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Harvard Kennedy School Professor Anthony Saich on US China Relations

-Good stuff.

Harvard Kennedy School Professor Anthony Saich explores the future of US-Chinese relations.

Saich has a few good books out there

Governance and Politics of China: Third Edition (Comparative Government and Politics)

"Delving deep beneath the institutional fabliogçade of China's formal political structures and processes, Tony Saich describes how China is actually governed on the ground. Combining scholarly analysis with personal insights he has produced a lively, readable study of China's profound - and profoundly painful - transition from Mao to Market. Its title alone suggests that this is a textbook of a different stripe."--Richard Baum, University of California, Los Angeles

"[An] excellent introductory text.... insightful, readable, and well-crafted. In style and in substance this is a landmark book that ought to be considered by every teacher looking for an informative and lively way to introduce... Chinese politics."--Roy F. Grow, The Journal of Asian Studies

"Tony Saich has given us a very useful and accessible textbook.... [which] compares favorably with the available alternatives.... but he has also given us quite a bit more. One comes away impressed by the detail and sophistication of the work."--Stanley Rosen, The China Journal

Video: China prepares for manned spaceflight

-Should be "womanned" spaceflight.

China is preparing to launch its latest manned mission to space on Saturday.

Shenzhou Nine will be China's first manned space docking mission. It will launch from the Gobi Desert, and attempt to manually dock with a space lab module, the first time a Chinese spacecraft has attempted such a maneuver.

On board is China's first female astronaut.

Steve Chao reports from Hong Kong.


Have you ever seen a Barber Shave 2 heads in 90 seconds? Thanks to China now you have!

-Starts at 1 minute mark.

A barber in China can shave two heads simultaneously in 90 seconds

14-year-old Andy Zhang to compete in golf U.S. Open

-WOW! Amazing! 

CNN's Patrick Snell speaks to China's Andy Zhang, who will be the youngest player to ever tee off at the U.S. Open.

For more videos on the U.S. open, check out these:

How do you say "You're a BROWN NOSER!" in Chinese?

OMG! 美语 You're Such a Schmoozer!

1) schmooze 巴结别人 2) schmoozer 拍马屁的人 3) suck up 巴结别人 4) suck-up拍马屁的人 5) brown nose 巴结别人 6) brown noser 拍马屁的人


3 China Fake Stores: Burberry, Apple and Dolce and Gabbana: Hilarious!

-Love this stuff.
Burberry becomes Buebelly.


My friend Shane is currently living in China, and thankfully he likes to regale me with crazy tales about Chinese models and karaoke. Today’s update? This photo of a store located in Shenzhen called “Buebelly,” which is obviously meant to imitate Burberry.

Adventures in Copyright: The Burberry Store in China Vs. the ‘Buebelly’ Store in China Edition – Fashionista::

Fake Apple Store in Kunming

Chinese Authorities Close Two Fake Apple Stores Over Permit Issues - Mac Rumors:

Fake Dolce and Gabbana Store - Banana Republic
This can't be true!?

Made in China: Fake Stores | Richard's Page:

China confirms forced abortion case after uproar and 9 Tweets

-Shocking, shocking. 

Chinese authorities confirmed Thursday that a woman was forced to abort seven months into her pregnancy, several days after her plight came to light when images of her baby's corpse were posted online.

Rights groups have blamed authorities in north China's Shaanxi province for forcing Feng Jianmei to abort her pregnancy because she failed to pay a hefty fine for exceeding China's strict "one-child"population control policy.

The Shaanxi provincial government said in a statement that a preliminary probe had confirmed the case was "basically true", and the investigators have recommended action be taken against the perpetrators...

China confirms forced abortion case after uproar - Yahoo! News Canada: Update:
Officials forcibly abort the baby of Feng Jianmei, who was 7 months pregnant (Article) | AGA Original Content, Cao Ruyi, Feng Jianmei, Forced Abortion, Press Release, Shaanxi, Sign the Petition/End Forced Abortions, Top News Story | All Girls Allowed:

Take a Peek (if you dare) at a home in Tianjin for Chinese Children with Special Needs, Heartwarming and Heartbreaking

-Could you spend time there? 

Team James visits the foster home for Chinese children with special needs and speaks with founders Tim and Pam Baker. The couple share how they began the ministry, their vision and God's provision. To learn more visit

Our family was blessed to spend 2 weeks at Shepherd's Field Children's Village during the summer of 2011.

Our vision is to resurrect hope in the lives of special needs orphans of all ages by providing:
  • Security & love in their otherwise uncertain lives
  • Family environments & facilitation of their permanent adoption
  • Care for their medical, emotional, and educational needs
  • Vocational & spiritual preparation for lives overflowing with purpose

How We Accomplish Our Vision

More than 100 children are current beneficiaries of the Philip Hayden Foundation's work at our primary facility, Shepherd's Field Children's Village. Specifically, these children are the recipients of:
  • 24 hour care by experienced Chinese nannies;
  • Nutritious meals prepared for them by the Shepherd's Field staff;
  • Medical care by full-time western physicians on our staff;
  • Physical therapy (as needed) provided by our staff and volunteers;
  • Education at the Shepherd's Field on-site school;
  • Surgeries to address their needs (as appropriate) at area medical facilities; and
  • Facilitation of their adoption into forever families, internationally and domestically.
Our ultimate goal is for each child entrusted to our care to be adopted into a permanent family or prepared by us for an independent, productive, and fulfilling life.

