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Zhang Yimou Presents Hollywood, Made in China - DER SPIEGEL

He has seen just one German film, viewed on a pirated DVD. "The wiretapping film," he explains, placing his hands over his ears to resemble the headphones worn by actor Ulrich Mühe in his most famous role: as an agent of the Stasi, or East German secret police, in the 2006 German feature film "The Lives of Others." "Many Chinese people like that film," Zhang says with a smile.Big Budget at the Berlinale: Director Zhang Presents Hollywood, Made in China - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International:

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Bizarre penguin wedding at the Shanghai Aquarium
Two penguins get married in an aquarium in China. Report by Anna Drury

美国歌手惠特妮·休斯顿去世 American Singer Whitney Houston Dead

-I will always love you with Chinese subtitles! 



据国外媒体消息,美国歌手惠特尼·休斯顿去世,享年48岁。惠特妮·休斯顿(英文名:Whitney Houston)是位曾获得格莱美奖的美国R&B歌手、演员、作曲家、电影制作人与并曾担任模特。她以强而有力的嗓音、一字多转音的感染力与宽广的音域为世人所熟知,并成为流行天后。惠特妮在全世界有超过一亿八千万张专辑的销售纪录。根据吉尼斯世界纪录,惠特妮是获奖最多的女歌手

惠特妮·休斯顿  Huì tè nī·xiū sī dùn

Whitney Houston Dies at 48 |

Whitney Houston, who reigned as pop music's queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, has died. She was 48.

OMG! Exporting American Slang to China -2 PBS NewsHour clips

-Finally! Her last name! Bi-necky.

Meet Jessica Beinecke, the writer, host and producer of "OMG! Meiyu," or "Oh My Gosh! American English." Each weekday the 25-year-old Voice of America employee posts two-to-three-minute videos explaining the hippest American English and culture to a Chinese audience; her many Chinese fans, in turn, tell her what they'd like to learn next.

For more: Combining the powers of social media and fluent Mandarin, Jessica Beinecke teaches American slang to eager Chinese minds half a world away. Hari Sreenivasan reports on Beinecke's success with Voice of America's online video program "OMG! Meiyu" and her role as an ambassador of American culture and language to China.
For more from PBS News Hour go here.  'OMG!' Exports American Slang to China

Sh*t Laowai Say -

-Oh My. That is hilarious! Have you said these things before? 
Shit Laowai Say - YouTube:

*** ADULT LANGUAGE, Parental Discretion is advised. Laughter is allowed. ***
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Nike’s Chinese New Year by Nicholas Tucker – A book review

-he finds himself in the vastness of China. 

Nike’s Chinese New Year by Nicholas Tucker – A book review by yours truly | insideasanemind:

Nick “Nike” Farmington is a 25-year-old American engineer living and working in China. On the eve of China’s most important, traditional holiday, the Spring Festival, Nike receives some life-altering news. The engineer who had his life completely planned out, inline and in order suddenly finds himself in the vastness of China, a society trapped between communism and capitalism, not knowing what the next day will bring let alone what he is going to do with the rest of his life. This audaciously plainspoken narrative recounts his hilarious adventures as he travels around the country during the Chinese New Years in search of answers.

from the Book Review on "INSIDE A SANE MIND"
Through Nike’s experiences living and working in China he begins to discover that we cannot always plan every detail of our life, that all people have a unique journey with its own ebbs and flows in which where we are is temporary, a training ground preparing us for where we have yet to be.

Wooing the Promiscuous Chinese Consumer - Max and Yuval - HBR

-Rising urban incomes are playing an important role in driving the shift from the purely practical to the emotional. As consumers become wealthier, they care less about the functional attributes of brands, so rising incomes are often correlated with brand loyalty.
Wooing the Promiscuous Chinese Consumer - Max Magni and Yuval Atsmon - Harvard Business Review:

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In-N-Out vs. CaliBurger: Double-Double trouble in Shanghai

-Wait, there's In-N-Out in China??? 
Millions of Chinese have come to love Big Macs and Whoppers. So when a California-inspired chain put up signs in Shanghai announcing the coming of the Double-Double, local burger lovers rejoiced.

