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Metallica Discusses First Ever China Show in Shanghai, 3 Fan Made Concert Videos

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James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo on Metallica's first ever appearance in China, being part of the "big four" of thrash metal and filming a new documentary


Henan Province Zoo Cheats Visitors Replacing a Lion with a Barking Dog


Is this the world's worst zoo? Visitors' fury after staff in China try to pass off Tibetan mastiff as a lion and a mongrel as a leopard
People's Park in Luohe, Henan province, has apologised and offered refund
Chinese media accuse zoo of replacing exotic animals with common species
A China zoo has been forced to apologise after it tried to pass off a dog as a lion.
Angry visitors to the People's Park in Luohe, Henan province, complained when the 'African lion' started barking.
Zoo staff said they had pretended the Tibetan mastiff was a lion because they could not afford the real thing, local media reported.


Music Video: Jason Chu, LA Rapper, Releases New Song "ONE CHILD 独生子女"

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Established in 1979, the "Family Planning Policy" restricts most Chinese families to a single child. These are the stories of two generations affected by that policy.

Our hope is that the video will bring empathy and understanding for the families and parents that have made difficult and even tragic decisions for the sake of their children's future.

Filmed in Beijing.

In China, the "One Child Policy" is a national law mandating that families should not have more than one child.
In a land of a billion what's a few hundred million?
Empty buildings, cement on the ceilings
Cut the lifeline and left a population reeling
Breaking off the future without thinking of the children
I heard a girl cry, saw a boy laugh
Saw the future turn white in a camera flash
As the camera snaps, it all blows past
No more light now, it's growin all black
See the future but can't make it change
So I say my prayers for those who aren't of age
As behind closed eyes I see the unmarked graves
And I, try to smile, but my expression's - changed
What will they do with the playgrounds
When the ones who used to play there don't come round
And there's no one to replace them
A generation crying out because we couldn't save them
Who will wash them, who will bathe them?
Commemorate them in their last days?
And in a mother's eyes, and a father's face
I glimpse a painting that was left untraced

What about your deepest feelings?
What about your broken heart?
What about someone who's there
When everything else falls apart?
A true brother, a true sister
Is there with a helping hand
When you cry, you'll find my shoulder
When you need me, I'll be there

One child, one child
One child might be a king
One child, one child
She could be everything

Top university with big dreams
The best school in the country was in Beijing
She was smart with a bright future - He had a smile like hers
and caring eyes, that looked right through her
Cold winter, but he made her warm
So when he asked her out she texted right back - sure
Her roommates all teased her
When his picture showed up on her phone screensaver
Same classes, the same major
Together all day from 6 AM until he made her
Go home to sleep, and in her dreams
She didn't count sheep, she saw him as her savior
Their first kiss in a corner of the campus
His lips were untrained but she taught him manners
At three months, they had a special date
Rented a hotel room with the money he had saved her
At four months, it turns out she's late
They both knew that the moment had sealed their fate
A pregnant woman can't run the rat race
It was done in three hours on a Saturday, ay


Married in the fall; pregnant by the spring
Their future was as bright as the diamond on her ring
By the summer it was clear that the winter would bring
Another life into their family, that's what they had dreamed
The new year brought a new life into the world
A new generation, a little baby girl
Finally, they felt so complete
Named her faith: their future, made concrete
Mom went back to work, dad taught his class
Grandma watched the child while grandpa took a nap
But in their hearts, they felt a hole
Next to little baby faith where another should go
But the law said one child is all they need
More than that is unpatriotic indeed
Another child means paying steep taxes and fees
And they were told: it's just one more mouth to feed
.So when her belly gets large again
The moment should be joyful but it's hard on them
In their own family, they don't have a voice
Because the law says the country doesn't have a choice


Watch these Chinese People Run Around Beijing Getting Colors Splashed All Over Them

-doesn't this add to the pollution? 

Runners in Beijing were showered in paint and powder as they took on a five kilometre 'Color Run'. The idea of the event wass simple, it is a five kilometre fun run, but the participants are periodically splashed with paint and powder. The Color Run first started in January 2012 and 50 runs were held last year with over 600,000 people taking the part.

The events aim to promote healthiness by making exercise fun and organisers call it the "happiest five kilometres on the planet". Report by Laurie Blake.

Thousands of runners took part in China's first-ever "Color Run" on Saturday in Beijing - getting doused in colored powder at every kilometre along the five kilometre course.


Chinese Child Trafficking Ring Exposed: Obstetrician Claimed Babies had Deformities but Never Did

-There's a special place in hell for child traffickers.

Local authorities have detained nine people, including an obstetrician, on suspicion of baby trafficking at a hospital in northwestern China, according to state media. Three government officials and three hospital managers at Fuping County Maternal and Child Health Care in Shaanxi province were also dismissed over the baby trafficking scandal, Xinhua News Agency reported.


China is Making 3D Printed Body Parts

-3D printed FETUS? 

China reveals its first 3-D bio printer to make human body parts, as Patricia Wu reports.


BBC News: China World Tower Runners race to top of skyscraper

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BBC News China World Tower Runners race to top of skyscraper
Athletes raced to the top of Beijing's tallest building on Saturday, for China's first-ever vertical run.
Competitors climbed the 1,082ft (330m) China World Tower, conquering 82 floors and a total of 2,041 steps.
Thomas Dold from Germany won the men's race, while Australia's Suzy Walsham, who said it was tougher than she expected. led the women's division.

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