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Al Jazeera English: People & Power - China: The Orient Excess

-Great show! 

Three decades of economic liberalisation have radically changed the face of China. With the number of Chinese billionaires increasing rapidly (it now has almost as many as the US and is closing in on the top spot), the communist ideals of the past seem to have faded beyond recognition. This revealing film from Jorg Winter and ORF looks at some of the possible consequences of China's growing love affair with money and wonders what has happened to the Marxist principles that the nation once paid homage to.


More on Chinese Hacking: CNN, Economist and @SusieSampson Asians with Computers "Well, DUH!"

-Wait, Brook Shields? No! Susie Sampson!

The sport of politics and the politics of sport are back for another week of the Doubleheader with syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks. For the serious section we talk about the revelations earlier in the week that elements of the Chinese military have been engaged in repeated acts of industrial espionage in the U.S.
For the politics of sport, we stretch our definitions and compete to be least wrong in our Oscar picks. We don't go through them all, just the six biggies.

As suspicion mounts over the Chinese government's involvement in cyber-attacks, our correspondents discuss the latest allegations made by Mandiant, an American information-security firm

CNN's Brian Todd reports on the allegations of Chinese hackers targeting U.S. companies and how they might have worked.

Lots going on in the news these days! The Chinese are up to no good with their computer and math skills. And a new organ has been found by the GOP! Apparently, babies are the biggest organ in a woman's body. Those scientists don't know anything! The GOP is just too smart for its own good. To prove Americans still know their stuff, check out the riddle I posted at the end of the video:)


RED HONG YI: Watch 2,000 White Carnations Change Color to Reveal Aung San Suu Kyi's Face

-Truly a one of a kind art.

I've created a portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi with 2000 white carnations and 5 kilos of red dye to create her portrait. I cannot think of a more inspiring person alive than Aung San Suu Kyi, nor a more touching love story.

I've used flowers to represent her because...well, have you noticed she's ALWAYS seen with flowers in her hair? Apparently, her father, General Aung San, used to tie flowers to ASSK's hair when she was a child, before he was assassinated. That could be a way of remembering him, and to show her femininity under all that stress and chaos she went through. Red represents love, passion, sacrifice and blood. This is the first time I'm using live objects - flowers - for my, like humans, eventually die. This piece celebrates this little time we have here on earth called life.


3 Videos on the Chinese Cyber War Investigations: BBC and Bloomberg

-Cyber War is the new 21st century war! 

A secretive branch of China's military is probably one of the world's "most prolific cyber espionage groups", a US cyber security firm has said.

Mandiant said Unit 61398 was believed to have "systematically stolen hundreds of terabytes of data" from at least 141 organisations around the world.

The firm tracks hundreds of cyber-spying cases around the world.

However, the Chinese government has vigorously denied the allegations.

A secretive branch of China's military is most likely one of the world's "most prolific cyber espionage groups", a US cyber security firm has said.

Mandiant said it had traced the hacking activities of APT1 to the site of a 12-storey building in the Pudong area of Shanghai.

Mandiant Corp CEO and Founder Kevin Mandia and Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath discuss the risks from Chinese hacking and cyber attacks. They speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)


China Rule #57: Never put your toddler into the washing machine!

-Bathe them please! 

Firefighters rescue toddler trapped in washing machine
Firefighters in China's Shangdong Province saw through a washing machine to free a three year old girl who had climbed inside. Lindsey Parietti reports.


How Do Westerners Navigate Chinese Film Censors or are they already easing?

-Good cup of tea! 

DMG Entertainment Group CEO Dan Mintz tells "On China", host Kristie Lu Stout how to navigate film censorship in China.

"On China", host Kristie Lu Stout finds that film censorship is easing in China.


VIDEO: Do the Chinese REALLY know where Chinese New Year came from?

-Hilarious!  ***CAUTION*** Foul Language and HOOTER GIRL! 

Chinese New Year - The Story from TH Lee on Vimeo.
Ever wonder how Chinese New Year started?

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