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ASIAN SNACKS from your Childhood with the FUNG BROTHERS!

-These guys ROCK! 



US TV Show ALMOST HUMAN Shows the Futuristic Universal Translator with Cantonese!

-This is soo cool! Premise In 2048, the uncontrollable evolution of science and technology has caused crime rates to rise an astounding 400%. To combat this, the overwhelmed police force has implemented a new policy: every human police officer is paired up with a lifelike combat-model android. John Kennex (Karl Urban), a troubled detective, has a reason to hate these new robot partners. Almost two years previously, Kennex and his squad were raiding the hideout of a violent gang known as the Insyndicate, but ended up being ambushed and outgunned. Kennex tried to save his badly injured partner, but the accompanying android officer abandoned them both because their chances of survival were low. An explosion then took out Kennex's leg and killed his partner.


Seen this REAL Chicken Run? Truck Carrying Chickens Overturns in China, CHICKENS EVERYWHERE!

-Why did the chicken cross the road?  To escape from the accident!

Police in China have tried to catch thousands of chickens after they escaped from an overturned truck on a motorway. More than 3,000 of the birds got loose following the accident in south-west Guizhou Province, when the vehicle swerved after a sharp turn. Police managed to recapture around 900 of the animals from the road and nearby bushes and helped put them back into their cages.

-Here's the real Chicken Run.

Dates back to 2000, from the makers of Wallace and Gromit comes a full length feature film about Chickens escaping the chicken coop.  Voiced by Mel Gibson.


China News Illustrated: Women in China News - How do you say PSYCHO in Chinese?

1 here.
2 here.
3 Here.
4 here.


Obama's Choice for Ambassador to China, Max Baucus (D-MT) claims: "I'M NO REAL EXPERT ON CHINA."


U.S. Ambassador to China nominee Max Baucus admits he's "no real expert on China" at his confirmation hearing.

Watch it on CSPAN

Addicted to the Internet in China? How do you say BOOTCAMP and ELECTRO SHOCK TREATMENT in Chinese?

China’s Web Junkies BY SHOSH SHLAM AND HILLA MEDALIA January 19th, 2014 A short documentary about a Chinese boot-camp-style treatment center for young men “addicted” to the Internet. China is the first country to label Internet addiction a clinical disorder. With extraordinary intimacy, Web Junkie investigates a Beijing rehab center whe. \n \n China is the first country to label Internet addiction a clinical disorder. With extraordinary intimacy, Web Junkie investigates. Treating Internet junkies Treating Internet Addiction Chinese Boot Camp 2007 Style CNN's John Vause visits a boot camp run by the Chinese military to treat Internet addicts 2007 China bans electric shock treatment used to 'cure' young internet addicts "With the world's largest online community, estimated at more than 300 million users, it was only a matter of time before China acknowledged it might have a problem with a growing digital-age affliction: internet addiction. Thousands are believed to suffer in one form or another amid growing concern about young people's use of chat rooms and online gaming, and a series of treatment centres have sprung up. But today it emerged that some of the treatments on offer are as worrying as the condition, as the ministry of health moved to ban the use of electric shocks to cure chronic internet dependency. Doctors released the first diagnostic definition of internet addiction last year, based on a study of more than 1,300 intensive users. It says addicts are those who spend at least six hours online a day and have shown at least one from a range of symptoms including a yearning to get back online, fear of social contact and difficulty concentrating or sleeping. Other experts argue that the definition is far too general and many non-addicts qualify under it because the criteria are so vague. Critics warn moreover that some of the "cures" promoted to anxious parents were as worrying as the problem. A notice on the health ministry's website said that the safety of the electric shock technology was not clear, so use of the therapy should be stopped. The ban follows reports that Dr Yang Yongxin, from Linyi City's psychiatric hospital, in Shandong province, was using electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). According to the Beijing News, Yang said he had created xingnao ("brain-waking") therapy that involved sending a small current through the brain. He added the stimulation might cause pain but was very safe and would not harm children in any way. An earlier report by the newspaper Information Times claimed patients received ECT if they broke any of the centre's rules, which included eating chocolate, locking the bathroom door, taking pills before a meal and sitting on Yang's chair without permission. It said parents had to sign a contract before admission acknowledging that their child would be given ECT. The ministry of health asked Shandong's health department to stop the use of "electrical stimulation" for internet addiction while experts investigated. The researchers said both the safety and the effectiveness of the method was unclear. The ministry added that people wanting to conduct medical research required official approval as well as full consent from patients. But there are said to be hundreds of internet addiction treatment centres across China and others are believed to use similar methods. The centre's public relations chief said it had stopped using electric shock treatment for internet addicts due to the pressure of public opinion, but was still treating those people through other means. According to the Beijing News, when a reporter called the centre posing as a consumer, staff said the treatment fee for internet addiction was 5,500 yuan (£500) a month. Asked whether electric shock therapy would be used, the employee said it should be called "pulse therapy" and was only used in special circumstances. Tao Ran, who runs a well-known centre for curing internet addiction in the suburbs of Beijing, said: "There are about 300 million net users in China and 200 million of them are young people. More net users means more chances to be addicted to the internet. Young people are weaker in controlling themselves and when they find the computer games gripping they will quickly become addicted." He said his clinic treated about 200 patients a month for addiction, 80% of whom were aged 15 to 18 and 90% of whom were male."