The same can't be said of In-N-Out.
In-N-Out vs. CaliBurger: Double-Double trouble in Shanghai - 'via Blog this'

罗姆尼在共和党党内初选中领先, 美国一月份失业率降至8.3%

-American politics in Chinese! 

1) 罗姆尼在共和党党内初选中领先 Romney won Florida primary and Trump's endorsement.
2) 美国一月份失业率降至8.3% The unemployment rate of January falls to 8.3%.
3) 伊朗威胁将对攻击进行报复 Iran warned of retaliation if attacked.
4) 中国工人在苏丹遭绑架 Twenty-nineChinese workers were kidnapped in Sudan.
5) Facebook申请首次公开募股 Facebook submitted application for IPO.
6) 奥斯卡入围最佳女主角介绍: 姐妹;变身男侍 Movies: Albert Nobbs, The Help

Chinese-American Jeremy Lin career night vs Nets - 25 points

-Talk of the town!  I love how MSG is all over. Is it Madison Square Garden or Mono Sodium Glutimate? 

All rights belong to NBA. This video is for entertainment purposes only as well as for promoting the game of basketball.
Jeremy Lin fired up the Garden crowd in Saturday's win over the Nets. He had 25 points,7 assists and 5 rebounds.


Stossel: Be Afraid of China? Talk with Stephen Leeb and Donald Boudreaux

Red Alert: How China's Growing Prosperity Threatens the American Way of Life
RED ALERT is a provocative and frightening look at the growing political, economic, and social power of China and the threat that nation poses to the Western world. It lays out how the Chinese are strategizing to overtake the United States as the world's premier economic power-and details how our failure to respond quickly will result in a permanently lower standard of living for Americans. Peppered with startling statistics, charts, and evidence of how China continues to expand its economic reach, RED ALERT is both controversial and powerful in its scope....

Globalization (Greenwood Guides to Business and Economics)
The contemporary era of globalization demonstrates that the local and global aspects of business and government are increasingly intertwined. This volume defines and makes sense of the workings of the global economy—and how it influences businesses and individuals. Each chapter identifies common questions and issues that have gained exposure in the popular media—such as outsourcing, the high cost of international travel, and the impact of a fast-growing China—to illustrate underlying drivers and mechanisms at work...

The Battle for China's Soul -WSJ

Painting of Chinese government forces attacking a Taiping stronghold at Tientsin (now Tianjin) in northern China. In the early 1860s, a violent fight raged to determine the fate of a vast country. An insurrection had split it in

Who is Jeremy Lin? A Chinese-American, Harvard educated, International hero.

-plays for the NY Knicks!  Is he the next Yao Ming?
Now the Harvard-educated 23-year-old, who is American-born of Chinese parentage, is an international hero after turning an unexpected big break into gold dust. Coming on as the starting point guard for the injury-hit New York ...
Jeremy Lin's amazing journey from sofa surfing to NBA stardom with New York ...

Is China a Cyber Paper Tiger? | Flashpoints

-Next site to be hacked?!
Despite the Western hype about China's cyber threat, the country may be just as worried as other countries.

Disabled people in rural China to have more benefits by 2015|Society|News|

-Why the long wait?
Disabled people in rural China to have more benefits by 2015|Society|News|

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Can China Successfully Educate Its Future Workforce? -TIME

-Educating the individuals...
By Sarah Butrymowicz / The Hechinger Report / Kunming, China Thursday, A student raises his hand to answer a question inside a classroom at a branch of Lingzhi primary school, which is housed inside a rented four-storey residential
Can China Successfully Educate Its Future Workforce?

