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Beijing Students Make Hilarious Video Parody of "BITE OF CHINA" about Instant Noodles!

This is HILARIOUS!!!

A Bite of China is a popular documentary series, featuring tasty and traditional dishes from across the country. But now, there's a parody, and it's come from a group of Chinese university students. "A Bite of China 2" - also known as "A bite of dormitory- Instant noodles" has become hugely popular, satirizing a huge staple in the diet of student life.

The homage to noodles was an instant hit online.
“I laughed myself to tears,” wrote one verified user on Weibo.
Even the Communist Party’s newspaper, the People’s Daily, praised the segment.
“I can’t even look at instant noodles any more…they totally applied the plots from ‘Bite II’. It’s grand and magnificent but also delicate and sensational,” read a message about the spoof on the newspaper’s verified Weibo account.

from WSJ: Video Spoof About Instant Noodles Becomes an Instant Hit


Donnie Yen = Captain America! Movie Trailer ICEMAN. Ming Dynasty Warriors Frozen and Thawed in Today's Hong Kong!

-This looks AWESOME!

Iceman, is a 3D martial arts action adventure from renowned director Law Wing-cheong, co-directed and starring action megastar Donnie Yen. A remake of the 1989 film "The Iceman Cometh", Iceman 3D revolves around a Captain America-like character portrayed by Donnie Yen. The heroic role and his evil foe (Wang Baoqiang) lived during the Ming Dynasty. Both were frozen during a fight and were defrosted in modern day Hong Kong where they continue their battle.


All Chinese: Yang Lan Interview with New Oriental Education Mogul Yu Minhong about the Movie, his life and his success

-Amazing.  Amazing. MOVIE TRAILER BELOW.

杨澜访谈录 新东方董事长俞敏洪Yu Minhong讲述创业经历 自忍孤独与屈辱 HD高清完整版《杨澜访谈录》,持续更新中.....
He is the founder of New Oriental School, a film "Chinese partner" put his entrepreneurial story to a wider public view, but he vehemently denied the movie "study Godfather" image. He said the performance of the profound reality than film. But people still talked about his business history. His stiff from a rural youth, to probity of Beijing University teacher, and then abandoned factory in the private training principals, to the applause of many listed companies at the helm of flowers. He is the founder of New Oriental - Michael Yu. Happens that in 2013 China's graduates faced unprecedented pressure on employment, so at this time the young students who are willing to listen to Mr Yu Chin North to introduce entrepreneurial experience, there will be some gains now! Look at the current "Interview with Yang Lan" interview Mr Yu - "My success you can copy."

Starring - Huang Xiaoming, Tong Dawei, Deng Chao
Director - Peter Chan
Release Date - 17 May 2013 in China
Plot - Chang, Wang and Meng are friends with very different personalities that share a common dream. Meng is pedantic, pretentious and boastful of his glorious future, Wang is a bohemian who uses pop culture to seduce women and Cheng is a country bumpkin with thick skin and an unshakeable belief in himself. Meng goes to the US to make his fortune while Wang and Cheng stay in China and eventually open the New Dream English language school which is a hit. Meng returns to join them and together, they make New Dream an enormous success and themselves very rich.

Unfortunately for the three friends their school becomes involved in a scandal and they are accused by the US government of using deception in their schools international English exams. Their commitment to each other and their dreams is tested as the scandal deepens.


Jamie Oliver Makes Pork Baozi with Left Over Pork A La Naked Chef!

-WOW! Delish!  Hope there's no cardboard! 

This gorgeous Dim Sum recipe is perfect for any meat but especially good with leftover pork. Soft steamed buns with hot pork and a sweet, sticky sauce and at under 65p / $1 it's a bargain too!

Jamie's Money Saving Meals starts tomorrow on Channel 4 at 8.30pm (UK Only). But all you international Food Tubers can get loads of tasty, affordable meals right here:

What's your best tips for using up leftovers? We'd love to hear your ideas in the comments box below guys!

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