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Teaching in China: Seven Dog Years by Charlotte Salyer

Teaching in China: Seven Dog Years by Charlotte Salyer

You are sure to laugh when a Nevada housewife, struggling through her own midlife crisis, shares her experiences while teaching in China. Through a plentitude of cultural nuances and interesting characters, Salyer details her touching and provocative journey leading to a greater appreciation for everything American. Whether you desire to teach abroad, make a life change or merely satisfy your own curiosity, this story is filled with the truths of one woman’s journey and teaching experience abroad.

Random China Tweets: Vending Machine Beer, No Texting, Hooters in China and Extreme Fencing

Congressman Walter Jones Says the US is Dependent on China’s “Uncle Chang”?

-Are Uncle Sam and Uncle Chang brothers? 

"Is referring to China as “Uncle Chang” racist or just silly? I’m leaning more towards silly. I think a more racist remark would be if he was to refer to China as “Uncle Ching Chong” and certainly if he had used “Uncle Chink.” And in the United States’s Uncle Sam, Sam is a first / given name, while as far as I understand, Chang in Chinese is primarily a Chinese family/last name. A quick search reveals,at least according to Wikipedia, the most common Chinese first /given name to be Wěi (“伟”), meaning ” Big, Great.” The most common Chinese family/last name is Lee (Chang is #3). But I don’t think most Americans, including myself, would necessarily get the reference to an “Uncle Wei” when trying to personify China into America’s boogeyman and largest debt holder."

Guinness Record of Largest loop the loop in a car from a Zhejiang Car Company in Shanghai

-What is the point of this? 

The largest loop the loop in a car measured 12.87 m (42 ft 2.69 in) in diameter and was achieved by Li Yatao (China) from the Car Team of Zhejiang Youngman Lotus Automobile Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China, on 23 September 2011.

The loop was made from steel.It was 3.68 m (12 ft 0.88 in) wide and weighed 33,000 kg (72,752 lb). The car used was a Lotus L5 Sportback.

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China Launches News Programs for American Audience

-SCARY!!! Are they on YOUTUBE?

China Central Television has opened a new, state-of-the-art broadcast bureau in Washington, D.C. and is now producing news programs in English for an American audience.

Chinese Gangster's Stolen Cell Phone Photos Go Viral

-This reminds me to erase photos of piles of money off of my phone!

Photos of a man believed to be a Chinese gangster are going viral across the internet. They show him posing with stacks of money, puppies and his fat stomach. Join Patrick Jones for a laugh.

Airbus A320 Takeoff from Zhengzhou China

-No steering wheel? They just sit there?

This is a video shot by the cockpit oberver on a flight departing from runway 12 at Zhengzhou, China. The observer held the camera at a high angle in order for the viewer to see the pilots at the controls.

Random China Tweets: Cultural Confusion, Explaining Hooters, Beer Vending Machines, Bilingual Brains and Extreme Fencing!

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罗姆尼赢得伊利诺伊州初选, 美军因枪杀阿富汗平民遭谋杀起诉 Romney, Robert Bales, Gunman in France, Syria and the Hunger Games

-Get your news in Chinese!

1) 罗姆尼赢得伊利诺伊州初选 Romney won Mississippi and Alabama in the primary.
2) 美军因枪杀阿富汗平民遭谋杀起诉 Robert Bales charged with 17 murder accounts.
3) 法国枪手屠杀平民 The gunman who shot 7 people in France was killed by French police.
4) 中俄支持遣责叙利亚 China and Russia agreed on condemning Syria.
5) 奥巴马提名世行行长 Obama nominated Jim Yung Kim to lead the World Bank.
6) 周末新电影介绍: 龙虎少年队,饥饿游戏 Movies: The Hunger Games, 21 Jump Street

Chinese Seal Carving: Henry Li carving William Daniel's Mood Seal

-So cool. I have one too!

Henry's Facebook address!/blueheronarts?sk=photos
The Mood Seal, known as Xianzhang ( 閒章, 闲章 "leisure seal") in Chinese, or Yu-in or Ga-in in Japanese seals, refers those mottoes, etc., without the owner's name, expressing thoughts, reflections, poetry and idioms. Artists not only collect these seals but also enjoy designing and carving new seals. Large, square seals are usually placed in the lower corner of the painting whereas Irregular, oval and rectangular shaped ones are placed on the sides.

To order a personalized artist name seal or custom mood seal for yourself here are what you would do:

1)Go to and place the order with stone, carving service and red ink paste(optional).
2)Send me your names or phrase to be translated and any other information.
3) I will communicate with you about the translation or creation of your Chinese art name and the make three preview designs in both yin and yang styles(2x3=6 images) for you to choose from.
4)After your approval of the preview design, I will actually carve the stone seal and the process will be recorded on video camera and posted on Youtube.
5) I will finish your seal within three working days in the USA and mailed it with a nice brocade silk box.

For more information please visit


Hong Kong election hinges on Chinese whispers -AFP

-Affairs, tanks and a farcical election! WHAT FUN! 

