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Taiwan Man Cycles from Kunming to Tibet to Honor His Brother: "转山 Kora" Watch the full movie HERE!

转山 - 剧情


转山 - 幕后花絮

Taipei, Taiwan, 2010. Following the sudden death of his elder brother Shu-wei (Michael Chang), 24-year-old university graduate Chang Shu-hao (Bryan Chang), inspired by his brother's "Riding Diaries", decides to undertake a bicycle ride from Lijiang, Yunnan province, to Lhasa, Tibet, in memory of him. It was a journey that his brother always dreamed of making - a 1,800-kilometre ride that even professional riders need two weeks to do because of the constant changes in altitude and atmospheric pressure between 1,000 and 4,000 metres. Arriving in Yunnan - on what is his first trip to mainland China - Shu-hao is met by a fellow Taiwanese who's been living there for two years already and who cons him out of RMB3,500 (US$550) for a fake identity card he'll need on the road. On the first day of his bicycle ride, he finds the road outside Lijiang blocked by a landslide and teams up with a professional local cyclist, Li Xiaochuan (Li Xiaochuan). On Day Five the two reach Deqin and then cross over into Tibet, and the following day reach Yanjing, where they stay overnight at the house of a young village widow (Li Tao), her son and in-laws. The young widow takes a liking to Shu-hao, and he to her and her son, but next day Shu-hao and Xiaochuan have to move on. During the next 19 days, Shu-hao will find himself tested to the limits of his endurance and sanity as he pushes on regardless through extreme altitudes, deep snow, wild mastiffs and hostility by some locals to reach Lhasa and fulfil his brother's dream.

Go Kunming has a great film review of the movie.

‘Harper's Elbows’ becomes star dish in Beijing - Globe and Mail

-What would Obama's dish be?  (BTW anything with a color in the name of the dish is racist... of course.) 

In Canada, the phrase “Harper's Elbows” might make a good description for the prime minister's penchant for playing political offence.  But in Beijing, it's the name of a new dish in a restaurant that gained celebrity status following Stephen Harper's visit earlier this month.  During his four-day trip to China, Mr. Harper stopped in at the Yi Wan Ju restaurant in Beijing for lunch with his wife Laureen.
After US oil snub, Canada focuses on China Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada wants to expand economic ties with China, in the wake of the U.S. decision to block the Keystone oil pipeline project. -- Video by Reuters

1st A Shark Fin Soup Ban, 2nd Bear Bile Ban Now? Rhino Horn Smuggling!

Bogus Medicine - China's Rhino Horn Scheme Why does the demand for rhino horn persist? After all, rhino horn has no proven medicinal value. However, China (using rhinos imported from South Africa) is engaged in a profit-making scheme that depends on people using rhino horn instead of medicine. Check out the video and learn more on our blog and our website

 "Seven people have been arrested in the US on charges of trafficking in endangered rhinoceros horns, federal officials say. The most recent arrest occurred Wednesday night when Jin Zhao Feng, a Chinese national, was taken into custody at Los Angeles International Airport, Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the US attorney's office, said Thursday."
US cracks rhino horn smuggling ring:

15 Fascinating Photos From Inside A Chinese Condom Factory

-Glad to see they are wearing protection... 
-Hypnotic and slightly ominous photos of an industrial condom facility. Safety never looked so spooky.
15 Fascinating Photos From Inside A Chinese Condom Factory: 'via Blog this'

Chinese woman hailed hero after confronting ATM robber

-Smooth Talker meet Thief with a Heart. 
A woman in eastern China has been hailed a hero after persuading a thief not to rob her at a cash machine, Chinese state media reported.

iPhone Brand Tabletop Stoves Confiscated In China | Geekologie

-Gotta love the AUDACITY!!! 
Because what CAN'T iPhones sell, police in China recently confiscated 681 stoves that had been illegally branded with the Apple phone's logo. Haha -- that, uh, that's illegal? *blocking door to iPhone toaster warehouse*iphone-stoves-1.jpg

Caving to China’s demands - The WaPo

-WaPo caves to Obama's demands, so what's the difference? 
"It is also good to remember that The Post is tied to China through advertising revenue. Once a month The Post prints “China Watch,” an advertising supplement in English that consists of stories aimed at a U.S. audience but written by China Daily, the house organ of the Chinese government. And The Post’s Web site hosts a regularly updated version of China Watch.

That’s the thing about China, whether you are The Washington Post, the U.S. government or Apple computers. There is interdependence in the relationship, and constant negotiation and compromise. The Chinese know it, and they take advantage of it.

The Post’s job is to point that out, be transparent about it and report the truth regardless."Caving to China’s demands - The Washington Post: 'via Blog this'

4 Michael Jordan/China Videos: Recent lawsuit, Rayovac Ad, Better than Jordan? and His Chinese Superman Dunk (1998)

Michael Jordan Files Lawsuit Against Qiaodan
KEY FACTS OF THE COMPLAINT FILING: To preserve ownership of his name and protect Chinese consumers from being misled, Michael Jordan filed suit in a Chinese court on February 21, 2012 against Qiaodan Sports Company Limited, a Chinese sportswear and footwear manufacturer, for unauthorized use of his name and identity. Qiaodan Sports' misuse of Michael Jordan's name and identity has misled and continues to mislead consumers. Qiaodan Sports has knowingly profited from this infringement of Michael Jordan's naming rights.

