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Watch this Awesome Kung Fu Master Take on a Boxing Champ! Who will win?

-Good combo and great location! 

Down with school bullies!


Australia Network News: Beijing's Smog is good for one Expat Business!

-Love that smog! 

Over the years Beijing has become notorious for its air pollution.

But this winter the dirty smog which has cloaked northern China for weeks has been particularly bad, triggering health warnings as far away as Japan.

In China public anger has forced the government to outline plans to do more to tackle the problem.

China correspondent Huey Fern Tay reports from Beijing.


Now the US has written a law Authorizing the NUKING of China!? WTF?

-That makes the relationship better!! 

Japan Makes Overture to China in Islands Dispute - - Traduzir esta páginaPublished: January 22, 2013 ... China's increasingly aggressive claims in the South China Sea, and the tensions with Japan in the East China Sea, ... In the dispute between Japan and China, it was not immediately clear whether the visiting ...
Dispute over East China Sea threatens peace | Asia | DW.DE | 21.01 ...­. - Traduzir esta página21/01/2013 -- Reinhard Drifte of Newcastle University talks to DW about the territorial dispute between Japan and China over the East China Sea, which he ...
China Sends Fighters To East China Sea - Business Insider - Traduzir esta página
12/01/2013 -- Kate Upton Is On The Cover Of The 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue ... flung military assets at one another over the East China Sea island dispute. ... Air base Shuimen, China — disputed island chain — Naha, Japan ...
China-Japan Dispute Takes Rising Toll on Top Asian Economies ... - Traduzir esta páginaThe last time a dispute between Japan and China blew up in 2010 over eight ... By Bloomberg News - 2013-01-09T08:05:37Z ... a boycott of Japanese products over the islands in the East China Sea, sales of Japanese autos in China have yet ...
Territorial Disputes - Topic (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)­... - Traduzir esta páginaPosted February 06, 2013 22:50:08 | Updated February 06, 2013 23:13:04. The territorial dispute between China and Japan over islands in the East China Sea ...
Philippines to bring South China Sea dispute with Beijing to tribunal ... › ... › Philippines - Traduzir esta página22/01/2013 --, Tuesday 22 January 2013 10.33 GMT ... the region, including a dispute between Japan and China in the East China Sea, could ...
Dangerous moves in the East China Sea could bring Japan, China ... › ... › World - Traduzir esta página02/12/2012 -- Dangerous moves in the East China Sea could bring Japan, China to armed conflict Add to ... MARK MacKINNON. OVER THE EAST CHINA ...
Australian professor predicts China-Japan war in 2013, US ... › Features - Traduzir esta página
27/12/2012 -- Referring to Japan and China's worst dispute over the mutually ... that the tit-for-tat dispute over the uninhabited islands in the East China Sea is ...
Japan, China Scramble Military Jets in East China Sea - Flashpoints­.. - Traduzir esta página12/01/2013 -- Japan, China Scramble Military Jets in East China Sea ... told CNN this week that, "The danger of China-Japan conflict in 2013, for me, is the ...
BBC News - Xi Jinping warns Japan over East China Sea dispute
China's leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping warns Japan to "rein in its behaviour" and stop undermining Chinese ...


Chinese New Year VEGAS STYLE: The Venetian and Palazzo Go All Out for the Year of the SNAKE! #CNY

-They spent a lot! 

The Venetian and The Palazzo kicked off Chinese New Year 2013 with a traditional dragon dance on Feb. 9, 2013. Members of the Yau Kung Mon Kung Fu School paraded through resort areas of both casinos, and even stopped to bless the Baccarat lounges.

To commemorate the Year of the Snake, the resort's floral and horticulture department worked with a team of 77 artists and artisans from around the world, and consulted with a Feng Shui master to produce the massive animated art installation at The Palazzo. This colossal structure towers nearly 40 feet above The Waterfall & Atrium Gardens of The Palazzo, and features a giant peach blossom tree and animated snake, nick-named Sophie Chow.


Hebei Province Molten Iron Fireworks: Probably the Coolest Thing EVER!!!

-This is wicked safe. When will it come to the west?

No, this isn't a magic trick and he's not a wizard. He's just an ordinary man throwing molten iron onto a cold brick wall.

This stuff is 1000 degrees. It could kill you in an instant. But when the extreme heat of the liquid iron splashes against the cold brick, it's explodes in a shower of golden fireworks.

"It's truly spectacular, it is worthy to be listed as the country's intangible cultural heritage. It's so beautiful."

This is the Dashuhua, a traditional folk celebration in Weixian County in China's northern Hebei Province. For 500 years, this is how they ring in the New Year, as part of China's massive Lunar New Year celebrations.

This daring man is dressed in the latest heat protective clothing, something his counterparts 500 years ago probably wished they had.

"I have been hearing that the 'Dashuhua' performance is the game of the brave. I saw it today and it truly is. It's so wonderful. I'm very excited, it's beautiful."

Ignoring the potential safety risks posed by this molten iron splash, this centuries old tradition is quite a spectacle.


Globalization 2013: Chinese Spring Festival Performance with A Canadian (Celine Dion) on CCTV Francais with French Commentators

-Nice job. How much did she get? 

Celine dion for the 2013 Spring Festival in ChinaJasmin - duet with Song Zuying
My Heart Will Go On

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