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Chinese Female Teacher/Astronaut Lectures from Space, Does Cool Tricks in Weightless Environment, English and Mandarin

-SO COOL! The world is very small!   Mandarin ONLY is the 4th video! 

First part. China's first telecast of basic physics tutorial to school children from space.

First space lecture opens new horizons for China - Xinhua |

BEIJING, June 20 (Xinhua) -- A special lecture began Thursday morning, given by a teacher aboard a space module about 340 km above her students on Earth.
Female astronaut Wang Yaping 王亚平, one of three crew members aboard the Shenzhou-10 spacecraft, greeted about 330 primary and middle school students at a Beijing high school through a live video feed.
"Hello everyone. I am Wang Yaping. I will host the lecture today," she said, smiling toward a camera onboard the space module Tiangong-1.
Wang and her crew members set off for outer space aboard the Shenzhou-10 spacecraft on June 11. The spacecraft docked with the Tiangong-1 on June 13.
The students she addressed were gathered at the High School Affiliated with Renmin University.
"I was very excited after learning that I could come to this class," said Luo Jiangyuan, a high school freshman who said he plans to study science in college.

Second Part.

Third Part

All in Chinese!


Introducing Dim Sum Burger! Shrimp and Pork Dumpling BURGER! WHAT!!?!?!

-With a steamed bun for a bun? AWESOME!!! 

You don't have to be Blaisian to love this burger that takes Chinese dim sum favorites like shumai dumplings & steamed pork buns and Blaises them into a slider heaven. Subscribe!

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This week, Top Chef All-Star Richard Blais takes the Burger Lab to new heights with this slider recipe. The genius of this burger is that it incorporates all of the flavors and textures that you love about Chinese cuisine, from ginger to dumplings to sesame oil, yet it's still indulgent and satisfying like any great burger should be! We say this all the time, but this pork and shrimp goodness is EPIC. It starts from mixing ground pork with raw shrimp that Chef Richard Blais grinds himself to create the patty. In order to infuse those typical flavors of Chinese cuisine, he grills the burger in sesame oil with ginger, scallions and garlic and then finishes it with a drizzle of chili oil. Meanwhile, he's got a steamed bun to recreate that dim sum feel and be the perfect pillowy base as he stacks flavors, starting with kecap manis — a sweet soy sauce — and ending with sliced pork sparerib, pickled radishes, fresh cilantro and a sprinkling of scallions. It's a small burger with Godzilla-sized flavor.

You heard him correctly! If you're near a Flip Burger Boutique then you can eat this burger. Go give your mouth the pampering it deserves:

Top Chef All-Stars winner, Richard Blais is taking over the interwebs to bring you the most insanely over-the-top awesome BURGER recipes you could ever imagine! As an owner and chef of the Flip Burger Boutique franchise, Blais is a hamburger legend. Get ready 'cause you'll be grilling, griddling, basting, barbecuing, frying, melting, layering, saucing, and "bunning" your way to burger heaven in no time. Are you man enough to handle the juicy, gooey, goodness of a Burger Lab creation?

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NYTimes: China to Force 250 Million Peasants to the Cities to Stoke the Economy!?

-This is genius.

The Chinese government plans to move 250 million people from farms to cities over the next 12 to 15 years.

Read the story here:


Guangzhou Airport: Baggage Guy Doesn't Care Who's Filming During His Shift

-Don't they always do this ??

Handle with care? Hilarious video reveals Chinese freight workers throwing packages at plane
Footage shows air freight handlers at Guangzhou airport in China chucking boxes onto a China Southern Airlines plane
Most of the packages bounce off the conveyor belt and onto the tarmac, or miss the belt entirely
Video taken by an astounded passenger and then posted on YouTube

This Baggage Handler Gives 1000 Fewer F*cks Than You Do
Watch as a freight worker at Guangzhou Airport in China haphazardly attempts to transfer a load of packages onto a plane. from Buzzfeed.

Handle with care? Hilarious video reveals Chinese freight workers throwing packages at plane
China Air-Freight Handlers at Guangzhou Airport - No Care Policy? Footage shows air freight handlers at Guangzhou airport in China chucking boxes onto a China Southern Airlines plane Most of the packages bounce off the conveyor belt and onto the tarmac, or miss the belt entirely Video taken by an astounded passenger and then posted on YouTube

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 17:44 EST, 17 June 2013 | UPDATED: 20:28 EST, 17 June 2013


CBS News Bob Schieffer now says Edward Snowden is a wimp for "running off and hiding in China"

-Bob Shieffer should just go home.

"For one thing, I don't remember Martin Luther King, Jr., or Rosa Parks running off and hiding in China. The people who ran the civil-rights movement were willing to break the law and suffer the consequences," Schieffer said during a monologue on CBS' "Face the Nation."

"That's a little different than putting the nation's security at risk and running away."

Schieffer said he isn't sure whether the NSA is overreaching by gathering information from phone calls and electronic communications. But he said that the members of Congress that Americans elected should be held accountable.


Now Dick Cheney is Suspicious of people who go to China. "Not A Place You Ordinarily Go If Interested In Freedom And Liberty"

-The Horrors! He went to China!!! 
Transcript on video starting at 40 seconds and ending at 2:16

WALLACE: We believe -- believe that Snowden is still in Hong Kong and apparently giving the Chinese information about alleged U.S. cyber hacking into Chinese computers.

Just a couple of questions: do you think he was a spy all along for the Chinese? Do you think he's using this information to try to buy asylum from the Chinese? And how firm should the U.S. government be with the Chinese about turning this guy back to us?

CHENEY: Well, I'm deeply suspicious obviously because he went to China. That's not a place where you ordinarily want to go if you're interested in freedom, and liberty and so forth. So, it raises questions whether or not he had that kind of connection before he did this.

The other concern I have is whether or not he had help from inside the agency. That is to say, was there somebody else in NSA who had access to a lot of this stuff and passed it to him? That's presumably one of the things to look at in the course of the investigation.

But I -- I am very, very worried that he still has additional information that he hasn't released yet, that the Chinese would welcome the opportunity and probably willing to provide immunity for him or sanctuary for him, if you will, in exchange for what he presumably knows or doesn't know. So, it's going to be a continuing problem. I don't think this is just a one-off disclosure. I think there's a real danger here that he'll go beyond that.

And I have trouble believing that somebody in his position as a contract employee had access to the kind of things he's talking about.

WALLACE: So, you don't think he was acting alone?

CHENEY: I don't know. I think you have to ask that question.

June 16, 2013 - Full Interview - Dick Cheney with Chris Wallace - Fox News Sunday - Dick Cheney staunchly defended the NSA surveillance programs started under his tenure as Vice President, telling Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that the programs could have stopped 9/11 had they been in effect, and that Edward Snowden was a traitor for revealing the information and fleeing to China.


Rep. Peter King says the fact that Edward Snowden 'Studied Chinese' is suspicious

-The horrors... studying Chinese???

“There’s a lot of reason for suspicion,” King asserted. He went on to offer a string of said reasons and raise questions about the situation:

“First of all the fact that he transferred money to China, the fact that he has studied Chinese, the fact that his girlfriend had some connections to China. The fact that, of all the countries in the world, he went to China, and he arranged to have the papers — all his documents — released on the same weekend that President Obama was meeting with the president of China. And why is he still in China? What is Chinese intelligence doing with all this?”

He did acknowledge there’s “no definitive proof yet,” but argued it should be fully investigated… as he believed it will be.

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