Michael Jordan Rayovac commercial China #2, 1998. This kid thinks he is better than MJ???
 NBA Racism 1988: Rick Barry Calls Michael Jordan Dunk Chinese Superman Rick Barry makes a blatantly racist comment during the 1988 NBA Dunk Contest. And here we thought anti-Asian racism started with Jeremy Lin... read more at

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius: Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

-Genius Chopsticks idea!

There are tons more ideas!

Learn Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney's name in Chinese, Plus watch Afghans freak out about Koran burning in Chinese!

桑托勒姆在多次民调领先罗姆尼 , 阿富汗人抗议美军焚烧可兰经 Sāng tuō lēi mǔ zài duō cì mín diào lǐngxiān luō mǔ ní, āfùhàn rén kàngyì měi jūn fénshāo kělánjīng Santorum in a number of poll-leading Mitt Romney, Afghans protest against U.S. troops burning the Koran 1) 桑托勒姆在多次民调领先罗姆尼 Santorum leads in latest polls. 2) 阿富汗人抗议美军焚烧可兰经 Afghanistan demonstrators protested American soldiers burned Koran copies in Kabul. 3) 西方国家召开"叙利亚之友"会议 Western countries held "Friends of Syria" meeting to discuss Syria issues. 4) 奥斯卡入围最佳影片介绍 Movies: Hugo, The Artist


Anhui Official's Son Torches Girl After She Refuses His Advances, Boy's Parents Refuse To Pay Medical Expenses

-My not be suitable for queasy stomachs... 
Originally published February 24, 2012 at 11:17 pm EST



羊城晚报讯 记者余姝、通讯员孙奕报道:24日,一条“网曝安徽‘官二代’横行霸道,恋爱不成将少女毁容”的微博在网络上疯传。 该微博称陶汝坤因追求少女周岩不成,将其烧成重伤。羊城晚报记者24日联系到受害者周岩的家属及其代理律师李智贤。



据发帖人“安徽呱蛋合肥”称,事情发生在 2011 年 9 月 17 日 18 点左右,施暴者陶汝坤因追求少女周岩不成,破门闯入其家中,趁周岩不备,拿出准备好的打火机油浇到受害人头上并点着, 不停地叫嚣“去死吧! ”周岩痛苦地哀嚎惨叫。 家人闻讯赶来,用被子将火扑灭,报警并拨打 120抢救。 周岩经过 7 天 7 夜的抢救治疗才脱离危险,伤势极为严重,一只耳朵被烧掉了,头面部、颈部、胸部等严重烧伤,烧伤面积超过 30%,烧伤程度达二度、三度,整个人面目全非。
Anhui Official's Son Torches Girl After She Refuses His Advances, Boy's Parents Refuse To Pay Medical Expenses 




Anhui Official's Son Torches Girl After She Refuses His Advances, Boy's Parents Refuse To Pay Medical Expenses


Anhui Official's Son Torches Girl After She Refuses His Advances, Boy's Parents Refuse To Pay Medical Expenses

*****UPDATE February 25, 2012*****
Offbeat China has posted the story about this in English:
"On September 17, 2011, a teenage boy named Tao Rukun broke into the home of Zhou Yan, a girl who just passed her 18th birthday, poured butane all over her and set her on fire, shouting “Go to hell” very loudly at the same time. When the girl’s family came after hearing her screams and put off the fire, it was already too late."Found Via HaoHaoReport

****** UPDATE February 27, 2012 ************
Shanghaiist posted about this story

He also says that Li had asked for 10 million yuan in compensation as well as a 2.8 million yuan apartment, claims that Li has rejected.

Li has since quit her job at Unilever to take care of her daughter, and the family now depends on the 1,500 yuan monthly salary of her husband, according to local media reports.

If convicted, Tao may face ten years behind bars.

from Sina Entertainment on YouTube.

March 7, 2012

Teenager set on fire in attack to get free care and plastic surgery

Zhou Yan, the 17-year-old who suffered horrific burns on her faceand body when she was splashed with lighter fluid and set on fire inHefei, Anhui province, was transferred to a plastic surgery hospital in Beijing for free treatment on Monday night.

A reality TV show in Jiangsu province had invited the girl and herfamily to Nanjing, Jiangsu province, and contacted the Evercare Beijing Aikang Hospital to get treatment for her. The hospital agreedand will treat her at no cost.

The public has donated 831,870 yuan to Zhou since news of the attack on the girl wasreleased in February.

Li advised Zhou's family to keep the money, because "complications might arise in the future".

The donations are in the bank now, Li said.

Teenager set on fire in attack to get free care and plastic surgery|Nation|

in the Chinese media it was clear about the perpetrator!
Our original reporting from Chinese sources

Paul and Hansen want to cycle from Berlin to Shanghai, Help them do it!

-At least no jet lag right? 

Paul and Hansen cycle from Berlin to Shanghai from Berlin Shanghai on Vimeo.
please support us at:
Paul and Hansen will cycle all the way from Berlin to Shanghai this summer. With this video, they want to explain their plans and background. Also, they want to motivate people to support them, since an adventure like this is not easily affordable for young people. If you like this project or this video, please comment, rate and share it! Thanks for your support!!