How China is Changing Hollywood, Washington Free Beacon, Think Progress and LA Times

-At least there's bi-partisan outrage over this! 

Hollywood film executives are kowtowing to the Chinese Communist government by producing movies that feature pro-regime propaganda in return for access to the lucrative foreign market, the L.A. Times reports.

The recent action film Battleship, for instance, intentionally featured “Chinese do-gooders,” while another major Hollywood film inserted crafty “Chinese hydroelectric engineers” into the picture "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" (see below)...

You can't actually see Chinese in the movie but there is a dam and I'm sure it's not a selling point in the trailer.

Characters are supposed to speak Mandarin rather than Cantonese, because the Chinese government is trying to make Mandarin the uniform national tongue. Studios aren’t supposed to shoot in cities and give revenue to areas that have pockets of dissidents. They’re not supposed to promote obscenity, gambling, violence, supernaturalism, horrors, ghosts, demons, general supernaturalism, or disturbances of social order, all of which are pretty fantastic story drivers. That’s a lot of creative integrity to hand over. At some point, big talents are going to get frustrated by these restrictions. Even from a business perspective, there’s got to be a point at which it becomes difficult to satisfy both American audiences and Chinese censors. And while the Chinese government and Hollywood studios may believe that Chinese audiences will pay to see anything as long as it’s on a big screen, that is not necessarily a condition that will last forever.

Before "Men in Black 3" was released in China, Chinese censors cut out 13 minutes of the Hollywood blockbuster.

Three scenes apparently offended the Chinese regime. The first scene shows an extraterrestrial alien disguised as a Chinese restaurant owner. The second scene shows a Chinese cashier girl attacking Will Smith's character with her alien elastic green tongue. And the third scene shows Will Smith's character erasing the memory of Chinese bystanders. China's Southern Daily newspaper commented that it could be interpreted as a hint at the regime's "use of internet censorship to maintain social stability."

"In fact, references to the Middle Kingdom are popping up with remarkable frequency in movies these days. Some are conspicuously flattering or gratuitous additions designed to satisfy Chinese business partners and court audiences in the largest moviegoing market outside the U.S. Others, filmmakers say, are simply organic reflections of the fact that China is a rising political, economic and cultural power.

Meanwhile, Chinese bad guys are vanishing — literally. Western studios are increasingly inclined to excise potentially negative references to China in the hope that the films can pass muster with Chinese censors and land one of several dozen coveted annual revenue-sharing import quota slots in Chinese cinemas."

Shandong Province Middle-school students beat up a Policeman (chengguan)

-What a pansy! 

In Shandong province, China, middle school students reacted to seeing a street-enforcement officer abusing an old man by surrounding him and beating the crap out of him. Netizens say the chengguan's beating was well-deserved.


2500 photos condensend into 5 minutes of video. A Week in China by Andrea

-Now I have a headache... 

a week in china from andrea rose on Vimeo.


Transition (Laowai Band from Taiwan) and their new Olympic Theme Song for Taiwan!

-These guys ROCK!

Transition sing the official theme song for the Chinese Taipei Olympic team as they head for the London 2012 Olympic Games!

Montblanc in Beijing: Crowd of stars for the new concept store, Nic Cage, Amber Heard, Jessica Alba and Naomi Watts

-Red carpet, is that a euphemism? 

Red carpet full of stars for the event held in Beijing, to celebrate the opening of the new concept store of the luxury maison Montblanc. Jessica Alba, Naomi Watts, Nicolas Cage are just some of the many celebrities present at the event, together with the President and some of the brand's Managers.
During the event, Montblanc presented its new and prestigious collection dedicated to Princess Grace of Monaco, made of jewels, writing tools and watches, that interprets the timeless elegance of the iconic Grace Kelly, key character of the event. Here are the comments from the celebrities.

Have you ever heard of the Chinese Sorcery Scare of 1768? Also Daoist Magic with a Daoist Priest PhD!

-Looks like an amazing book. 

Soulstealers : The Chinese Sorcery Scare of 1768

孔飞力Philip Kuhn 著《叫魂:1768中国妖术大恐慌》 Soulstealers: The Chinese Sorcery Scare of 1768

Midway through the reign of the Ch'ien-lung emperor, Hungli, in the most prosperous period of China's last imperial dynasty, mass hysteria broke out among the common people. It was feared that sorcerers were roaming the land, clipping off the ends of men's queues (the braids worn by royal decree), and chanting magical incantations over them in order to steal the souls of their owners. In a fascinating chronicle of this epidemic of fear and the official prosecution of soulstealers that ensued, Philip Kuhn provides an intimate glimpse into the world of eighteenth-century China.

Kuhn weaves his exploration of the sorcery cases with a survey of the social and economic history of the era. Drawing on a rich repository of documents found in the imperial archives, he presents in detail the harrowing interrogations of the accused--a ragtag assortment of vagabonds, beggars, and roving clergy--conducted under torture by provincial magistrates. In tracing the panic's spread from peasant hut to imperial court, Kuhn unmasks the political menace lurking behind the queue-clipping scare as well as the complex of folk beliefs that lay beneath popular fears of sorcery.

