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Dalai Lama reveals warning of Chinese plot to kill him, Women With Poisoned Scarves

-Poison the Dalai Lama? That's like poisoning the POPE!?

The Tibetan Buddhist leader said he lives within a high security cordon in his temple palace grounds in Dharamsala, in the Himalayan foothills, on the advice of Indian security officials.

Despite being one of the world's most widely revered spiritual leaders he has enemies in China and among some Buddhist sects.

His aides had not been able to confirm the reports, but they had highlighted his need for high security.

"We received some sort of information from Tibet," he said. "Some Chinese agents training some Tibetans, especially women, you see, using poison – the hair poisoned, and the scarf poisoned – they were supposed to seek blessing from me, and my hand touch."

Dalai Lama reveals warning of Chinese plot to kill him - Telegraph:

-earlier he was mocking Beijing. 

At 76 years old, the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, counters Beijing’s claims that they have the right to identify his successor with laughter and mocking jest.

“It is quite strange – as non-believers, totally non-believers, atheists – showing interest about reincarnation,” the Dalai Lama said in an interview in Ottawa.

“I jokingly tell them: In order to be involved in my reincarnation, firstly, they should accept Buddhism. Or religion. Or Buddhism. Then they should recognize Chairman Mao Zedong’s reincarnation. Deng Xiaopeng’s reincarnation. Then, they have reason to show some interest about the Dalai Lama’s reincarnation. Otherwise, nonsense!”

Dalai Lama mocks China’s interest in naming his successor - The Globe and Mail:


Advanced Placement (AP) Chinese Language and Culture: Downloadable PDFs, Links, MP3s, presentations and Information from the College Board

-Good Info! AP Chinese Language and Culture with Audio CDs Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

Chinese Language and Culture

Download the AP Chinese Language and Culture Course Description, Effective Fall 2011 (.pdf/880KB).
Complete course and exam information is available in the Course Description.
Requires Adobe Reader (latest version recommended).
AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam Overview (.pdf/4.6MB): Use this presentation to preview the question types and directions screens you'll see on exam day.
The AP Chinese Exam assesses students' interpersonal communication skills, their abilities to present and interpret language in spoken and written forms, and their functional familiarity with Chinese culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of Chinese language ability and what aspects of Chinese culture will be taught in the course and assessed in the exam?

The AP Chinese Language and Culture course is roughly equivalent to a 4th semester college course. The course and exam incorporate Chinese cultural information within the teaching of reading, writing, speaking, and listening to the language.

On which Chinese dialect is the AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam based?

The AP Chinese Language and Culture course and examination is based on Mandarin/Putonghua Chinese.

What type of characters are used on the exam?

The exam provides its questions using both traditional and simplified characters, enabling students with knowledge of either type of characters to take the exam. Similarly, student responses using either set of characters are accepted.

How can I find out if AP Chinese Language and Culture is available in my high school?

Please check with your Chinese teacher, your school's AP Coordinator, or principal/head of school to find out whether your school offers the AP Chinese Language and Culture course. If your teachers and school administrators are unaware of this course, encourage them to visit AP Central for more information.

How is the AP Chinese exam scored?

The AP Chinese Reader's scores on the essays and problem-solving questions are combined with the computer-scored multiple-choice questions, and the total raw scores are converted to a composite score based on AP's 5-point scare: 5 (Extremely well qualified), 4 (Well qualified), 3 (Qualified), 2 (Possibly qualified), and 1 (No recommendation).

AP Chinese Language and Culture: from the College Board

Ray Chinese School AP Chinese Culture Presentations - Part 1

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AP Chinese Language and Culture Course Information

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Exam Information and Resources

Chinese Language and Culture Initiatives

The College Board has launched a series of new programs to expand Chinese education in U.S. schools and to support the growth of AP Chinese. Programs include: summer institutes in China for current Chinese teachers, guest teachers from China, school presentations on Chinese language and culture, and delegations to China. To learn more,

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Traffic Cam: Chinese Father Leaps Out Moving car to Save Child

-Use a seatbelt! 

Surveillance footage showed a father jumping out of a moving car to carry his daughter to safety seconds after she tumbled out of the vehicle at a busy intersection in China.

Police in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, said the four-year-old girl had opened the door accidentally while climbing from the back of the car to the front.

"I quickly went to take a look. It turned out that the child climbed from the back of the seat to the front while her father was driving, accidentally opened the door and fell out. When it happened, the taxi and all the other cars weren't going too fast, and the taxi braked immediately so it did not hit the child," said Wenzhou police officer Chen Shu.

