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The BEST Mobile Phone Commercial EVER from China, 受不了了!!


Set up like a cheesy Chinese soap opera, the opening scene the girl wants to kill herself because the boys keep changing cell phones.  The viewer at home can't take it anymore and uses a machine gun and shoots through the TV and attempts to kill all the men in the ad.  He can't complete his task and a guy watching the ad online then can't take it anymore that the guy at home in the ad watching the other ad has run out of bullets and shoots him through the computer.

Yes, it is the best cell phone commercial ever!

University Entrance Application Form Question: "Chinese" Has Now Become a Sexual Preference? 大学入学申请表:“中国人”竟成了一种性取向?

-I can't wait to see what the Religion choices are!  

Found in the Chinese media all over!
译言网 | 大学入学申请表——“中国人”竟成了一种性取向?:
大学入学申请表:“中国人”竟成了一种性取向?(图) -

Stuff You Won't Find at Macy's: Chinese Zodiac Signs Pillow

-Comfy and a conversation piece. 
Chinese Zodic Signs Pillow mojo_throwpillow
Browse Zazzle for a different pillow.

16 Tweets from @BostonChinatown from Hot Dogs, Anime and Asian Persuasion Can you believe that there is a Hot Dog Joint in Boston's Chinatown? It is true, the Fei Fan Eatery serves delicious Kayem hot dogs with Japanese toppings like seaweed, Kimchee and more. We try out three different dogs including the Crazy Dog, Avana Dog and the Cheesy Dog. I went with my pal Rob Merlino (aka. the Hot Dog Man) who runs Hot Dog Stories and The Hot Dog Truck blogs. We did a Guerrilla visit, totally unannounced and we were warmly welcomed by Leiko, the owner. She was so warm and welcoming and she fed us so well, she even included a serving of Takoyaki (octopus) to try. For more about our trip check out our write ups as well as Rob's Video from the trip. Be sure to Subscribe to my channel and Rob's for all of our upcoming Hot Dog Adventures.

Singapore'2012 from zweizwei |motion timelapse| on Vimeo.

Living in China Tweets: Missing Massages to Eating Horse WHAT??

------------------WORST TWEET--------------------- ------------------WORST TWEET--------------------- ---------------Best Tweet!------------------ ---------------Best Tweet!------------------

Reuters China Wrap-UP: Foxconn, People's Daily IPO, Myanmar, Hackers hack Chinese Contractor, Diabetes, Sea Spats, Photography in Shanghai

-Important information for China-watchers.

Foxconn chairman pledges to raise pay in China, invest in Hainan ...
BOAO, China (Reuters) - Foxconn Technology Group will keep on increasing worker salaries in China and cutting the hours of work, Chairman Terry Gou said ...

| SHANGHAI, April 5 (Reuters) - The online news portal of Chinese government mouthpiece, the People's Daily, has launched an initial public offering in Shanghai, aiming to raise about 527 million yuan ($83.6 million). Co Ltd will sell 69.1

China calls for all Myanmar sanctions to go after poll
| BEIJING, April 5 (Reuters) - China called on Thursday for all sanctions on Myanmar to be lifted following Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi's by-election victory at the weekend, a poll result it said it hoped would be good for the country's 

Hacker claims breach of Chinese defense contractor
The hacker, who uses the name Hardcore Charlie and said he was a friend of Hector Xavier Monsegur, the leader-turned- informant of the activist hacking group, LulzSec, told Reuters he got inside Beijing-based China National Import & Export Corp (CEIEC)
Diabetes continuing to spike in China
By Kerry Grens | NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The more common type of diabetes in China grew by 30 percent in just seven years, according to a new survey of thousands of Shanghai residents. The curse of affluence appears to be affecting China as it has 

Southeast Asia fails to tackle sea spat with China head on
China has agreed to work with ASEAN on formulating a binding "code of conduct" on naval activities, but the region is divided over whether Beijing should take part in talks from the beginning or only join after ASEAN agrees on the fundamentals.
72 hours in Shanghai | Photographers Blog
By Carlos Barria
After six years in Miami, Carlos, 31, has been assigned as photographer based in ShanghaiChina. He was born in Patagonia, in the south of Argentina, and studied photography in Buenos Aires. He has covered breaking news, sports and ...
Photographers Blog

Romney, Aung San Suu Kyi, Oakland Shooting, Titanic 3D and American Pie all in Chinese! -VOA News

-So much fun to learn about American news in Chinese! You'll understand MORE!


