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See how Chinese people react to Chinese Government Officials Buying US Homes

-A nice little house in Missouri...

(LinkAsia News: 6/29/12) As more and more Chinese take advantage of a slumping US housing market by sweeping up cheap property, reactions by social media users on the Sina Weibo microblogging site ranged from sarcastic to cynical.

4 Videos of China's Shenzhou-9 spacecraft returning to Earth

-Welcome back! 

Chinese astronauts in the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft have successfully returned to earth. The spacecraft landed in Inner Mongolia at 10:00 am Beijing time on Friday.

Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang and China's first woman astronaut Liu Yang were back home after being in space for 13 days. Chinese scientists claim that they are now capable of transporting humans and cargo to the space lab.

Chinese leaders Premier Wen Jiabao, He Guoqiang and Zhou Yongkang arrived at the landing site on Friday morning to watch the return of Shenzhou-9, according to Xinhuanet.

"Tiangong 1 and Shenzhou 9, in the task of manned rendezvous and docking, have achieved complete success," the Guardian quoted Premier Wen Jiabao, as saying. "This is another outstanding contribution by the Chinese people to humanity's efforts to explore and use space."

Doctors who examined the astronauts said they were in good health.

Images of the capsule landing in Inner Mongolia were shown live on local television, according to a BBC report.

Shenzhou 9 was launched on 16 June, 2012 to carry out a rendezvous and docking test with the Tiangong-1, an 8.5-ton space-laboratory module, which is capable of supporting the docking of manned and autonomous spacecraft; it was launched in September 2011.

On 24 June, Chinese astronauts successfully made their first manual docking with the Tiangong-1. The astronauts conducted several experiments and tests in the space lab. The scientists said that the data from the experiments will help them improve their technologies and also build another space station by 2020

"The data will help us improve technologies for astronauts' future and long-term stays in a space station," Xinhuanet quoted Chen Shanguang, chief commander of the mission's astronaut system, as saying.

On Thursday, the three astronauts had manually separated the Shenhouz-9 spacecraft from the Tiangong-1 lab module at 6 am Beijing time.

The capsule carrying the crew of China's Shenzhou-9 spacecraft has successfully landed in the country's Inner Mongolia region after 13 days in space. The success of the mission brings China a step closer to creating its own manned space station.

The capsule was carrying three taikonauts, among them the first Chinese woman in space, Liu Yang.

Shenzhou-9 was launched on June 16 and later docked with Tiangong-1 orbital station. The first Chinese manual docking was carried out as planned. While in space the taikonauts performed a series of scientific experiments.

Live images of the capsule's safe landing in the grassland of Inner Mongolia's Siziwang county have been shown on Chinese state television.

Most of the media spotlight is on 33-year-old Liu, an air force pilot who was recruited to be a taikonaut in May 2010. Chinese space program officials have proudly declared that China's first female astronaut's entire training program was carried out in China.

The latest mission was the fourth manned flight for China and the first time the crew manually docked with the station.

The Tiangong-1 orbital station, however, is only a prototype as China plans to replace it with a permanent, larger, space station by 2020.

Although China began its space program in the 1950s, the first manned space flight was not launched until 2003 when Shenzhou-5 with taikonaut Yang Liwei onboard went into space.

If China's ambitious space plans are successful, the country will become the second country in the world currently conducting regular flights to a space station.

At the moment Russia is the only nation regularly taking spacecraft to the International Space Station, as the US halted its space missions in 2011. The last NASA shuttle made its voyage to the ISS last July, wrapping up a 30-year program.

The capsule carrying the crew of China's Shenzhou-9 spacecraft has successfully landed in the country's Inner Mongolia region after 13 days in space. The success of the mission brings China a step closer to creating its own manned space station.

China's Shenzhou 9 spacecraft returns to Earth, bringing to a close a mission
which saw the country send its first woman into orbit.


15 Top China Stories Tweets from June 22-29 - Something for everyone

Harvard Gazette - Add Tai Chi to Reduce Stress and 3 Tai Chi 101 Videos

-But doing Tai Chi at Harvard is much better for you. 

Add tai chi to reduce stress | Harvard Gazette:

In the summer shade of Harvard’s Tercentenary Theatre, a handful of students of the Chinese martial art tai chi performed a graceful routine, moving in unison through controlled kicks, arm thrusts, and other slow motions that seemed as much ballet as training for war.

The students were led by tai chi Master Yon Lee, an Adams House affiliate who has taught Harvard students for the past 25 years. In collaboration with Harvard’s Center for Wellness, Lee will be conducting free, outdoor tai chi lessons under the towering, vaulted trees near Memorial Church on Tuesday afternoons through the summer and into the fall.
-This guy has nothing to do with Tai Chi at Harvard! 

Lessons by Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si to teach the basics of Tai Chi and Tai Chi's Push Hands cultivation, techniques and applications. Please remember to check out the other lessons as well!

Rare partnership with China gives adoptive families an advantage

-Hope for so many. 

Waiting to adopt a child internationally can be an exciting time for an expectant family, and it can also be laced with apprehension.

A partnership of the University of Alabama at Birmingham International Adoption Clinic at Children's South, Lifeline Children's Services and the Chinese government helped answer many of Hailston's questions. Only a handful of adoption agencies in the United States have this type of agreement with China.

How many swears do football fans in Beijing say in one game?

-Hilarious. I'm writing all those down! 