Hong Kong's elites go to the polls Sunday to choose a new leader for the Asian financial centre, after an unusually fiery election process that has tested China's carefully crafted consensus model.

Thinking Chinese Translation: A Course in Translation Method: Chinese to English (Thinking Translation)

Thinking Chinese Translation: A Course in Translation Method: Chinese to English (Thinking Translation)

Thinking Chinese Translation is a practical and comprehensive course for advanced undergraduates and postgraduate students of Chinese.

Thinking Chinese Translation explores the ways in which memory, general knowledge, and creativity (summed up as ‘schema’) contribute to the linguistic ability necessary to create a good translation. The course develops the reader’s ability to think deeply about the texts and to produce natural and accurate translations from Chinese into English.

A wealth of relevant illustrative material is presented, taking the reader through a number of different genres and text types of increasing complexity including:

  • technical, scientific and legal texts
  • journalistic and informative texts
  • literary and dramatic texts.

Chinese capitalism is just another knockoff | Ian Bremmer

-Fake capitalism? Interesting... 

China's style of governance leaves the country light on regulation. However, it's also light on rule of law, transparency, freedom of speech and several other key features that make the U.S. economy go 'round. Just because the Chinese .

More specifically, this bunch claims that China's unique brand of centrally planned capitalism is working better than the U.S.'s overregulated, bloated, inefficient and slow-growing economy. They say that our capitalism has been so bogged down by our developed-nation cost structure that we'll never again be a competitive center of investment for the great global pools of money in search of a safe investment out of which to make a parking spot.


Chinese History Parody

-I am dumber now for watching this. WOW! 


It's been a while...a few months..yeah... But I'm back with a new Bubbiosity video for you guys. I always get brain farts. Here's a little video for now anyways.

Why do my videos just get weirder and weirder? Decided to do something different other than my usual skits. Get in touch with MY CULTURE! Chinese history baby (although not very accurate).

This is probably funnier if you know cantonese or have watched dynasty dramas before haha...

Yeah......... I've been watching a lot of chinese documentaries lately. And by documentaries, I meant TVB. I got a traditional costume just for this video! Totally propped up this time. Only wore it once. Feels like a waste. Maybe I should walk my dogs whilst wearing this baby... at night. Scare some people in my street.

Thank you to my favourite boys Tim & Eric (aka Fuk Ho Oppa) for helping out in this video. Especially thanks to Tim, I know you suffered a lot for this (and previous) video. LOLOL. So much abuse!

This is just another video for fun. Please don't take it too seriously.

Until next time,

Bubz xx

Chinese border town booms with business with Russia -CNN

-Borscht with a Chinese twist! 

China tries to boost business with Russia courtesy of border towns. CNN's Eunice Yoon reports.

Chinese man wins Guinness World Record for "Most 1 finger push ups in 30 seconds"

-Holy broken finger, Batman! 

The most one finger push ups in 30 seconds was 41 and was achieved by Xie Guizhong (China) on the set of CCTV- Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, on 8 December 2011.

Guizhong Xie is the previous record holder for this category. He went head-to-head with a Chinese challenger, but managed to retain his record title and exceed his previous record of 25.

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Scenes from my life in Wuxi

-See a real life Chinese Kindergarten! 

Son Tony enters his kindergarten class. Father Andis then enters Tony's kindergarten class.

Pork Satay with Peanut Sauce - Chef Tjaart on South Africa TV

-Is this Chinese food?

Night ride in Beijing (cycling)

-I feel like I'm watching a video game...

Night time mountain bike ride in Beijing

Do It Yourself (DIY) Submarine in China

-I wonder if the Pentagon knows about this guy.

"Last Hero in China" (1993) Jet Li as Wang Fei Hong with Cantonese Audio and English Subtitles

-Mix of Kung Fu and hilarious fights.

Last Hero in China (Traditional Chinese: 黃飛鴻之鐵雞鬥蜈蚣; Jyutping: Wong4 Fei1hong4 zi1 tit3 gai1 dau2 ng4gung1) is a 1993 Hong Kong film written and directed by Wong Jing. It was released after the original Once Upon a Time in China trilogy. It is derivative of the original Once Upon a Time in China series, and unlike other imitation films, it can be considered a spin-off or spoof to some extent. The film's action director was Yuen Woo-ping and like the first three Once Upon a Time in China films, it starred Jet Li as legendary Chinese folk hero, Wong Fei Hung. However, it differs greatly in tone from the Once Upon a Time in China series, containing stronger elements of violence and broader, more slapstick, comedy.

The film was also known by the following alternative titles: * Claws of Steel * Deadly China Hero * Iron Rooster vs. Centipede


Due to economic pressures, Wong is forced to move his kung fu school and Po Chi Lam clinic. Unknowingly he re-opens next to a brothel. Wong comes into conflict with a corrupt police chief (an exponent of the Boxer Rebellion) who is aiding local monks as they kidnap young women and sell them into slavery in Southern Asia. Whilst investigating the monks' temple, Wong gets involved in a fight and is subsequently accused of an unprovoked attack on the monks. He is also poisoned, leading to temporary deafness, although the first time is on purpose by Wong to learn how the poison can be cured. In a later battle, Wong intervenes in the police chief's attempts to assassinate a foreign official.

