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Kickstarter: A Hope for Freedom in China: a Photo Collection by Bing Dai

-Let's get it funded! 

Create a photo collection capturing the Chinese people’s hope for freedom.
Today, China is undergoing massive changes. Some areas in the world’s second-largest economy are rapidly increasing in wealth. However, beneath China's sparkling skyline there's massive discontent because of numerous unprecedented disasters and looming crises. Families have been destroyed and traditional values eroded through numerous political campaigns, persecutions and massacres. All of this occurs under the direction of what I believe is the most tyrannical, corrupt government in the world.
Many people only see China on the surface. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls almost everything people see and know about China. It’s an image of China that is carefully crafted to make the Chinese Communist Party look good, or at least indispensable. If people around the world could look more deeply at China, and see it through the eyes of the Chinese people, they would see a very different China.
My name is Dai Bing. In 28 years as a professional photographer, most of it in China, I have traveled throughout nearly all of the country. I have seen the beauty and dignity that distinguishes this great nation. I have also seen how that magnificent Chinese human spirit is time and time again crushed by the machinery of the CCP.
I practice Falun Gong. For the past 14 years, one hundred million people who practice Falun Gong like me have been persecuted viciously in China by the CCP. Yet for all the horrors carried out against Falun Gong practitioners, the Chinese people are the true and lasting victims of their own government. In my heart I truly feel great sorrow for all of the suffering of my people at the hands of the CCP.
Chinese people want their freedom. And the time for that freedom has come.
People all across China are standing up to the vicious CCP. They are beginning to recognize that there is hope for China.
People in China are renouncing the Chinese Communist Party. This is a movement of the people and it is called the Tuidang Movement. Tuidang means to “Renounce or Quit the Party”. Many Chinese people have made an oath to give their blood for the CCP at some point in their lives. Renouncing the CCP frees them of the oath they took.
Harriet Tubman, the famous American Abolitionist once said, “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” By recognizing the control the CCP has over their hearts and minds and daring to renounce the CCP, Chinese people regain their free will.
Right now, more than 140 million people inside China have renounced the CPP. This is the world’s largest peaceful grassroots movement, but it is largely unknown outside of China.
The Tuidang Center, a U.S. based charitable organization, bridges those who are stepping forward inside China to those around the world who share a hope to free China. The Tuidang Center coordinates thousands of volunteers both inside and outside of China for the Tuidang Movement. They have commissioned me to create a photo collection that will let people look beyond the surface of China. I hope this collection will help people outside China come to support the people in China in their quest to be free.
The Tuidang Center has asked me to create a collection fully prepared for exhibit of about 120 of the most outstanding photographs from artists across China. These photos will show people outside China the human spirit as it has been crushed by the Chinese Communist Party. It is a spirit that still holds onto the hope that one day soon it will be free.
Given the difficulties of working secretively to prevent interference from the CCP, I believe this project will take one year to complete. I do expect to find suitable photographs throughout the year though, so I have created delivery timelines for those who support my project from April to November 2014.
If you believe, like me, that the Chinese people should be free of the Communist Party, please support my project. This photography collection will let people outside China see deeply into the heart of my people, where they will hear the drums beating for freedom.
In Eastern Europe people are now collecting and archiving photographs and documents that show the crimes committed by the Communist governments in their countries. I hope this collection will become the start of an archive documenting the crimes of the Communist Party in China committed against the Chinese people and people of all nations.
Thank you.

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