Buddhist temple offers e-blessing service in China

-Buddhism 2.0
Guiyuan Temple temple in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, encourages people to send text messages rather than burn incense to say their prayers, state-run China Daily reported. The temple, in cooperation with the Hubei branch of China Mobile,

Myanmar refugees in Yunnan Province tell of violence despite peace calls

-too good to be true.
In the town of Nongdao in a far western nook of Yunnan, ... "BORDER PEOPLE" For its part, China, keen to secure Myanmar's energy supplies and wary of an

Wok on the wild side

-Never heard that play on words before!!
A friend from Hong Kong actually finds it easier to get authentic Sichuan cooking in Dublin than in her native city, so it is not just in Ireland that Chinese cuisine is adapted to suit local tastes. China Sichuan in Stillorgan has always had curry on
Wok on the wild side

We're All Chinese State Capitalists Now! - By Niall Ferguson | Foreign Policy

-uhhhh, thanks but no thanks.
Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos this January, David Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group expressed a widely held view that the Chinese model of state capitalism is pulling ahead of the U.S. market model. "We've got to work

Sun Tzu and the 10 Things to Consider Before Launching an Attack against Iran

-Know yourself and you will be victorious, or something like that.
By Neil Snyder Sun Tzu, a 6 th -century BC Chinese general and military strategist and the ... Iran's allies included Syria, Libya, North Korea, and China.
Ten Things to Consider Before Launching an Attack against Iran
American Thinker

Is China Ripe for a Revolution?

-Yes, and now a bit mushy.
But this watershed moment for modern China will not be widely celebrated in the People's Republic. The political climate in Beijing is tense as the ruling Communist Party prepares for a secretive transition to the next generation of leaders
Is China Ripe for a Revolution?
New York Times

Xi Jinping and U.S.-China Relations in the Shadow of the Arab Spring by Jeffrey Wasserstrom

Contrasts between the way some diplomatic topics are thought about on opposite sides of the Pacific can be striking, and these different worldviews can complicate meetings between leaders, writes Jeffrey Wasserstrom.

OMG! 美语 Cross my heart!

1) Cross my heart! 我发誓是真的!2) Heartbreaker 令人伤心的人 3) Bless your heart! 天啊!哎呀!

6 Tips to Help You Adjust to Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

-Spicy Calisthenics for your tongue? 
from Number 4: Everyone’s got to eat, right? It might sound simple (and it is!), but you should give this some thought if nutrition is even half way important to you. I’ve seen too many sorry looking (Western) souls sitting in a Pizza Hut, kidding themselves that ‘this is really good food’. Language aside, you can eat extremely well here in Chengdu.Six Tips to Help You Adjust to Chengdu | Chengdu Living: 'via Blog this'

Beijing hukou costs 500,000 Yuan ($80,000)

-on the black market! 
Pulpit rock
As China experiences rapid urbanization, residence permits (户口,hùkǒu) for major cities have become extremely valuable.

What in the world is a HUKOU!??!
from Wikipedia:
The Communist Party instigated a command economy when it came to power in 1949. In 1958, the Chinese government officially promulgated the family register system to control the movement of people between urban and rural areas. Individuals were broadly categorised as a "rural" or "urban" worker.[4] A worker seeking to move from the country to urban areas to take up non-agricultural work would have to apply through the relevant bureaucracies. The number of workers allowed to make such moves was tightly controlled. Migrant workers would require six passes to work in provinces other than their own.[5] People who worked outside their authorized domain or geographical area would not qualify for grain rations, employer-provided housing, or health care.[6] There were controls over education, employment, marriage and so on.[4]
Beijing hukou costs 500,000 Yuan | China Whisper: 'via Blog this'

Religious Quandary News: Render unto the Chinese Communist Party what is the Party's?

-THERE was a time when Devon Chang had difficulty reconciling his two chosen faiths: Christianity, which he embraced in 2005 at the age of 19, and the Communist Party of China, which had embraced him a year earlier. Did his submission to an almighty God not mean he must renounce the godless club of Marx and Mao?

Religion and the Communist Party: Render unto Caesar | The Economist: 'via Blog this'

Chengdu’s Police: Handsome and Dreamy and looking for love?

-Eat your heart out NYPD! Handsome and dreamy cops in Chengdu! 
Public relations idea or What??
Chengdu’s Police in Hot Pursuit of Love | Tea Leaf Nation: 'via Blog this'

Wang Lijun, Bo Xilai, and the US Consulate: What Happened?

-Informed speculation about the bizarre case. 
Inside-Out China: Wang Lijun, Bo Xilai, and the US Consulate: What Happened: 'via Blog this'

VOA: 美国人谈习近平访美 Americans talk about Xi Jinping's visit to the US

美国人谈习近平访美 Americans talk about Xi Jinping's visit to the U.S.