Like Kung Fu? Flying Queues? Comedy? Then "Tai Chi 0" Movie Trailer《太极》is for you!

-This movie actually looks cool, I bet it will make some money! 

Directed by Stephen Fung
Action director: Sammo Hung
Release: 2012
Starring: Angelababy, Shu Qi, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Daniel Wu, Eddie Peng, Yuan Xiaozhao, William Feng
Genre: kung-fu, comedy, steampunk, wuxia

Chinese woman sentenced to death for 'cheating' Investors

-The Chinese are equal opportunity executers!
Perhaps the Bernie Madoffs of the world would think twice about engaging in their Ponzi schemes if there was a chance they'd be executed for their crimes.
A 30-year-old Chinese woman was sentenced to death by a court in Wenzhou for "cheating" investors of 100.11 million yuan ($16 million) losing 94 million yuan in futures and gold trading, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Friday.

The death sentence for Wang Caiping - who must first serve two years in prison - came days after Beijing launched a pilot program in Wenzhou to tame the informal private lending market to which the city's renowned entrepreneurs often turn.

Chinese woman sentenced to death for 'cheating  - American Thinker

Beijing Tiananmen Square T-shirt

-Nice. Been there, get the T-shirt 
Beijing Tiananmen Square men's T-shirt zazzle_shirt

Edinburgh Zoo panda mating FAIL: No Sunshine for Sweetie

-I love the Pregnant Panda... FUNNY! 

Edinburgh Zoo's giant pandas have failed to mate this year despite the best efforts of the Scottish zoo to encourage them to procreate, dashing hopes that a baby panda would be born this year.

Sweetie and her male mate Sunshine arrived in Scotland from China last December and had been kept in separate enclosures until this week, when experts decided the time to mate had arrived.

Female pandas ovulate once a year, with only a 36-hour period in which they can get conceive.

Despite showing an interest in each other, the duo failed to take advantage of their short 'window of opportunity.'

Now Sunshine will have to wait another year to take his chance. What will zoo officials do to encourage them to mate next year?

Alison Krauss + the Old 97s + China = "China meets Matteo" - A Country & Folk project in Chengdu

-Love this music. Love this music. SUPPORT THEM! 


From the above video, you can clearly see:

a) Beautiful things can happen at the intersection of China and Americana.
b) We are more than a little uncomfortable talking in front of a camera.
c)  Julie and Matt are fabulous videographers. Imagine what they will do when we're playing here...

With that said, welcome to our kickstarter project! We're happy you're here. If you've never heard of us...

We decided to start this whole thing because, with support from the University of Utah Confucius Institute, we have the opportunity to be artists in residence for the month of June at Sichuan University, studying guzheng, matouqin, erhu, and liuqin. We are, needless to say but we’ll say it anyways, very very excited. It's been a little rough finding teachers of said instruments here in the Salt Lake Valley.
We recognize what a unique opportunity this is and decided it must be documented in a visual as well as auditory way. Auditory: write and record an E.P the month we are there.  We can handle that. But. Visual? We couldn’t find anyone who’s videography style matched what we wanted, let alone someone also available and crazy enough to agree to such an unusual proposal. Enter tiger in a jar. The day we had all but lost hope of finding someone, Brinn’s brother left a note on her door--on the back of their business card. We looked them up. Within, oh, five seconds of starting their first movie, we knew they were the ones. Coincidence? We think not.
Thankfully, they agreed.
Listen to 5 of their songs.

Here's even another video by them!

Originally from Kickstarter.

Soon to be Bollywood Classic: Shanghai - Theatrical Trailer | Emraan Hashmi, Abhay deol

-Where's the Oriental Pearl TV Tower?? 