The father, without stopping the moving car, quickly leapt out of the same door to scoop her up off the road.

The black car continued its course for about 10 metres before it hit a tree on the curb and came to a halt.

Thankfully, the girl escaped the incident with only minor bruises.

A man has jumped from a moving car to rescue his four-year-old daughter, who fell from the same car in Wenzhou city.
In a traffic camera video broadcast by the state broadcaster CCTV, the child is seen slipping out of one of the front doors of the car and on to the road, narrowly missing the back wheel of the car.
The taxi travelling behind managed to pull up just in time.
The car the pair were travelling in hit a nearby tree.
According to CCTV, the man said his daughter crawled into the front passenger seat from the back seat and opened the door suddenly while he was driving.


Travel with a French Punk Band as they Tour China

-Nothing like French punks in China! 

The Shapers One Tour in China EP06 from Pablo Besnard on Vimeo.
8 documentary episodes about the Shapers, a french punk band, doing a tour in China in summer 2011
Lots of fun, lots of french, lots of music
directed by Pablo Besnard

Happy Dragon Chinese Restaurant Biddeford, Maine, USA

-The best you'll find east of Hong Kong? 

Happy Dragon Chinese Restaurant Biddeford ME
egg foo young, wonton soup, crab rangoon, egg drop soup, chicken teriyaki, Pu-Pu platter, take out chinese food,chinese cuisine, hot and sour soup, chinese food, boneless spareribs, chinese restaurant,

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China Documentary: "China Heavyweight" Trailer, Interviews, Clips

-Probably the one and only boxing in China movie. 


Story: In central China, a Master coach recruits poor rural teenagers and turns them into Western-style boxing champions. Through hard work and discipline, these boys and girls come of age, trained in the art of boxing and the game of life. They are filled with Olympic dreams, hoping to become China's next amateur heroes. But the pull of professionalism also weighs upon their shoulders. Their coach hopes to show them the way. The top student boxers face dramatic choices as they graduate - should they fight for the collective good as amateurs or for themselves and their own personal gain as professionals? It's a metaphor for the choices that everyone faces now, in the New China.

When Ottawa-based film producer Yi Han first called boxing coach Qi Moxiang on his cellphone in rural China, he was at a wedding. Their conversation lasted more than an hour; by the time it was over, she knew she had her man.

“He had this trust,” Han said. “I kept asking, ‘Why would you trust me? You don’t know me, and I start asking all sorts of questions about you, your (students), your school.' We had a very good conversation … I could tell he was so passionate.

China Heavyweight: Documentary uses boxing to examine China:

"China Heavyweight" director Yung Chang at Sundance
China Heavyweight clip #1 - DayTraining China Heavyweight clip #2 - Qi Jogging China Heavyweight clip #3 - Miao Family Farming China Heavyweight clip #4 - Night Training


Martin Jacques: Understanding the rise of China #TED

-When you understand the rise, then you will understand the fall.  -a fortune cookie.

When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order

Speaking at a TED Salon in London, economist Martin Jacques asks: How do we in the West make sense of China and its phenomenal rise? The author of "When China Rules the World," he examines why the West often puzzles over the growing power of the Chinese economy, and offers three building blocks for understanding what China is and will become.

Martin Jacques is the author of "When China Rules the World," and a columnist for the Guardian and New Statesman. He was a co-founder of the think tank Demos.

Speaking at a TED Salon in London, economist Martin Jacques asks: How do we in the West make sense of China and its phenomenal rise? The author of "When China Rules the World," he examines why the West often puzzles over the growing power of the Chinese economy, and offers three building blocks for understanding what China is and will become.

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. Featured speakers have included Al Gore on climate change, Philippe Starck on design, Jill Bolte Taylor on observing her own stroke, Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child, Jane Goodall on chimpanzees, Bill Gates on malaria and mosquitoes, Pattie Maes on the "Sixth Sense" wearable tech, and "Lost" producer JJ Abrams on the allure of mystery. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on, at

患者死亡 横山县百信医院全院医生被逼下跪磕头 Hospital staff in Shaanxi Province Forced to kowtow for forgiveness at a patient’s funeral

-Crazy dude.
After a patient died allegedly from medical malpractice in Shaanxi province, the hospital’s president and more than 40 staff members put on heavy mourning garments and attended the patient’s funeral, where the president gave a tearful self-criticism speech and kowtowed with the rest of the staff to the portrait of the deceased. The hospital was even forced to close for three months by the patient’s family as punishment or else pay an indemnity of three million yuan (US$476,000). A video clip of the funeral was uploaded to the Internet and has since been heatedly discussed by netizens.
  Video: Hospital staff forced to kowtow for forgiveness at a patient’s funeral | Ministry of Tofu 豆腐部:

Baixin Hospital
However, Yan's family, which is rich and influential in the county, forced the hospital director, An Yahong, to lead 40 or so medical workers to attend Yan's funeral and ordered the hospital to suspend operation for three months for staff training, China Business News reported today.