In one infamous scene, parodying traditional lion dances, Wong is dressed as a rooster, complete with an iron beak and claws. He clucks as he battles against his enemies who are shrouded in a giant metallic centipede. This scene has its roots in the 1956 film Huang Fei-hong tie ji dou wu gong (Huang Fei-hong: The Iron Rooster Versus the Centipede), which starred Kwan Tak Hing in the title role. In the final fight between Wong Fei Hung and the corrupt police chief, Wong Fei Hung uses drunken boxing after his toes are broken while attempting to execute a "No Shadow Kick" on his opponent. The Film concludes with Wong Fei Hung and his colleagues marching away victorious, but not before Wong Fei-Hung rebukes the foreign official for selling opium, thereby causing young children to go deaf.

Cast * Jet Li as Wong Fei-hung * Natalis Chan as Mass Tar Wong "Mr. Pimp" * Dicky Cheung as So * Cheung Man as Ti Yi-er * Anita Yuen as Miss Nine * Ka-Yan Leung as Leung Fu * Alan Chui Chung San as Lui Yat Sui "Legate Officer Lui" * Gordon Liu as Master Liu Heung * King-Tan Yuen as Madame * Isabel Leung as Hooker * Linda Cheung as Hooker * Tin-yi Ku as Hooker * Fat Chung as Yuen Long * Jimmy Au Shui-Wai as Yuen Fu * Yuen Miu as Yuen Pao

Check out the sites at: &

Last Hero in China (1993) PT. 2

Last Hero in China (1993) PT. 3

Last Hero in China (1993) PT. 4

Last Hero in China (1993) PT. 5

Long Island Buddha in Hong Kong: How do you move a Giant Buddha Head?

-JOKE: How many people does it take to move a Buddha head? 

How many people does it take to move a giant Buddha head? Find out in this video shot at Asia Society Hong Kong Center earlier this year.

The Buddha head in question is "Long Island Buddha," a 2011 sculpture made of copper and steel by Chinese artist Zhang Huan, who splits time between Shanghai and New York. The head measures 68 x 89 x 70 inches. If you are in Hong Kong, you can catch Zhang's sculpture — which is part of Asia Society's Transforming Minds: Buddhism in Art exhibition — until May 20.

Check out Asia Society's blog here:


China grows older before it grows rich - the Guardian

-So much for all the "CHINA IS THE COUNTRY OF THE 21ST CENTURY books. 

The number of old people in China is soaring -- and there will soon be fewer young workers to support them. China's economic miracle was fuelled by young people. So how can a country that is still developing cope with what some call a demographic timebomb?

Jim Henson Company Producing Sid the Science Kid Film with Shanghai Animation Studios

-It'll get ripped off and for sale on the streets in NO TIME! In this activity, the kids cover their hands in dirt and try to wipe off the dirt using just a rag. Then they try to clean off the dirt using soap and water. After observing that the dirt comes off much better with soap and water, they see the purpose of washing your hands!

Don't miss SID THE SCIENCE KID, the animated preschool series from The Jim Henson Company and KCET on PBS KIDS! (check local listings). For more information visit

HOLLYWOOD: The Jim Henson Company has signed an agreement with Nine Eyes Stone & Shanghai Animation Film Studios to co-produce Sid the Science Kid: The Movie.

It is the company’s first partner in China, and will bring the popular Sid the Science Kid television series to the big screen. It is also the company’s first animated movie, which will be available in 3D and standard HD. - TV Kids - Articles:

SF-to-Shanghai passengers stuck 2 days in Alaska

-From San Fran to Shanghai with no WCs would be HELL ON EARTH!  
"Two hundred and sixty-two United Airlines passengers left San Francisco on Sunday expecting a 13-hour flight to Shanghai, China. Instead they found themselves stranded in Anchorage for two frustrating days."There's no communication," said passenger Peter Tabb on Tuesday afternoon as he stood at Gate C-9 of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport awaiting word. "We think they're being dishonest."Chen Chang, a businessman from Fremont, Calif., looked up at a 1930s era Fairchild single engine bush plane on display at the end of the concourse. "I'd rather be on that plane right now," he quipped."

Broken toilets strand 262 plane passengers for two days: Aviation Industry | Alaska news at

"A 13-hour flight from San Francisco to Shanghai is no commuter hop, but the 262 passengers on a United Airlines flight were ready for that. Instead, they were stranded in Anchorage, Alaska, for two days.

Flight 857 diverted to the nearest airport -- Anchorage -- when several lavatories were found to be inoperable about three hours after the flight's 2 p.m. Sunday departure from San Francisco, United spokesman Charles Hobart said.

If we'd known we'd be here this long, we might have done some sightseeing," said Tammy Harmon of Cupertino, Calif., taking a look at Anchorage's blue skies and snow-covered Chugach Mountains."