Kuhn shows how the campaign against sorcery provides insight into the period's social structure and ethnic tensions, the relationship between monarch and bureaucrat, and the inner workings of the state. Whatever its intended purposes, the author argues, the campaign offered Hungli a splendid chance to force his provincial chiefs to crack down on local officials, to reinforce his personal supremacy over top bureaucrats, and to restate the norms of official behavior.

This wide-ranging narrative depicts life in imperial China as it was actually lived, often in the participants' own words. Soulstealers offers a compelling portrait of the Chinese people--from peasant to emperor--and of the human condition.

Soulstealers: The Chinese Sorcery Scare of 1768 - Philip A. Kuhn - Google Books:

"Liu An, Prince of Huai Nan, liked to surround himself with magicians (Fang Shi) who all distinguished themselves with various magical skills. Some of these sorcerers could make a river flow simply by drawing a line on the ground; some could gather up earth to form mountains and precipices; other sorcerers could use their breathing to influence the temperature, inducing winter and summer at will; still other sorcerers could, by simple sneezing and coughing, create rain or fog. In the end, the Prince eventually disappeared with those magicians." Book of Records Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.)

On this show, Dr. Professor Johnson who is internationally renowned as a Daoist Priest and Shifu (master instructor) of ancient Chinese Mysticism, having studied several systems of esoteric Daoist magic for over 36 years, will talk to us about Daoist Magic and so much more...

The understanding of Daoist Mysticism in the West has been hampered by the lack of accessibility to the true knowledge of ancient Chinese magic. This esoteric information only survived through centuries of secrecy, traditionally handed down from master to student.

Even in China today, the general public has no true awareness of the incredible power hidden within the secret art of ancient Daoist Mysticism. Unless specifically sponsored and initiated as a Dizi (disciple), most individuals who wish to study esoteric Daoism only have access to monasteries that commonly perform ceremonies popularized by "Religious" Daoist sects (which are sanctioned and controlled by the government).

The theory and practical application of ancient Chinese Sorcery is really no different in training than other popular schools of esoteric Magic. For example, there are nine levels of ranking, each level requires the mastery of specific Alchemical Transformations, Magical Skills, and Magical Tools, etc.

Ancient occult magic was never intended to replace orthodox religion, but rather to complement it in its quest for a deeper understanding of esoteric spirituality. Through the alchemy of prayer and meditation, an individual can be transformed into an enlightened or "awakened" state of consciousness.

Several of the ancient meditation practices, magical techniques and Shengong exercises described herein are currently practiced within the secret societies throughout the world, including the Peoples Republic of China, Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.
Stay with us and travel to the wonderful world of Daoist Magic.

型男板车哥 Stylish, Ripped Cart Brother in China, Hauling Stuff on a Cart Produces a Six Pack!

-Whoa.  I could see a new diet, workout program being developed in China! 

Ripped... give this guy a contract! 

Love the hip pouch! 

A much deserved drink... 

型男板车哥供两女读书工作12时走红网络(组图) - 美国中文网:

For Beijing 2008 they made the clouds go away, in London 2012 clouds are standing by ready to rain

-Amazing the cultural differences! 
Discover how cloud seeding works, and how it can go very, very wrong.

From USA TODAY 2/29/2008
"With five months to go before the Summer Games come to Beijing, Chinese scientists say they are confident they can keep rain away from the opening ceremony, or summon a storm on cue to clear the city's choking pollution.

It's a bold — and, according to international scientists, dubious — bit of stage managing, even for a nation that has already shown an outsize ambition to use the Olympics to showcase its development from rural poverty to economic powerhouse."

Rain out: China aims to control Olympics weather -

From the UK GUARDIAN Tuesday 12 June 2012

"The director has ignored the age-old maxim about never working with children or animals. The opening scene features real grass, real ploughs, real soil and – said Boyle – real clouds that would supply "rain" if there was none in order to ensure an authentically British atmosphere. With no Glastonbury festival this year, the event will be evoked with a replica of Glastonbury Tor and mosh pits at either end of the arena."

Olympic opening ceremony will recreate countryside with real animals | Sport | The Guardian:

Chinese Under Communism More Jazzed About Opening a Business Than Americans!

-Obama's America! 
From IBD Editorials.

"Based on a ranking of regulations, it's now easier to start a business in Slovenia, Estonia and Hungary — three former Iron Curtain countries — than in America.

Canada, our liberal northern neighbor, is now head and shoulders above America in entrepreneurial friendliness. It requires the least number of procedures to start a business of any of the OECD nations.

The OECD also measured cultural attitudes toward entrepreneurship and found that far more Chinese think starting their own firm is "a good career option" than Americans. The Chinese also think they have more "opportunity" to start their own companies and have less "fear of failure" than Americans.

What does it say about America under Obama when people living under communism are more jazzed about opening a business?"

and from the same article... this just for kicks:
"Based on a ranking of regulations, it's now easier to start a business in Slovenia, Estonia and Hungary — three former Iron Curtain countries — than in America."