Yin and Yang: Chinese medicine in American healthcare

-It's not covered on my insurance!
The Year of China and the Division of Biology & Medicine present: "Yin and Yang : Chinese Medicine in American Healthcare." Ted Kaptchuk, a practitioner and ...
Yin and Yang: Chinese medicine in American healthcare | Brown University

Mandarin overtakes English as Hong Kong's 2nd language

-15 years ago China took over HK now they speak Mandain!
Fifteen years after Hong Kong was handed back to China, Mandarin has finally overtaken English as the island's second most widely spoken language. By Malcolm Moore, Beijing According to census figures released this week, 48 per cent of Hong Kong ...

Paul Mason's Top 10 Books about China: From Lu Xun to Mo Yan

-Great great list! 
Paul Mason's Top 10 Books about China

from The Guardian
"If you're trying to understand China the language issues are secondary. The real problem is this is a country ruled through the suppression of historical memory. The Communists' legitimacy rests on the claim that only stultifying bureaucracy and patriarchy can keep it together; that it is "not ready" for democracy; indeed that it was never ready.

"But delve into Chinese literature, and history, and a more much more complex picture emerges. After the May Fourth 1919 protests, the intelligentsia embraced modernity and fought for it. The early 20th century produced the Chinese Dickens and a whole legion of Orwells. The late 20th century produced a generation of novelists whose sufferings during the Cultural Revolution pushed them towards everything from magic realism to cyberpunk.

 The Real Story of Ah-Q and Other Tales of China: The Complete Fiction of Lu Xun (Penguin Classics)

Lu Xun (Lu Hsun) is arguably the greatest writer of modern China, and is considered by many to be the founder of modern Chinese literature. Lu Xun's stories both indict outdated Chinese traditions and embrace China's cultural richness and individuality. This volume presents brand-new translations by Julia Lovell of all of Lu Xun's stories, including 'The Real Story of Ah-Q', 'Diary of a Madman', 'A Comedy of Ducks', 'The Divorce' and 'A Public Example', among others. With an afterword by Yiyun Li.

Soul Mountain
In 1983, Chinese playwright, critic, fiction writer, and painter Gao Xingjian was diagnosed with lung cancer and faced imminent death.But six weeks later, a second examination revealed there was no cancer—he had won "a second reprieve from death." Faced with a repressive cultural environment and the threat of a spell in a prison farm, Gao fled Beijing and began a journey of 15,000 kilometers into the remote mountains and ancient forests of Sichuan in southwest China. The result of this epic voyage of discovery is Soul Mountain.

Bold, lyrical, and prodigious, Soul Moutain probes the human soul with an uncommon directness and candor and delights in the freedom of the imagination to expand the notion of the individual self.

and 8 more!
from The Guardian

Lamborghini SUV Concept for Beijing Show?

-Yes, I'd like to order two of those please!
VW's Italian supercar brand reportedly is readying a new Cayenne-based ultra-luxury utility vehicle, to be called MLC, to be unveiled in April at the Beijing auto show.
Lamborghini SUV Concept for Beijing Show?
By Paul Lienert, Correspondent

Sydney Morning Herald Wrapup: Facebook and China (more in common?) and Saving Billionaire Sister

-Saving the billionaire facebook!?
Yet more focus should be on the things China and Facebook have in common - things that may not jibe with Zuckerberg's claims of making the world a better place. Let us imagine a conversation between Zuckerberg and the Chinese President, Hu Jintao.
BEIJING: A few years ago, Wu Ying embodied the rags-to-riches legend of modern China. The daughter of an illiterate farmer starts a hair salon when she is just 15, and in little more than a decade creates a business empire that makes her one of the ...

It's Official: Girls' verbal skills make them better at math, a study in China finds

-Are you surprised??

"People have always thought that males' advantage is in math and spatial skills, and girls' advantage is in language," says Xinlin Zhou of Beijing Normal University, who cowrote the study with Wei Wei, Hao Lu, Hui Zhao, and Qi Dong of Beijing Normal University and Chuansheng Chen of the University of California-Irvine. "However, some parents and teachers in China say girls do arithmetic better than boys in primary school."

Chinese iPad Dispute Is Coming to America

-Hands off my iPad!
Meanwhile, Apple scored a victory in Shanghai, preventing an iPad ban in that city. Proview Shenzhen, however, is pushing forward in Chinese courts to prevent the iPad, which is made in China, from being sold in...China. Apple's China legal ...

iPhone-branded stove seized in China | Ubergizmo

-Cook me up some apps!
We all know that China has a reputation when it comes to imitation products or using the name and logo of a more popular product when it comes to naming its own products. Well it looks like the theft of [...]

Hush N' Smack: Shanghainese Woman Confronts a pickpocket and How much does a Chinese Wedding cost?

-Smack the thief or smack the husband?
Chinese news site ChinaSmack reported that Ms Wang had noticed a woman in purple eyeing passengers' bags and purses. She then used her iPad to film the ...
Shanghai woman confronts pickpocket in subway
How much does a Chinese wedding cost? | ChinaHush
By Shuhua Dai
Source: MSN Bride and groom born in 1980s are facing astoundingly high bill for their wedding. Recently, an investigation report on Chinese marriage in 2011.


