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3 Corbett Reports on China: Asia-Pacific Perspective: Chinese Internet, Menace or Accomplice or Boogeyman? and the Dragon Stirs

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James Corbett of and Broc West of are pleased to bring you the latest edition of their monthly video series, "The Asia-Pacific Perspective." In this episode, we cover: the Queensland police start gearing up for next year's G20; the Chinese government lauds activists' use of internet to expose corruption in government; and the waters of the Asia-Pacific remain volatile as tensions continue to flare across the region.


Why are key elements of the American government, business and armament establishment actively aiding the Chinese government if the US and China are involved in military tensions, resource wars, currency disputes and economic competition? Is China the new boogeyman in a 21st century Cold War environment, or even a Chinese leadership that is a willing accomplice with leaders around the globe in the creation of a new, global system of governance that will rise from the ashes of future conflict. Find out more in this week's edition of The Eyeopener from

Beijing's been rapidly growing over the last two decades - at a speed which has brought it close to the traditionally major economies - including the US and even allowed it to surpass Europe's powerhouse, Germany. That's slowed down a bit recently but, China's still expected to overtake the US as the world's biggest economy in 2016. The economic rivalry comes amid the battle for influence in Asia between the two. James Corbett joins RT to discuss the situation.


Watch a Demonstration in Beijing of Bentley's New $200,000 "Flying Spur" 0-60 in 4 seconds!

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The brand new 2014 Bentley Flying Spur is a tidal wave of luxury least that's what Bentley will tell you. In this first drive review, we travel all the way to China to drive and review Bentley's newest luxury creation. Why China? Because it is where Bentley says will sell to the new generation of wealthy Chinese looking for the ultimate luxury performance ride. So how does over 616 horsepower feel in the People's Republic of China. You'll have to watch as Roman get's to tick of an item from his bucket list by driving the newest and most powerful sedan ever made from Beijing to the great wall of China.


Surprise Surprise! Shandong Province Explosives Factory... Explodes!

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12 people are reported dead, and 20 are missing after a factory explosion in east China's Shandong Province.

The blast took place on Monday morning at a plant owned by the Poly Explosives company in Caofan Township. The fire service says 34 people were in the workshop at the time of the accident. The power of the blast was magnified by two underground stories which acted as a closed chamber.

14 people have been pulled out of the site, but only 2 were alive. The search for the 20 missing workers continues. The company is a professional manufacturer of civil explosive materials.


Beijing Tourist Spots Timelapse Video with a Great Song - TAKE A TOUR!

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Beijing Timelapses from Sergio Tittarini on Vimeo.
Time Lapse in Beijing at the Forbidden City


Harvard University in Shanghai: Kate McFarlin President of Harvard Club, Jeffrey Williams Executive Director and Cleaning Rivers in Houtan Park

-How many graduates live in Shanghai??  over 700??  WOW.
Kate McFarlin arrived with her one-year fellowship and a five-year plan to improve her Chinese, get experience, and make contacts. Ten years later, she remains in China, comfortably fluent in Mandarin, and, as the president of the Harvard Club of Shanghai, is working to strengthen the alumni community.

Jeffrey Williams is executive director of Harvard Center Shanghai, a foothold designed to assist the University's involvement in China by providing local knowhow, administrative support, and facilities like the facsimile classroom, which also features a booth for simultaneous translation and extra-wide blackboards so translators can duplicate instructors' writings.

The 90-seat classroom is used mostly by HBS's Executive Education program, which Williams refers to as the center's anchor tenant. But even though it was constructed with support from HBS and the Harvard China Fund, the center is intended as a University-wide facility, as welcoming to those interested in public health, education, or astronomy as to those interested in business.

"We support student activities. We support training, like Harvard Business School's executive training. We host symposia and conferences. We have staff here who support things like business publishing or delivering Law School programs," Williams said. "I like to think of the center as a tool. We're not creating new content ourselves, but we're helping facilitate Harvard content and bringing it to China."

A manmade stream that draws from Shanghai's Huangpu River takes in water so polluted it shouldn't be touched. The stream slows the water, aerates it, and filters it through vegetation, until it emerges clean enough that people can swim in it.

The project, called Houtan Park, runs a mile along the riverbank through what was once an urban brownfield, a former industrial site and scar on the urban landscape that is similar to many others in cities around the world.

The park, toured by Harvard President Drew Faust during a visit in 2010, is the brainchild of Kongjian Yu, a Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) alumnus, dean of architecture and landscape architecture at Peking University, and design critic in landscape architecture and urban design at the GSD. His environmental approach to landscape architecture has won him international acclaim.


Time to Freak Out: Cyberspace is the new domain of war and China our number 1 adversary!

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Government and business leaders in the United States and around the world are rushing to build better defenses - and prepare for the coming battles in the digital universe. To succeed, they must understand one of the most complex, man-made environments on Earth: cyberspace.

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