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Video Game Imagines China and Japan at War

-Another bit of real Chinese innovation... NOT ALLOWED. 

(LinkAsia News: 7/20/12) China's ZQGame developed "Defend the Diaoyu" for the iPad, a game in which the Chinese player must regain control of the disputed islands from Japan. LinkAsia host Yul Kwon speaks with Michael Zhang of ZQGame about the controversy surrounding the app.

China Quote of the Day: How do you say RICE KRISPIES in Chinese?

From former NPR correspondent, now with the Economist, Rob Gifford's amazing book China Road: A Journey into the Future of a Rising Power:

"The next morning, I'm up bright and breezy and ready to hit the road. I head through to the hotel dining room, knowing that, since this is a completely Chinese hotel, there will be almost nothing I want to eat. Considering the universal deliciousness of Chinese cuisine, it has always been a mystery to me how Chinese breakfasts could be so bad. You would think after five thousand years of continuous civilization they could come up with something a little better than pickled vegetables and rice gruel. I consider berating the staff on this point but realize I don't know how to say "Rice Krispies" in Chinese, so I grab a couple of sweetened bread rolls and sit down in the corner of the dining room with a pot of Chinese tea."

Chrome Ferraris and Pink Lamborghini's: Who are the Chinese Consumers? @TheElevatorLife

-Support these guys. Slogging it out in Guangzhou... 

In this episode we talk about the new Chinese consumer. How much buying power do they really have. We share some real stories in this episode and attempt to shed some light on the growing Chinese middle class.


China's Goal: Lead Medal Count at London Olympics

-Number one in medals?  NO WAY! 

(LinkAsia News: 7/20/12) LinkAsia host Yul Kwon speaks with Li Xing, Sports Editor of the Beijing online news agency 3G, about China's chances for gold at the London Olympics. Hurdler Liu Xiang is a national sensation, and the men's basketball team is looking to make a major impact in London.

Drogba's first game with Shanghai, highlights and assist!

-Congrats to Shanghai Shenhua on the great acquisition! 

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Guangzhou R&F (Blue): 1-YueLei Cheng, 3-Cheng Liu, 26-Ming Zhao, 17-Zhe Li, 20-Han Tang, 33-Yan Li, 35-Eaton Rose (88' 13-WeiAn Wu), WenBo Li, 10-Davi Rodrigues (77' 23-Lin Lu), 11-Rafael Coelho (70' 18-Yuan Zhang), 25-Yakubu Aiyegbeni
Manager: Sérgio Farias

Shanghai Shenhua (White): 1- DaLei Wang, 20-Xi Wu, 5-Lin Dai, 3-Moisés Moura Pinheiro (45' 11-Didier Drogba), 6-Tao Yu, 10-Kun Jiang (45' 23-TianYi Qiu), 8-BoXuan Song (45' 28-YunDing Cao), 37-Giovanni Moreno, 7-RenLiang Feng, 39-Nicolas Anelka
Manager: Sergio Batista

China Quotation of the Day: The Iron Lady Can Use Chopsticks?

From Margaret Thatcher's massive tome: The Path to Power on her state visit to China in 1977:

"I was greeted at Peking Airport by the Chinese foreign minister, Huang Hua, before being driven into Peking itself. It was the middle of the dry season - hot and dusty, with so much static that I had been warned not to bring silk dresses. That evening I was guest of honour at a banquet in one of the side halls of the Great Hall of the People. A Chinese orchestra played a succession of Western old favourites, including the inevitable 'Greensleeves'. I had more or less mastered the advanced use of chopsticks, but I still found some Chinese delicacies unappealing. On the occasion, I allowed the sea slugs and fish bellies to pass me by. The Chinese habit, which I was glad to see the British journalists present appreciated, of drinking innumerable toasts of Mao-Tai, a strong grain spirit, posed a more hazardous social problem. Fortunately, however, I gathered that women were permitted to sip rather than down the lethal spirit."

No Asian Faces on TV: Jason Chu Bashes La Jolla Playhouse and Racism in Hollywood

-He's right, there were no Asians in Cheers! 

A poem in response to the La Jolla Playhouse casting only 2 Asian-Americans in a play set in ancient China - part of the trend known as "no Asian faces on TV".