Asia's Arms Race - China

-Really important things happening in this corner of the world! 

Obama backs Philippines as tensions with China intensify

To see more go to

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With diplomacy failing to break the deadlock between China and Asian nations over the disputed Spratley Islands, arms dealers have been making a killing in the race for control of the valuable South China Seas.

"The US and the Philippines have a mutual defence treaty. OK?" It is strong support like this from Lt General Duane Thiessen that has emboldened the Philippines to stand up to China over its dispute with them in the South China Sea, saying that they will "fight China with a sword". Tensions have not been helped by Malaysia being drawn into the territorial dispute and other countries like Vietnam clashing with China as the superpower throws its weight around in the region. All of these countries have reacted by investing in arms, China spending 11% more than it did last year on military investment. All of this has resulted in a real boom for arms dealers. As salesman Mati Hindrekus points out: "The Asian market is a growth market." Despite these fighting words and increased investment no one believes that these rising tensions will lead to war. But as the arms race shows no signs of slowing down and diplomacy continues to fail, it is difficult to see how the growing tensions will be resolved.

A Film By SBS
Distributed By Journeyman Pictures
June 2012

Little by Little: 100 New Terra Cotta Warriors Unearthed Near Xi'an

-They use a lot of tooth brushes! 

Chinese archaeologists have unearthed 110 new terracotta warriors that laid buried for centuries, an official said Monday, part of the famed army built to guard the tomb of China's first emperor.

The life-size figures were excavated near the Qin Emperor's mausoleum in China's northern Xi'an city over the course of three years, and archaeologists also uncovered 12 pottery horses, parts of chariots, weapons and tools.

"The... excavation on the 200-square-metre (2,152-square-feet) site has found a total of 110 terracotta figurines," Shen Maosheng from the Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum — which oversees the tomb

"The most significant discovery this time around is that the relics that were found were well-preserved and colourfully painted," Shen, deputy head of the museum's archaeology department, said.

He added that archaeologists had pinpointed the location of another 11 warriors but had yet to unearth them.

The discovery is the latest in China's cultural sector, after experts found that the Great Wall of China — which like the Terracotta Army is a UNESCO World Heritage site — was much longer than previously thought.

Shen said experts had expected the colours on some of the warriors and wares uncovered at the site to have faded over the centuries, and were surprised to see how well preserved they still were.

The finds also included a shield that was reportedly used by soldiers in the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), with red, green and white geometric patterns.

Qin Shihuang — the Qin emperor who had the army built — presided over the unification of China in 221 BC and is seen as the first emperor of the nation.

The ancient terracotta army was discovered in 1974 by a peasant digging a well. It represents one of the greatest archaeological finds of modern times, and was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1987.

The news comes after a five-year archaeological survey found the Great Wall of China was more than double the previously estimated length.

The survey — released to the public last week — found the wall was 21,196 kilometres (13,170 miles) long, compared to an official 2009 figure of 8,851 kilometres.

Beijing authorities on Saturday also reiterated plans to open two new sections of the Great Wall to tourists and expand two other existing areas to help meet booming demand.

Ping Pong Open Finals: Unbelievable Back and Forth, Amazing last shot, Incredible Poise

-I have to watch that again! 

[Final Japan Open 2012]

Chinese Crested Hairless: Probably the Ugliest Dog in the Universe

-but people love them! 

and of course the product that all owners must have....
Life Is Short.. Play Naked! chinese crested mug
Make your own custom design mug at

Here's how to groom the Chinese Crested Hairless

Chinese Crested Dog & Puppy Behavior & Training Book

  • 1. The Characteristics of a Chinese Crested Puppy or Dog 
  • 2. What You Should Know About Puppy Teeth 
  • 3. Some Helpful Tips for Raising Your Chinese Crested Puppy 
  • 4. Are Rawhide Treats Good for Your Chinese Crested Dog? 
  • 5. How to Crate Train Your Chinese Crested Dog 
  • 6. When Should You Spay Or Neuter Your Dog? 
  • 7. When Your Chinese Crested Dog Makes Potty Mistakes 
  • 8. How to Teach your Chinese Crested Dog to Fetch 
  • 9. Make it Easier and Healthier for Feeding Your Chinese Crested Dog 
  • 10. When Your Chinese Crested Dog Has Separation Anxiety, and How to Deal With It 
  • 11. When Your Chinese Crested Dog Is Afraid of Loud Noises 
  • 12. How to Stop Your Chinese Crested Dog From Jumping Up On People

The Chinese crested dog is a smaller (10–13 lbs) hairless breed of dog. Like most hairless dog breeds, the Chinese crested comes in two varieties, both with and without fur, which are born in the same litter: the Hairless and the Powderpuff.

Pictures of Chinese Crested (hairless)
From Puppyer

I Love My Chinese Crested - Hairless License Plate

Add a splash of personality to your vehicle(s) with our "Love" Line of Dog Breed License Plates. The 4 slots make for easing mounting on your vehicle, or for hanging on a wall where they make great decorative plaques.