-An arrow would be helpful. 


 Image courtesy NASA/GSFC/MITI/ERSDAC/JAROS, and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team
This Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) sub-image covers a 12 x 12 km (7.5 x 7.5 miles) area in Northern Shanxi Province, China, and was acquired January 9, 2001. The low sun angle, and light snow cover highlight a section of the Great Wall, visible as a black line running diagonally through the image from lower left to upper right. The Great Wall is more than 2000 years old and was built over a period of 1000 years. Stretching 7240 km (4500 miles) from Korea to the Gobi Desert, it was first built to protect China from marauders from the north.
NASA Visible Earth: Great Wall of China:

Quieting the Voice of America: Solzhenitsyn's quote is relevant to China today

We can revisit the arguments made by the author of The Gulag Archipelago. His arguments carry as much weight today as they did back then. Solzhenitsyn wrote:
VOA, Radio Liberty, and the other Western broadcasters should be considering: the inner state of the people toward whom the broadcasts are directed, their spiritual hunger, their frustrations, their aspirations. Their main need is for knowledge. Information in the Soviet papers and on Soviet television is distorted beyond recognition. Those who live in the Soviet Union know, in a general way, what is happening in the world, but they know nothing of what is going on in the neighboring town, in the neighboring county…Not to know what is happening in and to your own country is crippling.
Instead of the Soviet Union, we might today substitute China, Tibet, or parts of Latin America, all of which are slated for deep cuts.
  • Total elimination of the Cantonese service, which takes the VOA out of the political and information arena in big chunk of China. This is at a savings of only $965,000.
  • Cuts of a major part of the Tibetan service, which will signal to the Chinese that the U.S. has effectively abandoned Tibet.
Quieting the Voice of America:

Frisbee in China: 3 Weeks Promoting the Frisbee in China

Frisbee in China from Disctwirls on Vimeo.
This is the story about my first adventure in China, where for three weeks I was promoting and teaching Disc-Sport(Frisbee) in this country.

People say that things go really fast in China, now, I can relate to that. Four month ago I (Jan Moeller Soerensen) was contacted by a Chinese-man called Chenran, he had seen some of my videos in Youtube from disc-workshops in Denmark and he found them very interesting.
We started to exchange ideas, and we soon agree that I have to come to China for showing the Disctwirls concept.

For those people that don't know, I should explain what the Disctwirls concept is about, it is a new way that one can play with a disc. What it make's different from other disc styles is that in this style you are mainly working with a horizontal angle of the disc, and the basic techniques are easy to learn, compeering with the traditional Disc Freestyle, where it takes a long time just to learn to control the basic techniques.

After 3 month of planning, I finally arrived to Shanghai the 5 of December. The 6 of December I had to do my first workshop in China, we had two workshops at two different universities Walli University and Nottingham University. The first workshop was at Walli University and we started out with 13 students ended up with 20 plus. The same day at night time we had to go to Nottingham University, here the paten was more or less the same, started around 20 finish with 30 student. The student just kept playing and playing, and many of them really like to learn more. I must say that it was a great first day in China for me.
The next day we had a workshop in a language school in Ningbo, again the students were very excited about the concept and they wanted to learn more about these great sport, now the workshops was around 40-50 students. Here I also meet professor Shiva from Sir Lanka , this man had a great personality, he made me aware about a very important aspect of the concept for the Disctwirls style, what is " FEEL IT". A aspect I will tell more about in another article.
Now it starts to go really fast, next day we had to go to another city for making some workshops. The first workshop should be for around 100 people, but 3 hours later they change the plans and the workshop was for 200 people, two hours after they called us and says there will be 400 and at the end we end up with 700 students in the workshop, yeaaahh why not, the only problem we had was that we just prepared for 50 student, but it went really well, but a little chaotic. We had more workshop that day for "just" 50 students at a time, that was like a walk in the park, as the American´s would say. Next day we have two workshops with more than 500 people, and around 5 smaller ones with 50 in each. The rest of the tour is more or less history.

But one more thing that made this tour really special was the opportunity that I had to visit Mr. Joy Hu, in Shenzhen.
Mr. Joy Hu, had played Disc-sport since 1965, and is one of the people that helped to bring the sport to Asia. I took a flight down to Shenzhen to meet Mr. Joy Hu and his wife Jo, he had been using the Disctwirls concept to teach kids about Disc-sport, with great success. He has over 100 kids that he teaches every day for more than one hour a day, plus weekends. These kids have amazing skills, they are already creating new moves, stuff that you can not see in Europe, USA or in any World Championship in Freestyle. They are a whole new generation of Disc Freestylers.

I have never been or heard about so many Freestylers in one place before or so many kids that are training Disc-sport every day and I have traveled the world teaching and playing Disc-sport. This community is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, Freestyle disc community in the world.
Joy Hu and his wife have done all of this work as volunteers, that in itself make this success even more amazing. I can not wait to see what will happen when organizations will start to support the development of Disc-sport for the youth.