4 Wal-Mart and China Videos: Unholy Alliance or Match Made in Heaven? Comparison, Frogs, Turtles and Fake iPads

-Nice mix... 

Study Aboard Project Analysis on the Wal-Mart experience in Beijing; we will discuss the difference between the international and domestic locations.

I found a Walmart somewhere north of Shanghai and I thought I check it out. I was greatly disappointed. This is a supercenter Walmart and its tiny and not nowhere close to what we expect in a USA Supercenter Walmart..

Also, almost all the the food products are different. They even offer frogs, turtles, etc and you have to catch them in a cage. Not my cup of tea.

Please note this video is not to offend any one or culture. It is merely to show you how a super power company operates differently in different markets.

And for some of you that don't know, some Southern Americans eat frogs too. My father loves to eat bull frogs but i doubt he could kill and prepare it in the kitchen. However, I do recall him killing (boiling) live craps in a pot years ago. Ha.

-This story has nothing to do with China YET they put it in the title... WOW! 

Man claims Walmart sold fake iPad. Walmart refuses refund thinking the man is the one who put the dummy iPad in the box and tried to return it. The video is courtesy of WSB-TV in Atlanta, Ga.

Hey guys! So this footage is from this past summer. Sorry it took soooo long for me to edit and upload this. I know there's not much interesting going on, but I decided to put it up anyway just in case you guys care lol.

Just a FYI, as I mentioned in my videos right after the summer last year, my eyelid started to change during the summer. So if you were wondering why my eyes are monolids in this video, it's because they haven't changed yet!

Also, I just wanted to explain the whole currency and things being expensive thing again. So when you convert things (excluding designer stuff or anything highend) to dollars, it does not seem like that much money ($1=6.3 RMB). But what I was trying to say in the video is that people in China have to pay a lot more for groceries and other stuff like that. For example, if i earned $5000 a month in the U.S, it doesn't mean i will earn 6 times the amount of that in China. I will earn 5000 RMB, so the number is the same but they value is different. So I pay $20 for a bucket of cooking oil, which is $20/$5000. But if I was in China, I would pay 105RMB/5000RMB. Woooo that was a long explanation, but I hope I'm making some kind of sense. So yeah.

One more thing, designer and high end stuff are actually like 3 times the price in China than in the states. The iPhone for example, in the states w/o a contract it would cost $649, which is equivalent to around 4000 RMB. But in China, it costs 5000 RMB, which is around almost $800 which is like a lot more than the price in the states. Ok, now I'm really done!

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