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5 Chinese Brothers the Band - American band with NO Chinese people in it (Let alone brothers) 4 Albums and 4 videos

-Love the music, love the lyrics, too bad they broke up!? 
5 Chinese Brothers - Singer Songwriter Beggarman Thief

5 Chinese Brothers began life as The Special Guests, a collection of college buddies dedicated to playing great bar band music. At first an all-cover band, the Special Guests morphed into an originals band that blended 12-bar rock, R&B, and country.

More can be heard at their MySpace page.

5 Chinese Brothers--She's a Waitress (And I'm in Love)
5 Chinese Brothers - Stone Soup
Numerous personnel changes eventually suggested a name change was in order. The band was The Bugs for one gig, then received a cease-and-desist order from The Bugs of San Francisco. 
5 Chinese Brothers - The Fruitcake Song
5 Chinese Brothers - Let's Kill Saturday Night
A drunken pow-wow resulted in the unfortunate selection of the name 5 Chinese Brothers, evoking scowls from Chinese audience members and from those expecting an REM cover band.
 5 Chinese Brothers - 3 Cool Guys
5 Chinese Brothers - A Window Shopper's Christmas
Nonetheless the band persisted through 4 albums and numerous tours that took it to 34 states, 5 foreign nations, and several expulsions from Canada. 5 Chinese Brothers threw in the towel in early 1999 but they'd be willing to play a reunion show just for you, if the price was right.
5 Chinese Brothers - Paul Cezanne (Father of Cubism)

Two Billion Eyes: The Story of China Central Television

-how about those fireworks a couple years ago?  
Two Billion Eyes: The Story of China Central Television
As China navigates the murky waters of a “third way” with liberal economic policies under a strict political regime, the surprising battleground for China’s future emerges in the country’s highest rated television network—China Central Television, or CCTV.

With 16 internationally broadcast channels and over 1.2 billion viewers, CCTV is a powerhouse in conveying Chinese news and entertainment. The hybrid nature of the network has also transformed it into an unexpected site of discourse in a country that has little official space for negotiation. While CCTV programming is state sponsored—and censored—the popularity and profit of the station are determined by the people. ...

About the Author:
Ying Zhu is a professor of media culture and co-coordinator of the Modern China Studies Program at City University of New York, Staten Island. The recipient of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities, she is the author or editor of five other books, including Art, Politics, and Commerce in Chinese Cinema. She lives in New Jersey.

 Two Billion Eyes: The Story of China Central Television

Comparing UK, USA and China: The quaintness of America, the backwards superpower – Telegraph

-Worth the read. Interesting issues he raised. 

By Peter Foster the Telegraph's US Editor based in Washington DC. He moved to America in January 2012 after three years based in Beijing, where he covered the rise of China.

"We Europeans tend to scoff slightly at all that lofty US guff about freedom and democracy, particularly when it is used as a cover for invading oil-rich parts of the Middle East – but go and live in China for three years, and you’ll quickly re-discover the point.

But – and I expect you guessed there would be a "but" here – as a new arrival to America I keep stumbling over things that I find gloriously, surprisingly – how to put this? – backward.
And the roads. Oh, don’t start me on the roads. I’ve driven several thousand miles in the last month or so, chasing the Republican hopefuls around Florida, Michigan and Ohio and I now fully understand why Americans drive such vast, wallowing cars – the roads are a complete mess.

Most of the motorways/highways are like driving down the M1 in about 1977, constructed from sections of rumbling, rutted concrete that have been endlessly patched up over the years. I forget how spoiled I’ve been speeding along the black baize of China’s recently constructed motorways."
more at
The quaintness of America, the backwards superpower – Telegraph Blogs:

Singapore arrives in Qingdao after completing Race 8 of Clipper Race

-That is some bad pollution. 

Singapore arrives in Qingdao after completing Race 8, Singapore to Qingdao. The team finished fourth in the race to China and were given a hero's welcome.

EU Nixes EURO Propaganda Video due to its 'racist' (Kung Fu Chinese) and 'sexist' (what? Sexy woman?) Content

-What's racist about Kung Fu?? 

The European Commission this week pulled the plug on this 127.000 euro propaganda video after it was accussed of being 'racist' and 'sexist.' The video, intended to promote the benefits of EU enlargement, shows three men from various ethnic minorities using different threatening martial-arts skills surrounding a young white woman dressed in a yellow jumpsuit similar to that worn by the heroine in the Hollywood hit movies "Kill Bill."