Yan's son, who is allegedly a senior manager of a large corporation in Shaanxi told the paper that the hospital had signed an agreement for business suspension and it was agreed "after negotiation rather than coercion."
Rich Shaanxi family forces hospital staff to kneel down after patient dies - What's On Xiamen:

Yan's family is reportedly rich and influential in the Hengxian County. Even though Yan's death has not been found to be related to any medical malpractice, Yan's family ordered the hospital to suspend operation for three months and forced the hospital director and staff to kneel at the funeral.

For fear of Yan family's strong influence in the county, the hospital had to accept their demands, but Yan's family claimed to the media that it was agreed after negotiation rather than coercion.

STOMPer NaughtyNurse wrote:

"Since it has not been proven that the deceased's death is a result of medical malpractice, the family should not oppress the medical staff with their power.
STOMP - Singapore Seen - Rich family of dead patient in China forces hospital staff to kowtow at funeral: Found h/t:

Fed clears China's first US bank takeover

-Let the conspiracy theories fly!

The United States on Wednesday opened its banking market toICBC, China's biggest bank, for the first time clearing a takeover of a US bank by a Chinese state-controlled company.

Just days after high-level US-China economic talks in Beijing, the Federal Reserve approved an application from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to buy a majority stake in the US subsidiary of Bank of East Asia.

The transaction will make ICBC the first Chinese state-controlled bank to acquire retail bank branches in the United States.

ICBC has been the most aggressive of China's "big four" banks in expanding overseas.

According to the Fed the bank has total assets of roughly $2.5 trillion.

It will buy up to 80 percent of the US unit of the Hong Kong-based Bank of East Asia, which operates 13 branches in New York and California.

Fed clears China's first US bank takeover - Yahoo! News Canada:

Chinese Finance Firms to have Bigger Presence in U.S.

Chinese finance firms are going to have a bigger presence in the U.S., as CNN's Ramy Inocencio reports.


Texting China Symposium: University of Chicago's Mansueto Library

Texting China

When: Friday, May 11, 2012, 9:00 a.m. to Sunday, May 13, 2012, 1:30 p.m.
Where: Regenstein Library, The Special Collections Research Center
1100 East 57th Street, Chicago, IL
Texting China—Composition, Transmission, and Preservation of Pre-Modern Chinese Textual Materials: An International Symposium Celebrating the Life and Career of T.H. Tsien and the Opening of the University of Chicago’s Mansueto Library

Scholars of pre-modern China, curators of Chinese research library collections, and preservation experts from China, North America and Europe will come together for the first time in the United States for this international symposium on pre-modern Chinese texts hosted by the University of Chicago Library. The symposium is designed to develop a worldwide strategy for preserving pre-modern Chinese manuscripts and printed texts, while advancing scholarship on Chinese manuscript and print culture. Co-sponsors include the University of Chicago, the National Library of China, the Harvard-Yenching Library, and Princeton University Library.

Schedule Highlights

Friday, May 11
9:00 – 9:25 Opening Ceremony
10:05 – 12:05 Opening Panel
13:45 – 15:45 Manuscripts and Manuscript Culture
16:05 – 18:05 Printing and Print Culture

Saturday, May 12
9:00 – 10:20 Preservation of Pre-Modern Chinese Texts (A)
10:40 – 12:00 Preservation of Pre-Modern Chinese Texts (B)
13:30 – 14:40 Preservation of Pre-Modern Chinese Texts (C)
15:00 – 17:00 Roundtable Discussion I: Preservation of Pre-Modern Chinese Texts: Conditions and Challenges

Sunday, May 13
9:00 – 11:00 Roundtable Discussion II: Preservation of Pre-Modern Chinese Texts: Working towards a Consensus on Strategies and Action Plan
11:00 – 11:30 Wrap Up
Contact: Joseph Regenstein Library

Lupu Bridge 卢浦大桥 | Shanghai

-2nd largest Steel span bridge in the world. 

