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3 Videos Show Nevada Senator Harry Reed Freaking out about Chinese Made USA Olympic Uniforms

-No Sorry, You are a joke Harry Reed.
At a press conference, Nevada Senator Harry Reid responds to a question regarding a report that the United States Olympic team uniforms are being made in China.
Just another story to distract us from the REAL PROBLEMS IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!

Our government and media is a JOKE!!!!!!
Official American outfitter Ralph Lauren takes heat for outsourcing attire made to represent USA.

Reid: Burn US Olympic uniforms because they’re made in China - The Hill's Global Affairs:

Someone Please Tell Me Again Why Politicians Should be Treated With Respect: Cafe Hayek
"Mr. Reid’s outburst reveals his ignorance of a foundational conclusion of economic science, namely, that people are enriched when they’re free to purchase from whomever they choose regardless of political boundaries. Yes, there are economists who emphasize (mostly purely theoretical) exceptions to the case for free trade – none of which are relevant here – and even a few fringe economists who reject that case altogether. But economists’ overwhelming, non-partisan, and research-based consensus today is, as it has been for years, that free trade (even when unilateral) is beneficial. Mr. Reid’s temper tantrum proves that he is either inexcusably dimwitted about matters on which he legislates, or interested, not in science and realism, but in scoring political points by appealing to the uninformed emotions of constituents."


You don't have to understand Chinese: Child gets foot severed in escalator!


This happened on July 10, 2012 in Guangdong province, China, on an Otis escalator.

For another tale of escalator woe, see: - Escalators In China Are Now Eating People

Video source:

Watch Amazing Time Lapse Videos of China's Sunsets, Sunrise, Hong Kong, Shanghai and more

-Amazing video... 

Moments In China from Ryan Emond on Vimeo.
Moments in China is a collection of vivid moments I experienced while traveling around China last month. The piece flows from Hong Kong to Beijing, and visits Guilin, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Some moments are more significant than others, but I have a personal connection with each. The video is particularly special to me because I have not had time for personal projects over the past several months.

However, that is not to say that the past several months have not been exciting. I have had the chance to work on some interesting projects such as the Luminato Festival which aired on TV and at major theatres across Ontario, sequences for the Toronto Blue Jays, a set of commercials for Niagara Tourism, and promotional material for Toronto Tourism. I am also pleased to announce that I will be putting together Toronto Tourism's newest video aimed at garnering international interest for Toronto. I intend to take a unique approach.

Thank you to Trevor Corrigan for creating the title; and my family, Jon B, Tom Ryoboi, Neil Ta, Martin L, Henry Less, Ian Mirlan, Derek Flack, Bryan Brock and Julie Holman for various reasons.

I am shooting with a Nikon D700 and a 5D Mark III. For movement I use a system by Dynamic Perception--they did a great job of getting me equipment in China from Texas in only three days.

If you are interested in following my progress on future projects you can find me here:


Kickstarter: Ancient Chinese Strategy Game of Go: Video Series

-I don't know how to pay this game... so I guess this is for me. 


My name is Jonathan Hop and I'm an author and teacher. I've written 4 books on how to play Go, and I love teaching Go. I've been playing Go for about 9 years. I went to South Korea to study at a professional Go Dojo for a year, the Yu Changhyuk Go Dojo in Migeum, S. Korea to be exact. I sat shoulder to shoulder with kids who might one day go on to be professional players and compete for thousands of dollars in cash prizes on Korean television.

I'm creating a video series to teach people how to play Go and to popularize the game so that more Americans and Westerners finally know what it is so that they can enjoy it for themselves. The videos will be available on my website, Sunday Go Lessons, and the videos will be available for a very affordable $1, allowing you to watch the video 24/7 for a month. The video series will have something for everyone, from people who think that Go is Othello, to people who are hardcore fans looking for a program to boost their skills. I have Go clubs in mind, for those of you who have active Go clubs and are looking to expand your membership by enticing new players into the fold.

I am planning to release the new website and video series sometime betweenmid and late August this year. With your help, we can make it happen.

Who are the videos for?

For those of you who have never seen Go or don't know what it is, it's a strategy board game. Think of it as Chinese chess if the metaphor helps. Go is great to keep your mind sharp and develops concentration. It develops math skills in children and also builds spatial reasoning for everyone. People who play Go into their twilight years have a lower rate of Alzheimers. It's also just plain fun.