Beijing Guoan vs. Jiangsu Shuntian from Janek Zdzarski on Vimeo.
Chinese football fans' reactions shot on Beijing Workers Stadium with Panasonic GH2

Documentary: Sunrise over Tiananmen Square

-Good stuff.
Shui-Bo Wang's feature documentary is a visual autobiography of an artist who grew up in China during the historic upheavals of the '60s, '70s and '80s. A rich collage of original artwork and family and archival photographs presents a personal perspective on the turbulent Cultural Revolution and the years that followed. For Shui-Bo Wang and others of his generation, Tiananmen Square was the central symbol of the new China -- a society to be based on equality and cooperation. This animated documentary artfully traces Shui-Bo's roots and his own life journey as he struggles to sort through ideology and arrive at truth.

Shanghai Is this too revealing for the metro? BBC

-Yes, cherish yourselves...


Telegraph China Round UP: Failing Chinese Students Jump Uni Queue and Silicon Valley Losing Crown to China

-A good source of news and China news in particular!

How foreign students with lower grades jump the university queue - Telegraph:

The official agent in Beijing for universities in the elite Russell Group claimed that it could secure over-subscribed places for a Chinese student purporting to have scored three C grades in their A-levels - when British students are required to have at least A, A and B.

Undercover reporters were also told to tell the UK authorities that the student would be returning home immediately after graduation - even if that was not their intention – in order to secure a visa.

PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY 45 minute documentary.
A look at Silicon Valley in the early days as told by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Paul Allen, and other insiders from Apple, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, and Xerox. See how the personal computing revolution began.


Silicon Valley to lose innovation crown to China - Telegraph:

Almost half of the more than 650 technology executives polled by KPMG expect Silicon Valley to surrender its role by 2016. China is the favourite to eclipse California, with almost 30pc predicting the world’s centre of innovation will shift eastwards.

China has “fostered an environment which encourages the development of disruptive technologies and we simply can’t ignore what is coming around the corner anymore,” said Tudor Aw, head of technology in Europe at KPMG.

The conclusions certainly chime with the ambitions of both China and India to move up the technology food chain and become more than manufacturing hubs for western companies such as Apple.

Yet Another UFO in China Video plus Obama able to defend against Space Aliens?!

-I swear I've seen this before...  

Interview for the real alien ! TOP SECRET VIDEO

In other UFO news:
Americans favor Obama to defend against space aliens: poll - Yahoo! News Canada:

Nearly two in three Americans think President Barack Obama is better suited than Republican rival Mitt Romney to deal with an alien invasion, according to a survey released Wednesday.

National Geographic Channel contacted 1,114 adults across the United States last month for its fanciful opinion poll ahead of its new cable television documentary series "Chasing UFOs."

PICTURE: Shanghai subway to scantily clad women: No wonder you'll be sexually harassed!

-All their secrets ruined... 

For women in Shanghai looking to beat the heat this summer with skimpier clothes, the city’s subway authorities have a message: dress appropriately or be ready to deal with the inevitable sexual harassment.

The controversy online started on June 20 when someone posted on the Shanghai Number 2 Subway Line official Weibo account – Chinese version of Twitter – a picture of a female passenger wearing a revealing dress with the comment: “If that’s what you wear on the subway, then no wonder you will be sexually harassed! There are perverts riding the subway every day and we can’t catch them all. Girls, you’ve got to respect yourself!”

Master of Kung Fu Chiu Chi-Ling - Setif (Algeria)

-Kung Fu is known the world over. 

Master of Kung Fu Chui Chu Ling visiting Setif city in Algeria June 21st - 22nd, 2012


Ian Johnson, Roderick MacFarquhar and Orville Schell Discuss a Post-Communist, Post-Confucian China

-These guys are big! 

NEW YORK, June 21, 2012 — Ian Johnson, Roderick MacFarquhar and discussion moderator Orville Schell speculate about what China's near future, and in particular its upcoming change of leadership, might conceivably look like.
For more, click here:

"Electric Kingdom: the Chinese Gaming Industry" A Documentary project in Beijing, China

-This looks awesome! 

In 2007 I got an opportunity to study abroad for two months in Beijing, China. I attempted to find out as much as I could about Chinese popular culture before I left the US, but came up pretty blank. Nearly everything that goes on in popular media in China is unheard of outside of its borders, unlike other developed Asian countries like South Korea and Japan. The best you can find is literature and film deemed "ethnically" satisfying enough to please the intellectual crowd starved for a jet-set experience, or banned media (how novel!) that uses the glamour of the forbidden to sell itself. But there is more to China than Gao Xingjian's novels or Ang Lee's movies (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon wasn't even all that popular in China, *and* he's Taiwanese, not from the mainland), and I hope to convey, through Electric Kingdom, how China fits into modern video game culture-- a view of China that has been ignored almost entirely.

I've been interested in video games since before I managed to develop hand-eye coordination, and I became a writer for video game news blog Piki Geek in 2011. As an idea for a weekly feature, I wanted to write about video games in China, but, like my attempt to look into Chinese popular culture, finding any information on popular video games or gaming habits or culture was extremely difficult and wholly unsatisfying. This August I will be in China once again for three months, and plan to film Electric Kingdom -- an inside look at the Chinese gaming industry, gathering information that is essentially inaccessible or unavailable in the West. It will be a look at the gamers themselves, their habits, how they are viewed by society, and the role that gaming plays in their culture. It will be a look at game developers: what they believe the core difference is between Chinese gamers and gamers from other countries, especially the West; whether they develop for consoles, mobile, or social networking; what their own thoughts on the gaming industry in China are, and what the future might be. It will also be a look at the general culture of gaming itself-- arcades, conventions, LAN parties, Internet cafes, underground console arcades (they exist), cosplay, toys, etc.