Watch the 1st theatrical trailer of the upcoming political thriller, SHANGHAI, directed by Dibakar Banerjee and get a glimpse of Abhay Deol, Emraan Hashmi, Kalki Koechlin and Prosenjit Chatterjee featuring together for the first time on the silver screen.

Twitter Tirade: Marion Barry Goes to Twitter to Apologize for "Dirty Asian" comment, then Doubles Down

--------------BEST TWEET RESPONSE---------------- --------------BEST TWEET RESPONSE---------------- Original Post: Marion Barry doubles down on ‘dirty’ Asian shop comments; update: tripling down? | Twitchy:

American Paddlefish or Chinese Paddlefish, they're all going extinct!

-With a little soy sauce they are probably tasty. 
Endangered Animals - The Chinese Paddlefish

Some information on the endangered Paddlefish. (My Science Homework)

白鲟 白鱘  báixún

Picture from Capatchi/Paddlefish

"Giant Fish" Faces Big Trouble in China Join Biologist Zeb Hogan of the National Geographic Society's Megafishes Project as he explores the threats facing the giant Chinese sturgeon and the efforts underway to save it. Video by S. Lovgren; some video from Wei Qiwei, Yangtze River Fisheries Reasearch Institute

Rare Fish Under Threat in China

Rare Fish Under Threat in China by NewsLook
Rare Fish Under Threat in China by NewsLook
Plans to reduce a fish conservation zone in China's Yangtze River have met strong opposition from environmental groups. The reserve is considered the last safe haven for several endangered Chinese fish species, such as the paddlefish and suckerfish.
Powered by

Chinese Paddlefish, Psephurus gladius (simplified Chinese: 白鲟; traditional Chinese: 白鱘; pinyin: báixún), also known as Chinese Swordfish, are among the largest freshwater fish. It is one of two extant paddlefish species, the other being the American Paddlefish (Polyodon spathula). It is also called "elephant fish" (象魚; xiàngyú) because its snout resembles an elephant trunk. It is recorded sometimes in Classical Chinese as wěi-fish (鮪). More poetically, it is sometimes referred to as the "Giant Panda of the Rivers", not because of any physical resemblance to a panda, but because of its rarity and protected status.

The Chinese Paddlefish is the People's Republic of China's first-level protected animal. Its belly is white and back and head grey. They live mostly in the middle or lower part of the Yangtze (Chang Jiang), occasionally in large lakes. They feed on other fish, as well as small amounts of crabs and crayfish.

From the Chinese Media:

City of the North - a song for Beijing from @JasonGLChu [Music Video]


A love letter to Beijing - and all its struggles, challenges, and unexpected beauty.

Also a post at Lost Laowai:
City of the North – a love song to Beijing ~ Lost Laowai China Blog:

The first music video from my upcoming EP, "Goodbye, Beijing." Releasing 4/21 at
Twitter: @JasonGLChu

Beat by Bent Lorentz, Jr.
Camera: Nathan Chester, Joseph Djima, Jr.
Extras: Jon Pettigrew, Julie Ip

I, started this rhyme as I waited for the train
On the platform, hearing instrumentals in my brain
My kicks dirty gray 'cuz the air so foul
One hundred degrees out, so we pray for rain
The line pulls up, and it's full as hell
Not to mention, these cats got a funky ass smell
LL might be somewhere ringin some bells
But as for me, I can barely even hear my cell
These are the middle class losers, beggars, students
Here, if you don't got a car, you ain't included
A place that turns flesh to stone, like Medusa
The '60s, tried to make a ghost of Confucius
The car turns north as my head shuts down
Prepared to close doors like old John Brown
Done with the rhyme, and we're almost out of town
And I almost missed my stop, I was busy with the sounds

Just another day in the city of the North
Some push foreign whips; some are just piss-poor.
Just another day in a city filled with schemes
Filled with teams who be dreaming of the cream, so it seems

I live in a city where the dust hits ya bones
Where to be heard, your words gotta use megaphones
Where everybody smokes and it's killing them slow
Where you can sing out loud and nobody hears the tones
People tryna go hard, but they scared as hell
So they keep coming back like a carousel
no roots, so they move like a tumbling weed
Like police at the door while they bundling weed
They hear the knock outside and they stumble and flee
While I roam the city free like Grand Theft 3
There's poison in the air, so he's coughin up lungs
But he breathes in, the Spirit's got him speaking in tongues
Coughed up some blood, guess he is a little scared
But he made it this far, guess he's sposed to be here
A life well lived is a life without fear
Got more than 4 bars, am I coming through clear?