How a Bad Chinese Translation Program Caused a Fake Racism Scandal for Abercrombie & Fitch

-This is hilarious if it wasn't so horrible!!
It's a hoax: the pants are listed on, a bogus website registered in China that appears to sell knock-off A&F gear.

Five years later, Kingsoft's crappy translation is apparently still causing intercontinental strife. Update your translation program, Chinese people.
But Twitter outrage is still flowing. Call off the horde, and let's focus on some non-automated racism:

Painting the City Red: Chinese Cinema and the Urban Contract

Painting the City Red: Chinese Cinema and the Urban Contract (Asia-Pacific: Culture, Politics, and Society)

This book illuminates the dynamic relationship between the visual media, particularly film and theater, and the planning and development of cities in China and Taiwan, from the emergence of the People’s Republic in 1949 to the staging of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Yomi Braester argues that the transformation of Chinese cities in recent decades is a result not only of China’s abandonment of Maoist economic planning in favor of capitalist globalization but also of a shift in visual practices. Rather than simply reflect urban culture, movies and stage dramas have facilitated the development of new perceptions of space and time, representing the future city variously as an ideal socialist city, a metropolis integrated into the global economy, and a site for preserving cultural heritage.

Drawing on extensive archival research, interviews with leading filmmakers and urban planners, and close readings of scripts and images, Braester describes how films and stage plays have promoted and opposed official urban plans and policies as they have addressed issues such as demolition-and-relocation plans, the preservation of vernacular architecture, and the global real estate market. He shows how the cinematic rewriting of ...

Mayor Bloomberg to Donate Millions to Fight Smoking in China!?

-What would a Chinese wedding be like without smoking? 
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who fought for anti-smoking legislation in the city, said he would donate $220 million to help reduce tobacco use in China, India and elsewhere in the developing world.

Bloomberg has already pledged money to target the low- and middle-income countries where, according to the World Health Organization, three-quarters of the 1 billion smokers worldwide live. Today’s pledge brings his total to more than $600 million.
Mayor Bloomberg Donates $220 Million to Fight Smoking Abroad - Bloomberg:


-The audacity of blaming... 

"OBAMA: We are doing the all of the above strategy right. Obviously, we wish Solyndra hadn’t gone bankrupt. Part of the reason they did was because the Chinese were subsidizing their solar industry and flooding the market in ways that Solyndra couldn’t compete. But understand, this was not our program per se.

Congress–Democrats and Republicans–put together a loan guarantee program because they understood historically that when you get new industries–it’s easy to raise money for start-ups, but if you want to take them to scale sometimes there’s a lot of risk involved, and what the loan guarantee program was designed to do was to help start-up companies get to scale"

How Etch A Sketch Outsourced Manufacturing To China, Hundreds Of Ohio Workers Lost Jobs

-Who would buy a $20 etch a sketch!?

Mitt Romney came under fire today for an adviser comparing his campaign's ability to remake itself to an Etch A Sketch. But in Bryan, Ohio, Etch A Sketch is a symbol of the ravages of free trade, a central subject of the presidential campaign. The company exported production to China in 2000 to save money, laying off hundreds of workers at the Ohio Art Company, the manufacturer of the toy.

From Buzzfeed.

From New York Times December 7, 2003

Workers at Kin Ki Industrial, a leading Chinese toy maker, make a decent salary, rarely work nights or weekends and often ''hang out along the street, play Ping-Pong and watch TV.''
They all have work contracts, pensions and medical benefits. The factory canteen offers tasty food. The dormitories are comfortable.
These are the official working conditions at Kin Ki as they are described on paper -- crib sheets -- handed to workers just before inspections.
Those occur when big American clients, like the Ohio company that uses Kin Ki to produce the iconic toy Etch A Sketch, visit to make sure that the factory has good labor standards.
Real-world Kin Ki employees, mostly teenage migrants from internal provinces, say they work many more hours and earn about 40 percent less than the company claims. They sleep head-to-toe in tiny rooms. They staged two strikes recently demanding they get paid closer to the legal minimum wage.

VIDEO GAMES: Kung Fu Rabbit Launch Trailer

-Available at iTunes now!

Jeremy Lin's Star Power -WSJ

-Does Jeremy Lin say VOLVO to you??

Volvo picks Jeremy Lin as the new face of its global ad campaign, hoping 'Linsanity' will help drive sales in countries like China. The WSJ's Deborah Kan speaks to China Real Time Editor Josh Chin.

China's Rural Decline Documented in Photos

-This artist should win a Nobel for photography!

As China's National People's Congress holds its annual deliberations on new government policies, there is intense focus on the country's quickening urbanization. Artist He Chongyue turns his camera in the opposite direction -- away from the cities to villages -- to document how issues like old age and poverty are ravaging the Chinese countryside. Stephanie Ho recently talked to the artist in Beijing.