There is many people that have been a part of this success and even more people that have supported the tour with sharing info and commenting it on FB. I thank you all, it means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to the volunteers that have helped for making it possible. I specially want to thank Chenran, Micky, Sofia, Jo, Ding, Joy Hu, Vishnu and Ningbo Outdoor sports association, the people behind Urban Disc Unity for all the amazing work you have done to help to promote Disc-sport in China, I really believe that it has started a new era for Disc-sport in Asia.
Jan Moeller Soerensen

Some articles and photos form the China tour.

Foxconn: An Exclusive Inside Look at China's iPad factory!

-Looks like great food served there! 
Bill Weir takes an in-depth look into the factory that makes Apple products.

Watch the whole program here at ABC Nightly News

Mike Cheng: Chinese-American Entrepreneur Paves the Way for Others to Harness a Productive Relationship with China: Mando Mandarin

-The world will soon speak Mandarin! 

"Mando Mandarin teaches Chinese to American schools, businesses and individuals, but it's about more than that. Mike says, "I believe in bringing people together by building bridges of understanding and opening channels of communication, by connecting people through language and culture first." Mando Mandarin teachers use webcams and distance-learning software to teach in real-time. Mike says, "Our classes are easier, more fun, more engaging, and less intimidating. Many other programs force learners to spend a lot of time self-studying. Our lessons are recorded so you can review at any time. We work hard to ensure that you don't fall behind your learning goals."

Mike Cheng: Chinese-American Entrepreneur Paves the Way for Others to Harness a Productive Relationship with China - MarketWatch:

Learning Chinese just got easier --
Mando Mandarin gives schools, businesses, and individuals around the world the ability to open doors to over one billion new peers in China. We specialize in teaching Mandarin Chinese using web-cams and distance-learning software, by connecting learners to our teachers in China. All lessons are taught in real-time by live instructors, which makes classes very easy, fun, engaging, and affordable. Students always have access to all lesson recordings, so learners never fall behind.

Toll-Free: (888) 51-MANDO

The China Model Is Unsustainable

-President of Mises Institute speaks! 
"We can't just go save someone," said Gao Xiqing, president of China Investment Corp., China's huge sovereign wealth fund. "We're not saviors. We have to save ourselves," he said at a weekend panel discussion. "State interference in economic life, which calls itself 'economic policy' has done nothing but destroy economic life," wrote Ludwig von Mises. The Chinese economic miracle is nothing but a redder version of Keynesianism. Like all interventionism, the Chinese system is destined for a hard fall."

The China Model Is Unsustainable - Doug French - Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary: 'via Blog this'

How to Decipher Chinese Coworkers! - Local Laowai ep. 11 - BON TV China

-that Laowai is a dork!  
Go to: to watch all episodes of Local Laowai! Your Chinese coworkers are an invaluable resource as you get acllimated to your new job. On this episode, we break down what makes a Chinese office worker tick and show you how to make friends! BON -- Blue Ocean Network

Mandarin Speaking Real Estate Agent NYC

-WHA!!? Too expensive! 

Mandarin Speaking Real Estate Agent NYC from Eileen Hsu on Vimeo.
Mandarin Speaking Real Estate Agent Eileen Hsu explains in Chinese Mandarin language the timeframe of buying a Manhattan New York condo. If the buyer does not need financing, the condo can be sold and close as soon as 45 days sometimes less if it is new construction that is completely finished. If financing, the process can take up to 90 days or much longer. Eileen Hsu is a bilingual Chinese and English Speaking Agent that have helped many buyers invest in Manhattan New York.

Top 5 Chinese Memes from China Memes Tumblr!

-So simple but so funny! 

If you liked these head over to the website for TONS more and you can also submit your own to them!  AWESOME! h/t Hao Hao Report

谢婷婷曝哥哥爱下厨 宣萱年过四十不急嫁 Ting-Ting Xie exposure brother love to cook Jessica over 40 in no hurry to marry

-More ghosted media! YIKES ! 
今日,谢婷婷、宣萱与王敏德等出席了某品牌春装发布会,发布会现场更摆出直升飞机,让几位明星争相合照。   谢婷婷一身鲜艳橘色短裙现身,显得活力十足,更透露哥哥谢霆锋在家时常下厨做菜,是居家好男人,而哥哥与张柏芝复合一事,她就表示自己不会过问。   而刚分手不久的宣萱透露自己的情人节是与朋友一起度过,自己也不乏裙下之臣,而年过四十的她对婚事仍完全不急,认为找到对的人最重要。 海外用户免费收看大陆视频节目


China Heart Noose - Revived

-The music is bizarre but I like it! 

China Heart Noose - Revived from 303db on Vimeo.

Lijiang Old Town Visitor Tips

-You gotta love Lijiang!
Note that cars aren’t allowed into the centre of Lijiang Old Town, so you’ll need to be able to carry or noisily wheel your own luggage over the cobbled streets from the drop off point to your hotel.
Lijiang Canals
Lijiang Old Town Visitor Tips:

'via Blog this'

Red dragon in North American oil patch

-They want oil but what's wrong with Canada's??
The CEO of Tianjin accompanied Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping on his recent US tour. Beijing's drive for critical American oil and gas technology doesn't end with Frac Tech. The China National Oil Co. (CNOC) announced in December it is going to
Red dragon in North American oil patch
Washington Times

Chinese Bear Bile 101 熊胆 101 xióngdǎn

-May not be suitable for viewers with queasy stomachs. reports: Scientific research into bears previously farmed using the "free drip" method of bile extraction was revealed today at an Animals Asia press conference in Beijing. The detailed medical evidence was based on analysis of 165 bears that had been rescued and brought to Animals Asia's bear sanctuary near Chengdu.