For those of you who currently play and want to get better, my teaching style is based on changing the way my students think about the next move. I love to teach people who feel stuck at their level. You want to know WHY moves are made so that you don't think about the bad moves and just beeline towards the better ones.

All of my lectures will be available in Engish, German, French, Spanish, and (maybe) Russian. I figure I'd put my language skills to the test. My goal is to get more people everywhere to play.

Well, that all sounds hunky dory. So, what is the money for?

Well, I've largely funded the project myself and taught myself a LOT about how to make videos, starting from a knowledge base of just zero. However, I need some help getting across the finish line so that I'll be ready in August. I need to get over the home stretch to complete my home studio where I'll be making videos, finishing off the website, with some money for advertising and Go outreach. I hope to eventually get the videos into schools and use the videos as a tool for Go clubs to help promote to get more members.

Remember, if the project is not fully funded by the deadline, then no funding occurs!

Go is a complex strategy game
Go is a complex strategy game

How many Chinese workmen does it take to set up Traffic fences after they fall down like dominoes?

-Great footage. 

China's state broadcaster has released surveillance video showing a fence dividing traffic in the city of Jinhua falling like a giant row of dominoes.
(Note: Original video is mute) China's state broadcaster has released surveillance video showing a road-dividing fence in the city of Jinhua falling like a giant row of dominoes. The 1.5-kilometre (0.9 miles)-long fence on Shuanglong Bridge tumbled over in just 30 seconds on Tuesday. It was the second time in ten days that it's collapsed, according to local authorities, who say the main reason for this was the strong wind. The dividing fences are not fixed to the ground.

Summer in Beijing: Old and new

-It's hot town summer in the city... 

As the temperature warms up in the capital city, China Daily multimedia reporter D J Clark went out to capture some scenes of Beijing's old and new. Starting at 4am, as dawn broke on top of his apartment building, DJ took his bike and made his way from Olympic Park through the old city to Tian'anmen Square and onto the Central Business District. He finished in a tall building overlooking the CCTV tower and the China World Trade Center.

By D J Clark
Edited by Xu Jiye
Music by Alexander Polishchuk
Producer: Flora Yue


Beijing taxis going green

-It's not a moral issue... 

More than 400 taxis in Beijing are now powered by electricity rather than fuel and liquid petroleum gas. By
the end of 2012, the city will have 5,000 electric vehicles on its roads in a bid to reduce carbon emission.

Dan Ariely » Blog Archive Green Consumption: It’s Not All Positive «:

"But is eco-friendliness always a boon? When University of Toronto researchers Nina Mazar and Chen-Bo Zhong recently looked into this, they found that under certain circumstances, green products can license us to act immorally.
Through a series of experiments, Mazar and Zhong drew the following distinction between two kinds of exposure to green: When it’s a matter of pure priming (i.e., we are reminded of eco products through words or images), our norms of social responsibility are activated and we become more likely to act ethically afterwards. But if we take the next step and actually purchase the green product (thereby aligning our actions with our moral self-image), we give ourselves the go-ahead to then slack off a little and engage in subsequent dishonest behavior."

Explore China with Viking River Cruises: Yangtze School

-Very touching video... 

Yangtze School - Explore China with Viking from Viking River Cruises Australia on Vimeo.
See how Viking has been helping the future generations of China through Viking sponsored schools in the Province of Hubei.

You Don't Have to Understand Chinese: River In China Turns WHITE from Latex Factory Spill, YUCK!


There's no protection against environmental pollution in China, even from latex factories. For more info:

On July 9, 2012, residents near Quxi River in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province discovered the place they wash their clothes and food had turned into a "Milk River." Overnight, an emulsion leak from nearby Dashulin Trading Co. had caused serious (though non-toxic) damage.

Video source:

NYT VIDEO: Catholic Wedding in Beijing - See Cute Little Chinese Flower Girls

-Great stuff. How fun to see!  I love it "Most of them are not Catholic, they just want a church wedding." 


Wow! Check out the spread at a Chinese Restaurant in this Korean Drama!

-Are Korean girls that annoying? 

BIG" drama EP.11 CHINESE RESTAURANT SCENE // Gil Da Ran & Kang Kyung Joon
Lee Min Jung & Gong Yoo

VIDEO: This is how ALL Chinese Ride their Motorcycles

-This guy is awesome! 

From Hunan, China.

All the best "Firefly" Chinese lines

-What a great show... but horrible pronunciation! 