Lang Lang at Royal Albert Hall, review

-Read a real British review of music.
Chinese youth in chic gear mingled with elderly English couples. To launch the cycle Lang Lang chose one of the most extrovert of the five concertos, no. 1, and the most quietly spoken, no 4. Both belong to the era before the barn-storming heroics of ...

Lang Lang at Royal Albert Hall, review

Mayday五月天2012世界巡演"诺亚方舟"精华版 Chinese Boy Band MayDay and their over the top Concerts


Asians fastest-growing race in US, census finds

-Complain about how smart they are, ready go!

For statistical purposes, the United States defines an Asian as someone "having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent."
Those who identified themselves as either Asian alone or Asian mixed with another race grew by at least 30 percent in all states except Hawaii, where they already made up a majority of the population.
States with the fastest rate of Asian growth were Nevada (116 percent), Arizona (95 percent) and North Carolina (85 percent).
New York had the biggest Asian population with 1.1 million, followed by Los Angeles (484,000) and San Jose, California (327,000).
Chinese was the largest of all Asian groups (four million, including 700,000 who identified as mixed race), followed by Filipinos (3.4 million) and Asian Indians (3.2 million).

Asians fastest-growing race in United States, census finds Yahoo News.

Fake China News: Fake Filesharing? Fake Android Store? Fake Agents helping Chinese Students in US schools? Fake Samsung Galaxy S III?

-This post is fake too.
Fake Filesharing Lawsuits? Dang, That's Devious
Above the Law
Compensation is very competitive with what one would find at same level at a top Wall St. firm in HK / China (all in, including expat / cola). The new hire is likely to come from a top firm in Asia, rather than a bank or another in-house position,
Fake Android Store sprouts up in China…pushing Apple products and branding too
The Next Web
Last year an expat blogger in China put the international news spotlight on fake Apple Stores in China. The unofficial retail outlets that were uncovered were so close to the original that many of the employees there thought they were working for the
Shady Agents Help Chinese Students Enter US Universities
Voice of America (blog)
A record number of Chinese are now studying at US universities. But admissions experts say many of those students are turning to dishonest admissions agents to help fake their application materials. Phillip Ballinger, who chairs a committee formed by

Samsung Galaxy S III: rumored April release date drops alongside fake render
While the leak does match up with a previous render, Internet detectives are already crying fake. And with good reason. David Ruddock of Android Police has put together a post calling out the flaws in the latest Galaxy S III render, leaked by GSM


#SXSW 2012: An Interview With Director Debbie Lum of "Seeking Asian Female"

-Online love between Westerner and Chinese! 

A exclusive interview with Debbie Lum, director of the SXSW World Premiere documentary "Seeking Asian Female."

Directed by San Francisco-based filmmaker Debbie Lum, "Seeking Asian Female" follows the unlikely romance between Steven - a white, American man obsessed with Asian women - and Sandy, the young Chinese woman he meets online.

Still single at age 30, Sandy (whose real name is Zhang Jianhua) was an 'old maid' by Chinese standards and turned to online dating in hopes of meeting an open-minded Chinese man. Instead she found Steven, an American in his early '60s with a severe case of "yellow fever."

The documentary is told through the viewpoint of Lum who, as a Chinese American woman, was fascinated with Western men's obsession with Asian women. It took over five years to make the film, as Lum followed her main character until he found a Chinese who wanted to marry him... check out MOVIEHOLE.NET for more! -- Video by Tim Alden Grant.

Oh, China!: An Elementary Reader of Modern Chinese for Advanced Beginners

Oh, China!: An Elementary Reader of Modern Chinese for Advanced Beginners (Revised Edition) (Princeton Language Program: Modern Chinese)

Oh, China! meets the needs of advanced beginners or "heritage learners" who already speak some Chinese but require instruction in reading and writing fundamentals before moving to the intermediate level. In this fully revised edition, state-of-the-art lessons go over the basics of standard Mandarin pronunciation and introduce students to Chinese characters. The textbook moves at a faster pace than those designed for absolute beginners and allows students to rapidly develop strong foundations in grammar and vocabulary. It contains topics that are especially relevant to heritage learners, such as growing up in a bilingual, bicultural environment, and exposes students to essential issues for understanding contemporary China today, including economic development and political relations with Taiwan.

This essential of Chinese language learning contains updated lessons, grammar notes, and exercises, and its new user-friendly format juxtaposes text and vocabulary on adjacent pages.

Review from Princeton University Press:

Oh, China! is a textbook for the growing number of "advanced beginners" who are studying Mandarin Chinese. These are students who, usually because of their Chinese family backgrounds, can speak and understand elementary Mandarin, but cannot read or write well enough for an intermediate course. Most first-year texts serve advanced beginners poorly by focusing on elementary vocabulary and conversation that the students already know. In contrast, this book offers help with what they most need: reading and writing, grammar, and achievement of standard pronunciation...

More than 30 million people in China live underground in caves - 2007 and 2012

-Extreme environmentalists love this idea! 

In China's vast interior, an estimated 40 million people still live in caves (Mao himself lived in a cave). As the modernization of China continues, this way of life is slowly disappearing.