Is SARS Back? SARS outbreak in China a rumor: CDC

Many Chinese Internet users have voiced concerns over a possible pandemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in a military hospital located in Hebei Province, according to a local daily newspaper. SARS is a respiratory disease caused by a

Inflatable Sex Doll & Adult Toy Manufacturing in Ningbo, China – chinaSMACK

-Yikes! NSFW! Adults only?
Photos of a factory that produces inflatable blow-up dolls, sex toys, and other adult products in Ningbo, China. 15% are exported to Japan, Korea, ...
Inflatable Sex Doll & Adult Toy Manufacturing in Ningbo – chinaSMACK

Federal raids a 'serious blow' to Chinese rhino trade -LA Times

-Where can I get my Rhino capsules now??
Alarmed by the slaughter, Lixin Huang, the president of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, has explicitly refuted the claims of a "cancer cure," which she says has no basis in the literature of traditional Chinese

Even in China if you leave the Communist Party you won't get executed: Ex-Muslim Christian Pastor in Iran to be executed for leaving Islam.

-Religion of peace and tolerance, like Buddhism!
Although the lower court in Gilan found that Nadarkhani was never a practicing Muslim in the first place, the Iranian Supreme Court upheld his conviction because he was born into a Muslim family. Iran trails only China in its annual rate of executions,
Christian pastor sentenced to death in Iran for abandoning Islam
Daily Caller

It's Official: Hong Kong Was Better Under the British

-Ouch... that's not going to make Beijing happy.
Now its government is none of the above. By HUGO RESTALL The slow-motion implosion of Henry Tang, Beijing's pick to be Hong Kong's next chief executive, brings to mind a speech given shortly before the 1997 handover by former Far Eastern Economic

China: Battle over iPad trademark

-Can we innovate or just sue? 
A bitter battle over who owns the iPad trademark in China has landed in a Shanghai court.

#Occupy Male Toilets in China

-The Occupy #ows takes on a new meaning. 
'Occupy Male Toilets' in China

Michael Jordan Sues Chinese Sportswear Company - WSJ

-Can one sue over the wrongful use of their Chinese name?
BEIJING—Basketball star Michael Jordan sued a Chinese sportswear chain, saying it improperly uses the Chinese pronunciation of his name—the latest dispute over intellectual property in China.
Michael Jordan Sues Chinese Sportswear Company -

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Is China's Economy Genius, Or Bound For Disaster? : Planet Money Podcast: NPR

-Great great show.
Chinese people have one of the highest savings rates in the world, and they don't have many options for investing the money they save. So they put lots of their money in ordinary savings accounts at those state-owned banks.

DIA director: China preparing for space warfare | WFB

Army Lt. Gen. Ronald L. Burgess, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, disclosed new details of China’s space weapons programs last week, including information regarding China’s anti-satellite missiles and cyber warfare capabilities.

Burgess stated in little-noticed written testimony prepared for an appearance before the Senate Armed Services Committee that Beijing is developing missiles, electronic jammers, and lasers for use against satellites.

Much of the space warfare activity is being carried out under the guise of China’s supposedly non-military space program, he said...
DIA director: China preparing for space warfare | Washington Free Beacon:

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Wisdom of China 3 (Chinese Wine Jar Knot)

Learning to tie this pretty neat knot around a traditional Chinese wine jar.

第一时尚 Prada 秋冬发布 The first fashion Prada autumn and winter

-Gary Oldman, Tim Roth and Adrien Brody in Chinese!  
2012米兰男装周,秀场成红毯可爱风盛行;借奥运东风,春夏秀场劲吹运动风;2012春夏,有些时尚男人们不懂。 海外用户免费收看大陆视频节目


Reflections of China, Epcot, Walt Disney World

-I got a headache Thanks! 
Reflections of China within Epcot, China, Walt Disney World May 2011 in High Definition (HD) & Point of View of Reflections of China

Minimum Wage Levels Across China | China Briefing News

-Shanghai number 6? Beijing number 7??

Japanese Official Denies Nanjing Massacre

-But my history book says...
HONG KONG—Chinese Internet users are in an uproar after the mayor of Nagoya told a delegation from Nanjing that he doubted Japanese soldiers had committed atrocities during their World War II occupation of the city. This is not the first time Takashi

Aussies fight the invading Chinese (?) armies in "Tomorrow, When the War Began" Trailer

-Remake of Red Dawn?

Tomorrow, When the War Began Official Trailer (2011) Subscribe to TRAILERS: When their country is invaded and their families are taken, eight unlikely high school teenagers band together to fight. "Tomorrow, When the War Began trailer" "Tomorrow, When the War Began HD" "Tomorrow, When the War Began movie" "Caitlin Stasey" "Rachel Hurd-Wood" "Lincoln Lewis" movieclips movie clips movieclipstrailers popuptrailer
Tomorrow, When the War Began (The Tomorrow Series #1)

World War III becomes an unstoppable reality in the action-packed first installment of the Tomorrow series--an international bestseller in an eye-catching new paperback.