A supercut to celebrate Firefly's 10 Year Anniversary, warming up for the big reunion at Comic-Con this Friday. First featured on
What the heck is Firefly??

Signature show elements

The show blended elements from the space opera and Western genres, depicting humanity's future in a manner different from most contemporary science fiction programs in that there are no large space battles. Firefly takes place in a multi-cultural future, primarily a fusion of Occidental and Chinese cultures, where there is a significant division between the rich and poor. As a result of the Sino-American Alliance, Mandarin Chinese is a common second language; it is used in advertisements, and characters in the show frequently use Chinese words as curses. According to the DVD commentary on the episode "Serenity", this was explained as being the result of China and the United States being the two superpowers that expanded into space.[11]

The show also features slang not used in contemporary culture, such as adaptations of modern words, or new words altogether. For example, "shiny" is frequently used in a similar manner as the real world slang "cool". Written and spoken Chinese as well as Old West dialect are also employed. As one reviewer noted: "The dialogue tended to be a bizarre purée of wisecracks, old-timey Western-paperback patois, and snatches of Chinese".[4]

Tim Minear and Joss Whedon pointed out two scenes that, they believed, articulated the mood of the show exceptionally clearly.[10] One scene is in the original pilot "Serenity", when Mal is eating with chopsticks and a Western tin cup is by his plate; the other is in "The Train Job" pilot, when Mal is thrown out of a holographic bar window.[12] The DVD set's "making-of" documentary explains the series' distinctive frontispiece (wherein Serenity soars over a herd of horses) as Whedon's attempt to capture "everything you need to understand about the series in five seconds".

One of the struggles that Whedon had with Fox was the tone of the show, especially with the main character Malcolm Reynolds. Fox pressured Whedon to make Mal more "jolly", as they feared he was too dark in the original pilot, epitomized by the moment he suggests he might "space" Simon and River, throwing them out of the airlock to die. In addition, Fox was not happy that the show involved the "nobodies" who "get squished by policy" instead of the actual policy makers.[10][13]

Kickstarter: Frontman for the Chainsaw Kittens recording New Album in Shanghai!

-Let's get this funded! 


Tyson Meade, frontman for Norman, Oklahoma glam-punk rock bands the Chainsaw Kittens and Defenestration, has announced plans to collaborate on a new album with high school and college students in Shanghai, China. This will be the first album in nearly 10 years for Meade, who has been living and teaching in Shanghai for the past 5 years.

Meade walked away from a fulltime career in the music business in 1996 (just briefly popping up here and there since that time) after feeling like his creative well had run dry. "I had lost my inspiration to write songs," he explains. "Maybe the fire was gone. Maybe I no longer thought of the process as being inventive or mysterious. Maybe I thought I was no longer doing this for the purity of music. For whatever reason, I stopped writing music."

For a complete change of focus and pace, Meade began teaching grammar to international students at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. Shortly thereafter, Meade relocated to China, a country whose culture had always fascinated him. He settled in to a college prep position teaching at a boarding school and was eventually appointed Dean of Students there. He was incredibly moved by his experience as a teacher and slowly the desire to play and write music returned. One of his students in particular, a boy called Haffijy who played violin, was especially impressed with his teacher's musical past. "I played Haffijy some of my songs from my music days and he quickly wrote parts for them," Meade recalls. "Not only did he write parts, he played with such love and honesty that I was touched immeasurably. Birds chirped in some sort of Far East Disney way."

Meade was eager to explore a further musical collaboration with Haffijy. "I became very curious as to how he might score a song still in development, one that I had no preconceived notions about, one that I had just written -- though I had not written any songs in some years at that point," Meade says. "I was now driven to write a song."

The result was "Stay Alone" (listen here:, which became the catalyst for the entire China project. Meade played the song for some of his Western music friends, including fellow Norman-based, alt-rockers the Flaming Lips (who covered the Chainsaw Kittens' "She's Gone Mad"), Jimmy Chamberlain of Smashing Pumpkins, Maria McKee and Other Lives (with whom Meade collaborated as Winter Boys, all of whom were interesting in being a part of this unique project).

Meade will return to Shanghai this July and begin work with various high schools and universities both there and in the United States for the project. His goal is to write and record at least a dozen tracks, which he will release as an album next year. A series of live performances is also in the works.

"I lived in China for five years and every Chinese person that I ever encountered is wonderful," says Meade. "They love America and Americans and I would love for America to love them back. I want the people who hear this project to hear their jubilation for living and for mankind in general."

