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Asian Sauces 101: The Fung Brothers Educate You from Sriracha to Soy Sauce. Plus Dim Sum Song

-Love these guys! Love the video! Hilarious! 

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Who are the FUNG Brothers?

Two everyday brothers on a mission to find truth through comedy, satire and music. Entertainment is only half of it.  Available for stand-up comedy, hosting and panel discussions.  FOR BOOKING:
FungBrosComedy at gmail dot com

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Dim Sum rap.  Hilarious. 

Can you get me dimsum? If you're in LA check out the Dimsum food truck! Big thanks to everyone involved.

Sexy girl: Tess aka X-23
Original female vocals by: PM Pham.
Video shot by: Third Estate Media
Music produced by: JNV Productions.
Clothes provided by: Akufuncture.
Song engineered by: Lo.End.Radio.


I really want some. Can you get me dim sum?
I really want some. Can you get me dim sum?
I really want some can you get me dim sum?
Yeah, I got it all baby come and get soome
It'll make ya go boom boom boom
it'll make ya go boom boom boom
it'll make ya go boom boom boom
Three... GO!

inglish (HEY) can you teach me bout dim sum?
Okay, but afterwards we gotta get some
"yum chaaa" tea you gotta sip sooome
Help ya digest and its also make ya live long
who's not in love with these little ass dishes?
It can get real cheap if everybody chips in
Pork, shrimp, duck and a little bit of chicken
now i got a fixin for this Chinese tradition
From guangdong to Hong Kong down to LA
New York to Seattle we just love it in the states
steamed, fried, they even make some baked
Lady with the cart go head put it on my plate
soy sauce, hot sauce, get the vinegar oout
But watch out n don't splatter all ova ya blouse
You ain't gotta wait until sunday afternoon
To get some of authentic cantonese food

I really want some. Can you get me dim sum?
I really want some. Can you get me dim sum?
I really want some can you get me dim sum?
Yeah, I got it all baby come and get some
It'll make ya go boom boom boom
It'll make ya go boom boom boom
it'll make ya go boom boom boom
Hey yeah, thank you for the dim sum!
It'll make ya go boom boom boom
It'll make ya go boom boom boom
it'll make ya go boom boom boom
Hey Yeah thank you for the dim sum

Hey Inglish, where you get ya dim sum?
Okay, I get it off that big truck
It's boomb so you better go an get some
cha siu bao, that's barbecued pork bun
Lotus leaf stickyrice, egg tart so right
Ha gow, sesame balls and shui mai
we even got a chicken salad (salad)
Check yelp we don't settle for average (3 and half it !)
Ladies can't help but to stare at the ride
I know we asians, but we know how to drive
And we don't parallel park just pull up to the curb
got a few dollas then you can get served
Everybody love it, yeah everybody love it
They followed our twitter now everybodys coming
White people black people, even the vatos
Everybody tryna get our Peking Duck Taco

I really want some. Can you get me dim sum?
I really want some. Can you get me dim sum?
I really want some can you get me dim sum?
Yeah, I serve it off the truck come and get soome!
It'll make ya go boom boom boom
It'll make ya go boom boom boom
it'll make ya go boom boom boom
Hey, yeah thank you for the dim sum!
It'll make ya go boom boom boom
I hope you got room room room
it'll make ya go boom boom boom
So come and get some fresh off the truck

stop frontin we got dumplings so you ove something
We got pulled up to the parkin lot now the party's jumpin
Open up the doors now we see the people runningg
coming toward the truck, yea Los Angeles is hungrryy

We ain't hard to reach, find us on Venice Beach
maybe Hollywood, yeah the qualitys good
A little sweet, saltiness does the body good
Shoot we might even go to Inglewood
Dimsum truck be around, down town
Dimsum truck be around, down town
Dimsum truck be around, down town
Dimsum truck be around, down town


Pearl Harbor: The Doolittle Raid into China and Digital Pearl Harbor with Cyber Warfare from China

-Recycled terms are interesting...

Are we ready for Cyber War? Will a digital Cyber War result in hundreds of millions of deaths both here in the United States and the rest of the world? Are you ready for it? Can you survive without a grocery store and electricity? If not, then you had better get yourself to where you can. If not, then you will be one of the casualties of this next war.