Shanghai 40 years ago

-Part 1 and 2 of Shanghai in 1973. AMAZING! 
This is what Shanghai looked like in 1973. I wonder how much has changed since. Final part of the film about the great port of Shanghai in 1973 towards the end of the cultural revolution.

Adele -Rolling in the Deep -Chinese Zither Cover古箏版(Video Remix)


中國姑娘古筝版神曲《Rolling in the Deep》
Rolling in the Deep 中国のツィターバージョン
Rolling in the Deep 중국어 치터 버전
Rolling in the Deep bằng đàn tranh
Rolling in the Deep Cina sitar versi
Rolling in the Deep Cítara china versión
Rolling in the Deep Cetra cinese versione
Rolling in the Deep Versão cítara chinesa
Rolling in the Deep Chińska wersja cytra
Rolling in the Deep االصينية آلة القانون نسخة
Rolling in the Deep چینی zither ورژن
Rolling in the Deep चीनी जितरा संस्करण

音頻部分经由老外专业人士处理过,去除了因当时录音条件所限制而造成的配乐模糊部分,使其清脆,乾淨, 更接近专业制作水准。mp3 下载:

The musician is a 22-year old Chinese law school student who shows a great talent in playing the Chinese Guzheng/zither. Zithers are specifically meant for traditional Chinese musical performance, which falls within a pentatonic scale - a musical scale with five notes per octave with contrast to a heptatonic (seven note) scale such as the major scale and minor scale. So the scale conversion could be tough and not very straight forward. However, this creative musician has done a great job in playing the cover for Adele's most famous "Rolling in the Deep".

The musician has more than a hundred video clips showing she's doing a great jobs for covers for many traditional Chinese songs.

Here are her blog and website:

Charlie Rose - Business in China with YUM! Brands CEO David Novak and Soho China CEO Zhang Xin

-Good discussion!

David Novak, CEO of Yum Brands; Zhang Xin,CEO of Soho China and Ian Bremmer, President of the Eurasia Group on business in China


-Hard to see but such dirty plays! 

When you see it, you’ll probably let out a verbal “oh!”

During a recent soccer match in Hong Kong between two under-twelve (U-12) teams, things got ugly. As you’ll see, the team in blue (the ESF Lions) is seen committing plenty of controversial plays including tough tackles. But the pinnacle of dirty comes when one boy goes to “kick” the ball and instead unleashes his foot on an opponent’s head as he lay on the ground. Now, that boy has been arrested.

Soccer Player Arrested for Kicking Opponent in the Head | ESF Lions Hong Kong | Video |

touched off a lot of talk in Hong Kong about "white bullies" and whether the government should be funding the education of foreigners.
World's Dirtiest U-12 Soccer Player Arrested In Hong Kong After Kicking Opponent In Head:

ESF was set up in 1967 mainly for the children of expatriates on the island and continues to receive a controversial subsidy from the Hong Kong government, despite now being the largest international school network in Asia.

Some comments posted on the websites of Hong Kong newspapers pointed out that the ESF team, including the ten year-old, were mainly Caucasian and described them as “white bullies”. From the video, the injured boy appeared to be ethnically Chinese.

On the Road from Shilin (石林) to Kunming (昆明) (Bicycle Tour in Yunnan, China, Dec., 2003)

-Not a very good job, but heck, it's 2003!

I did bicycle touring in Yunnan, China on Dec. 2003.

Real-Life Frogger in China: Watch this guy somehow avoid oncoming traffic until...

-Just watch till 20 seconds... AMAZING!!!  Why did the Chinese man cross the road?

No Drama Real China: "你喜欢汉堡吗?" Do you like to eat Hamburgers?

-What's with the guy and the sleeping monkey? 

Rachel Guo asks Chinese people "你喜欢汉堡吗?" "Do you like burgers?" The answers range from the informative to the inane. Hilarious.

VOA: 前驻华大使谈中国政改和政权合法性

-Westerners talk about China's changing politics. 


Watch what happens when you try and leave a Chinese restaurant with paying the bill!

-No tip too!


China's Capitalism News: Town Hall, Business Week, CNN, WPTZ Champlain Valley, Flickr, Moneyshow, World Socialist Web and MORE!

-Oh the joys of the Capitalist dogs!
5 Reasons Socialism Is Inferior To Capitalism
Town Hall
You can thank the growth created by capitalism for that. Even nations like China have figured this out and have seen their economies lift off by moving towards capitalism. If China keeps at it long enough, eventually the hundreds of millions of Chinese

State Capitalism in China Will Fade: Zhang
By Bloomberg News on March 20, 2012 Bo Xilai's ouster last week as head of Chongqing is a signal that China will increase the role of private businesses in the economy and scale back state capitalism, said Zhang Xin, Chief Executive Officer of Soho