Tyson Meade is an American musician, painter, writer, and teacher from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Meade has recorded more than a dozen critically acclaimed records for major and indie labels since 1984 with his bands Defenestration and the Chainsaw Kittens, whose 1991 debut SPIN magazine described as "The Smiths meets the New York Dolls meets the devil." He's also released records as a solo artist and has contributed songs to the soundtracks for “Hellraiser III,” “Clerks” and “Bug.”


TV Report: China in the World's Fair Knoxville 1982

-Totally 80s. 

This story originally aired on WDEF TV in the summer of 1982. It is a look at the Chinese Exhibit at the World's Fair in Knoxville. This was the first time that China participated in a World's Fair.

Watch these 3 videos of a Chinese Tight Rope Walker fall. Yikes!

-This is why I never do this stuff.

Video: Chinese acrobat survives tightrope fall - Telegraph:

A Chinese Dawa Zi acrobat escaped with minor injuries after falling off a high wire 200 metres above ground, according to China state television channel CCTV. Aisikaier was apparently attempting to walk backwards across a ravine in Hunan Province, wearing a blindfold, when he lost his balance. He was reportedly just 40 metres near the end of the 700 metre walk, when he lost his footing and fell. Aisikaier, who is a traditional sixth-generation performer, is said to have escaped with only minor injuries, and was later shown walking back up the ravine.

CBS News

A Chinese acrobat suffered minor injuries after slipping near the end of a 700-meter tightrope while attempting to walk backwards, blindfolded.

Moment of Zen: 2 and a half minutes of Pandas Frolicking in a Panda Playground

-Wow. They play just like us! 

Young pandas have been enjoying their first experience on a custom-built slide at China's Chengdu Panda base. The pandas were filmed sliding down the wooden chute, rolling around in the grass and playing on specially designed climbing frames at the centre in southern China. The video was released to mark the first ever Panda Awareness Week. Pandas are one of the planet's most endangered species. They are threatened by loss of habitat and poor breeding capabilities.

Discovering China #5: Confucius, Chinese Cooking and Chinese Dance

-Great show. Learn something now! 

Alina Wang, host of "Discovering China" will introduce you to the vast tapestry of traditional Chinese culture.

This week you'll be finding out about Confucius, China's most famous philosopher.

You'll also be taken to Taipei to hear the judges debrief the chefs who made it through to the semi-finals of NTD's culinary competition.

And Margaret trey will talk to Shen Yun dancer William Li about Classical Chinese Dance.

It is hard to talk about the values of traditional Chinese society, without mentioning Confucius. Now Ben Hedges takes a look at the story of China's most revered philosopher.

After the recent preliminary rounds of NTD's Chinese Culinary Competition in Taipei, Taiwan, the chefs who made it through got a special treat, a forum with the judges about what to expect in the semi-finals and finals, on New York's Times Square.

NTD television is a proud media sponsor of Shen Yun Performing Arts and some of Shen Yun's performers have been contestants and winners in NTD's Classical Chinese Dance competitions. Margaret Trey now talks to Shen Yun dancer William Li about his experiences competing in the contests.

That's all for this week. But you can check out all our other episodes on NTD's Discovering China playlist, subscribe to our channel and like us on Facebook.

Until next time, to use Confucian thinking, remember to stay in the Dao!

Thanks for watching.


You Know You're Asian Part 1 and 2: Try NOT to pee your pants laughing

-Caution: Foul Mouthed and HILARIOUS! 

Looks like there's more Asian in you than you thought huh? Guess we all got an Asian mom inside of us. Let us know about the Asian inside of you in the comments and we'll include it in the next one.

Back by popular demand! Looks like there's more Asian in you than you thought huh? Guess we all got an Asian mom inside of us. Let us know about the Asian inside of you in the comments.

Watch these Amazing Parkour and FreeRunning Performers in Shanghai

-Looks like Jackie Chan running from bad guys! 

3RUN hit Shanghai 2012!..Shooting our Latest project, the 3RUN film due to release 2012/13. we cant reveal much but we do have this fun 3RUN lifestyle video to show from it.
follow us and join the family:

Watch this Extremely Racist Mad TV clip: Stuart goes to a Chinese Restaurant

-I want a happy meal! Hilarious! 