Although hairless dogs have been found in many places in the world, it is unlikely that the origins of the modern Chinese crested are in China. The breed was believed by some to have originated in Africa and was called the African Hairless Terrier in several 19th Century texts, however, there is genetic evidence that shows a shared origin with the Mexican Hairless (Xoloitzcuintli).

from Wikipedia

File:Chinese Crested hairless agility.jpg

The Great Leap Forward from myth to history - Asia Times

-Now the Great Famine?
Above video has nothing to do with the article below.

The Great Leap Forward, a calamity that killed tens of millions, afflicted China with the misery and morals of a concentration camp and spawned the Cultural Revolution, was once a shunned and shameful topic.

But convenient myths - such as the threadbare explanation of "Three Years of Natural Disasters", fingerpointing at the Soviet Union, and exculpatory emphasis on quixotic but seemingly admirable revolutionary enthusiasm - are now crumbling as a new generation feels enough distance to confront the painful past, and at the same time races to record the memories of the citizens who suffered through the period before they pass on.

Through the efforts of Chinese and foreign researchers, a more complete history of the Great Leap Forward is emerging from archives and personal accounts, as a parade of folly, viciousness, and cruelty. This history - and the current regime's incomplete willingness to confront it - is finding resonance in the campaign to discredit Chongqing neo-Maoist firebrand Bo Xilai, and the effort to shape the agenda of the new leadership cadre that is expected to assume power in 2013.

In the process, the era of the Great Leap Forward and its aftermath is acquiring a new name: The Great Famine.

Asia Times Online :: The Great Leap Forward from myth to history:

10 Years Ago: "Can Asians Think?" Review from Salon

-Yes and no...please read on. 

Can Asians Think?

"If the title of Kishore Mahbubani’s collection of essays seems provocative, a quick look through the book will convince you that the author takes the question “Can Asians think?” very seriously. In his introduction, Mahbubani, the Singaporean ambassador to the United Nations, writes, “Can Asians think? Judging from the record of Asian societies over the past few centuries, the answer should be no — or, at best, not very well.”

According to Mahbubani, some experts believe that the size of the economies of Asia will surpass that of the West by 2050. By then, Mahbubani maintains, Asian societies will be 90 percent of the world’s population and Europeans and North Americans will make up only 10 percent. How will the East manage this change? And, perhaps more important, how will the West react to it? Although Mahbubani is concerned about the flexibility and capabilities of the Asian mind, his essays strongly suggest that Westerners must also transform their ways of thinking. For example, he maintains that Western-initiated human rights campaigns amount to putting the cart of civil liberties before the horse of civic order and economic development. (Freedom House, a New York-based human rights advocacy group, criticized Singapore’s government in a 2001 report for excessive government control and ownership of the nation’s broadcast networks, for censoring film, music and television and for monitoring citizens’ Internet usage. In its 2000 report, Freedom House listed Singapore in the lowest “Not Free” press freedom category.)...."


Crazy Chinese Driver Alert! Policeman Clings to the hood of a car as the driver attempts escape!

-Bonnet? WTF? What in the world is a bonnet?  

Policeman CLINGS to CAR Bonnet in China

A man in China has been sentenced to one year in jail after driving off with a police officer clinging to the bonnet of his car.

The incident occurred at a toll booth in East China's Xuancheng city, where the driver had been pulled over for having no licence plates on his car.

As the traffic officer approached the car, the driver accelerated.

The officer jumped onto the bonnet to avoid being run over, and was taken for a ride that lasted some 200 metres.

A passing SUV managed to block the highway so police could stop the car and arrest the driver.

The man was found without a driver's licence, and he had reportedly removed the plates to avoid being identified.

Here's a bit more of the video... that policeman has an attitude!

Movie Trailer: "The Revolutionary" The Story of Sidney Rittenberg: The Most Important Foreigner in China Since Marco Polo

-Looks good, sad but good.

During China's Cultural Revolution, Sidney Rittenberg, an American citizen, became the most important foreigner in China since Marco Polo. Arriving as a GI interpreter at the end of World War II, he was the only American citizen to become a member of the Chinese Communist Party, and was an active participant in the Chinese communist revolution and its aftermath. An intimate of the Party's leadership, including Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, he gained prominence at the Broadcast Administration, one of the most important agencies of government. But in the convulsions of a giant country constantly reinventing itself, he twice ran afoul of the leadership, and served a total of 16 years in solitary confinement. He returned to the United States in 1980.

Rittenberg's story would be just a footnote of history, except for his exceptional intellect, uncompromising honesty, and engaging personality. Over a five-year period, award-winning former-CBS journalist and China specialist, Irv Drasnin, interviewed Rittenberg to produce a compelling, complex and unique understanding of the 20th century's biggest revolution. From Sid first meeting Mao in the caves of Yan'an, to his becoming famous and powerful during the Cultural Revolution, to his battling insanity in solitary, his journey and his profound insight illuminate a much greater history. Mao's rule over China included both extraordinary progress and complete chaos. As China rises in the world, it is important to understand this past. It's a history few Chinese are aware of, let alone many Americans, told by an American who was there.

Find out more at:

“You missed it.”