China's rise doesn't have to come at America's expense
By Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran, Special to CNN (CNN) -- Travel to Shekou, a port city in Shenzhen, and you will find the stirrings of something unexpected: entrepreneurial capitalism. This part of China, home to many mega-factories like those of Foxconn
WPTZ The Champlain Valley
Travel to Shekou, a port city in Shenzhen, and you will find the stirrings of something unexpected: entrepreneurial capitalism. This part of China, home to many mega-factories like those of Foxconn (which makes Apple's iPads) is known as the world's
How China Became Capitalist - Ronald Coase & Ning Wang | Flickr ...
How China Became Capitalist - Ronald Coase & Ning Wang.
The Economic Battle Inside China
In those contradictions, I think, you can find a key to understanding the current peculiar nature of China's state-run capitalism—and the shape of the coming struggle over the direction of that economy. For an investor in any global market,
Top official Bo Xilai dismissed by Chinese Communist Party
World Socialist Web Site
The CCP is highly sensitive to any sign of popular opposition, as it is now considering a wide-ranging free-market restructuring in the interests of China's "red capitalists" and Western finance capital. At the press conference immediately after the

How to cure a cold in China

-Take Chinese medicine and you'll NEVER get sick again! 

If you find yourself sick with a cold in China, what medicine can you take to get rid of it fast... come and see the best cure for the common cold

2012 Chinese New Year Concert: Year of the Dragon

-1 hour 20 minutes. FUN! Site refreshes every 30 minutes. 

Award-winning musicians from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing perform traditional Chinese music, as well as Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer" on cellos, at the University of Chicago to celebrate the 2012 Chinese New Year.

Also performing are the Dongfang Chinese Education Institute Student Performance Group and Hyde Park Chinese School Student Performance Group.

The performance is sponsored by the Confucius Institute at the University of Chicago. For more information, visit

Teavana Shanghai Orchid Loose-Leaf White Tea, 2oz

Teavana Shanghai Orchid Loose-Leaf White Tea, 2oz
Tea has been consumed for several thousand years. And more tea is consumed each year around the world than any other beverage. So why not try out nature's most delicious resource?

If you are new to tea, let us help you select some delicious gourmet teas based on your taste and health preferences. You may be thinking, why bother with loose leaf tea when tea bags are more convenient? Teavana loose teas are much higher quality than tea bags and the taste alone is often reason enough for people to drink loose leaf teas. And loose tea can be very simple and quick to make with a few key items.

Chinese Female Soldiers and Militias in 1999 and 2009 China National Day Military Parade

-In lock step, looking good. 

Chinese Female Soldiers and Militias in 1999 and 2009 China National Day Military Parade 1080p HD

Claire McCaskill (D Missouri) Slams China on Rare Earths Minerals Trading Practices

-BIG SCARY CHINA. Be afraid!  

"We will not stand by and let China restrict access to materials that are critical to our economic and national security interests. We must ensure they don't hold our businesses hostage in order to get ahead." 

纳税人的钱哪去了? Where has Chinese taxpayers' money gone? Subtitles by MiniTofu

-Damning, even in the US there's the same problems. 

Go to for more about this video.

20 Seemingly Innocuous Phrases Censored By Chinese Internet

-If Buzzfeed only knew Chinese... 

3. Grass Your Mother

Grass Your Mother
Oh, I guess grass means "fuck" in this case.

4. Foot Cross

Foot Cross

20 Seemingly Innocuous Phrases Censored By Chinese Internet:

Sina Weibo Real name Registration: BBC Interviews Tea Leaf Nation Editor Rachel Lu

-Great interview, TEA LEAF rocks! 

BBC World News interviews Tea Leaf Nation Co-Editor Rachel Lu on the likely effect of required real-name registration on China's Weibo platforms.

China Super League: Qingdao Jonoon vs Tianjin Teda 2-1 HIGHLIGHTS / GOALS

-Nothing like a crappy quality football video! 

Video sponsored by & 青岛中能2-1天津泰达 所有进球,比赛集锦,2012年中国超级联赛 青岛中能2-1天津泰达,所有進球,比賽集錦,2012年中國超級聯賽

How I Was Duped By Mike Daisey's Lies - Gawker

-Oh yes you CAN blame TAL for believing Daisy. 

I can't blame This American Life for falling for disgraced monologuist Mike Daisey's lies because I fell for them, too. I once confronted Daisey with my own doubts about his story, but he gave such a convincing performance that I stupidly dropped the issue.

Last year, I started trying to check the facts of Mike Daisey's hit monologue, "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs," about his trip to investigate the Foxconn factory that makes Apple products in Shenzhen, China. This was before it was adapted into the hugely popular This American Life episode, which was retracted after Marketplace reporter Rob Schmitz discovered Daisey had fabricated many facts in his story and lied to producers during the fact-checking process. You can listen to this week's This American Life here, which shows the extent of Daisey's deceit.
How I Was Duped By Mike Daisey's Lies:

Summer Palace, Beijing, China

-Great video great music! 3,000 hand-picked all-China travel videos

This video: The beautiful Summer Palace, Beijing, China

NO DRAMA - REAL CHINA: What Does China Want to Ask America?

-Hegemon? Invading for Oil? Sounds like Democrats! 