Written, edited, performed by jason chu (@jasonglchu)
Facebook: jasonchumusic

Shot by Tommy Su (@snapitstudio)

I hear "nothing's more American than immigrating in
"Working hard is more important than the color of your skin"
But if that's true, why are the faces that look like me
Always involved in takeout, kung fu, or exotic villainy?
I mean, we wear the same clothes and we do the same things
And we talk the same way - but it was never a real dream
For me to be Friends with Rachel, Joey, or Ross
And "Jason Chu" was not the answer to the question, "Who's the Boss?"
Even on Cheers, where everybody was supposed to know my name
I never heard a Chu, Nguyen, Kim, Loke, or Chang
So I concluded that Asian faces are only right
If we're talking about rice, or a high-tech device
I mean, I just saw the Dark Knight Rise
And I cheered every time that I saw an Asian face - twice
This is why we don't win: the systems that we're in
If we build separate communities, we're viewed as aliens
But if we try to play along, we have no hope of blending in
They'll never let John Wayne be played by John Kim
But The Airbender was Noah Ringer, and Goku was Justin Chatwin
And the whole cast of Akira was gonna be played by white men
But I have never seen a role with a European name
Be filled by an Asian with the excuse "we cast for talent, not for race"
So the La Jolla playhouse can say anything they want
In the end, I don't see action, so I conclude it's just a front
For the same attitude that I've always seen out there
Because "color-blind" is just a nicer way to say "we don't care"

AIDS patient fights discrimination in China


Chinese AIDS sufferer Liu Ximei was infected with HIV when blood sellers at a rural hospital injected her with a used needle. Now she's fighting for compensation and an apology while fending off widespread discrimination in China.


Watch this Chinese Guy Perfectly Imitate Beyonce's Song COUNTDOWN 男屌丝超强模仿碧昂斯MV 表情舞蹈神同步

-Watch the guy only, he's hilarious! OH MY GOODNESS! 
Watch the original Beyonce video here:

French Roller-Suit Man races down Chinese mountain in 32-wheeled outfit

-Now that is one great publicity stunt! 

Jean-Yves Blondeau hits over 80kph racing down a Chinese mountain in a specially designed rolling suit. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin.

China Quotation of the Day: Confucianism vs. the Abrahamic Religions

From Confucianism and Democratization in East Asia by Doh Chull Shin:

"Interpersonal communication many East Asians still use family terms, such as brothers, sisters, and uncles, to express personal affection or respect for other people (Bell 2008; Tu 2000). They also rely on Confucian terminolgy to engage in moral reasoning and to define and evaluate their own roles, as well as those of their political leaders (Hwang 1998). Throughout the region, "the Confucian values such as the importance of the family, the respect for learning and education, and the emphasis on order and harmony remain significant" (J.Chan 2008a, 114). For all these reasons, Tu Weiming (1993, 149), one of the most influential Confucian scholars, notes that regardless of their religious beliefs, people in Confucian East Asia "seldom fail to be Confucian," and Confucianism is also more formidable, pervasive, and unifying as a political, social, economic, and spiritual influence than any of the Abrahamic religions, whether Judaism, Christianity, or Islam."

Introducing Christine Welch: Not only sings in Chinese but she writes her own Chinese songs!

-Original Singer Songwriter! WOW! 

克麗絲叮 - 尋尋覓覓 首次MV
謝謝大家的支持,幫忙,留言! 喜歡做音樂的人請舉手!!!
Youtube: chryswlch1
詞:克麗絲叮 (Christine Welch)
曲:克麗絲叮 (Christine Welch), 陶山 (Skot Suyama)
導:仔仔 (Will Peng)

整片櫻花森林 已開滿
一眨眼都落盡 白花瓣
減弱我的跫音 聲聲慢
風在樹梢彈琴 曲中斷

問你 尋尋覓覓 尋尋覓覓
一點點 一滴滴
爭分奪秒 畢竟人生如夢

早春帶來暖度 溪急流
波紋中一步步 水滲透
已喝乾的酒壺 遠漂遊
乍見早已涉渡 繼續走


這首是我最近在芝加哥旅遊時用我電腦錄的歌 ~ 全部都是我自己彈的,唱的,編曲的:) 喜歡大家會喜歡!
我覺得很多人可能可以瞭解歌曲中的那種感覺 ~ 被人家欺負、罵或笑的感覺 我小時候經歷過很多這樣的情況 但是我因為這些困難而學會原諒、堅強 相信大家很瞭解

我回到台灣之後又會給大家一個很棒的驚喜喔 敬請期待 :D


Watch a Typical Beef Pulled Noodle 牛肉拉面 Shop in Beijing

-Yummy Yummy Yummy. 