The three men include a Kung Fu master from East Asia, a black man practicing the Brazilian art of Capoeira, and an Asian man doing Kalaripayattu moves. Stefano Sannino, the official in charge of the Commission's enlargement and neighbourhood policy, insisted that the film, targeting 16 to 24-year olds, had been well received by target audiences and focus groups.
"The clip featured typical characters for the martial arts genre: it started with demonstration of their skills and ended with all characters showing their mutual respect, concluding in a position of peace and harmony. The genre was chosen to attract young people and to raise their curiosity on an important EU policy," he said.
But following many complaints, Mr Sannino said that, despite the €127,000 production cost, the two minute video would be axed.
"The clip was absolutely not intended to be racist and we obviously regret that it has been perceived in this way," he said.
"We apologise to anyone who may have felt offended. Given these controversies, we have decided to stop the campaign immediately and to withdraw the video."

Kung Fu Bär - amazing Kung Fu Bear show WIN

-This is like the Jackie Chan of the Zoo, watch out for him!!! 

Ob er von Chuck Norris trainiert worden ist? :D

Mitt Romney Praises Chinese Regulators

I got the chance after I lost to John McCain last time, to go over to -- that was the good part of losing -- I got to go to the Olympic Games in China. It's pretty impressive over there how quickly they can build things, how productive they are as a society. You should see their airport compared to our airports, their highways, their train systems. They're moving quickly in part because the regulators see their job as encouraging private people. It's amazing. The head of Coca-Cola said the business environment is friendlier in China than in America. And that's because of the regulators. That's because of government.

Huffington Post
which goes on to talk about why China can do the things they do...because they seize property etc.
They're also moving quickly, of course, because China's communist government can seize property by fiat and marshal state-owned industries to build large projects. 
Didn't Obama talk about China glowingly?

Oh yeah. He did.

Obama Says China's Infrastructure Is Better Suited Than U.S.

Obama says it would be easier to be President Of CHINA !
If you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen!
I wonder what Chef Ramsey would say ?
This should outrage every American.I was watching Fox on Sunday
doing some house work, and hit record on the VCR, sorry not HD.

Casey Kasem Calls for Chinese Howard Stern Prank

-This is so funny...

Chinese designer finds fashion home in Paris

-Cool hairdo! 

Young Chinese designer Masha Ma, in Paris for her first Fashion Week show in the city, talks to AFPTV about her style and ambitions -- which include setting up shop in the French capital.

How a Baby Develops 胎儿发育过程:1~37周 Part1: Chinese Videos in English!?

-Educational in both languages! 


Chinese Gov't Officials Eat US Military Academy! 雷人两会:政协委员餐厅英文标示令人忍俊不禁(图) - Chinese National Committee Chinglish Mistake

雷人两会:政协委员餐厅英文错得离谱 Restaurant English of the CPPCC National Committee members are horribly wrong

The sign is supposed to say Western Dessert or 西方点心 or just 西点 but the literal translation of WEST POINT is laughably wrong.  But I'm sure the Chinese big wigs all had a good laugh about eating the American Military Academy!
雷人两会:政协委员餐厅英文标示令人忍俊不禁(图) -

2 Hilarious Chinese Book Titles and their English Translation!

-These are funny! 
English: A Daily Obama Must see.  "Only Socialism Will Save America"
Chinese: 奥巴马每日必看的《只有社会主义才能救美国

English: Kindergarten teacher manual? "How to hit a child?"
Chinese: 幼儿园老师使用手册:《怎样打孩子?

Originally found on KaixinWang
Actual location found here.

What words get you censored in China?

-Every word in this article will get you censored.
Carnegie Mellon University researchers have analyzed millions of Chinese microblogs to discover exactly what terms are being censored. Some of the worst-offending names include Falun Gong, a spiritual movement banned by the Chinese government,

Why Peter Schiff Will Argue that China's Capitalism Is Better Than America's and why Adam Smith might have moved to Beijing!?

-A must watch. Schiff is right about so much in this world!

Why Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff will argue that China does economic policy better than the U.S. at the Slate/Intelligence Squared live debate on March 13.