2 Chopstick making videos that will blow your mind.

They are flying everywhere!!! 

Mountains of chopsticks

No Valentine's love for China's illegitimate leaders - Washington Times

-good summary of all the HR abuses! YEAH! 
Obama should condition better relations on an end to human right abusesKINE: No Valentine's love for China's illegitimate leaders - Washington Times:

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China’s Dangerous Tofu Projects

-No not your weekend excursion to the kitchen to try your hand at TOFU making. 
"The term “tofu project” was first coined by Premier Zhu Rongji in 1998, who said on a tour of flood dykes on the Yangtze River that they were as flimsy and porous as tofu dregs, the leftover bits in the tofu-making process. The term – and the problem – gained national traction after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, where ...
China’s Dangerous Tofu Projects | China Power:

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Not to Worry, Chris Hayes Chirpily Reassures, US Not 'In Hock' to China | NewsBusters

If $1.1 trillion owned by Americans to China is no big deal, as MSNBC weekend host Chris Hayes would have you believe, at what point does it become one -- five trillion? Ten? Ever?

Not to Worry, Chris Hayes Chirpily Reassures, US Not 'In Hock' to China |

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Objectifying China, Imagining America: Chinese Commodities in Early America

Pulpit rockWith the ever-expanding presence of China in the global economy, Americans more and more look east for goods and trade. But as Caroline Frank reveals, this is not a new development. China loomed as large in the minds—and account books—of eighteenth-century Americans as it does today.

Objectifying China, Imagining America: Chinese Commodities in Early America

Long before they had achieved independence from Britain and were able to sail to Asia themselves, American mariners, merchants, and consumers were aware of the East Indies and preparing for voyages there. Focusing on the ... more on Amazon!

Author: Caroline Frank


Chinese Online Nationalism - China Shmina

-It's a serious issue. 
Chinese Online Nationalism - Part I:

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China city mulls ban on endless, dull speeches

-AMEN TO THAT. Let's do that EVERYWHERE!!!
Long-winded politicians in the Chinese city of Guangzhou may soon find themselves having to mince their words as city officials consider restricting the length of interminable speeches. Wan Qingliang, the city's mayor, has proposed requiring officials

China investigates Chongqing police boss over suspected defection attempt

-Say bye bye to that guy!!!
The South China Morning Post cited claims that Wang had since been flown to Beijing. Wang, 52, began his career as a traffic police officer but soon rose through the ranks, earning a reputation as a gang buster – and, according to Chinese media reports

What Now for the Rock Star of Chinese Politics?

-World Tour???
Anyone interested in the campaign shenanigans in the United States, or la comédie politique française, might also be intrigued by the political tea leaves now being read in China. "It's the political season and rumors are flying," Zheng Yongnian,
What Now for the Rock Star of Chinese Politics?
New York Times (blog)

Gallup: 3 in 10 Chinese Adults Smoke

Roughly 320 million Chinese smoke, including more than half of Chinese men

Three in 10 Chinese Adults Smoke:

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Reel China: Hard-pressed documentary makers keep rolling

-Keep working hard, keep persevering!
By Calum MacLeod, Special for USA TODAY BEIJING – Their subjects include people living at the margins of society, fighting property demolition, tracing the death of relatives persecuted under Chairman Mao, and even a government official discussing the ...

India upgrades military to match China -Washington Times

-This doesn't bode well for the region.
Relations between India and China have been tense since a 1962 border war, and New Delhi has watched with dismay in recent years as Beijing has increased its influence in the Indian Ocean. China has financed the development of ports in Pakistan,

Mandarin Chinese, 2012 Taiwan Presidential Election, 台灣總統大選


Many countries are running Presidential Election in the year of 2012, including Taiwan! :D Let's learn Election Mandarin!

**Lesson Structure:
Intro: Peggy Lee Votes for President for the First Time: 0:00
Vocabulary & Sentence Structure: 1:23
End, Pictures from Election, Credits: 4:40

Please show me support for my work, you can make a DONATION on PayPal to
or visit:

If you like my lessons and would like to take your Mandarin to a more advanced level, please visit: tutorial service.