Watch these Amazing Females doing Kung Fu

-Female part starts at 1:40 

The Guoliang Tunnel isn't the only claim to fame for Henan Province; it also holds the distinction of being the birthplace of kung fu. Our guide, Ross, and driver, Derek, visit the prestigious Tagou Kung Fu School and join the 35,000-strong class for a day.

Watch as we challenge the ATS's advanced features and set the standard in every corner of the earth:

China Quotation of the Day: Now that China has embraced Capitalism...

From Luigi Zingales' book called From A Capitalism for the People: Recapturing the Lost Genius of American Prosperity:

"The good news is that, over the past 65 years, American values have spread across the globe. Most communist countries and autocracies have become democracies. Today, 55 percent of the people in the world live in democracies. Now that China has embraced capitalism, only 2 percent of the people in the world live under truly communist regimes. And much of the world has embraced basic market principles. Generalized education has become the rule not the exception: a full 71 percent of the people living in OECD countries have high school degrees. In short, America has succeeded in nation-building after all...not by force but by example."
 BookTV: Luigi Zingales, "A Capitalism for the People"

Videos of the Beijing Flood of 2012: Foreigners Swimming, People Soaked, Infrastructure Overwhelmed

-Obama would be sad. The Chinese capital was hit by the heaviest rain storm in six decades. At least 10 people were killed.

No comment | euronews: The most striking images from around the world without commentary.
Via - This is the first time Beijing has issued an "orange" rainstorm alert since 2005, which is the second most severe warning, under "red." The rain began at 10 am and has accumulated an average of 9.5 centimeters around the city as of 7 pm. (July 21, 2012)
Chaoyang District, Beijing. Police car had some trouble driving up my street after the storms, so some helpful (read: drunk) citizens helped them push it through the river.
Whereas it can be painfully dry in winter in Beijing, in summer, it rains. As in. IT RAINS. The drainage system has problems to cope. And then this is what happens....
(Side note: This is the evening of sturday 21st of july, 2012: this went on for the better part of the evening, roughly between 7 pm and 9 pm and not one time did we see a policeman arriving to cordon off the street or regulate traffic in any way. The next morning, the guards of the bank opposite our house pushed the broken cars, which had just been left there, to the side of the road) As it is now sunday and reports of what happened yesterday evening flow in, I have to nuance my statement a bit: what happened on the road in front of our house was obviously not severe enough for police to bother with this flooding, which was not as bad as what happened elsewhere in the city and its outskirts.


"A Bite of China 舌尖上的中国" English subtitles Episode 1-4

-Finally in ENGLISH!!! 

A bite of China is a series of food documentary produced by CCTV. Total of 7 episodes.
It tells the histories and stories behind Chinese cuisine: The meaning and the symbol each represents;The connection between the nature and the people; The creation of unique foods and traditional recipes.
The food culture that every Chinese is proud of.
Get to know Chinese life philosophy and the respect they have for the nature and food. This is the video you can't miss.

**This is a self studying project, the English translation is not for commercial purpose.**
**I do not own the copyrights and contents of the video.**

For those who want a copy of the subtitles, here's the link (inbox me if it doesn't work) :
[note: the subtitles in this SRT file is slightly different as I corrected some mistakes.]

-The reason I translated it into English ,is because I would like those people, who are into Chinese food and culture, would be able to enjoy the video, too. It isn't perfect yet should be good enough to understand the contents. Cheers :

China Quotation of the Day: The Heavy Dust of History

From the fascinating new book from Behzad Yaghmaian, an Iranian born American Political Economy Professor in New Jersey, called The Accidental Capitalist: A People's Story of the New China:
"What originally brought me to China was its epic transformation in recent years. I was only interested in the China of now and its prospects for the future. My conversations with different Chinese, however, invariably took a detour to China's past, to a history that continues to influence government policies, and people's perceptions of themselves and the world that surrounds them. Whether through the lingering humiliation of foreign occupation in the final years of the Qing Dynasty, or the years of civil war, or the excesses and the violence of the social expirements by the Communist Party in the first 30 years of its power, the Chinese remain haunted by their past. The heavy dust of history is felt everywhere."

Check out some of his other books which look really good. Embracing the Infidel and Social Change in Iran.
What Brought You to China?

Behzad Yaghmaian on the Rising Power of China and Russia

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