New to MadTV? Here's from Wikipedia:

Stuart Larkin

Michael McDonald as Stuart Larkin, and his mother, Doreen played by Mo Collins.
Stuart Douglas Larkin [originally named "Scott"] (Michael McDonald) is a little boy with a constantly dazed and vacant look on his face. His wacky, borderline alcoholic, thick Wisconsin-accented mother Doreen (Mo Collins), nags, scolds and screams at him for getting into mischief. One of her tagphrases is "What does Momma say about ____, Stuart? What does Momma say?" For example, he is often seen eating different junk foods, and when his mother inquires about them, he simply replies that he found them on the floor, then shoves them in his mouth before Doreen can stop him. Even though Stuart appears very antisocial, and naive about the world it was mentioned in some episodes (such as "Stuart Takes Piano Lessons") that he is a genius. This was further shown when he had shown exceptional piano talent on only his second lesson.
Stuart's childhood traumas, such as his father leaving the family, are often mentioned. No matter when the sketch takes place, Stuart's dad has always left the previous Tuesday, after meeting an Asian womanthrough the internet.
Stuart tends to kick anyone who he does not want near him; he lies on the floor and uses his long legs to keep them away from him, sometimes using a violent kick. Stuart occasionally calls his genital area his "danger zone", or calls his genital his "googoo". When pushed too far, his boyish falsetto is replaced by a deep, demonic voice. This voice is used when Stuart enters his "dark place", a glimpse into Stuart's inner turmoil.
When people become sufficiently annoyed by Stuart, he will often try to distract them by saying, "Look what I can do!" and performing a strange spasmodic dance. He also will often take his pants off for no discernible reason.
Several skits showed Stuart annoying his obese next-door neighbor, Harvey Muckenthaler (Paul Vogt), who apparently cannot stand him.
  • "Look what I can do!"
  • "Let me do it!"
  • "Dooooon't!"
  • "I don't wanna say!".
Since Collins left the show, Stuart had appeared in only one sketch per season.
Stuart appeared 36 times during the run of MADtv. He was in seasons 4-12. There was also a sketch used in the series finale that Mo pre-taped the voice of Doreen and they did a montage of Stuart.
Doreen appeared 31 times during the run of MADtv. She was in season 4-10. Collins came back for the series finale and recorded the voice of Doreen during a montage of Stuart.[7]

Chinese TV: 2 Episodes of 《杜拉拉升职记》 "Du La La wants a Promotion"

-So cheesy!  First is 18 and the second is 19.


China Movie Trailer: "Ghosts with Sh*t Jobs 鬼佬狗屎工"

-Welcome to the Future! 

In 2040, jobs suck in a whole new way. Get the lo-fi sci-fi feature mockumentary at

From Kickstarter:

Congrats on the funding!

Latest tweet from the star of the film!


Chinese Movie Trailer: "Nightfall" 《大追捕》

-Love the scene at the end with the sky tram shootout! 

雙雄對決 拆解廿載凶殺之謎!
Two award winning best actors Nick Cheung and Simon Yam, battle inside the storm of murdering mystery thriller.

周顯揚 作品
A Roy Chow Hin-yeung Film

2012.3.15 滿城風暴
Fuse on in theaters in Hong Kong March 15th 2012!

6 New Books about China every China-Lover can't miss

-They all look good! 
The Chinese Worker after Socialism
This book was first published in 2009. While millions in China have been advantaged by three decades of reform, impressive gains have also produced social dislocation. Groups that had been winners under socialism find themselves losers in the new order. Based on field research in nine cities across China, this fascinating study considers the fate of one such group - 35 million workers laid off from the state-owned sector. The book explains why these lay-offs occurred, how workers are coping with unemployment, what actions the state is taking to provide them with livelihoods and re-employment, and what happens when workers mobilize collectively to pursue redress of their substantial grievances. What happens to these people, the remnants of the socialist working class, will be critical in shaping post-socialist politics and society in China and beyond.

To be Published: July 19, 2012

Farm Animals and Pets: The Beginner's Guide to Chinese Painting

Animals are an intrinsic part of the human experience. Artistically, as a major genre in Chinese painting, they also provide abundant inspirations. With clear instructions and illustrations in beautiful colors, The Beginner's Guide to Chinese Painting—Farm Animals and Pets introduces the techniques needed to paint cats, dogs, rabbits, roosters, ducks, pigs, goats, cattle and horses. This book is an easy-to-use guide for the newcomers who are interested in animal painting in Chinese tradition. With hundreds of illustrations in beautiful colors, and a wide selection of templates and styles, this is a must-have guide for those new to Chinese brush painting. 

