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2 Infographics: eCommerce in China and Social Media in China from Go-Globe

-Some great information.
E-commerce In China - Statistics and Trends
Infographic by- Social Media In China - Statistics and Trends
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China Gate 中国门: Mini-Documentary on the Chinese University Entrance Exam

-Looks like a hellish experience. 
How Chinese students prepare for the University Entrance Examination. The most frequent line is that "we must work harder"


4 Videos on China's University Entrance Exam: NYTimes, NDTV and CRI English

Nine million students took China's college entrance exam this year, competing for fewer than 7 million university spots.

One of the most fierce competitions in China took place on Monday and Tuesday—the National College Entrance Exam, or "gaokao." This one exam almost entirely determines which students get to attend university. And for many, that’s the only ticket to higher social status and a white-collar job.
Chinese Students Under Pressure With “Gaokao” College Entrance Exam

China's Gaokao - the world's toughest college entrance exam? (part I) from Natalie Thomas on Vimeo.
The 7th June is a date many students in China will remember for the rest of their lives. It is the day of the 2012 Gaokao, China's college entrance exams. With over 9 million students sittng the exam last year, competition for places at China's elite universities is fierce. In the run up to the tests, many students will dedicate almost every moment to study in the hope of getting a high score. In some parts of China, the pressure to do well has lead to students taking extreme measures to increase performance; last month photos emerged of row upon row of students at a Hubei high school revising while hooked up to IV drips to help them increase concentration.

While the gaokao system has come under criticism in recent years our visit to a Beijing High school revealed that many students and teachers alike feel they have no choice but to accept the status quo.

"Maybe people who hear about the Gaokao will consider it is a nightmare for most of the Chinese teenagers, or graduates from senior high" says Mrs Zhu, a third year English teacher. "But I want to say that its a thing that everybody has to experience so the key is not whether you should avoid it, or give it up, but try to face it."

China's Gaokao (part II) -the world's toughest exam? from Natalie Thomas on Vimeo.
Part two of a series looking at China's college entrance exam system. This time we report from outside a Chinese middle school on the day of the test.


VIDEO: Dead Pigs in Shanghai's Huangpu River

-I want to say something smells fishy...

An investigation has begun into why more than 2,200 dead pigs have been found in a river in China. Report by Lindsay Brown.

The number of dead pigs collected from a major river near China's financial hub, Shanghai, has risen to
nearly 6,000, state media reported on Wednesday, as authorities tried to find their origin.

Workers trawled the banks of the Huangpu River in boats on Tuesday (March 12) looking for more carcasses, broadcaster CCTV showed.

The state-run Xinhua news agency quoted Shanghai authorities as saying that the number had risen to over 5,916 since the first were fished out last Friday.

Al Jazeera's Dominic Kane reports.


Galactic Garbage: Chinese and Russian Satellites Collide, Or Did They?

-Gotta watch out for those satellites! 

Russian satellite BLITS has been hit by the debris of Chinese Fengyun 1C satellite, which is likely to have damaged the Russian spacecraft, reports citing an analysis by the Center for Space Standards & Innovation (CSSI) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The analysis by Russian scientists found that the orbital change on the BLITS satellite occurred yet on January 22, 2012. It is not immediately clear if the satellite is merely wounded or completely incapacitated. The Russian space object is 7.5kg, while the weight of the piece that struck it may only be around 0.08 grams.

Chinese space debris from their FY1C satellite shootdown crashed into a Russian satellite resulting in more space debris.


One Child Policy: Creation of millions of Lost Children with NO Hukou!

-What a mess. 

With China's new premier about to appointed, there are many challenges that await the country. The CBC's Catherine Mercier reports on one challenge that continues to face that government, through the story of one child left behind.

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