Schiff, the CEO and Chief Global Strategist for Euro Pacific Capital, will argue that China does capitalism better than America at the Slate/Intelligence live debate in New York on March 13. We recently spoke about Chinese and American economic policies. The conversation was surprising. Read on for Schiff's take on U.S. tax codes, Chinese creativity, and why the protests inflaming the Middle Kingdom aren't so different from Occupy Wall Street.  

Bulgarians Ranked Poorer than Chinese Peasants

-Sucks to be a Chinese person in Bulgaria...

The minimum monthly wage in Bulgaria is lower even than the one in China's remote rural areas, according to experts from the International Labor Confederation.
Minimum monthly wages in various Chinese provinces range between USD 160 and 240.
In Bulgaria, after deducting taxes and insurance contributions, the net minimum monthly wage is EUR 96 or about EUR 3.6 a day.

Bulgarians Ranked Poorer than Chinese Peasants

Bo XiLai / Wang Lijun News: Bloomberg, WSJ, Sydney Morning Herald, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, AsiaNews

-the saga continues..
Chongqing's Bo Says He Is Not Under Investigation Amid Wang Probe in China
Bo, 62, took reporters' questions in Beijing today after he was absent from a session of the National People's Congress yesterday, calling into question his political future amid an investigation into Chongqing Vice Mayor Wang Lijun, whose stay at the

China's Bo Signals Wealth Gap Breached Unrest Trigger Point
San Francisco Chronicle
(Updates with NPC head Wu's quote in fifth paragraph. For further coverage of the National People's Congress see EXT2.) March 9 (Bloomberg) -- China's wealth gap has exceeded the point that triggers social unrest, according to figures revealed by

Hu Jintao versus Bo Xilai, "reforms" versus "Maoism". But the people are excluded
by Wang Zhicheng It is war between princes and bureaucrats, between the "Chongqing Model," which was inspired by Maoist justice, and the "Wukan model," about political reform and liberalization in the economy. But maybe it's just an internal struggle
Embattled party chief speaks out
Sydney Morning Herald
Mr Bo, party chief of the south-western city of Chongqing, admitted he had made an error in promoting Wang Lijun, his former police chief. "This was a case of negligent supervision on my part," he said. Mr Bo had appeared on track for promotion to the
Chinese Party Chief Tries to Contain Fallout
Wall Street Journal
But he repeatedly declined to offer fresh details about the circumstances in which Wang Lijun, Chongqing's vice mayor and former police chief, spent a night in the US consulate in the nearby city of Chengdu on Feb. 6. Mr. Bo answered the first question

Chinese official speaks out as rumors, intrigue swirl
Washington Post
Bo, the Communist Party boss in the sprawling south-central municipality of Chongqing, said he was as surprised as anyone when his aide, Wang Lijun, who was the vice-mayor and former police chief, sought refuge Feb. 6 at the US consulate in neighboring ...

What China's Talking About Today: Is American Citizenship Still Desirable? -The Atlantic

-Is Chinese Citizenship desirable for Americans? 

"This view is a relatively new and unusual one in China. Some immigrants to the U.S. have gone so far as to claim that they practiced Falun Gong, whose members are officially branded as cultists in China and sometimes tortured, in order to claim political asylum in the U.S.. American citizenship, in other words, has typically been considered to be a big deal."

What China's Talking About Today: Is American Citizenship Still Desirable? - Massoud Hayoun - International - The Atlantic:

China's Billionaire Boom Halts, Country Leads World In Forbes List Drops


Yet it isn’t a sure that that the billionaire boom will return soon. The government, after following an export-led and industry-heavy development model for years, appears to be struggling to nudge the economy in new direction. And China, long a high-ranking member of the “Forbes Misery Index” due to steep tax rates, appears to be looking for ways to increase its take from successful entrepreneurs and individuals through new tax hikes at a time when many entrepreneurs are already worried that state-owned companies receive growing under treatment.

China's Billionaire Boom Halts, Country Leads World In Forbes List Drops - Forbes:

美国人谈最新iPad和血汗工厂 Americans talk about the new iPad 3

-Do the Foxconn suicides have to do with work or personal problems? 

美国人谈最新iPad和血汗工厂 Americans comment on Apple iPad and sweat shops in China

Chinese for Beginners (not really, just an old, lame joke being rehashed)

-Watch a 1st Class 外国人白痴! 

An easy beginner's guide to Chinese!
Subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with the videos!