U.S. fears science fiction-style sabotage in new wave of cyber attacks

When a computer attack hobbled Iran's unfinished nuclear power plant last year, it was assumed to be a military-grade strike, the handiwork of elite hacking professionals with nation-state backing.
Yet for all its science-fiction sophistication, key elements have now been replicated in laboratory settings by security experts with little time, money or specialized skill.
It is an alarming development that shows how technical advances are eroding the barrier that has long prevented computer assaults from leaping from the digital to the physical world.
The techniques demonstrated in recent months highlight the danger to operators of power plants, water systems and other critical infrastructure around the world.
Scott Borg is director of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, a non-profit group that helps the U.S. government prepare for future attacks
'Things that sounded extremely unlikely a few years ago are now coming along,' he said.
While the experiments have been performed in laboratory settings, and the findings presented at security conferences or in technical papers, the danger of another real-world attack such as the one on Iran is profound.
The team behind the so-called Stuxnet worm that was used to attack the Iranian nuclear facility may still be active. New malicious software with some of Stuxnet's original code and behaviour has surfaced, suggesting ongoing reconnaissance against industrial control systems.
And attacks on critical infrastructure are increasing. The Idaho National Laboratory, home to secretive defence labs intended to protect the nation's power grids, water systems and other critical infrastructure, has responded to triple the number of computer attacks from clients this year over last, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has revealed.
For years, ill-intentioned hackers have dreamed of plaguing the world's infrastructure with a brand of sabotage reserved for Hollywood. They've mused about wreaking havoc in industrial settings by burning out power plants, bursting oil and gas pipelines, or stalling manufacturing plants.
But a key roadblock has prevented them from causing widespread destruction: they've lacked a way to take remote control of the electronic 'controller' boxes that serve as the nerve centres for heavy machinery.
The attack on Iran changed all that. Now, security experts - and presumably, malicious hackers - are racing to find weaknesses. They've found a slew of vulnerabilities.

Read more:

The Doolittle Raid, on 18 April 1942, was the first air raid by the United States to strike the Japanese Home Islands during World War II. By demonstrating that Japan itself was vulnerable to American air attack, it provided a vital morale boost and opportunity for U.S. retaliation after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. The raid was planned and led by Lieutenant Colonel James "Jimmy" Doolittle.

More on the Doolittle Raid:
From Wikipedia...

Sixteen U.S. Army Air Forces B-25B Mitchell medium bombers were launched from the U.S. Navy's aircraft carrier USS Hornet deep in the Western Pacific Ocean. The plan called for them to bomb military targets in Japan, and to continue westward to land in China—landing a medium bomber on the Hornet was impossible. All the aircraft involved in the bombing were lost and 11 crewmen were either killed or captured—with three of the captured men executed by the Japanese Army in China. One of the B-25s landed in the Soviet Union at Vladivostok, where it was confiscated and its crew interned for more than a year. Thirteen entire crews, and all but one crewman of a 14th, returned either to the United States or to American forces.[2][3]

The raid caused negligible material damage to Japan, but it succeeded in its goal of helping American morale, and casting doubt in Japan on the ability of the Japanese military leaders. It also caused Japan to withdraw its powerful aircraft carrier force from the Indian Ocean to defend their Home Islands, and the raid contributed to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto's decision to attack Midway—an attack that turned into a decisive rout of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) by the U.S. Navy near Midway Island in the Central Pacific.

Approximately 250,000 Chinese civilians were massacred by the Japanese Army in eastern China in retaliation for helping the attacking American aviators escape capture.


The Sordid Saga of Crime, Gambling and Prostitution in Macau as Wan Kuok-Koi (aka Broken Tooth) is released

-Why is his name "BROKEN TOOTH?"

A Macau triad boss known as "Broken Tooth" has walked free from jail after serving more than 14 years behind bars for heading a gang blamed for a string of murders and bombings in the former Portuguese colony.

The release of Wan Kuok-koi on Saturday has triggered tightened security in the world's biggest gaming hub, although experts say it is unlikely Macau will witness a return to the violence seen before the city returned to Chinese rule in 1999.

Al Jazeera's Caroline Malone reports.

Casino Movie Trailer supposedly based on the life of BROKEN TOOTH! 

English subtitled trailer for the 1998 thriller Casino. Directed by Hin Sing 'Billy' Tang and starring Simon Yam.


HOLY ARSENAL! China Shows off Its Military Muscles

-Great pronunciation! 

On land, in the air, and on the water, China shows off an increasingly professional military as territorial disputes in the South China Sea fester. Tara Joseph reports.


What Does Shanghai, Caterpillar and SKYFALL all have in common? Plus Caterpillar Construction in China

-Love the James Bond reference! 

Get an overview on the new Joint Venture An Qing CSSC in China

China's construction industry will grow 10% in 2012 says the Group President of US heavy industry giant Caterpillar. Speaking ahead of the Asian Financial Forum 2012, Richard Lavin also expects the Rmb to strengthen against the US dollar and says growth of the Rmb "dim sum" bond market in Hong Kong "can only increase."
Asian Financial Forum:
Caterpillar Inc website: http://
Note: Mr Lavin was interviewed 19 December 2011 for this video released on 3 January 2012.

Highlights of the Caterpillar exhibit at bauma China 2012 in Shanghai, China.


Remember that house in the middle of the highway in Zhejiang? It got demolished!

-Another one bites the dust. 

It was dubbed the "nail" house because locals claim the owner is as stubborn as a stuck nail in a piece of wood.

But the five storey property, which a newly constructed highway in China's Zhejiang Province had to be built around, has finally been demolished.

Owner Luo Baogen who had been holding out for local authorities to build him a new home,
finally caved in and agreed the equivalent of nearly 32,000 euros in compensation.

The property had been earmarked for demolition in 2008. But while all the other residents moved out, Luo refused to budge.

Pictures of his house spread online and his story became a symbol of individual resistance against the large-scale construction projects in China.

A house that was left stranded in the middle of a motorway in China has finally been demolished after its owner accepted a new compensation deal. Report by Jeremy Barnes.

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