**Work Credits:
Photo of 馬英九 by F.j. Available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivs licence.
Photo of Tsai Ing-wen 蔡英文 by David Reid
Available under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.
The use of soundtrack, Oriental Trance has been approved by the YouTube user, Rickvanman. (

HuffPo: The Invasion of Hong Kong -- the Law, Maids, and Locusts

-Who is invading???
It goes as follows: Hong Kong is superior to mainland China. It has rule of law; it respects human rights; its open market capitalism is among the freest economies in the world; it has a flourishing civil society and a free press; its people deserve a

China, Canada reach deals on oil, uranium and air travel

-That was quick. 
China and Canada declared Thursday that bilateral relations have reached "a new level" following a series of multibillion-dollar trade and business agreements to ship additional Canadian petroleum, uranium and other products to the Asian superpower.

Read more:

Chinese Cartoon: Big Ear Tutu 大耳朵图图 | Chinese for Kids Blog

-fun for all ages... 

Chinese Cartoon: Big Ear Tutu 4 Episode 2 | Chinese for Kids Blog:

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45 Mandarin Sentences with Chinese Characteristics

Number 42. 给[某人]点儿颜色看看。Gěi [somebody] diǎnr yánsè kàn kàn.

Literally: “Give somebody a little colour (facial expression) to see.”
Function: Used to express someone’s ferociousness, to intimidate someone, usually to warn them that they are tough and not to be offended.
Near-equivalent phrase in English: “Teach someone a lesson.”

45 Mandarin Sentences with Chinese Characteristics | 一步一个脚印 - My mission from advanced Chinese learner to professional translator: 'via Blog this'

EconoMoniter: Nouriel Roubini and Patrick Chovanec on China: How Much Stress Can the System Take?

-with Patrick Chovanec, professor at Tsinghua. 

Nouriel Roubini sits down with Patrick Chovanec, associate professor at Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management in Beijing, China for a discussion on the likelihood of a hard landing in China and consider the short and medium term implications of policy adjustments, leadership transitions, and technology advancements.

After US oil snub, Canada focuses on China -

-Obama is sooooo smart! 
After US oil snub, Canada focuses on China - YouTube:

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada wants to expand economic ties with China, in the wake of the U.S. decision to block the Keystone oil pipeline project. -- Video by Reuters

WSJ Opinion: Tibetans Burning

Do mounting protests in the restive region set the stage for a 'Tibetan Spring'? Hugo Restall discusses.

World Media Reports: "Eagle Dad" forcing tearful Chinese boy to run in snow sparks uproar

In the video, the little boy runs towards his father, who is filming him, in thick snow with only his shoes and underpants on, at times crying bitterly and pleading with his dad to take him in his arms.

Web Storm: Chinese "Eagle Dad" Makes Boy Run Through Snow Nearly Naked

The unconventional parenting technique used by a Chinese man on his 4 year old son is grabbing headlines around the world. Look at this video, shot in New York City earlier this year and posted by the father. It shows four year old running through the snowy streets of New York at in just a pair underwear and sneakers. The 44-year-old father has called his parenting approach the "Eagle Dad" -- mimicking what eagles do train their young to fly by dropping them out of their nests. The father says he started using the techniques after his son was diagnosed with developmental issues after being born prematurely. The father claims the technique is working but online there has been a huge outcry with many labeling the video cruel.

Chinese Eagle Dad trains 4-year-old son to jog naked in NYC's heavy snow


World Wide Media:
China Daily  Proud dad records 4-yr-old boy run in snow
Herald Sun Australia Online outrage as video shows boy, 4, forced to run through snow
ChinaSmack “Eagle Dad” Forces 4-Year-Old Son to Run Naked in the Snow
Asian Offbeat  Nanjing Eagle Dad Forces 4-year-old Son to Run Naked in the Snow
Sohu (chinese site) “鹰爸”何烈胜:教子要传承鹰的精神
Sina (Chinese site)  年轻妈妈效仿“鹰爸”逼儿子凌晨半裸站军姿
Tian Ya (Chinese BBS) “鹰爸”让孩子雪中裸跑是否值得学习?
Xinhua (Chinese news) “鹰爸”暴雪中训练儿子 4岁裸跑弟视频爆红网络

Students learn about Chinese culture and new year celebration -

-Tammy Hollenbach's Clay Elementary School 
Students learn about Chinese culture and new year celebration - YouTube:
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In Eastern cultures, dragons symbolize luck and good fortune. In Western cultures, they stand for mythological magic. In all, dragons are a beastly feast for the eyes and offer lots of fun — and 2012, the Year of the Dragon, is dedicated just to them.