That’s what Ben Bradlee tells Woodward and Bernstein after reading one of their early Watergate stories in “All the President’s Men,” and that’s what I thought leaving the world premiere of “The Revolutionary,” a documentary, locally produced, about 91-year-old local Sidney Rittenberg, who, as a high-ranking member of the Chinese Communist Party from 1946 to 1980, was once called “The most important foreigner in China since Marco Polo.”

Rittenberg was a labor lefty out of Charleston, South Carolina in the 1930s, when everyone in labor was a lefty, before the politics of resentment meant resenting those with less rather than more; and then, like everyone else, he was drafted after Pearl Harbor. Unlike everyone else, he was taught Chinese and sent to China. After the war, Chinese party leaders asked him to stay. “We need an engineer to help us build a bridge from the Chinese people to the American people,” they said. He asked to be a member of the party. He stayed. He felt content. “I’m doing what I should be doing,” he felt

Erik Lundegaard: Movie Review: The Revolutionary (2012)

3 China Cowboy Books: Radical Tenderness, Warlord Cowboys and Eddie Fung

-Never thought the 2 would mix.

China Cowboy

"Moving between the explicit descriptions of the Marquis de Sade and the implicit ironies of Nabokov, these pieces are excruciatingly compelling, so infernal as they are related in languages variously pornographic and desperately, radically tender. Short's brilliant tragicomedy can be read as a metaphor for China's dynamic with American culture or the story of any determined enterprising youth whose eager "bloody head" under a bumbling tyrant's "boot is bent." A bold, imaginative, timely work from a courageous and complex thinker.--HEIDI LYNN STAPLES

Heated and heartbreaking, China Cowboy charms like wedding cans, flesh-filled, on tarmac. This car (perhaps an old, long Cadillac with longhorns glaring and charred) contains a man, Ren: a "family man" or "something commensurate." La-La: our heroine. and the driver, guiding us expertly over the bluegrass, bodies and Time Warps of Hell,...more on Amazon!

Preorder NOW! China Cowboy

Warlord Cowboys in China: The Fred Barton Story of the World's Greatest Horse Drive

Call it madness. What was an American nighthawk and bronc buster doing canvassing the dangerous wilds of Siberia to find the perfect setting for the world's largest horse ranch for the Czar? What was Fred Barton doing in navigating the world's longest horse drive from Siberia, through Manchuria, Mongolia, and along the old camel routes into China to raise war horses for The Manchurian Tiger? With his band of Montana rodeo stars and help from the 15th Infantry in China, Barton was able to supply the needs of Chinese warlords from World War I until the Japanese army invaded his quarter-million-acre Shansi, China, ranch in World War II...more on Amazon!

The Adventures of Eddie Fung: Chinatown Kid, Texas Cowboy, Prisoner of War

Eddie Fung has the distinction of being the only Chinese American soldier to be captured by the Japanese during World War II. He was then put to work on the Burma-Siam railroad, made famous by the film "The Bridge on the River Kwai". In this moving and unforgettable memoir, Eddie recalls how he, a second-generation Chinese American born and raised in San Francisco's Chinatown, reinvented himself as a Texas cowboy before going overseas with the U.S. Army. On the way to the Philippines... more on Amazon!


-It's from Journey to the West! What's wrong with that? 
Outrage Over Chinese Nurse Taking Mocking Photos With Babies Continues After Firing and Apology

A Chinese nurse has been fired after she was caught practicing an odd pastime: contorting babies under her care.

Xiao Shiyu, a student at the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, held sleeping babies improperly, put them with props (such as a pig nose), took photos of them and posted them on her blog.

Outrage Over Chinese Nurse Taking Mocking Photos With Babies Continues After Firing and Apology |

via the Blaze.

VIDEO: Hangzhou Bus Driver Wu Bin gets hit by Shrapnel while driving on highway, safely stops bus, dies 3 days later

-unbelievable story. 

A Chinese bus driver, who ensured the safety of his passengers after he was seriously injured from flying debris, has died in hospital. The driver is now being hailed a hero in China for his selfless actions.

A Chinese bus driver, hailed as a hero for saving the lives of his 24 passengers after he was hit by a flying object, died from his injuries last week.

The Hangzhou driver, 48-year-old Wu Bin, was seriously injured when a piece of sheet metal, believed to have come off a truck driving in the opposite direction, smashed through the bus windshield, striking him in the abdomen and arms.

In spite of his injuries, Wu carefully pulled over to the side of the road with his bus full of passengers.

Security camera footage from the bus shows how Wu managed to ensure his passengers' safety while bravely enduring significant pain.

[Chen Yibo, Head of Security Check Office of Bus Company]:
"He turned on the hazard warning lights after the bus stopped, pulled the handbrake and advised passengers not to run around as the bus was still on a highway."

Passengers on the bus then carried Wu to a more comfortable seat and called the police. Wu died in the hospital three days later.

Over 2,000 people attended his funeral Tuesday morning.

[Chen Yibo, Head of Security Check Office of Bus Company]:
"Passengers spoke highly of him, saying he was a dedicated driver and kept passengers' safety in mind, despite his dangerous situation."

Wu's family said he was a good father and husband and was respectful to his parents.

A Chinese bus driver dealt with a sudden accident well during driving the bus in a highway. Authority says Wu Bin died due to serious liver damage for days later. But he left the legend. I remember similar heroic story of ancient Greek, about A Sparta boy and a live fox.