I will be traveling to Beijing on August 31. I have a media internship through Beijing University and will be living there for three months-- I will return to the US in mid-December. I have studied Chinese for six years, so I have a good grasp and understanding of the language, as well as of local customs, history, and culture. I spent two months in Beijing in 2007, and scouted several arcades and game retailers. I have also already researched a number of China-based gaming companies and their locations. If funds permit, however, I will attempt to hire a local guide and translator to help me film and interview. Using a guide in China is extremely common, especially by Western researchers and journalists, and costs about $60/day, or less if I enlist the help of fellow native Chinese students. I will be using a prosumer camera in order to make the film as clean and professional as possible, and will be helped by Macalester College and their connections to properly edit and distribute the film. Therefore, all funds I receive will go to meet these ends: equipment, transportation, permits and licensing, translators/guides, production of film and research book, contributor rewards, and distribution.
This film will only be possible if people like you (gamers, scholars, indie film buffs, travelers) decide it's worth making. I truly hope that you take this project into consideration, not just as a contribution to a growing global gaming culture, but as a contribution to a better understanding of an otherwise culturally secluded, but quickly emerging country.

VIDEO: How Mao Became a Hipster Icon

-That is some CRAZY HAIR Dude! 

CNN's Suzanne Malveaux talks with NY Times Columnist Anand Giridharadas about China's youth seeking to recover heritage.

The D.J. with the bob haircut and sparkling leggings considers the question. Smoke from her waifish cigarette curls skyward. It’s shortly after 2 p.m., and she has only recently awoken. She is explaining why, in addition to disco music and vintage clothes, she counts herself a fan of the long-departed Chairman Mao.

WSJ: To Improve Kids' Chinese, Parents Head to Asia

-Are you going??

To Improve Kids' Chinese, Some Parents Move to Asia -

"Michael Roemer had never lived abroad before he took a one-year leave of absence from his job as an attorney, rented out his family's Orinda, Calif., house, and moved to Chengdu, a city in western China, in 2010 with his wife and two children. 
Mr. Roemer's goal: to give his kids, Erin and Conor, an up-close look at China and an edge in what is fast becoming a must-learn language. "Speaking Mandarin is important," says the 57-year-old Mr. Roemer. 
The Roemers are among a growing group of Westerners going to great lengths to give their kids a leg up in Mandarin. With China's rising global influence, these parents want their children to be able to communicate fluently with the country's 1.3 billion people. The phenomenon is similar to what happened in the '80s, when Japan's economy boomed and there was a rush to learn Japanese."
Some high-powered parents want their children to learn Mandarin, going so far as to packing up the family and moving to China. Emily Nelson has details on Lunch Break.

Delaware Black Teens order Chinese food, kill Chinese deliveryman, eat dinner

-Racism? No, black on Chinese killing isn't racism. 

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) -- Wilmington Police arrested a sixth person in connection with the murder of a delivery driver in the city last week.

Late Friday afternoon, police said Nathaniel Thomas Lawrence, 16, was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

Thursday, Chief Ralph Evangelous announced four men and a juvenile were arrested in connection to the death of Zhen Bo Liu, a Wilmington restaurant delivery man who died on June 14.

"He was brutally murdered for no reason what so ever," Evangelous said. "If you're going to be involved in this type of activity, we're going to hunt you down."

Cornell Dwayne Haugabook Jr., 20, and an unidentified 15-year-old were charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery. Marvin Lee White, 18, Manije Daneek Johnson, 16, and Rasheed Ramone Thompson, 16, were charged with conspiracy to commit robbery after over 600 hours of investigation.

Evangelous said the group ordered approximately $48 worth of food, shot Liu, took the food, went back to a house, and then they all sat down to eat together.

"If that's not cold-blooded, I've never seen it," the WPD chief said. "Seldom do we ever see the victim accosted in such a brutal way."

District Attorney Ben David said that the case is a priority to his office and that in the state of North Carolina, a 16-year-old is considered an adult. He said a hearing will be held soon to determine if the 15-year-old will be considered an adult.

"It's a reminder to everyone in this community that crime doesn't sleep and neither do the men and women of law enforcement when something like this happens," David said.

A committee of senior prosecutors will determine if the case is death-penalty eligible. David said a 15-year-old is not eligible for the death penalty in North Carolina.

During a hearing held for the juvenile on Friday, Assistant District Attorney Jason Smith said that they learned through interviewing the suspects that the 15-year-old shot Liu in the foot and Haugabook shot him in the face. They also learned that two different weapons were used.

When the two shooters left the scene, the others came back, went through Liu's vehicle and took the food, Smith said. Judge J.H. Corpening said that the 15-year-old can't face capital punishment, but that he can spend the rest of his life in prison. He will stay in secured custody until a probable cause hearing on July 3.

Haugabook had his first court appearance at 11 a.m. on Friday. When the judge asked him if he understood the seriousness of the death penalty, Haugabook said yes. He was not given a bond and will make his next appearance on July 12.

Haugabook spent four years in jail for armed burglary and grand theft, according to the Florida Department of Corrections. He was released last February.

On Haugabook's Facebook page, he shows off his many tattoos.