In Tammy Hollenbach's Clay Elementary School second-grade reading class, students recently learned about the Chinese culture and its new year celebration. And although the Year of the Monkey is almost-8-year-old Haley Watt's favorite — no one in Grade 2 is just 7 — she's more than happy to embrace the dragon this year.

How are disposable chopsticks made?

-What's with the camouflage guys? 

Here you can see how disposable chopstick is made and packed. Normally 9inch and 8inch length are standard size for Bamboo and wooden chopsticks. Almost 98% chopsticks are made in China. Where to buy disposable chopstick? Where to get custom print disposable chopstick in the US? Watch the video you will get the answer.

第一时尚 TOP FASHION 从文艺男到硬汉 佟大为的荧 From the literary men to the fluorescence of the tough guy Tong Dawei

-HOLY skinny hostess!!? 

[明星]从文艺男到硬汉 佟大为的荧幕转型;[现场]新年派对潮人盘点;[新品]香港明星力荐童真木马手表。


China defends Syria veto in People's Daily article | World news | guardian

-Come on China. Stand for something!! 
China defends Syria veto in People's Daily article | World news | 'via Blog this'


The warship is China’s first major power project vessel that analysts say likely will be used in areas of the South China Sea, where tensions have been heightened over Chinese claims to large areas of resource-rich international waters...
  China tests first aircraft carrier | Washington Free Beacon:

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OMG! 美语 Follow your heart

-Watch a beautiful blond speak Chinese!! 

1) Wear your heart on your sleeve 公开地表示 2) Give your heart to someone 把你的心给某人 3) Follow your heart 跟着感觉走 4) Break the rules and stand apart, ignore your head and follow your heart打破陈规, 做自己, 抛开思考, 跟着感觉走

Funny or Die parodies the Pete Hoekstra China Super Bowl ad

-oooooh too funny.
The popular video site Funny or Die has a parody clip that has been making the rounds today. Like the Hoekstra spot, it features a young woman in a bicycle in a setting intended to resemble rural China. An actor impersonating Hoekstra turns up toward ...

China Is Catching Up — The Monkey Cage

-yeah, what's the point?
The ratio of Chinese GDP per capita to U.S. GDP per capita doubled from .08 to .16 in this period. So yes, the average Chinese is still a lot poorer than the average American but China is catching up. There is no way of knowing whether this ...
The Monkey Cage

Chinese police chief 'tried to claim asylum at US embassy'

-Veeeery interesting...
Wang Lijun, who is also the deputy mayor of the large municipality of Chongqing in western China and shot to national fame for his anti-corruption efforts, is rumoured to ...

How Do You Say 'Badonkadonk' in Chinese?

-Who teaches Jay-Z to Chinese students?
Like Hessler and many Americans since, I too was once an English teacher in China, attempting to dissect the ingenuity of Jay-Z and explicating Hamlet's neurosis to my students. Though I can't say they fully understood the significance of HOVA and To

KFC China's 'Handsome Delivery Boy Service' Reportedly Satisfies Hungry Customers

-In more ways than one!
It's more than just service with a smile; in China, that smile might come with a side of dimples, as KFC has begun offering a "handsome delivery boy" service, upon request, according to some satisfied customers quoted by the Digital Journal.

Home Of Noted Beijing Architect Reduced To Rubble -NPR

-What will come next in that spot?
The pile of rubble was once the home of the man known as the father of modern Chinese architecture, Liang Sicheng. The Orwellian reason for its demolition? "For maintenance," according to a Xinhua news agency report, citing the developer,

Montana State University paleontologists excavate dinosaur clutches in China

-Careful of the Raptors!
Four MSU paleontologists and five Chinese crew members recently excavated four clutches of dinosaur eggs and discovered others they may excavate in the future. (Photo courtesy of Frankie Jackson). BOZEMAN - Montana State University paleontologists ...