Homage to Wu Bin by some guy.

Bus driver Wu Bin is being hailed as a national hero Chinese officials have formally honored a bus driver for saving the lives of 24 people when he managed to stop the bus after being struck by a piece of flying sheet metal that came crashing through his windshield.

Wu Bin, the 48-year-old bus driver, collapsed shortly after pulling over. He died on Friday, three days after the accident in Zhejiang province, eastern China.

On Tuesday, the Zhejiang provincial government awarded Wu the title of "Provincial Labor Model", according to a statement from the government office.

Local officials said all citizens should learn from Wu's selfless act.

Similarly, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions awarded Wu the "May 1st Labor Medal," one of the highest honors for Chinese workers.

But officials aren't the only ones praising Wu for his actions.

Between 2,000 and 3,000 people attended his funeral Tuesday morning, a staff member at the Hangzhou Funeral Home told CNN. People began showing up at 5 a.m. for the 8 a.m. funeral , the staff member said.

A procession held Monday through the streets of Hangzhou in Zhejiang province where Hu worked also drew thousands of mourners, including dozens of transportation workers, according to the state-run Shanghai Daily.

Police told the Shanghai Daily that they have narrowed the search to nine vehicles that might be the source of the errant piece of metal and they plan to prosecute whoever is responsible.

Deadly Beijing Bus Crash, See a police car pancake!

-folded like an accordion! 
A bus rear-ended a police car in downtown Beijing Friday, killing the police officer in the vehicle, police authorities confirmed Friday evening.
The accident took place at about 1:30 p.m near the Sanlitun shopping area in downtown Beijing. The police car was almost completely crushed by the bus, according to witnesses and the municipal public security bureau.
At the time of the accident, the police officer from the Chaoyang branch of the municipal public security bureau was performing official duties, the bureau said in a statement.
The bus driver is held by police.


China to launch manned spacecraft in June

-Hooray for China! Say hi to SpaceX while you are up there! 

LIFT OFF: China launches space module rocket Tiangong 1

China has launched its space module lab called "Heavenly Palace" or Tiangong 1 which will remain in orbit for docking missions.


The Shenzhou-9 spacecraft and its carrier rocket have already been moved to the launch platform at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in northwest China, the Xinhua news agency said, quoting the country's manned space programme.

The launch -- China's first manned space mission since September 2008 -- would occur "sometime in mid June", it said.

Officials said the mission would involve three astronauts manually docking with the Tiangong-1 module currently orbiting Earth.

In March state media said China may send its first woman into space this year after including female astronauts in the team training for its first manned space docking.

Niu Hongguang, deputy commander-in-chief of the manned space programme, has said that the Shenzhou-9 crew may include female astronauts, Xinhua reported.

China sent its first person into space in 2003 and has since conducted several manned missions, but has never included a woman.

After the space rendezvous, two of the astronauts will move temporarily into the Tiangong-1 (Heavenly Palace), where they will perform scientific experiments.

China to launch manned spacecraft in June:

The above video has nothing to do with the article of breaking news importance.  It's relevant none the less.

Culinary Competition Winner Robin Luo Talks Chinese Cuisine

-The foreigner commentator has an annoying smirk while speaking Chinese. 

"Well I'm in the studio with Robn Luo, he's the gold award winner from NTD's culinary competition in Times Square last year. Thank you very much for being here with us today Robin.You got first place. When you got your award, at that moment, how did you feel?"

Robin Luo
"That was the most happy I have been in my life. Because I was facing so many people, and so many experts all learning through competing together. I feel it was a beautiful thing."

Ben Hedges
"Now NTD's competition is a traditional Chinese. China has a lot of different types of food, but a lot of Westerners may not be so familiar with these types of food. Mr. Luo, can you introduce the most principle categories of Chinese cuisine."

Robin Luo
In China there are 5 main categories of cuisine. There is Sichuan cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine, Northeastern cuisine and Cantonese cuisine."

Ben Hedges
"These are all different, so how is Northeastern cuisine different from the cuisine of the South?"

Robin Luo
"Northeastern uses the method of stewing in cooking food. Early in history there was more hunting going on in the Northeast, so there was more meat around, so their stews were especially good. Cantonese cuisine makes more use of fish and other food from rivers and lakes."

Ben Hedges
"So what about Sichuan cuisine, what is that like?"

Robin Luo
"Sichuan cuisine makes more use of wild game, and is hot and spicy. Their soups are also good, like the Mala soup and they also have great hot peppers."

"I really like to eat the Sichuan style Mala hot pot, what other typical Sichuan style dishes are there?"

Robin Luo
"Typical dishes? I like the Chongqing spicy chicken. But I don't have such a deep understanding of specific Sichuan dishes, because I have been doing Cantonese cuisine for several dozen years."

Ben Hedges
'So you do Cantonese cuisine, now what special characteristics does Cantonese cuisine have? What special ingredients are used?"