The occupation listed on his Facebook page also claims that he is the "Boss at Self Made," and his page includes pictures of men posing with guns and money.

Wilmington police have confirmed that they've looked at the Facebook pages, but wouldn't comment further.

Detectives notified the Chinese embassy of the murder, which is where Liu's family is located.

According to 911 calls, witnesses found Liu's Honda Liu in the middle of the road with the door open. The caller said that he was bleeding from the neck and it looked like he may have been stabbed.

Most people who live and work in the area knew Liu as China King's delivery driver. Several folks stopped by the restaurant the day after he died.

Patrick Piner used to work with Liu at another Chinese restaurant a few years ago. He said most people there called him Shi-Fu.

"He was just a hard worker you know. He did a lot of the stuff in the kitchen and everything else. He was very reliable," Piner said.

Following the police department's announcement and arrests, the manager of Liu's former place of employment China King spoke out. Ting Cheng said he feels "happy" and "relieved" to hear that arrests were made.

Cheng said he still doesn't understand why the suspects allegedly killed one of his closest friends and co-workers for no apparent reason. He said it has been a very emotional time for everyone at China King.

Cheng said he hopes that the police will continue to follow the case because, despite the arrests, he still feels like justice should be served.

Cheng also said that China King no longer delivers at all following Liu's death.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Wilmington Police Department at 910-343-3600.

Robotic Voice Reads Scriptures about WWIII, #prophecy on How China is the King of the East, #2012

-just because of a big cloud? 

Original Video:
The FEARFUL SIGHT of what is dubbed APOCALYPTIC ARMAGEDDON CLOUD' in BEIJING, CHINA many miles thick, is not be taken lightly nor to be dismissed as a geographic cloud process. That is a reckless tragic blunder. How do we know that?

CHINA is prophetically the KING OF THE EAST
- There are existing predictions about the imminent fate of the East and indeed China itself.
Luke 21:11 And great EARTHQUAKES shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and FEARFUL SIGHTS and great signs shall there be from heaven

- Beijing is the Capital City of China

- China is the most populous Country in the world

- China has the strongest economy in the East

- China has the second strongest economy in the world

- China is the KING OF THE EAST

- The KING OF THE SOUTH, EGYPT is clinically dead from June 19, 2012

- The KING OF THE NORTH, RUSSIA have already sent attack helicopters and army units against The KING OF THE WEST, EUROPE and US, NATO who blocked the shipment on June 19, 2012 from continuing its journey to Syria.

- The KING OF THE EAST, CHINA will now step unto the scene and change the entire equilibrium of the East West STANMD OFF

- China will mainly field the 200 Milllion Man Army that will march to the West to enact WORLD WAR 3 Armageddon, hence the label ARMAGEDDON CLOUD

Revelation 9:16 And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.

- That is 200 Million

- Other mainly Eastern Nations will include their soldiers as well

Revelation 16:12 And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the KINGS OF THE EAST(CHINA) might be prepared.

Proverbs 22:3 A prudent man forseeth evil and hide himself. The simple pass and are punished

To The Honest Enquirer, PRAY the following prayer or one similar:
BELIEVE that you are forgiven. If you do, you are saved (Born Again). Visit a Bible Church and ask to be BAPTIZED


Husband of 7 month China Forced Abortion woman gone missing, Locals Denounce the family as traitors

-This just gets worse and worse. 

Deng Jiyuan, husband of forced abortion victim Feng Jianmei, went missing for more than 24-hours at the beginning of the week. AFP reports that he has now phoned his family, but has not given his location.

Feng Jianmei had to go through the termination earlier this month in the northern province of Shaanxi because she failed to pay a hefty fine for exceeding China's strict "one-child" population control policy.

The case caused an outcry when photos emerged online of Feng lying in a hospital bed in Zhenping county next to her baby's bloody corpse, prompting an official probe that concluded action should be taken against the perpetrators.

But a relative said Tuesday that Feng's husband Deng Jiyuan had gone missing Sunday.

or literally: sell country thief

2 Videos: China Going to the Moon? and China Diving to the Depths

-WOW! Spending like drunken Chinese Sailors!
China's deep-sea manned submersible, Jiaolong, has begun its fourth and attempted record, dive to the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

The submersible is set to hit its ultimate goal of 7,000 meters below sea level. Divers are planning to bottom the vessel on the sea bed at that depth, and conduct field sampling work. The three crew members will then say an historic "hello" to China's 3 astronauts aboard Tiangong-1 in space. Reaching the 7,000-level means reaching 99.8 percent of the world's ocean floor. The 7,000 depth also gives China 50% of development rights of their findings, for example, mineral deposits and hydrocarbon resources.

Jiaolong finished its third dive, hitting a depth of 6,962 meters on Friday, setting the country's latest dive record.
With the recent manned docking to their space station, China looks to be right on track for a lunar lander in the 2020's. Can they pull it off? Will it just be flags and footprints again? Or do we have the beginnings of a new Lunar colony being developed? Join us for episode 5.10 recorded live on June 23rd, 2012.

The show notes for this episode are located on our Wiki here:

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UPDATE: Shandong Female Driver Slams Pedestrians at High Speed, Rips Clothes Off and Runs Naked Distracting Rescuers

-She wanted them to die, so she wouldn't have to pay long term for them. 