Bach's St. Matthew Passion to premiere in Taiwan

-"It's my job to bring Bach's music to everyone in the world."

Cello Maker / Luca Tenore 2009
Violoncello / MingHong Chiu
Record / M-Audio 410 + MacBook 18 Apr. 2011 23:00 Taipei,Taiwan

Bach wrote his St. Matthew Passion in the 1720s. The full-length score was believed to have premiered in 1727 in Leipzig.

During the two concerts in Taipei, the Taipei Philharmonic Chorus, Taipei Philharmonic Children's Choir and Academy of Taiwan Strings will perform on stage with German tenor Lothar Odiniu, baritone Klaus Hager and bass Tobias Berndt, as well as Taiwanese soprano Grace Lin and alto Weng Jo-pei.
Taiwan Culture Portal - Bach's St. Matthew Passion to premiere in Taiwan:

四恶男开山寨公交车 横行深圳两月抢劫上百人 Shenzhen men fake a public bus to rob clueless passengers!

乘客买票上了“公交车”后,遭到“司乘人员”公然抢劫,这是发生在深圳868 山寨公交车上的一幕。而且这辆山寨公交车挂着真车牌,更让市民难辨真假。深圳龙岗平湖派出所破获该起抢劫案,抓获4 名犯罪嫌疑人。自2010 年来, 羊城晚报一直关注868假公交在深圳横行,并进行了多次报道。时隔两年,868 山寨公交仍难以根绝。6 日,记者致函深圳交通委了解山寨公交整治情况,截至记者发稿时,仍没有得到答复。

四恶男开山寨公交车 横行深圳两月抢劫上百人_新闻中心_金羊网:

Here's how it happened: A former bus driver in Shenzhen surnamed Xu was laid off during a redundancy. Together with three accomplices, he purchased a retired bus, repainted it and made it look exactly like a No. 868 Bus in Shenzhen. They even stole a licence plate of a real No. 868 Bus.

English found at Shanghaiist

2012 London Book Fair: Seminars on Chinese Literature

April 16

Annie Yi goes nude for PETA’s anti-fur campaign | China Buzz

-Arousing people to the concept of animal torture... how base. 

The 44-year-old said frankly that she ever used to wear fur for its luxury, but after learning how theanimals were tortured to death for producing fur clothes she swore not to wear fur anymore.

Featured in the advertisement billboard, Annie Yi wore nothing, but crossing her arms to cover breasts only, to promote PETA’s position of “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur.”
for photos that are NOT SAFE FOR WORK:
Annie Yi goes nude for PETA’s anti-fur campaign | China Buzz:

2 Online Chinese Restaurant Ads: Egg Harbor, NJ and Tucson, AZ

Great Wall Chinese Restaurant - Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Great Wall Chinese Restaurant 609-383-8848
Szechuan Omei Chinese Restaurant - Tucson, AZ
Szechuan Omei Chinese Restaurant 520-314-9909

Kenyan woman who died in China was denied treatment

-Was this discrimination? In China??? 

The body of a 37-year-old woman who died in China has been brown back home as the family seeks answers over her death. Maureen Moraa Mayieka is said to have been taken ill but was turned away by three hospitals in Guangzhou before she died. A postmortem to determine the cause of her death is set be conducted.

3 o'clock Kung Fu: Old School Kung Fool

-Cool locker room! These videos are awesome! 

What do you get with a locker room full of asians?
You get Kung Fools.

Performance by Andy & Brian Le, Daniel Mah, and Seishiro Kazama

LEARN YOUR SEX ED MANDARIN: 受精到怀孕4周的过程 Conception to week 4

-What you never learned in school.


Asian Ping Pong Championships 2011 ZHANG Jike - NIWA Koki [Full Match|Short Form]

-Love watching this... 

Get Worldwide Table Tennis News in TableTennista

Asian Championships 2011, 23 Feb 2012 - 01 Mar 2012, Macau, CHN
Men's Team - Final : CHINA - JAPAN : 3-0
# Match1 :: ZHANG Jike - NIWA Koki

*** Credits and Many Thanks to CCTV-5 / CNTV ***

Chinese Man Bought Fake iPhone. Chinese Man Got Angry. Chinese Man Killed Two People

-Chinese man goes to prison.
In China, fake electronics are everywhere. The whole place is packed with them. But increasingly, folks in China don't want to own fakes. They want to own the real deal. Chinese news is reporting that a man in Henan Province desperately wanted an...