Hong Kong clash stirs the pot for Taiwan

-Stirring the pot? What's cooking?
As Beijing and Taipei are rapidly closing ranks, and the number of mainland Chinese visiting the island grows, such trouble is bound to happen in Taiwan. Governments on both sides are on guard, knowing that political ramifications could be an unwelcome

Tribal Warfare Urban Angst in China's Supermarkets ~ Lost Laowai

Nononsense China Expat & Travel Community · Blog · General · Arts & Entertainment ... Michael has lived in China onandoff since 2007 After having spent the ...
Tribal Warfare Urban Angst in China's Supermarkets ~ Lost Laowai ...

Chinese-born American acquitted of espionage

-I'm not a spy I'm not a spy!
A federal judge on Wednesday convicted a Chinese-born American of stealing trade secrets but acquitted her of corporate espionage at a trial that highlighted fears about China's pilfering US company secrets.

China's surrogate mothers see business boom in year of the dragon

-180,000 babies expected in Shanghai alone!
Shanghai authorities expect 180,000 babies to be born in 2012, 10% more than last year, according to the Shanghai population and planning commission. Countries with a strong Chinese diaspora typically experience a boom in "dragon" babies
The Guardian


-Hilarious Chinese cartoon! FUNNY! 

NY Times China Round Up: Beijing and Moscow, Chinese paying US Tuition and China Funding Movies!

-Make a movie about Chinese and Russians paying US tuition!
Why Beijing Votes With Moscow
New York Times
In January 2007, China, together with Russia, vetoed a measure imposing sanctions on Burma, a Chinese client state at the time. Then in July 2008, China joined Russia in killing a resolution punishing the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe, another of Beijing's
How Chinese Students Pay US Tuitions
New York Times (blog)
US students amass debt, but educational loans in China are virtually unheard of. "I'm always surprised by how indifferent Chinese parents are to costs,'' said Jiang Xueqin, the deputy principal of Peking University High School, one of China's s premier
China Fund to Support Film Projects Worldwide
New York Times
LOS ANGELES — If Chinese versions of Rupert Murdoch and Oprah Winfrey teamed up with, say, China's JP Morgan to start a film fund, this would be it. Sun Media Group, founded by Bruno Wu, who is often compared to Mr. Murdoch, and his wife, Yang Lan,

Ben Gazzara in Killing of a Chinese Bookie - Opening 15 min

-May not be suitable for children or adults for that matter... 

RIP Ben Gazzara. The Killing Of Chinese Bookie (1976). From the opening shot of Ben Gazzara getting out of a cab on Sunset Blvd the camera (operated by a young Fred Elmes) never leaves the character of Cosmo Vittelli. Literally, the director John Cassevetes does not cut away from Ben Gazzara for the entire film. He either keeps him in a close up or includes Gazzara in a wide shot with the other 70's Sunset Blvd noir characters. It's Gazzaras greatest performance playing the saddest strip joint owner in cinema history about a guy who can't get a break whose naive dumb optimism seals his fate. Gazzara's performance is like watching ones own annoying sad sack uncle who just keeps screwing up. This movie might have been Cassevetes attempt to make a commercial genre crime movie but it turns out like Cosmo to be often alienating and in one night club performance with the emcee very annoying. I think the one minute film school Lesson# 652: Make a dirty, documentary like film with disjointed amateurish filmed image, write and cast bewildering characters and you might raise your film to the poetry of Chinese Bookie (1976).