Lupu Bridge (卢浦大桥) is world's second longest steel arch bridge over Huangpu River in Shanghai. Connecting Luwan and Pudong Districts. Attached conservation deck at the top of the arch.

All shot was handheld (except timelapse) in the middle of cold windy winter since i didn't expect to take this shot. Apologize for any shaking footage.

Ben Prasetya Tan.
Gear : Canon 60D and Samyang 35mm 1.4

PS : Wobbling or Jello effects is caused by software stabilizer. (not the bridge wobbling?)


-This guy's pronunciation is HORRIBLE!!! 

China is rapidly evolving in its R&D globalization journey and is competing head on with other emerging nations. Outside of US, China has the largest number of R&D centers. There are over 1,300 Multi National Companies’ R&D centers in China and few thousand domestic product companies.
Most of these companies are based in the large Tier 1 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian etc.
In the past few years, China is witnessing rapid expansion of secondary locations as the Tier 2 cities are increasingly becoming viable for Foreign and domestic companies to set up their R&D centers. Cities such as Chengdu, Xi’an, Wuhan, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Tianjin etc. are gaining prominence as emerging R&D hubs.
Some of the key drivers for this transition are
- Significant cost arbitrage between Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. Total cost of operations in these cities could be as high as 30% compared to the Tier 1 cities
- Access to the best in the class talent that is growing rapidly due to local university eco-system
- Reverse migration of native talent which is unable to gain Tier 1 city’s residence permits
- Ever improving infrastructure that is almost on par with Tier 1 cities
- Rapid growth of the Tier 2 cities due to high rate of urbanization
- Another key driver is the incentives provided by the federal and local governments which can lower the cost of operations even further
The government has come up with visionary policies and plans to promote R&D activities in tier – II cities. Federal government has significantly increased the investments into Tier 2 cities in their 12th 5 year plan between 2011 – 2015.
Some of the key goals of their current 5 year plan are
- Developing seven new strategic industries with favorable policies focusing on innovation led growth
- Cultivation of human resources via the deployment of National Talent Development Plan across the country, especially with a focus on Tier 2 cities
The government wants to replicate the success of tier -1 cities like Beijing, Shanghai in tier-2 cities like Xi’an, Suzhou, Chengdu, etc.
For more information on this report or other global talent, cost and peer group benchmarking details, visit

General Motors is becoming China Motors

-Damning for #Obama2012 

General Motors is becoming China Motors. Forget the spin. The evidence is clear and convincing. Did U.S. taxpayers save GM for China? Listen to the candid comments of GM's CEO.


Could Only Happen in China: Ferrari's skid marks on old city wall stir outrage

-Ming Dynasty, meet the new China.  New China, meet the Ming Dynasty. 

Ferrari Stunt in China- Gone Awry in 60 Seconds A new Ferrari was seen burning rubber on the 14th-century city wall in Nanjing. China's online community has displayed its anger over a video of a Ferrari 458 Italia performing "drifts" on the ramparts of the Zhonghua Gate, or Gate of China, in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province.

Luxury car brand Ferrari said an employee from its dealership in Nanjing who drifted a racing car on the city's historic ancient wall didn't get authorization and approval from the company. It said the Nanjing Kuaiyi Automobile Trading Co planned to hold a car exhibition at the Zhonghua Gate - a Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) city gate and castle - to celebrate the brand's entry into China 20 years ago on Monday.

 But the night before, an unidentified employee drifted a car worth millions of yuan without permission and left tire marks on the ancient wall, triggering widespread outrage over damage to the heritage in the capital city of east China's Jiangsu Province.

Ferrari's skid marks on old city wall stir outrage -

The year 2012 marks the 20th anniversary for Ferrari in China since the first Ferrari, a 348 TS, was ordered in Beijing. To celebrate this historical milestone, in a few weeks time Ferrari will inaugurate its first ever permanent brand exhibition outside of Maranello at the Italia Center of Shanghai World Expo Park. Covering 900 square metres the Ferrari Exhibition will last for three years and will feature some of the best collections from the Maranello Museum divided into five topics, including Ferrari in China, Green Technology, Product, Design and Racing.

Along with current and past Ferrari models, visitors will gain first-hand experience with a rich selection of images and videos made especially for this exhibition.