Disney's new Toy Story 3 iPad app teaches Chinese language to kids

-because the toys are made in China?
This app teaches key English and Mandarin words and grammar. Employing multiple versions of the Disney-Pixar story of Woody, Buzz and the gang, the app transforms from English to Chinese throughout various levels of the storyline.
Disney's new Toy Story 3 iPad app teaches Chinese language to kids
Orlando Sentinel (blog)

Michelle Bachmann: Obamacare Could Lead to One-Child Policy

-Forced abortions and all?
By Martin Gould American families could be forced to live under a one-child policy similar to Communist China's as a result of President Barack Obama's healthcare reforms, former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has claimed.
Bachmann: Obamacare Could Lead to One-Child Policy

Who is Wei-Yin Chen? and Why is this Baltimore Oriole pitching so well?

-Is this another Jeremy Lin??

Chen tosses two scoreless innings in Grapefruit League debut
Baltimore Sun (blog)
Taiwanese left-hander Wei-Yin Chen said he struggled with adjusting to a new mound and a new atmosphere in Saturday's intrasquad game, in which he threw 31 pitches and lasted only two-thirds of an inning. But Chen, 26, expected to be a member of the
Chen pitches 2 scoreless innings in Orioles' debut
Chen made a neat exhibition debut, pitching two scoreless innings for the Baltimore Orioles in a 6-0 win Wednesday over the Minnesota Twins. Chen, a native of Taiwan, pitched in Japan the last four seasons. He retired the Twins in order in the first

photo credit:
Baltimore Orioles pitcher Wei-Yin Chen, right, of Taiwan, laughs while talking with minor league infield coordinator Bobby Dickerson, left, during a baseball spring training workout Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012, in Sarasota, Fla. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

The poor old Chinese Farmer | Godwriting ™

-Classic story! 

"This is a story about good fortune and bad fortune. I’m not sure where I read this story of the poor Chinese farmer, his son, a horse, and a nosy neighbor back in the warlord days. This is one of my most favorite stories in the world.

There was an old Chinese farmer who had nothing but his one son and one horse. One day the horse got out of his little corral and was nowhere to be found...."

China Isn't Playing Fair, And Neither Should We

 -from Harvard Biz Review.

This premise is wrong because America and China are not playing the same game. The United States is playing free-market free-trade capitalism while China is playing mercantilist state capitalism. Or to put it another way, China is playing football while America plays tennis and acts like China is, too.

It is important to recognize that in most of our trade with China, the assumptions of free trade (objective currency valuations; absence of economies of scale; perfect competition; full employment; no cross-border flows of technology, investment, and people; no economies of scale; etc.) don't apply. Therefore, contrary to free trade orthodoxy, trade is not a win-win game. Rather it is a zero-sum game of win-lose. In that kind of a game, game theorists know very well that tit for tat is the winning strategy.

China Isn't Playing Fair, And Neither Should We
Business Insider

Jamie Thomas and Dane Burman Skate Beijing China - Let The Good Times Roll Episode 7 - @ridechannel

-Spreading the universal theme of the SKATEBOARD! 

This week, Jamie Thomas and Dane Burman head to Beijing, China to skate the ISPO tradeshow with Corey Duffel, Taylor Bingaman, JT Aultz, and more!

Go on a trip each Tuesday with legendary skateboarder Jamie Thomas and friends to get an exclusive look into their life in skateboarding.

Artist- Slipping Into Darkness
Song- Tijuana

Artist- Radio Moscow
Song- City Lights

Subscribe to Ride:
instagram @ridechannel

Shenzhen Father Bites Off 6-Year-Old Son's Penis

-Phallus re-attached but permanent damage done.
A 6-year-old boy was walking down the street with his father and sister in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, when the father allegedly asked the boy to bite his ...

Also found at the Shanghai Daily

When people realized what had happened, they rushed to rescue the boy who was already screaming with blood gushing out of his crotch. They nailed down the father to the ground and picked up the penis that was thrown into the shrubs.

Neighbors claim that the divorced man had been a good parent until about a year ago when, after losing his job and wife, he started acting strangely in public. When rent was due he would take his children begging, they say.

China's Growing Foothold in U.S. Energy

-Cold War Espionage?  

