 'o let there be we let it be

Peace UP, eternally
Peace UP, for the galaxy
Peace UP, throughout infinity
Peace UP, 'o let there be we let it be

Eye for an eye, make the whole world blind
Die for a die, we can all say bye
All ya'll are children of God
All people equal, even though odd
Who ain't seen the rain?
Who ain't seen the pain?
Who ain't been through hell just to see today?
Hardship will only make you stronger
Fight a monster and ya'll be a monster
Afraid to back down, afraid to show love
Afraid to believe in God above
Afraid to be free of what monkeys think
They're afraid to lead, they're afraid to think
They're afraid to feel, but some of ya'll are so angry
Make more hate Dr. Bruce Banner
Hell on Earth, 7 heavens
See the 6 or ya'll can be the 7
Get unfroze and let it go
Water them seeds and watch 'em grow
Watch a lot of static start to blow
Watch drama drop like dominoes
Once higher spirits start to awaken
False idols fall and earthquakin'
Stand together or fall apart,
Blown away by drones 'cause we lost the heart

Lost at heart

Peace UP, eternally
Peace UP, for the galaxy
Peace UP, throughout infinity
Peace UP, 'o let there be we let it be

Peace UP, eternally
Peace UP, for the galaxy
Peace UP, throughout infinity
Peace UP, 'o let there be we let it be


Transition (LaoWai band from Taiwan) Covers 2 Classic Chinese Songs as only They Can Do it 你怎么说 and 你是我的花朵

-They did it again.

Transition前進樂團 在Bristol的公園翻唱鄧麗君的 ‘你怎麼說’
Transition cover Teresa Teng's 'Ni Zenme Shuo'
Featuring Xu Chenlu on Erhu : 二胡-许晨鹭
Director/導演: Stef Roberts

Transition 2015 China Tour
Wuhan June 26
Chongching June 28
Yichun June 30
Ji an July 1
Shenzhen July 3
Dongguan July 4
Hui Zhou July 5
Li Shui July 7
Wen Zhou July 8
Wu Xi July 10
Shanghai July 11
Chang Shou July 12
Zhang Jia Gang July 14
Wei Fang July 16
Qing Dao July 17
Cheng Jing July 19
Da Lian July 21
Zhengzhou July 23
Handan July 24
Shanxi July 26
U-Lan Bator July 28

武漢琴台大劇院 26/06/2015
重慶大劇院(中劇場) 28/06/2015
宜春文化藝術中心大劇院 30/06/2015
吉安市保利大劇院 01/07/2015
深圳保利劇院 03/07/2015
東莞玉蘭劇院 04/07/2015
惠州文化藝術中心 05/07/2015
麗水大劇院 07/07/2015
溫州大劇院 08/07/2015
無錫大劇院 10/07/2015
上海保利大劇院 11/07/2015
常熟大劇院 12/07/2015
張家港保利大劇院 14/07/2015
濰坊大劇院 16/07/2015
青島大劇院(音樂廳) 17/07/2015
盛京大劇院 19/07/2015
大連國際會議中心大劇院 21/07/2015
河南藝術中心(音樂廳) 23/07/2015
邯鄲大劇院 24/07/2015
山西大劇院(音樂廳) 26/07/2015
烏蘭洽特 28/07/2015

Directed by Christophe Blanc -

Transition前進樂團翻唱伍伯的 '妳是我的花朵' 也找些世界各地來的朋友一起跳舞,英國的路人傻眼了!前進樂團的朋友羅賓漢也來吹口琴­!
Transition and their good friend Robin 'Hood' Mitchell cover the hit song 'You are my Flower' by Taiwanese legend '500', only to be joined by an impromptu global dance team in Queen's Square, Bristol UK!

Its a cover of this song


VIDEO: Chinese Magician Group Performs Most Teleportations in 1 Minute! You Won't Believe it! Plus Jackie Chan's 2 Guinness World Records!


There's some real magic in this Monday's Guinness World Records Classic, you won't believe your eyes!

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The most teleportation illusions performed in one minute is 7 and was achieved by Lee Hang Chai (China) on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on 30 March 2012.

Action film legend Jackie Chan has today been presented with two Guinness World Records certificates during an event in Shanghai.

GWR Greater China President Rowan Simons made the presentations for Most credits in one movie and Most stunts by a living actor to the star during the official launch of Chan's latest movie Chinese Zodiak.

Chan carried out 15 of the major creative movie-making roles for the film, including Director, Producer, Actor, Fight Choreographer and Composer, breaking the previous record of 11 credits held by Robert Rodriguez.

Speaking about the achievement, Chan said, "Achieving these Guinness World Records titles is recognition of all my life's work".

The highlight of the event was the presentation of a second Guinness World Records title for Most stunts by a living actor, an accomplishment that reflects Chan's amazing career in which he has nearly lost his life several times and broken numerous bones.

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