No Drama Real China answers YOUR questions about China and Chinese people.

In this episode, Rachel Guo interviews real, regular Chinese people and asks them "What question would you most like to ask Americans?"

If you have any questions about China, Rachel will ask real Chinese people your question and share the answers with you on "No Drama Real China"!

Sesame Street Expands Presence in Chinese Animation Market

-How do you say GROUCH in Chinese?

With the vision of the large number of children in China, Sesame Street, the Emmy Award-winning children's TV program entered the China market in 1983, and started producing shows using Muppet characters such as Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster to engage children to learn. In recent years, the Chinese government has encouraged expanding the animation market in China. Many see China becoming the world's largest animation market in terms of audience size and production volume.


6 Vintage China Postcards: Shanghai Door of Hope, Nanjing Road, Post Office, Ariel view and more!

-Wow. What a gold mine! So fun! 
Street with Door of Hope Rescue Home Postcard The Post Office Vintage Postcard Palace Hotel and View of the Bund Postcard Aerial View of Nanking Road Vintage Post Card Nanking Road Old Postcard Nankin Road Postcard
Old postcards from almost anything you want can be found on

美国人谈油价 Americans Talk about Gas Prices Rising

-WAaaaaay too high! 

美国人谈油价 Americans comment on gas price

Chinese Aerospace Power: Evolving Maritime Roles by Andrew S. Erickson

-Includes an hour long book lecture! 
Chinese Aerospace Power: Evolving Maritime Roles

Chinas aircraft carrier program is making major waves well before the first ship has been completed. Undoubtedly, this development heralds a new era in Chinese national security policy. While the present volume presents substantial new insight on that particular question, its focus is decidedly broader in scope. Chinese Aerospace Power offers a comprehensive survey of Chinese aerospace developments, with a focus on areas of potential strategic significance previously unexplored in Western scholarship. The book also links these developments to the vast maritime battlespace of the Asia-Pacific region and highlights the consequent implications for the U.S. military, particularly the U.S. Navy.

Absolutely the most important book on air and space power I ve had the pleasure to read. The power of this detailed survey is doubled because it presents both an intelligent American analysis and an insightful view of the Chinese perception of the situation. Our two nations have much in common, but the understanding this difference in perception is essential to our selection of our future alternatives. A must have book!
--COL. WALTER J. BOYNE, USAF (RET.)former director of the National Air and Space Museum

Book Lecture | Chinese Aerospace Power
Dr. Andrew S. Erickson, "Chinese Aerospace Power: Evolving Maritime Roles," Eight Bells Book Lecture, Naval War College Museum, Sept. 8, 2011.

This talk by Dr. Andrew S. Erickson, China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI), introduced Chinese Aerospace Power: Evolving Maritime Roles, the 5th volume in the Naval Institute Press Series "Studies in Chinese Maritime Development." This is the first book to address both the Chinese aerospace challenge and its implications for U.S. naval strategy.

Excerpt from a Book Review from "Lawyers Guns and Money"
"Chinese Aerospace Power is a collection of essays generated at a December 2008 colloquium organized by the Naval War College’s China Maritime Studies Institute. The collection is held together by a common focus on maritime oriented Chinese aerospace military capabilities. Edited by Andrew Erickson, CAP is part of a series of similar volumes on Chinese maritime military issues. Taken together, the essays supply a vision of how the United States and the People’s Republic of China envision high technology warfare against one another."

Chinese Reality Show - Hilarious or Borderline Child Abuse? (Subtitled by Tea Leaf Nation)

-Tea Leaf Nation ROCKS! 

For ENGLISH Subtitles, click the CC button on the bottom right corner of the video.

Panda poo grows 'worlds most expensive tea' in China

-Along with our own reporting

A Chinese entrepreneur in Chengdu grows an organic green tea grown solely from panda poo. It costs around £2000 per 500g.

Signs of trouble in China's soaring skyline?

-Diamonds up Wine down?! 

China's strong consumer base has kept the country stable in times of global economic uncertainty.

But alternative economic indicators may now be pointing to tougher financial times for the world's second-biggest economy.

The country's towering skyline, made up of plenty of new but vacant buildings, is a sure indicator for many that it is heading for trouble.

Half of all the world's skyscrapers currently under construction are in China.

And like New York in the run-up to the Wall Street crash of 1929, or Dubai before the 2008 financial collapse, analysts point to the link between building for pride and an impending economic fall.

Al Jazeera's Rob McBride reports from Hong Kong.

World's biggest LCD screen shines eyes in Beijing

-Larger than life Monkeys on the screen! 

The world's largest 3D LCD screen in Beijing is turning heads and making eyes pop.

Chinese company CSOT has launched a 110-inch 3D LCD screen setting a new record as the world's largest LCD screen.

The screen integrates several new technologies including active 3D, multi-touch functions and intelligent dynamic back-lighting.

Its high-resolution display with 800 units of brightness allows viewers to better enjoy high definition videos. The former record was held by a 108-inch screen produced by a Japanese company.

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