From the Sina Weibo Account

@优酷网:【临沂现女版药加鑫 撞人后拦路阻止救援】6月17日,临沂王女士带着自己的一双儿女外出买菜,在小区内遭自西向东飞速驶来的汽车迎面撞击。120救护车赶到后,肇事女司机脱掉衣服躺在地上阻止救护车进入,并将抱上车的女孩抢下摔在地上。4岁女孩被宣布不治,妈妈仍未脱离危险期。

Basic Story:

A female Teacher was driving through a community at high speeds, hit a mother and 4 year old on the way back from the market. Many other onlookers saw this was happening and went to the mother and child's aid. The female teacher, driver then took her clothes off and ran naked around attempting to distract people from saving the woman and child. She even at one point threatened her own mother (in the car) by strangling her, all to distract and stall rescue workers. The video above shows her falling on purpose in front of the rescue vehicle so the vehicle wouldn't drive to the hospital.

The weibo post above announced that the child could not be rescued.

Update June 29th 2012

Armed police moved in on a naked woman after she stripped and lay in front of an ambulance to stop it taking her husband's suspected lover to hospital.

Zhang Shih, 38 - from Linyi, Shandong province, eastern China - allegedly ran down neighbour Wang Lu and her four-year-old daughter in fury over over the suspected fling.

But when emergency services arrived she did everything she could to ensure neither was able to get swift, life-saving treatment - even as officers pointed guns at her naked body.

She kept everyone who tried to help them away,' said a police spokesman.

'Then when an ambulance turned up she stripped off all her clothes and lay down in front of the vehicle to stop it taking the victims to hospital.'

Enraged Zhang is accused of running down Mrs Wang and her daughter with her car after an argument where she confronted her husband about his infidelities.

The mother-of-two then stood guard over the two seriously injured victims to stop anyone offering them first aid, claimed police.

She even allegedly punched a paramedic treating her rival's young daughter, making the ambulanceman drop the girl - who later died of her injuries.

Now Zhang - a primary school teacher - is facing murder and attempted murder charges, say prosecutors.

If found guilty she faces the death penalty.

'This was no crime of passion. She stopped the two victims from receiving medical treatment for nearly half an hour,' said a prosecutor.

Innovative Chinese: 7 Orange Peel Creations or Too Much Time on their hands?!

-cool but WTF??  


桔子皮 Júzi pí Orange Peel 

-How to Peel an you didn't know. 

Oranges are small enough to fit in your pocket and are packed with nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, folate, and vitamin C. Peel an orange and reap the benefits.

Wonders of the Universe - Episode 3: Shanghai Dune: What's better than being stranded on a desert planet with a suicidal droid?

-Love the transport tips at the end. Worth the wait! 

Wonders of the Universe - Episode 3: Shanghai Dune

(NOTE - All music is free to use from Newground's Audio Portal or form other free sources.)

Watch on Newgrounds:

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The Wonders of the Universe is ready to launch! But as fate would have it, Quintin Quasar gets caught up in a depressed Cleaning Bot's plans to flee the ship. Can they survive the barren world they're stranded on?

Episode 3, 'Shanghai Dune' completes the 3 episode Maiden Voyage arc where we introduce you to the world and characters of 'Wonders of the Universe.' The highlight of this episode is no doubt Rut.2, a eccentric Cleaning Robot who finds a little too much joy in his work.

We all pitched in animation in this one, so you might notice a little bit of a change in animation styles throughout the cartoon. We hope it's not too jarring. Most future episodes will be made with one main animator.

We hope you all enjoy! And you'll be happy to know that Episode 4 is already well into the animation stage of production!

- The Toonwerks Crew


Xander Mobus (Motley-Fool)
Chris Niosi (Kirbopher)
Miranda Gauvin (dellaciel)
Deven Mack (D-Mac-Double)
Edward Bosco (The-Darkwolf)
Edwyn Tiong (Omahdon)
Chris Boe (BOE)


Mark Schneider (th1rt3en)
Joseph Blanchette (Legendary Frog)
Casey McDonald (Xiphon)
Chris Boe (BOE)


'Iron Man 3' Loses Andy Lau

-Most Americans are saying, "ANDY WHO?" 

Iron Man 3 loses Andy Lay! Story coming your way!

According to the want daily, Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau has pulled out of a potential role in Iron Man 3 to spend more time with his newborn daughter.

Rumors have been swirling for quite some time now that the 50 year old actor from hong kong would have a starring role with Robert downey junior in the 3rd installment of the mega franchise, and now those rumors seem to be null and void!

Not to fret other prominent Chinese actors will be pulled for that role and of other roles in the film. Heres what dan mintz one of the producers of the film had to say. "The audience will be familiar with the Asian faces in Iron Man 3; our stand is to invest and produce a Chinese flavor and Chinese element international film."

So what do you guys think about Andy lau out for iron man 3? And who do you think should replace him? Let us know in the comment section below and be sure to keep it locked right here on clevver movies, your number one source for movie news!

Stan Lee Loves China! Who Knew?

-Stan Lee speaks, we translate into REAL speech. 

China to get big-screen Hollywood superhero - Telegraph:

"Addressing the festival on Monday through a video message, 89-year-old Lee, said: "I love China and Chinese culture. I have been looking for the chance to co-operate with Chinese moviemakers and bring forward Chinese culture to the world. I believe the Chinese superhero will be the best and the most popular superhero loved by people all over the world."