I run the rings like Sonic, blaze like the chronic
Gaze at the stars, see my fate like a comet
But the haze on the city every day from the morning
No colors, just greys, like the city was in mourning
They poured over slums to make way for the champions
Now they got clubs where before, there were stadiums
Got bums, from locals turned aliens
An unmarked grave for the brave who remained in 'em
I jumped off the train as I headed to the crib
and came face-to-face with a horse drawn rig
A man with blank eyes and a face like stone
Is this city mine, or his to call home?
Just another day in a city caught between
Tryna stay above water while we, chase our dreams
Some live and some die, tryna do their thing
Some live and some die, this big city, Beijing



TaiChi News and Research: Older subjects who regularly practise Tai Chi have better arterial compliance and greater muscle strength

-That's why Chinese elderly are so nimble.

Older subjects who regularly practise Tai Chi found to have better arterial Compliance and Greater Muscle Strength...
Science Daily (press release)
Exercise which can achieve both cardiovascular function and muscle strength "would be a preferred mode of training for older persons," say investigators.
Experienced practitioners of Tai Chi, the traditional Chinese mind-body exercise now enjoyed worldwide, have been shown in a study of older subjects to have improved expansion and contraction of arteries according to cardiac pulsation (arterial compliance) and improved knee muscle strength.

The findings, say the investigators, of better muscle strength without jeopardising arterial compliance suggest that Tai Chi may well be a suitable exercise for older people to improve both cardiovascular function and body strength. A number of studies, they explain, have shown that strength training to improve muscle function and offset the effects of aging have also been accompanied by a decline in arterial compliance. "Evidence that strength training could change arterial compliance in middle-aged and older subjects is still elusive," they note.
And more articles about TaiChi from Science Daily:
Tai Chi Exercise Reduces Knee Osteoarthritis Pain In The Elderly, Research Shows (Oct. 29, 2009) — Researchers have determined that patients over 65 years of age with knee osteoarthritis who engage in regular Tai Chi exercise improve physical function and experience less pain. Tai Chi is a ...  > read more
Drug-Free Treatments Offer Hope For Older People In Pain (Sep. 10, 2007) — Mind-body therapies, which focus on the interactions between the mind, body and behavior, and the ways in which emotional, mental, social and behavioral factors can affect health, may be of ...  > read more
Tai Chi Improves Pain In Arthritis Sufferers (June 1, 2009) — The results of a new analysis have provided good evidence to suggest that tai chi is beneficial for arthritis. Specifically, it was shown to decrease pain with trends towards improving overall ...  > read more
Tai Chi Appears to Benefit Quality of Life for Patients With Chronic Heart Failure, Study Finds (Apr. 25, 2011) — Tai chi exercise appears to be associated with improved quality of life, mood and exercise self-efficacy in patients with chronic heart failure, according to a new ...  > read more
Tai Chi Benefits For Arthritis Shown (June 16, 2009) — Tai chi has been found to have positive health benefits for musculoskeletal pain. The results of the first comprehensive analysis of tai chi suggest that it produces positive effects for improving ...  > read more

Surfing China's River Wave - The "Silver Dragon"

-Surfing on a River? 

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Chinese Lantern Apron

-This is the most amazing apron. I have to get one. 
Chinese symbol, lantern, vintage, gift zazzle_apron
Design custom kitchen aprons on zazzle.

喜羊羊与灰太狼 Happy Lamb and Grey Wolf - Mandarin Animated Classic for Kids

-Do the best you can to understand!