Another important element for the 20th anniversary celebration is the introduction of the Ferrari 458 Italia special edition of only 20 cars dedicated exclusively to the China market. The car's livery is characterized by unique Chinese elements and is finished in a brand new colour called Marco Polo Red specially developed for this exclusive car which will be presented at the inauguration of the Ferrari Exhibition at the Shanghai Expo Park's Italian Center.

The inspiration behind the livery came from the longma theme which is an old Chinese idiom which means "the vigor and spirit of the legendary dragon-horse". Dragon is a symbol of Chinese culture, standing for courage, passion and success, whilst Ferrari's prancing horse logo is one of the most recognized symbols in the world representing Italian cultural identity and its unrivalled achievements in the design and engineering fields.
BBC News HD - Ferrari 'doughnut' stunt scars Chinese monument 2012
Ferrari is a brand that probably does not need much publicity but it is attracting headlines of the wrong kind after one of its cars was shown driving on top of an ancient Chinese monument - the Ming-dynasty era wall of the city of Nanjing. The BBC's John Sudworth reports.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a very high performing and exclusive 8 cylinder mid-rear engined car which has won over 35 awards all around the world. The 458 Italia mixes very innovative technology with exclusivity and design and it perfectly encapsulates the passion and vitality of the longma spirit.

The most eye-catching element of the car's exterior is the golden dragon on the front bonnet, which is offset by gold and black livery stripes symbolizing a racing track. The image of the soaring dragon and the prancing horse on the front bonnet complement each other perfectly, and are the finishing touch to the car's overall design. The symbols reflect both Chinese culture as well as Ferrari's constant innovation.

This unique design is enhanced by gold finish to the rims and the aeroelastic winglets. The interior also reflects the unique longma spirit and the celebration of Chinese culture with gold embroidery on the car's head rests, while the engine start button on each of the 20 cars is inscribed with the simplified Chinese characters for 'start', and a '20th Anniversary Special Edition' plaque is set into the dash.

Subject of Intense Interest: Books on China Are So Popular, But Are They Teaching Us Anything?


Ancient Chinese Thought, Modern Chinese Power (The Princeton-China Series)

"Few books have polarized opinion in recent years as much as When China Rules the World, but when it was published in 2009, the author, Martin Jacques, was thinking less about kickstarting an international debate than he was simply relieved to have completed a 10-year project marred by misfortune.

"In general, I think that too much of the writing about China is shaped by what have been termed Sinomania and Sinophobia," said Jonathan Fenby, an author and journalist who has written a number of books on China.

"On the one hand we have writers predicting the coming collapse of China and on the other foreseeing the inevitability of China ruling the world. Such predictions are beguiling, especially if they are pitched in headline-grabbing terms."

Yan Xuetong on universal values

When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order

Yan Xuetong, dean of the Institute of Modern International Relations at Tsinghua University in Beijing and the author of Ancient Thought, Chinese Modern Power, said books about China that are written by Westerners can often lack substance and be misleading.

"Most foreigners try to understand China from their knowledge of their own country. I am not saying this is necessarily wrong since it is quite normal. Chinese scholars, in fact, try to understand the United States from their Chinese perspective. It can lead to a lot of misunderstandings, however," he said.

The Coming Collapse of China

But Cheng Xiaohe, associate professor at the School of International Studies of Renmin University of China, believes foreign authors play an important role in depicting China.

"Certainly, most of the best-selling books concerning China are written by Western scholars and for Western readers, (so) they cannot escape the age-old trap of West-centric orientation. Nonetheless, as many authors come to China frequently and have increasing contacts with their Chinese counterparts, compared with their predecessors from the 1950s to 1970s, they know China much better, and their works - to various degrees - reveal some telling facet of the real China. These authors' ideological bias still plays some kind of role in their writing, but this is becoming less so.

Why China Will Never Rule the World

"The books present a benign or malicious image of China to readers and help to shape a popular opinion toward China, which can influence their respective governments' policies toward China. As for Chinese readers, they may disagree with the messages that these book tend to deliver, but through reading these books written from Western perspectives, we Chinese can learn how China and its people are perceived and analyzed by foreigners, and in turn, we can figure out how to redress our weaknesses pinpointed by outsiders."

Eastday-Subject of intense interest:

Why China Will Never Rule the World: Travels in the Two Chinas

Off The Beaten Track - Beijing: Episode 4 "The Rickshaw Driver"

-This is great. Nice Job! 