Magic Storm Entertainment's website describes The Annihilator as "a young Chinese man given a second chance as an international superhero who returns home to mete out justice".
In a video posted on the website, with Chinese subtitles, Mr Lee said: "I would love to get a hero who is Chinese, whose origin is in China but who will appeal to people all over the world."
Set in contemporary China and scheduled for release in 2014, the film was one of a series of US-China co-productions announced at the Shanghai festival by China's National Film Capital or NFC, which is supported by a $422 million state-fund."

-Let's translate what Stan Lee said:
"Addressing the festival on Monday through a video message, 89-year-old the guy so old he couldn't possibly know what "cool" is, Lee, said: "I love China and Chinese culture still want to make boatloads of money from you and I'll say anything that will make you open your wallets!. I have been looking for the chance to donating to Democrat groups for so long now to try to pressure the government to make it so I can co-operate with Chinese moviemakers tools of government propaganda and bring forward Chinese culture to the world make myself relevant again. I believe the Chinese superhero (if I can get it past all your sensors and regulations) will be the best and the most popular superhero loved by people all over the world because of your government's fabulous propaganda machine."

Spider Man creator Stan Lee swears in a videotaped deposition in February, 2005, that he gave nothing to Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign, and traded checks for $100,000 to allow Peter Paul to give money to Hillary in Stan's name. Hillary Clinton's Senate committee filed a fourth FEC report on January 30, 2006 (see Documents - January 30, 2006 FEC report linked to that officially attributes to Lee a contribution of $225,000 to Hillary's campaign for Event 39- the Hollywood Gala Farewell Salute to Pres Clinton that Lee hosted and Paul paid for according to the FBI.

The backstory of the Clinton/Lee connection.

3 Little Dragon Tales Videos: Finding Friends 找朋友, Clay Doll 泥娃娃 and Behind the Scenes

-Cute and useful for learning Chinese!

PHYSICAL DISC: Little Dragon Tales: Chinese Children's Songs
Product REVIEW:
Ok, first of all we are big Shanghai Restoration Project and David Liang fans, having purchased most of the SRP catalog in digital format over the years. When we saw this new CD announced we actually pre-ordered the physical disc from Amazon for our newborn son to not have to worry about streaming and digital files for the nursery. My wife is Chinese and she immediately recognized all of the songs that are on the disc from her own childhood in China, and they are well produced by David Liang with his signature mash-up sort of style if you can call it that?

As recommended in the Wall Street Journal:

The Shanghai Restoration Project and Yip's Children's Choir present:
Little Dragon Tales: Chinese Children's Choir

Classic Chinese Children's songs with a Modern Twist

CD distributed by Cheng and Tsui company
Digital albums distributed by IODA

Available for sale Nov. 29th

Produced by Dave Liang of The Shanghai Restoration Project

Yip's Children's Choir Canada vocals recorded at Encounter Studios in Toronto, Canada (Engineer: Rami Azer)

Vocal editing by Olivia Bloom
Mastered by Nathan James
Video by Luke Mines
Design by Yi Ce courtesy of NeochaEDGE
Translation by Sun Yunfan
Album title contributed by Dr. Hsin-Mei Agnes Hsu

This project would not be possible without the help of the wonderful people at Yip's Canada: Christian Bayly, Linda Cheng, Ron Ka Ming Cheung, Katherine Kwok, Mali Zhang, and all of the kids and staff!

Special thanks to family, friends, and fans

MP3: Little Dragon Tales: Chinese Children's Songs
PRODUCT REVIEW: We don't have anyone in our family who speaks or studies Chinese, but my daughter (2 1/2) stumbled on a video of these kids singing on Youtube and loved it, so I bought the CD. The songs are really enjoyable to listen to, and are upbeat but at the same time good for bedtime listening. We all hum along to it (and my daughter insists now that she speaks Chinese).

WSJ Video: Wealthy Chinese Gobbling Up Expensive US Homes, Wok Equipped Kitchens

-Modest is 1 or 1.5 million?  WTF!? 

A new wave of buyers from China is snapping up luxury properties across the U.S., injecting billions of dollars into the country’s residential real-estate market. Lauren Schuker has details on Lunch Break. Photo: Erhard Pfieffer.Chinese Buyers Snap Up U.S. Luxury Properties (Video) - China Real Time Report - WSJ:

McDonald's Produced a Touching Ad Called "Smile" that shows Shanghai McDonald's is different than US McDonalds

-Great little video. LOVE SHANGHAI! 

"Smile" - Shanghai, China for McDonald's from Jonathan Chapman - JC|P on Vimeo.
Produced for McDonald's "Smile" is a short film that highlights the many sights, sounds, people, and places of Shanghai, China. For more information please visit the JC|P Blog {Intrigue}.

Stossel: Government Taking Away Chinatown Bus Services, Taking Away Choice and Competition

-America is OVER! 

If it Moves, Regulate It - Stossel's Take Blog - Fox Business:

"Let's say you wanted to get from New York to DC this evening. You could take the government-supported train system - which would cost you $153 or more - or you could take a bus, which gets no government subsidies, for... $19.
The cheap busses started about 15 years ago, when immigrants in Chinatown figured out that they could out-compete Amtrak and Greyhound on price by picking passengers up from the curb - and running everything without expensive bus stations. 
But yesterday, my state passed two new bills that impose a slew of regulations on the busses. State Senator Daniel Squadron, who sponsored the regulations, says they are necessary because the busses create a "Wild West atmosphere."