To be Published:  September 20, 2012

Chinese Silks (The Culture & Civilization of China)

Over the past fifty years, archaeological explorations in China have unearthed a wealth of textile materials, some dating as far back as five thousand years. In this magnificently researched and illustrated book, preeminent Western and Chinese scholars draw upon these spectacular discoveries to provide the most thorough account of the history of silk ever written.

Encyclopedic in breadth, the volume presents a chronological history of silk from a variety of perspectives, including archaeological, technological, art historical, and aesthetic. The contributors explore the range of uses for silk, from the everyday to the sublime. By directly connecting recently found textile artifacts to specific references in China's vast historical literature, they illuminate the evolution of silk making and the driving social forces that have inspired the creation of innovative textiles through the millennia.

To be Published:  September 25, 2012

  The End of the Chinese Dream: Why Chinese People Fear the Future

Glossy television images of happy, industrious, and increasingly prosperous workers show a bright view of life in twenty-first-century China. But behind the officially approved story is a different reality. Preparing this book Gerard Lemos asked hundreds of Chinese men and women living in Chongqing, an industrial mega-city, about their wishes and fears. The lives they describe expose the myth of China's harmonious society. Hundreds of millions of everyday people in China are beleaguered by immense social and health problems as well as personal, family, and financial anxieties—while they watch their communities and traditions being destroyed.

Lemos investigates a China beyond the foreigners' beaten track. This is a revealing account of the thoughts and feelings of Chinese people regarding all facets of their lives, from education to health care, unemployment to old age, politics to wealth. Taken together, the stories of these men and women bring to light a broken society, one whose people are frustrated, angry, sad, and often fearful about the circumstances of their lives. The author considers the implications of these findings and analyzes how China's community and social problems threaten the ambitious nation's hopes for a prosperous and cohesive future. Lemos explains why protests will continue and a divided and self-serving leadership will not make people's dreams come true.

To be Published:  July 30, 2012

Chinese Characters: Profiles of Fast-Changing Lives in a Fast-Changing Land

An artist paints landscapes of faraway places that she cannot identify in order to find her place in the global economy. A migrant worker sorts recyclables and thinks deeply about the soul of his country, while a Taoist mystic struggles to keep his traditions alive. An entrepreneur capitalizes on a growing car culture by trying to convince people not to buy cars. And a 90-year-old woman remembers how the oldest neighborhoods of her city used to be. These are the exciting and saddening, humorous and confusing stories of utterly ordinary people who are living through China's extraordinary transformations. The immense variety in the lives of these Chinese characters dispels any lingering sense that China has a monolithic population or is just a place where dissidents fight Communist Party loyalists and laborers create goods for millionaires.

Chinese Characters is a collection, as Pankaj Mishra writes in his foreword, "to herald a new golden age of journalism about a ceaselessly fascinating country." Contributors include a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, a Macarthur Fellow, the China correspondent to a major Indian newspaper, and scholars whose depth of understanding is matched only by the humanity with which they treat their subjects. Their stories together create a multi-faceted portrait of a country in motion and an introduction to some of the best writing on China today.

Contributors include: Alec Ash, James Carter, Leslie T. Chang, Xujun Eberlein, Harriet Evans, Anna Greenspan, Peter Hessler, Ian Johnson, Ananth Krishnan, Christina Larson, Michelle Dammon Loyalka, James Millward, Evan Osnos, Jeffrey Prescott, Megan Shank, with cover photos by Howard French

To be Published:  September 13, 2012

A Chinese Life

A Chinese Life is an astonishing graphic novel set against the backdrop of the creation of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. This distinctively drawn work chronicles the rise and reign of Chairman Mao Zedong, and his sweeping, often cataclysmic vision for the most populated country on the planet.

Though the storyline is epic, the storytelling is intimate, reflecting the real life of the book’s artist. Li Kunwu spent more than 30 years as a state artist for the Communist Party. He saw firsthand what was happening to his family, his neighbors, and his homeland during this extraordinary time. Working with Philippe Ôtié, the artist has created a memoir of self and state, a rich, very human account of a major historical moment with contemporary consequences. Mao said, “The masses are the real heroes,” but A Chinese Life shows those masses as real people.
More about the cartoonist!

To be Published: September 1, 2012

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