From Wikipedia

Happy Lamb and Grey Wolf or Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (the English name shown on the official merchandise) (Chinese: 喜羊羊与灰太狼; pinyin: Xǐ Yáng Yáng yǔ Huī Tài Láng) is a Chinese animatedtelevision series which was created by Huang Weiming, Lin Yuting and Luo Yinggeng, and produced by Creative Power Entertaining. The show is about a group of goats living on the Green Pasture, Qing Qing Grasslands/Plains, (青青草原) and the story revolving around a clumsy wolf who wants to eat them. It is aired on over 40 local TV stations including Hong Kong's TVB, BTV Animation Channel and CCTV. The show was also aired in Taiwan, India and Singapore. The show has not yet seen an international release outside of Asia. However, some of the Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf DVD's have English subtitles. As of 2011, an English dub has been aired in Taiwan.
Originally found on REDDIT.

Marion Barry: 'We’ve got to do something about these Asians and their dirty shops'

-Classic Black Democrat!

“We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops,” Barry said in remarks first reported by WRC-TV. “They ought to go. I’m going to say that right now. But we need African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.”

Barry: 'We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in' | Washington Examiner:

Mayor Vincent Gray said he hadn’t heard about the comments.

“I think you know what I stand for,” he said, according to the local outlet. “And that is everybody having an equal opportunity in the District of Columbia.”

The comments go counter to Barry’s claim on his D.C. Councilmembers biography, that he stands for “always advocating for economic inclusion - on behalf of African Americans, women, Hispanics, Asians and Pacific Islanders.”

Of course, this is not the first time that Barry has found himself in a controversial situation. In 1990, Barry was arrested in a sting operation related to crack cocaine use and possession, for which he spent six months in a federal prison.

Report: Marion Barry: ‘Dirty’ Asian stores - Tim Mak -

About 20 Days later he doubles down on the comment here.

Imperial Chinese bowl fetches $27 million

-Wow... 27 mil for a cereal bowl or an ashtray. 

An extremely rare Chinese porcelain bowl fetched nearly $27 million -- smashing pre-sale estimates by about three times -- at a hotly anticipated Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong on Wednesday

Chinese Smartphones -Financial Times

-work on that audio... HARD TO HEAR!!! The popularity of smartphones is causing a fundamental shift in the handset market in China. The FT's Kathrin Hille visits Shenzhen in southern China to discover where the mobile phone industry is heading.

Capitalism News: How China Proves Marxism Wrong, America Perverts Democracy and the Dragon Running out of Steam

-Atlantic, Fiscal Times and New Zealand Herald and NPR.
How China, the World's Oldest Marxist State, Proves Marx Wrong
The Atlantic
Another important example of Chinese realities flying in the face of a Marxist orthodoxy has to do with the timing of the country's socialist and capitalist phases. Like many thinkers of his time, Marx embraced a linear view of historical development, ...

How Big Money Perverts American Democracy
The Fiscal Times
He says the rift has gone far past simplistic political rhetoric to a larger battle: pitting American capitalism against other forms of capitalism that have emerged on the world's stage in the past decade or so. "Something is clearly broken within our
Prepare for meltdown if the dragon runs out of steam
New Zealand Herald
By Liam Dann A soft landing for China may still feel hard for commodity exporters. Photo / Kenny Rodger Let's be blunt about this. From a historical perspective - considering capitalism's track record over the past 500 years - what is more likely: that
Is China better at capitalism than America? | Minnesota Public Radio ...
China's brand of state-sponsored capitalism has thrived while other nations, like the United States, floundered during the worldwide recession. But can the ...

Tons MORE Qing Ming or Tomb Sweeping Day Tweets

Some think it's interesting... some think it's weird. ***********Best Tweet!************* ***********Best Tweet!*************

Addressing US/China Distrust -Brookings Institute

-We don't trust each other. So what. 

"Domestically, both the U.S. and China are confronting the need in the coming few years to change basic dimensions of the distinctive growth model each has pursued for decades. In the U.S. the major issue is how to deal with a fiscal deficit that threatens to spin out of control within a decade if serious measures are not taken on both the expenditure and revenue sides of the equation. In China, the 12th  Five Year Plan articulates a new development model because the resource, environmental, social, and international costs of the model pursued in
recent decades have become too great.