Anne Gonschorek and Jessica Dowse show a China beyond the guide books. Join them to meet interesting characters and learn about Chinese culture first hand.

"They Eat Puppies Don't They?" Political Satirist Writer Delivers Up a Laugh Out Loud Romp Through Washington and Beijing and Beyond

-This is NOT about Obama's eating habits. 

Christopher Buckley on his new book, "They Eat Puppies, Don't They?"

Buckley aims most of his satirical ammunition at Chinese government officials but also lobs a few shells at the way things happen in the U.S. A top manufacturer fails to get congressional approval of a new weapons system, so he hires lobbyist Walter “Bird” McIntyre to convince Americans they should fear the Chinese. Even with sexy neocon Angel Templeton's help, Bird can't come up with a valid reason to suggest conflict with China is imminent.

Book review: 'They Eat Puppies, Don't They?' by Christopher Buckley |

They Eat Puppies, Don't They?: A Novel

In an attempt to gain congressional approval for a top-secret weapons system, Washington lobbyist "Bird" McIntyre teams up with sexy, outspoken neocon Angel Templeton to pit the American public against the Chinese. When Bird fails to uncover an authentic reason to slander the nation, he and Angel put the Washington media machine to work, spreading a rumor that the Chinese secret service is working to assassinate the Dalai Lama.

Meanwhile in China, mild-mannered President Fa Mengyao and his devoted aide Gang are maneuvering desperately against sinister party hard-liners Minister Lo and General Han. Now Fa and Gang must convince the world that the People's Republic is not out to kill the Dalai Lama, while maintaining Fa's small margin of power in the increasingly militaristic environment of the party.

On the home front, Bird must contend with a high-strung wife who entertains Olympic equestrian ambition, and the qualifying competition happens to be taking place in China. As things unravel abroad, Bird and Angel's lie comes dangerously close to reality. And as their relationship rises to a new level, so do mounting tensions between the United States and China--
Buckley is probably best known for “Thank You for Smoking,” his novel that was later made into a successful movie. Like his other books, including “The White House Mess,” “Florence of Arabia” and “No Way to Treat a First Lady,” Buckley — the son of conservative icon William F. Buckley — has become almost by default the satirical bard of Washington, D.C.

Review: They Eat Puppies, Don’t They? | Bookish | a blog:

The chief protagonist of the tale is defense lobbyist and aspiring novelist Walter “Bird” McIntyre. Bird’s big aerospace client assigns him a secret mission to whip up anti-China fervor after a Senate panel rejects funding for Dumbo, the company’s new armed-to-the-teeth predator drone that’s as big as a jumbo jet.

Working with blond, miniskirted neocon Angel Templeton of the Institute for Continuing Conflict, Bird floats the idea of starting a rumor that the Chinese tried to poison the Dalai Lama. With the Tibetan holy man reported to be in a Rome hospital with a deadly illness, speculation turns to whether the Beijing regime will allow him, or his remains, to return to his native land.

Review: Satirist Buckley’s laugh-out-loud novel takes aim at relations between US and China - The Washington Post:

Tension between the U.S. and China mounts as their navies are poised for battle in the East China Sea. Chinese frigates are sent to intercept a U.S. surveillance ship, the Rumsfeld, with "dozens of U.S. and Chinese fighters circling overhead, hissing at each other like high-tech geese." Meanwhile, China's president, whose nickname, "Cool Limpidity," reflects his equable temperament, faces a challenge from hard-liners in the Politburo Standing Committee while he and America's national security adviser struggle to prevent a war.

Even as Bird makes mischief from the Military-Industrial Duplex, as he refers to his condo near the Pentagon, he faces trouble on a second front from wife Myndi, who resides at their home in the Virginia horse country while attempting to qualify for the U.S. equestrian team. Its competition for the Tang Cup is to be held inChina, adding another layer of complications for her beleaguered husband.

Review: Satirist Buckley's laugh-out-loud novel takes aim at relations between US and China - Daily Journal:

Al Jazzeera -- Slavery: A 21st Century Evil : Prison slaves in China, Reporter gets the BEIJING BOOT!

-This story got Melissa Chan booted out of China. What took so long?  Her stories were damning. I'm surprised it took so long! 

Over the past 20 years China has become the world's biggest exporter of consumer goods. But behind this apparent success story is a dark secret - millions of men and women locked up in prisons and forced into intensive manual labour.

Al-Jazeera English has closed its Beijing bureau after the Chinese authorities refused to renew the press credentials of its correspondent or grant a visa for a replacement, the TV station said on Tuesday.