When Ellie and her friends go camping, they have no idea they're leaving their old lives behind forever. Despite a less-than-tragic food shortage and a secret crush or two, everything goes as planned. But a week later, they return home to find their houses empty and their pets starving. Something has gone wrong--horribly wrong. Before long, they realize the country has been invaded, and the entire town has been captured--including their families and all their friends.
Ellie and the other survivors face an impossible decision: They can flee for the mountains or surrender. Or they can fight.

Taishan, or What’s Left of It | China Expat

-Fascinating introduction

Even the die-hard materialist eventually comes to the realization that people are a nation’s greatest resource. Pity that the best people always want to leave their nations for others, ey expats? In this regard we must pay tribute to Taishan, where China has been hemorrhaging its best and boldest for centuries. That’s what you get, China, when a hardworking man can’t rise above coolie without a rich helping of guanxi. Growing inequality in the West and the growing number of freebooters in China can’t be entirely unrelated, either.
Taishan, or What’s Left of It | China Expat - All Around China in One Website:

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Dead Chinese woman from Hebei Province Sold Into Marriage Twice -The Australian

-Beautiful dead bride!!!
A WOMAN in northern China was sold into marriage twice within days - despite dying weeks earlier. The young woman, from Hebei Province, a large region near Beijing, died over the Lunar New Year holiday, the Global Times reported.

Panda Express Takes Sweet And Sour Beyond The Food Court

-Chinese food 2.0
Not all that long ago, many Americans thought of Chinese food as fried rice, chow mein and orange chicken. And one reliable place to find it was at the mall, at places like Panda Express. But food court mainstay Panda Express is now in the midst of a

The US is China's Soybean Supplier of Choice

-First chopsticks, now Soybeans... what's next??
Last week was a momentous one for US-China agricultural relations. In addition to the productive meetings that took place in Washington and Des Moines, I was honored to witness the signing of an agreement between the US soybean industry and Chinese

Photos: The lives of netizens on Weibo : Shanghaiist

-Some great shots!
Photos: The lives of netizens on Weibo : Shanghaiist:

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Foreigner Living in China: What my friends think I do, What my parents think I do etc etc.

Pulpit rock
Found on Facebook.

Chinese tourists have biggest growth rate in Paris in 2011|Economy|News|

-le Chinois?
"The number of Chinese tourists visiting Paris grew 21.6% in 2011 over the previous year, marking the biggest increase among visitors from other countries. Over the past two years, the number of Chinese tourists to Paris has increased by 63%."

Chinese tourists have biggest growth rate in Paris in 2011|Economy|News|

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In Lin, China loves a winner

-What if he loses...
Jeremy Lin shakes hands after a friendly match last year at a school in Pinghu, Zhejiang province, his family's ancestral home. Jeremy Lin, the benchwarmer-turned-star starting point guard for the New York Knicks, has powered his team to eight

Beijing authority responds to passengers packed in bus through windows | China Buzz

-This kind of thing only happens in China!
Beijing authority responds to passengers packed in bus through windows

Don't fear China's leadership change: Chen -SMH

-No! A Princling? Nothing ot fear!
China's top diplomat in Australia has moved to reassure that his country's looming leadership change won't dramatically alter the direction of Beijing's relationship with Canberra. Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping is set to replace Hu Jintao as
Don't fear China's leadership change: Chen
Sydney Morning Herald

Solving Chinese puzzle - The West Australian

-75 year old Chinese murder mystery!
"It's French's belief in the importance of collective memory too, that compelled him to focus on a 75-year-old murder mystery in his recent and ninth non-fiction book, Midnight in Peking. This page-turning probe into the brutal slaying of Pamela Werner, the 19-year-old daughter of a British diplomat, in Peking in 1937 has attracted the interest of both the BBC and ITV, as well as Oliver Stone, and is the result of a five-year-long trawl through the archives on three continents."

Dead man walking in Hong Kong

-Hand picked by Beijing to be dumped?
Not long ago, Henry Tang Ying-yen was Beijing's golden boy - handpicked by China's political elite as the chosen one to be this dynamic city's next leader. But now Beijing may have to abandon him and pick up another

China's New Hilarious Award Certificates for Bad Students

-I love it when China Daily mixes American English and British English... like it's mixable.
Various award certificates are seen in an elementary student's home in Bozhou, East China's Anhui province, Feb 20, 2012. The hilarious certificates recognize bad behavior and qualities, such as being naughty, sloppy, sweet-talking, or cheeky

“No Pants Day” hits Taipei | China Buzz

-Look at the Pervs behind the ladies!
No Pants Day hits Taipei
More photos!

BBC - Is English or Mandarin the language of the future?

-Can it be both?
"English has been the dominant global language for a century, but is it the language of the future? If Mandarin Chinese is to challenge English globally, then it first has to conquer its own backyard, South East Asia.

In Malaysia's southernmost city of Johor Bahru, the desire to speak good English has driven some children to make a remarkable two-hour journey to school every day."