Robin Luo
"The ingredients in the Canton region are abundant, and they have also been influenced by Hong Kong, so the ingredients are very wide ranging. What is more they use a lot of fresh ingredients, they rarely use frozen or old ingredients, everything is fresh. Because in that area there is a lot of life, so no one eats dead things. The main flavors are mild, and these mild flavors are can be associated with good nourishment for the body. It is relatively mild."

Ben Hedges
Thank you. Thanks very much for joining us today Robin."

-Here's the NYC competition they talked about!

Not even the rain can stop the fires of NTD's fourth annual International Chinese Culinary Competition.

[Chris Chappell, NTD Reporter]:
Well, the weather's taken a bit of a turn on us a bit today, but do you think that's going to get in the way of the greatest Chinese culinary competition? Not on your life! Today are the finals, and for the chefs, it's getting a bit dicey. Let's have a look.

Out of nearly 100 contestants, only 23 remain. These are the masters of an ancient culinary craft. They move like the mist and wind, splitting through their dishes like a river through a mountain.

NTD has gathered these chefs from the four corners of the Earth, transforming the heart of New York's Times Square into the image of China's glory days.

[Qu Yunqiang, Jury President]:
"In Manhattan, I haven't heard of another similar competition about Chinese cuisine. For Westerners, they have this opportunity to get to know many culinary skills of Chinese cuisine. And Chinese traditional dishes also carry Chinese history and culture. Therefore only NTDTV can hold such a show that revives real Chinese traditions."

But what are these cuisines from 5000 years past? What is traditional cooking?

It involves not only precise knife skills and the proper use of seasonings, but also a certain mental attitude, a spirit that gives the cooking its inner life.

The different cuisines—Szechwan, Shandong, Cantonese, Huaiyang, and Northeastern—each has their own unique style and flavors. So what does it take to pick a winning dish?

[Qu Yunqiang, Jury President]:
"We mainly judge from color, aroma, taste, appearance, and knife skills. In spite of these, there is also another important criterion, which is on-site operation; it includes chef's conversation manners, their understanding of the dish etc. In our opinion, if we treat a dish as a living thing, then the taste is its soul. The chef's mentality is also crucial in the process, because we believe that 'matter and mind are one thing.'"

And this year, it was Zhang Zhixue, with his dish of fried sweet potatoes, that best embodied these qualities, and the essence of traditional Chinese cooking.

If you missed this year's competition, not to worry. Though you might have missed out on some good Kung Pao Chicken, there'll be plenty of Pow at NTD's third International Traditional Martial Arts Competition, kicking off in October.

This is Chris Chappell
NTD News, New York

here's the announcer's Twitter:

Have you ever seen a Sinkhole the size of a minibus? Thanks to China now you have!

-Thank God the passengers were ok. The driver too! 

Minibus SWALLOWED by SinkHole in China

Heavy rains in China forced a bus driver there to deal with more than just heavy traffic on his morning commute.

The driver instead had to deal with the road itself, namely a 6-foot deep sinkhole that opened up and swallowed his bus whole.

People's Daily Online reports that the driver, who was not identified, was driving Thursday morning in the city of Guilin in China's Guangxi Zhuang region when the sinkhole opened up below his bus. The sinkhole, according to reports, measured 13 feet long, eight feet wide and six feet deep.

The opening occurred without warning and left the bus lying horizontal on the ground, images taken after the accident show.

The driver was said to be the only person in the bus at the time of the collapse. He was taken to a hospital for treatment. His condition at this time is not known.

Heavy rains that deluged the region throughout the week are suspected to have caused the ground to collapse, but police have opened an investigation to determine exactly what happened and contain any possible damage to the surrounding area.

-But it's not as bad as this sinkhole in Guatemala. This is bad! 

A three-storey building has collapsed and fell into a huge sink hole in Guatemala City. The giant 200ft-deep crater appeared after Guatemala was hit by tropical storm Agatha, bringing torrential rains and causing deadly mudslides. Witnesses claim at least one man was inside the house when it was swallowed by a big hole, and several others remain missing.

Hyper Report: China Economic Collapse- Don't Hold Your Breath!

-I'm not holding my breath! 

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Thank you.

Jackie Chan A-Z: Kung Fu and Nazis! "Fantasy Mission Force" [1982] Trailer and Chicken fight!

-What a classic! 

Original Title: 迷你特攻隊 (meaning: The Enchanting-You Specializing Force) aka The Dragon Attack!!(Japanese title) Fire Dragon

[Fantasy Mission Force] Jackie Chan Chicken Fight

Fantasy Mission Force is one of the most insane movies of all time. If you haven't seen it, I recommend that you get your hands on a copy immediately.

In this clip Jackie Chan takes on an entire raiding party of Amazons, all while carrying his very frightened chicken.

Believe it or not, this is one of the least crazy things that happens in this movie.

For a full review go here:

From Wikipedia:
Nominally set during World War II, the film begins with a Japanese attack on an Allied military camp, which a map reveals to be somewhere in Canada. After four Allied Generals, including one who introduces himself as Abraham Lincoln, are taken hostage by the Japanese troops, Lieutenant Don Wen (Jimmy Wang Yu) is called in to organize a rescue effort (rejected candidates for the job includeRoger Moore's James Bond, Snake Plissken, Rocky Balboa and Karl Maka from the Hong Kong film Aces Go Places).

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