Journalist groups said the expulsion of Melissa Chan - who has been reporting from Beijing for five years - is a grave threat to the ability of foreign reporters to work in China.
Al-Jazeera closes Beijing bureau after reporter expelled | World news |

China Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei, speaking a regular news briefing Tuesday, said Ms. Chan's visa hadn't been renewed because the reporter had violated regulations, but he declined to specify which rules she had broken. "We have already made the laws clear," he said.

In a statement issued Tuesday, al-Jazeera English said it had "expressed its disappointment" over the situation and was hoping to maintain a presence in the country. "The channel has even been requesting additional visas for correspondents for quite some time through the normal procedures but these have not been issued."
China Expels Al-Jazeera Reporter -

Students hooked up to IV drips of amino acids as they cram for exams in China

-Taken to the extreme... 

A Chinese high school have apparently hooked their students up to intravenous drips of amino acids as they cram for exams. Report by Katie Lamborn

IV drip3
袁莉wsj: How many healthy adults can such a sick environment possibly cultivate? Moreover, are so many IV drip dispensing bottles really necessary? Does it count as an overuse of medical resources?
火焰之端:Test-taking machines need to be recharged?
胡顺珍儿[困]This is what Chinese style of college entrance exam looks like…There is no way out…Can the country’s policy take into account the feelings of high school students???
Photo: An entire class of high school students receive IV drips while cramming for exams | Ministry of Tofu 豆腐部

RoboGames 2012: Robot Kung Fu - Middleweight - Final Match

-at 2:30, I love the hug-take-down. That ROCKS! 

Featured on - The Middle-weight humanoid robot kung-fu final match featured RnD_Wimbleton (Korea) vs. King Kizer (Japan) for the 2012 Championship. The match took place at 8:00 pm on the last day of RoboGames after most of the spectators had left.


Smuggled Capsules From China Contain powdered human flesh, From Dead Babies

-This story just gets sicker and sicker. 

South Korea has seized thousands of smuggled drug capsules filled with powdered flesh from dead babies, which some people believe can cure disease, officials said Monday.

The capsules were made in northeastern China from babies whose bodies were chopped into small pieces and dried on stoves before being turned into powder, the Korea Customs Service said.

China's State Food and Drug Administration and its health ministry did not immediately respond to questions faxed to them Monday. Chinese media identify northeastern China as the source of such products, especially Jilin province which abuts North Korea.

The Jilin food and drug safety agency is responsible for investigating the trade of such remains there. Calls to the agency and to the information office of Jilin's Communist Party were not answered Monday.

The South Korean customs agency began investigating after receiving a tip a year ago. No sicknesses have been reported from ingesting the capsules.

Smuggled capsules contain powdered human flesh

South Korean officials believe 'stamina boosters' came from China

Dead Baby Pills Put Korean Customs on High Alert According to recent findings by an SBS TV documentary, South Korean custom officials are on a high alert. They are checking on a certain pill being smuggled into the country from China. This hot commodity pill, claiming to be a stamina booster is actually made from powdered human baby flesh. Reports claimed that the manufacturing company secretly purchased baby corpses from hospitals and abortion clinics and store them in regular refrigerators. Later this human flesh is put in a medical drying microwave before being ground into a powder and filled into pill capsules. Believed to increase human stamina and enhance sexual performance, these pills are in high demand in South Korea and china where they are believed to be a "tonic for disease". According to reports by the Associated Press, since last august, the customs have discovered 35 attempts of smuggling attempts from China in South Korea. Reports indicated that there was an established business network between the 2 countries to fulfill this high demand. A Korean investigating team acquired these capsules and ran DNA tests on it. The test results reportedly indicated that the pills were 99.7 percent human. Tests also found hair and nail remnants in the pills. Currently, customs have narrowed down the origins of the pills to 4 cities in China. Those who were in possession of these pills, denied knowing the ingredients.

No Drama Real China: The Chinese on the ONE CHILD POLICY...!

-Very eye-opening for the rest of the world. 

What do real Chinese people think of "Family Planning""One Child Policy", real voice from China, real experiences.

How Chinese Spring Rolls Are Mass Produced By Hand

-So fascinating. Now I'm hungry. 

How a factory in Northern China make thousands of vegetable spring rolls by hand and export them to countries such as the UK.