Fu Chengyu's first attempt to buy a piece of the U.S. oil industry kicked up a storm of protest and ended in failure. Seven years later, the Chinese executive is pouring billions of dollars into the oil patch without even a whisper of trouble. His new recipe for success: Seek minority stakes, play a passive role and, in a nod to U.S. regulators, keep Chinese personnel at arm's length from advanced U.S. technology.

Globe and Mail China Roundup: Naked Resignations and Female Billionaires!

-Not naked billionaire females...
Hong Xiangyang, manager of Sunward Career Management Consulting in Shanghai, estimates that 20 per cent of those aged 22 to 35 have resigned "nakedly" at least once in their careers – and 80 per cent have thought about it. One Chinese newspaper named...

The September issue of the Hurun Report, a magazine and events business targeted at China's high-net-worth individuals, discovered that seven of the world's top 10 wealthiest entrepreneurial female billionaires are Chinese. In a post for The Guardian...

Summer Camp China for Students with Franklin Study

-Anybody been? Anybody experienced this? Looks good! 


Franklin Study summer camp takes place in Shanghai, China. Shanghai is an ever-expanding global metropolis with numerous prestigious art centers, luxurious hotels, state of the art shopping malls, and a booming business economy. A population of approximately 21 million creates a vibrant, energetic, and dynamic multi-cultural environment. Shanghai serves as the most influential economic, financial, international trade, cultural, science, and technology center in East China. A majority of the city can be seen by taking the Huangpu River tour, or by strolling down Nanjing Lu, the busiest street in Shanghai. Your child is sure to receive an international education while enjoying the dynamic culture of Shanghai.

Call or contact us today to secure your child’s place in the Summer 2012 roster.


Franklin Travel partners with Huifeng Travel, a world class travel and tour company in China and a member of the official China Travel Association. Huifeng Travel has been in business for over 20 years, offering tour expertise to international guests through cooperation with high-end hotels and U.S. study abroad programs. In addition, Huifeng Travel has arranged tours, events, and outings for Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase, and other international organizations.

Huifeng Travel meets the needs of international clients with multiple language requirements, and regularly deals with student groups in bustling cities. Among their accomplishments, they were chosen as the tour guide company responsible for guiding over 5,000 college students through a 2-day itinerary of museums and cultural landmarks in Shanghai.

Franklin Study is also pleased to offer the following activities, in addition to the daily cultural and language instruction:
  • Tai Chi instruction
  • Digital language instruction games
  • Go instruction (a strategy board game similar to chess)
  • Yo-yos
  • Ping Pong
  • Group play
  • Interaction with local Chinese children
  • Music instruction in Chinese

Who We Are

Franklin Study is a joint venture between a Chinese and U.S. company. Our namesake is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the American President who had significant ties to and influence on Shanghai.
The founders are U.S. and Chinese parents and entrepreneurs who noticed the need for a safe and high-end summer camp offering in China that is secure and oriented toward helping prepare children to become international businessmen and women.
The various learning experiences and activities offered will ensure our goal that your child builds confidence to interact with native Chinese speakers in a way that is fun will help your child grow and become relevant in the dynamic global marketplace of the future.

Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise - Preview Trailer - Coming Soon to Xbox Live Arcade

-Looks AWESOME!!! 

On Facebook -
Official Website:

Taking its inspiration from ancient Chinese tales of revenge and retribution then adding a dash of over-the-top martial arts movies and old school arcade fun, Kung Fu Strike is a fast-paced beat-'em-up where the player can seamlessly blend powerful punches, high kicks and perfectly timed blocks to pull off combos that devastate hordes of enemies. This is all thanks to a fluid combat system that turns brawling into an art form... OF PAIN.

Side-by-side comparisons of Chinese copycat movie posters and those they rip off

tons more at
Photos: Side-by-side comparisons of Chinese copycat movie posters and those they rip off | Ministry of Tofu 豆腐部:

Laugh of the Day: China must free academia to spur innovation | Chinadaily

BEIJING - Premier Wen Jiabao said in a report delivered to the country's top legislature onMonday that the government will advocate academic integrity, encourage independent thinking,ensure academic freedom and foster a scientific spirit.

Exporting the Chinese diet... to China

-It's all America's fault... 

The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health

T. Colin Campbell co-authored a bestselling book touting the health benefits of eating like the rural Chinese. Now he’s trying to reacquaint the Chinese with the benefits of the plant-based diet he learned from them.

