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China's Gender Gap Made Clear: By 2020 China will have 35 Million Extra Men (Same as the Population of Canada!)

-This is scary!

China and the worst-ever, man-made gender gap | GlobalPost:

By 2020, sociologists expect an “extra” 35 million Chinese men — that's roughly the population of Canada. Though other countries have skewed gender ratios, China’s is likely worst than any other (though Vietnam is close), said Hudson. As it’s also a burgeoning world power and the world’s most populous nation, what happens here matters.
Other stuff from Al-Jezeera!

The Chinese government says its so-called "one-child policy" has succeeded in reining in its population.

But more than three decades after the policy's implementation, China is dealing with some challenging consequences.

In a country where families often value sons over daughters and $20 can get you an illegal gender ultrasound test, there is a massive gender imbalance.

Combined with the country's economic development, this has left an entire generation of men unable to find wives.

Al Jazeera's Melissa Chan reports from Hainan in the country's south, women, it appears, are nowhere to be found.

China is facing an array of social dilemmas including a widening gender imbalance, decreasing fertility rate and an ageing population. At the root is its controversial one-child policy, which China is now considering loosening up on.


What does the number 8 REALLY mean in Chinese culture?

-2 donuts on top of each other is an 8! 

Chinese authorities may frown on superstitions, but lucky numbers have made a comeback -- especially in business, where they're believed to help lure customers or turn profits. Jane Lee reports.


Drugs and Guns for Sale in China? Self Loathing American Nick Kristof Misses the Irony

In Mr. Kristof's shocking article about cheap drugs and guns for sale on the Chinese internet, he seems to completely miss the irony of what he is reporting.  Here's the money quote of this self-loathing American:
"In fairness, China is far more sane than the United States about firearms. At least the Chinese authorities don’t tolerate gun stores openly selling assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. I invite Chinese journalists to write about the fecklessness of American politicians who make no serious effort to reduce the toll of guns in the United States."
First of all, what is sane about regular people not being able to defend themselves?  Defend the idea of taking tools away from the defenseless that could help them to live in the event of a brutal government and or home invader coming in to harm them.  Defend that.  Ready go.

Chinese authorities don't tolerate guns stores openly selling assault rifles and high-capacity magazines?  Up to this point they don't allow ANY brick and mortar shops selling guns, (I was going to say all shops but I was wrong about virtual shops.)   They've outlawed guns.  Not just magazines or big weapons...and outright ban.  Please get your facts straight.

Mr. Kristof, why invite Chinese journalists to come to America and write about politicians not making a serious effort to reduce the toll of guns on the US?  Why not invite them to see what politicians are doing to reduce death caused by lightening strikes?  Hm....?  How about seeing what politicians are doing about reducing the deaths due to cigarette smoking?  And what exactly do you mean by "the toll of guns in the US?"  Are you talking about Chicago?  Are you talking about regular people defending themselves from home invaders?

Finally, Mr. Kristof speaks of the irony yet never mentions it.  In China, guns are illegal.  You cannot legally own a gun.  Yet, people buy them anyway.  But somehow people in America are going to be different.  The bad people in America who wanted to buy guns are, after the new laws banning the purchase of firearms, are going to listen this time and follow the law.  NO!  Bad people will still be able to buy guns.  It's just good people, the poor, the vulnerable in society will no longer have access to the tool to defend themselves.

At least that's in the Nick Kristof world.

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Happy New Year from Shanghai to Berlin and Shanghai's Amazing Light Projection Show

-Such a cool light projection show!

New Year 2013 Countdown: Beijing, Shanghai, Burma, North Korea, Mosco, London, Paris, Dubai, Berlin & Sydney

Shanghai ~ The Bund. 2013 countdown Light Projection Show

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