Prospects for the future thus must take into account expectations about how successful the U.S. and China respectively will be in effecting the economic transition that each now confronts. At present, many commentators and politicians on each side attribute their own country’s economic deficiencies to actions by the other side and propose various penalties in response. Therefore, to the extent that reforms in the two development models fall short, the bilateral relationship is more likely to deteriorate. This introduces additional uncertainty surrounding each side’s future posture and capabilities."

Download it here at the Brookings Institute.


MonkGate: Buddhist Monks Seen Drinking, Schmoozing, Flirting and Cavorting with Women in China

-SHAME! What if your master saw this?! 

Chinese:  花和尚
Pinyin: HuāhéshàngLiteral Translation: Flower monk
English: bad monk.
Explanation: Monks who don't listen to what the teaching says.
Here's another one. 

Found here with more pictures!

Other examples of "flower monks!"
monk in a benz
Monk with a HIGH SCORE!!!
Pick a good cut of pork you 花和尚

'Pentagon freaks creep into China's backyard'

-Freaks in my backyard get shot! 

The first rotation of about 200 US marines has arrived in Australia on a six-month training deployment. A total of 2,500 troops are expected to arrive over the next few years in Darwin to enhance the US's military presence in the Asia-Pacific - it adds to America's military footprint in such countries as Japan, the Philippines and Singapore - all in China's backyard. For more on the story RT talks to Asia Times roving correspondent Pepe Escobar.

Beijing UFO Caught on Cell Phone Goes Viral in China [PHOTO]

-Looks legit to me. 

A photo of a UFO over the skies of a busy Beijing street is causing a sensation in China. The image, recalling an earlier era, is a classic flying saucer type, shrouded by a foggy sky.

The story behind the photo seems to be propelling the mania as the Chinese are not generally impressed by pictures and videos of unidentified flying objects.

But an account in a Beijing newspaper of how the object was caught on film is creating tremendous buzz, because, as the photographer claims, it was all an accident of timing and luck.

New York Times China Wrap up: The Press, Reform and Bo Xilai, Fossils, Ai Weiwei stars on a webcam, Ai Weiwei gets shut down

-In the press I read about reform of fossils' webcams.

In China Press, Best Coverage Cash Can Buy
New York Times
SHANGHAI — China is notorious for censoring politically delicate news coverage. But it is more than willing to let flattering news about Western and Asian businesses appear in print and broadcast media — if the price is right.

In China, Following in Footsteps of Reform
New York Times
BEIJING — The ghost of China's past hovers over its present. As the country grapples with its biggest political challenge in decades over the purge of Bo Xilai, the polarizing former Communist Party chief of Chongqing, ahead of changes in the top

Dinosaurs Big as Buses and Fuzzy as Chicks
New York Times
Fossils discovered in northeastern China of a giant, previously unrecognized dinosaur show that it is the largest known feathered animal, living or extinct, scientists report. Although several species of dinosaurs with feathers have already been
Ai Weiwei Takes His Surveillance Worldwide
New York Times (blog)
By CAROL VOGEL Exactly a year after the police in China locked him up for 81 days, the artist Ai Weiwei has installed four live webcams in his Beijing home. The cameras, whose feed can be viewed by anyone on a Web site day and night, weiweicam.commake
Ai Weiwei's Self-Surveillance is Shut Down
New York Times (blog)
By EDWARD WONG Ai Weiwei, the rebellious Chinese artist, said on Wednesday that the authorities had shut down a Web site on which he was streaming video from four live surveillance cameras in his home. Mr. Ai, one of the Chinese government's harshest

Chinese Character 'Buddha' men's vintage t-shirt

-If you believe this, then wear it! 
Chinese Character 'Buddha' men's vintage t-shirt zazzle_shirt
Make your tshirt custom at Zazzle

Tons of Tweets about Tomb Sweeping Day!

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