-One quick look online and you can find reasons for the government regulations.  But seriously, how often does this happen?  Plus, if you don't compare the number of deaths from government run bus and train transportation...then it's not a fair look at the issue.  

This is not about safety.  It's about protecting Greyhound and Amtrak.  Period.
Lucky Star is one of the Chinatown buses that run between Boston and New York. They have a bad habit of catching on fire.
Filmed from my window on December 9, 2008.
-US Gov't Propaganda...
New York Correspondent Karina Huber investigates why more than two dozen companies operating 'Chinatown buses' have been forced to close due to safety violations.


Best Comic Book EVER: "Captain China!" The World's Greatest Communist Superhero!

-This looks awesome. Can't wait to see it! 
Captain China Volume 1

"The Return of Captain China"

After 50 years of Cryogenic sleep, Captain China is revived in modern times to demonstrate China's economic growth and achievement of world power status in the 21st century. Out of time and out of touch with current culture and social climate of China, this once great communist super hero must now stop an assassination attempt on the American President despite all the obstacles in his way!

Captain China is a propaganda-styled comic series aimed at capturing the main-stream consciousness of China. The stories will reflect and give insight to China's current political stance, social environment, and cultural differences by blending complex characters, historical information, geographic locations, comic satire, and over-the-top explosive action! Full Color. 41 pages.

For more information please go to:

-This is not it.

-This isn't it either...

-But this is hilarious but also not Captain China!

2 Awesome Videos from ChineseClass101 for Beginners and those Brushing up on their Chinese!

-Great videos. Love the veggies one!

Learn to introduce yourself in Chinese with our Chinese in Three Minutes series!

In China, manners are important, and this step-by-step video teaches you some of the basics you need to be polite while speaking Chinese. A native Chinese teacher will explain the simple phrases necessary.

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In this Chinese lesson you'll learn the vocabulary for vegetables in Chinese: vegetable, broccoli, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, potato, carrot, onion, bean, and spinach.
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NSFW: The Dumbest Condom Commercial EVER from Mainland China

-Bizarre AND Tasteless. 

Durex China - Father's Day from Jim Fields on Vimeo.
This was a video produced for Father's Day to be shown domestically in mainland China. English subs added for vimeo.

Shot on Canon 5D mkiii, edited in premiere cs6, graded with magic bullet looks.

The Chinese Love the NBA so much they've created a Futuristic NBA Movie complete with drones, sex and NBA Stars!


Of course not as bad as this moive... UGH.

30 Year Anniversary of the Death of Vincent Chin - A Wake up Call for the Asian American Community

-The worst case of mistaken identity. EVER. : VINCENT WHO? explores the Vincent Chin case, which ignited the first Asian American civil rights movement.

In 1982, Vincent Chin was murdered in Detroit by two white autoworkers at the height of anti-Japanese sentiments. His killers, however, got off with a $3,000 fine and no jail time. Outraged by this injustice, Asian Americans around the country united for the first time to form a pan-Asian identity and civil rights movement.

This documentary features interviews with the key players at the time as well as a whole new generation of activists. VINCENT WHO? asks how far Asian Americans have come since the case and how far they have yet to go.

Why Vincent Chin Matters -

ON June 23, 1982, in Detroit, a young man named Vincent Chin died. Four nights earlier, he had been enjoying his bachelor party with friends at a local bar when they were accosted by two white men, who blamed them for the success of Japan’s auto industry. “It’s because of you we’re out of work,” they were said to have shouted, adding a word that can’t be printed here. The men bludgeoned Mr. Chin, 27, with a baseball bat until his head cracked open.

The men — a Chrysler plant supervisor named Ronald Ebens and his stepson, Michael Nitz — never denied the acts, but they insisted that the matter was simply a bar brawl that had ended badly for one of the parties. In an agreement with prosecutors, they pleaded to manslaughter (down from second-degree murder) and were sentenced to three years of probation and fined $3,000.

On the night of June 19, 1982, a fight ensued at the Fancy Pants strip club on Woodward Avenue in Highland Park where Chin was having his bachelor party. The group was thrown out and after a heated exchange of words subsequently parted ways. Ebens instigated the incident by declaring, "It's because of you little motherfuckers that we're out of work!" referring to U.S. auto manufacturing jobs being lost to Japan, despite the fact that Chin was not Japanese.[2] Ebens and Nitz searched the neighborhood for 20 to 30 minutes and even paid another man 20 dollars to help look for Chin,[4] before finding him at a McDonald's restaurant. Chin tried to escape, but was held by Nitz while Ebens repeatedly bludgeoned Chin with a baseball bat. Chin was struck at least four times with the bat, including blows to the head. When rushed to Henry Ford Hospital, he was unconscious and died after four days in a coma, on June 23, 1982.