Best YouTube Comments:

"the uniforms their wearing are a new fomr of ninja the hygenic ninja"
ChibiPandaHuynh 2 years ago

the cleanest chinese food factory i have seen in my life!
ernestkj 3 months ago

Chinese Proverbs and Popular Sayings: Observations on Culture and Language by Qin Xue Herzberg

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Chinese Proverbs and Popular Sayings: With Observations on Culture and Language

This treasury of Chinese wisdom presents over five hundred proverbs while offering keys to culture and language. Here are both the familiar, earnest sayings of Confucius and Lao Zi ("The longest journey begins with a single step") and the homespun truths of every day ("Teachers open the door; you enter by yourself"). Designed both for inspirational browsing and for students of language and culture, the text is organized by subject (Learning, Patience, Money, Family, Food, etc.) and provides commentary plus Chinese characters and pinyin romanization for each entry. Includes an index.

Qin Xue Herzberg and Larry Herzberg teach Chinese at Calvin College. They live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“A fox isn’t aware its tail stinks”
“The foolish old man moved the mountain.”
“A closed mouth keeps flies from flying in.”

As translated by Asian language professors Larry and Qin Herzberg, the three proverbs quoted above mean the following, respectively:

“People often cannot see their own shortcomings”
“Anything can be done if you work long and hard enough at it.”
“If you keep your mouth shut, you can’t get into trouble.”

The use of proverbs makes Chinese speech efficient, Herzberg said: “They’re able to sum up in just a short phrase … often just eight words, what it would often take a paragraph or more to explain.” Typically, the Chinese abbreviate the proverbs further, using them as a form of shorthand, he said: "The Chinese have this proverb that goes back before the time of Christ that says: "The old man on the border loses a horse." It's based on an ancient story, the gist of which is ‘Every cloud has a silver lining.’ The Chinese simply say: Old man loses horse. Nobody has to say the whole proverb to make the meaning clear," Herzberg said.

He and Qin hope that Chinese Proverbs and Popular Sayings will give readers a glimpse into Chinese culture. Each proverb in the book is translated first literally, then poetically: “The foolish old man moved the mountain” means “Anything can be done if you work long and hard enough at it.”

Each proverb is also represented in Chinese characters, Herzberg said. “And then, if there is a similar proverb in English, we give that as well.” He offered an example from the collection: “We say, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ The Chinese say, ‘A fat person doesn’t get fat with just one bite—literally one mouthful.’”

Obama Administration Treats China Dissident Chen Guangcheng As An Inconvenience -

Leadership: The Obama administration's shoddy rebuff of a blind Chinese dissident seeking asylum underlines a sorry reality: The White House will sell out American interests for political advantage. Where is the courage?

Chen Guangcheng, 40, a blind Chinese human rights advocate of extraordinary courage, made a daring escape from an illegal house arrest last week and made his way to Beijing to stagger into the U.S. Embassy to seek asylum.

He was no ordinary applicant. The self-taught lawyer had been imprisoned for four years and continuously menaced by Chinese officials for the "crime" of standing up for the human dignity of rural China's people.

He exposed local abuses of China's "one child" policy such as forced abortion and sterilization.

Apparently, U.S. policymakers favor "good relations" with a monster over what America has historically stood for. It's cowardice, and dissidents say it will weaken all those who work for human dignity in China.

In 1983, the U.S. under a very different kind of leader made America a beacon to mankind. Defying his aides, President Reagan proclaimed the hard truth about the Soviet empire, calling it a "focus of evil" in the world.

As the Washington establishment mocked and tut-tutted Reagan's words, deep in the maw of the Soviet Gulag, imprisoned dissident Natan Sharansky (see video below) wrote that Reagan's words made the hearts of the imprisoned leap for joy. "Tapping on walls and talking through toilets, word of Reagan's 'provocation' quickly spread through the prison," he said. "We dissidents were ecstatic. Finally, the leader of the Free World had spoken the truth — a truth that burned inside the heart of each and every one of us."

UC Berkeley's Harry Kreisler welcomes Natan Sharansky, a minister in the Israeli government and a leading figure in the human rights movement in the Soviet Union during the last stages of the Cold War. They discuss how he survived imprisonment in the Gulag, the role of human rights in bringing on the demise of communism, and the implications of the global human rights struggle for the search for peace in the Middle East.
Series: "Conversations with History" [10/2004]

No such scenarios under President Obama. With dissidents now thrown back to their oppressors, America becomes a smaller, weaker country that forsakes its identity along with its courage.

History will judge Obama harshly for this.

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