Campbell, who co-authored The China Study with his son, Thomas M. Campbell, said the Chinese are abandoning their vegetable-rich meals for fast food and other western fare.

“It’s ironic that some of the things we learned from the Chinese now we’re sort of taking back to China,” said Campbell, an American who is professor emeritus in nutritional sciences at Cornell University.

Exporting the Chinese diet... to China:

China, How it is - Tissues and Toilets

-Good primer for the uninitiated! 

What are all these bags of tissues all about? How and why do I use a Chinese toilet? What do they look like? How do you use them and how do you ask for the toilet?

Heart-breaking plight of Chinese man who's spent life locked in a wooden cage | Mail Online

-Sad sad story. 
Spartan: Wei Yun's cage sits in the corner of a small room in Southern China's Guangxi Province
A mentally disabled Chinese man has spent almost his entire life locked inside a wooden cage because his family cannot afford to look after him.

Tragic Wei Yun, 23, who lives in Gongchuan village, in southern China's Guangxi Province is unable to walk or talk and can only crawl.

As a young child he was allowed to crawl around the home but at the age of two he knocked over a pot of boiling water and almost died.

Wei Yun: Heart-breaking plight of Chinese man who's spent life locked in a wooden cage | Mail Online:
found via Schizophrenia Forums

3 o'clock Kung Fu: Fantasy Kung Fu Showdown

-the end is weird with the cat face guy. 

Dragon Phoenix Entertainment


Asian Ping Pong Doubles Championships 2012 - Ma Long/Wang Hao vs Jung Young Sik/Kim Min Seok


Asian Championships 2012 - Ma Long/Wang Hao vs Jung Young Sik/Kim Min Seok (Short Form) - YouTube

Losing Tibet Forever

-This just makes me sad. Firewall be damned!
Beijing has only a narrow window of opportunity to convince Tibetans they have a stake in China.

This year's anniversary of the Mar. 10, 1959 uprising in Tibet and the escape into exile of the Dalai Lama takes place at a time of deepening crisis. Since February 2009, at least 27 Tibetans, including many monks, have set fire to themselves in what is an unprecedented development in Tibetan society. The Chinese leadership has failed to appreciate the extent to which the nature of the Tibetan struggle has changed. As a result, China risks losing Tibet.

When I first saw footage of a monk standing ablaze like a column of fire, I experienced a mixture of emotions...

China gambles on Cambodia's shrinking forests | Reuters

-Remember: All development is bad!  ;)
BOTUM SAKOR, Cambodia (Reuters) - It was once the unspoiled jungle home for tigers, elephants, bears and gibbons. But today Botum Sakor National Park in southwest Cambodia is fast disappearing to accommodate a much less endangered species: the Chinese gambler.

He means Tianjin Union Development Group, a real-estate company from northern China, which is transforming 340 sq km (130 sq miles) of Botum Sakor into a city-sized gambling resort for "extravagant feasting and revelry," its website says. A 64-km (40-mile) highway, now almost complete, will cut a four-lane swathe through mostly virgin forest.

"It's been my land since my grandparents' generation," says Srey Khmao, 68, from Thmar Sar. "I lived peacefully there until Union Group threatened the villagers and told them to remove their belongings."

Such protests could ratchet up anti-Chinese sentiment in Cambodia, where China is both the largest foreign investor and source of foreign aid. That aid, often in the form of no-strings-attached infrastructure projects, has made Hun Sen less reliant on Western donors, who generally demand greater transparency and respect for human rights.

Gossip Girl Is Headed To Asia?! China To Make Its Own Gossip Girl

-Will it rip off the show like Conan O'brien!?
China is gearing up for its own version of Gossip Girl! Chinese production firms Mei Tian Mei Yu and H&R Century TV will partner with Metan Development Group, Warner Bros. International... ... International Television Production and Gossip Girl's creative team to hash out a 30 Mandarin speaking episode season. So where will these gossipy vixens dish? The series will feature ... Will designers flock to Shanghai with their latest creations? Will we get to hear someone say, in all ...

Chinese child does homework on back of father's scooter -Telegraph

-I do that all the time...
The extraordinary picture, which appeared online with no details, further enhances the reputation Chinese parents have gained for pushing their children to achieve the highest grades at school so they can attend top universities and secure well paid jobs.

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