  • On July 1, 1982, the Detroit Free Press published a front page article about Vincent Chin's murder. The United Auto Workers told Chrysler of a plan to strike if Ebens remained employed with Chrysler. As management, he was not a member of the union, and the company placed him on vacation, asking Ronald Ebens to leave Warren Truck Assembly later that same day. On July 16, he was placed on unpaid status pending resolution of the case.[4]
  • On March 16, 1983, after a plea bargain was reached the previous month to reduce the charge to third-degree manslaughter (which had no minimum sentence and could be dealt with probation), Judge Charles Kaufman sentenced Ebens and Nitz to three years probation, a $3000 fine, and $780 in court costs; because Chin initiated the physical altercation, neither defendant had prior convictions, that Chin survived for four days on life support lent reasonable doubt to the case of intent to murder, and there was no Wayne County Prosecutor present to argue for a more severe punishment. Kaufman later wrote, "These weren't the kind of men you send to jail... You don't make the punishment fit the crime; you make the punishment fit the criminal." [6]
  • On March 28, 1983, Chrysler formally discharged Ebens from his position at Chrysler, citing that his plea entered a felony conviction on his criminal record.[4]
  • Meanwhile, protests from the Asian American community and Detroit media led to a federal investigation, a November 1983 indictment by a grand jury for the violation of Vincent Chin's and Jimmy Choi's civil rights, and a June 1984 trial in which Michael Nitz was acquitted of all charges, and Ebens was acquitted of one charge, and found guilty of the other. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Ebens' lawyers appealed, and the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals found the trial judge to have erred in not allowing the defense to present key pieces of evidence, chiefly an audiotape of Liza Cheuk May Chan of the American Citizens for Justice interviewing Chin's friends together, creating the grounds for an argument that the prosecution tampered with the witness testimony by getting them to "agree on what happened."[7] A retrial was ordered and Ronald Ebens was acquitted of the final charge, with a Cincinnati jury finding no racial motivation in the killing of Vincent Chin.
  • A civil suit for the unlawful death of Vincent Chin was settled out of court on March 23, 1987. Michael Nitz was ordered to pay $50,000 in $30 weekly installments over the following 10 years. Ronald Ebens was ordered to pay $1.5 million, at $200/month for the first two years and 25% income or $200/month thereafter, whichever was greater. This represented the projected loss of income from Vincent Chin's engineering position, as well as Lily Chin's loss of Vincent's services as laborer and driver. However, the estate of Vincent Chin would not be allowed to garnish social securitydisability, or Ebens pension from Chrysler, nor could the estate place a lien on Ebens' house.[1]
  • In April 1988, Ebens sued Chrysler for $10,000 and reinstatement on the grounds of wrongful termination. Chrysler claimed that such action at that date exceeded the statute of limitations.[4] This suit was still pending when Ebens was forced to return to court to explain his reasons for failing to keep up with the payments in the Chin settlement.[8]
  • At the November 1989 hearing, the Chin estate, represented by attorney James Brescoll, questioned how Ebens could obtain loans for a Dodge van and Plymouth Sundance requiring payments of $682/month, yet could not meet his $200/month minimum obligation.[8] Ronald Ebens explained about the motorcycle accident in Wisconsin that killed his youngest stepson, Matt Nitz (Juanita Ebens lost her job after quitting work to care for her son), and of Ebens' general inability to find work due to his infamy from the Chin case. Ebens testified that he had stopped looking for work, other than the occasional odd job,[8] and was awaiting the outcome of the litigation against Chrysler.[1]
  • On September 6, 1990, a decision of No cause of action against the plaintiff, Ebens, and in favor for the defendant, Chrysler, at which point Chrysler attempted to sue for the $10,921.84 ($9919 labor and $1,002.84 expenses) in legal fees it spent on the case.[4]
  • On August 28, 1997,[9] the Chin estate renewed the civil suit, as it was allowed to do every ten years.[1] The complaint listed Ebens as having only paid $3,000 on the judgement,[9] and adjusted the damages with $3,205,604.37 in accrued interest, $15.00 for the judgement, $90.00 in clerk fees, and $65.00 for service fees and mileage for a new total of $4,683,653.89.[9] The proof of service listed an address in Henderson, Nevada.[9]
  • A 2000 article about Las Vegas real estate, quoted Ron Ebens, a customer service manager for a company called Real Homes Inc., that had partnered with Centex Homes.[10]
  • Michael Nitz reportedly did make payments pursuant to the original settlement, in spite of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 1986.[1][11] Ebens' homeowners' policy paid about $20,000.[12] Ronald Ebens has been attributed with conflicting statements as to whether he ever intends to fulfill his debt, but in a 1987 newspaper interview, Ebens told future filmmaker Michael Moore that he would not give his detractors satisfaction by committing suicide.[3]

The Judge: Charles Kaufman (judge) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Judge Kaufman's was the judge presiding over the conviction for manslaughter (after a plea bargain brought the charges down from second-degree murder) and sentence of three years probation and $3,780 in fines and court costs given to formerChrysler plant superintendent Ronald Ebens and his stepson Michael Nitz on March 16, 1983 for the killing of Vincent Chin.[5] Asian American advocacy groups were outraged not only because Ebens had viciously beaten Chin in the head with a baseball bat, but also because the act was seen as the hate crime of a laid-off American autoworker taking out his frustration about the Japanese automobile industry on an innocent person, even though Ebens was still employed by Chrysler at the time of the attack.[6]

Citing the judge's POW record as one of several reasons to invalidate the lenient sentence in favor of a more stringent punishment, advocacy groups unsuccessfully tried to vacate the original sentence. Kaufman cited the defendants' clean prior criminal records and that there was no minimum sentence for a manslaughter plea as he responded, "These weren't the kind of men you send to jail... You don't make the punishment fit the crime; you make the punishment fit the criminal." [5]Kaufman's sentence was upheld as valid and final, due to the Fifth Amendment protection against double jeopardy, and the advocacy groups shifted their efforts toward a Federal prosecution for the violation of Vincent Chin's civil rights. This would also prove ultimately unsuccessful after an appeal and retrial of Ebens' original 1984 Federal conviction resulted in acquittal,.[5]

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