Speak Authentic Chinese – 9 Words or Phrases for Eating Out in China

-服务员!再来两瓶啤酒!So important!
"So if you can’t read too much Chinese hopefully the menu has some pictures and you can point to the dishes you want. Afterwards if you want more of anything you can use the phrase 再来. It literally means ‘again come/bring’. For example, say you want two more bottles of beer then shout in a gruff voice: 服务员!再来两瓶啤酒!And then watch for the approving glances of Chinese men."

Speak Authentic Chinese – 9 Words or Phrases for Eating Out in China | ProofReadChina | 校对中国:

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A Tale of Two Tickets -- The Ferry in Chongqing

-Hilarious Dialogue!
Me: I am trying to buy a ticket on the ferry from Yichang to Chongqing. Can you help me?
He: Yes, we can help you buy a ticket for a cruise.
Me: I don’t want to buy a cruise ticket. I just need a ticket to ride a boat to Chongqing. Here is awebsite. Please open it. Do you see the schedule for the ferry? I want a ticket on that boat. See, it has the schedule and even the fare. I need 2 first class tickets.
He: But there will be Chinese people on the ferry.
Outside In: A Tale of Two Tickets -- The Ferry:

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Jeremy Lin teaches us "How to Get into Harvard" and WBUR's On Point "Behind the Linsanity!"

-Dang! it's a joke! 
5 quick steps on how to get into Harvard by Jeremy Lin of the Golden State Warriors.Follow us at ...

Behind The Linsanity | On Point with Tom Ashbrook:

Chinese Man blows family’s entire food budget on fireworks | China Daily Show

-This is a joke remember.
"A Dongbei man has defended his decision to spend roughly half his family’s annual income on fireworks, amid criticism that the country’s orgy of New Year fireworks is growing ever-more pointless."
Man blows family’s entire food budget on fireworks | China Daily Show:

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Over 70 injured at Faye Wong’s concert as seats caved in | China Buzz

-that sucks.
Pop diva Faye Wong apologized on her Sina Weibo account to fans, after some seats in the auditorium of her concert held in the Chongqing Olympic Sports Center collapsed injuring over 70 persons on February 17.

林宥嘉为环保吃过期食物 Yoga Lin of food eaten for environmental protection

-What's with the ghosted media mics?? 
黄贯中、林宥嘉与糖兄妹今日出席了某慈善机构举办的户外马拉松演唱会记者会,致力为环保教育工作筹款。   谈及环保经验,林宥嘉就透露了自己昨日为了不浪费食物,吃掉了冰箱中的过期花生酱,导致自己腹泻一整晚的糗事。   而谈及刚过去的情人节,黄贯中就表示女友朱茵真的为自己下厨做菜,让自己十分感动。同时也表示自己与朱茵暂时没有结婚的打算,在一起开心最重要。 海外用户免费收看大陆视频节目

China Blue -Documentary. Find out where you jeans come from

-Capitalism isn't pretty but Communism sucks! 
Take a trip to the place where blue jeans are born in this revealing, clandestinely shot documentary from filmmaker Micha Peled, exploring the plight... Take a trip to the place where blue jeans are born in this revealing, clandestinely shot documentary from filmmaker Micha Peled, exploring the plight of South China factory workers struggling to balance Western demands with shrinking wages. Though at first 16-year-old Jasmine is excited to be working alongside her family as a thread-cutter at the Lifeng Factory in Shaxi, South China, her initial enthusiasm is soon squelched by 16-hour work days and payment that makes minimum wage look like a luxury. Pressured by Western companies to shrink their manufacturing costs to impossibly low numbers, the workers who toil away day after day in these factories are often left with little more than dreams of operating their own business when their bodies finally succumb to the damaging effects of their duties.

Contestants Faint From Fatigue in Chinese Kissing Competition - chinaSMACK

-Chinese kiss in such a strange way...
kissy kissy
Contestants Faint From Fatigue in Chinese Kissing Competition - chinaSMACK:

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Meet One Chinese Millionaire Who Wants Out of China

-Uh oh. That's not good. 

Best-selling Chinese writer Shi Kang is one of a growing number of Chinese millionaires looking to leave China, in search of a better life and a healthier environment for their families. WSJ’s Angela Yeoh reports from Beijing.
Plan B for China's Wealthy: -

OMG! 美语 Go on VACAY!! :D

-The subtitles were messed up on this one! 
1) Go on vacation 去旅行,放假 2) Go on vacay 去旅行,放假 3) Beach bum 经常泡在沙滩上的人 4) Get my tan on日光浴

WSJ: Beijing Beers and Chinese Cognac

-I gotta pee. 
With the recent opening of Slow Boat Brewery in Beijing, the city's number of Western-style microbreweries officially doubled — to two. But according to both brewers, there's a growing and largely untapped market in China's capital as ...
Beijing Brews Up Its Own Craft Beers
Wall Street Journal (blog)

Already, China is at second place, behind the US, and draining global supplies. Among the Chinese, cognac is regarded as a status symbol and is often given as a gift between businessmen and poured at corporate events and family banquets alike.
China Has a Thing for Cognac
Wall Street Journal (blog)

Cedarville University, Ohio to open Chinese office

-looking for money or opportunity!?
Cedarville University is opening an office in China to help recruit more students from the Asian nation. Cedarville University has established a Beijing, China, office to help recruit prospective international students. The university said it would ...
Cedarville University to open Chinese office

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