"Let the Bullets Fly 《让子弹飞"》 慢速中文 Slow Chinese Podcast

-Learn about the movie in Chinese!! 
Pulpit rock
#63: 让子弹飞 « 慢速中文 Slow Chinese: 'via Blog this'

Woman dies after walking off a bridge while texting in Chongqing 女子走路看短信入神 摔下20米河堤身亡

-There ought to be a law!!! 
We often thought it wasn't the best idea to text and walk at the same time, and now we have the cautionary tale to prove it. A 45-year-old woman died recently after walking off a 20-meter bridge onto a river bank in the Jiangjing district of Chongqing, apparently.... 
Woman dies after walking off a bridge while texting in Chongqing: Shanghaiist:
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女子走路看短信入神 摔下20米河堤身亡_新闻_腾讯网:

本报讯 2日晚,重庆市江津区滨江路聚英花园小区路段,一中年妇女摔下近20米高的河堤身亡。事后,与这名妇女同行的两名亲友称,事发时,该妇女正在查看手机发短信,没有注意到脚下的路况。

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Facebook Signs in the Asia Pacific for the Deaf.

-Fascinating! I like the Malaysia one! 

Facebook Signs by the Deaf in the Asia Pacific regions and countries.

江苏卫视元宵晚会 陈坤 幻觉 Chen Kun "Hallucinations"

Who is this guy?


Chen was born in ChongqingSichuan of Han Chinese descent. His parents divorced soon after Chen's second younger brother was born, and Chen began working part-time in high school to support his mother. He started as a typist at the municipal office and later as a solo singer at night clubs. He showed early talent in singing and was strongly recommended by his vocal trainer and mentor to join the famous China Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble(now China National Song and Dance Ensemble) at Beijing in 1995. In 1996, he was admitted to Beijing Film Academy where he began taking acting classes.
Chen debuted in the 1999 film National Anthem, and rose to prominence on the 2001 television drama Love in Shanghai. He was nominated for Best Actor from his role in A West Lake Moment at the 2005Golden Horse Awards, won Best Actor for his role in The Knot at the 2007 Huabiao Film Awards, and won Best Actor for his role in Painted Skin at the 2010 Hundred Flowers Awards.
Apart from acting, Chen is also an established singer. He frequently performs theme songs for his television dramas and has released three full-length studio albums, winning Most Popular Male Vocalist at the MTV Asia Awards for his second album, Come True Again. To support his third album Mystery&Me, he held his first solo concert in Beijing in February 2010.
Chen has one son.

from Wikipedia entry.

Chinese Movie Trailer: "Let The Bullets Fly" - Chow Yun-Fat, Ge You, Jiang Wen

-This is why Chinese can't have guns today! 

Let The Bullets Fly Official Trailer #1 - Chow Yun-Fat Movie (2012) HD

In this pitch-black action-comedy, the legendary bandit "Pocky" Zhang violently crosses paths with the con man Tang, who desperately offers up an intriguing proposition: Zhang will become the governor of Goose Town, where he can make more money in a month than he would in a year of train robberies. But neither realizes that Goose Town is already under the iron rule of Master Huang (Hong Kong action legend Chow Yun-Fat), a ruthless and wealthy crime lord. Zhang and Huang begin a hyper-violent and hilarious series of escalating mind games in this witty, masterfully vicious film, China's highest-grossing of all time.


Chinese baby weighs more than 15lbs

-That'll hurt!!! 

CBS News RAW: A baby boy born weighing 15.5lbs in central China astounds his average-sized parents, and may be the heaviest Chinese baby on record in China, state media reports.

Read more:

Renting Office Space in Beijing now more expensive than NYC!?! !

-a corner office with a view of Tiananmen. 
Beijing office rents outstrip New York -

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China and US have 'trust deficit': senior official

A top Chinese official has warned of a "trust deficit" between Beijing andWashington and expressed hopes that a key visit to the United States next week by China's leader-in-waiting will strengthen ties.
China and US have 'trust deficit': senior official:

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China's Facebook basks in the glow

-still won't make money!
When you put the words "Facebook" and "China" together in the same sentence, separated by the word "of," at least a percentage of the investing universe is going to buy first and ask questions later. After all, there are more Internet users in China

Lake Forest Park man admits to importing fake iPhones from China

-$120,000 worth of fake smartphones?
COM STAFF Charged federal court, Johnny Ghias, 25, admitted to a bringing more than $120000 worth of fake smartphones into the country illegally in the past two years. According to court papers, Ghias bought the phones from a Chinese manufacturer and
Lake Forest Park man admits to importing fake iPhones from China
Seattle Post Intelligencer

China, of all countries, potentially fining Apple for trademark infringement

-of all the ungrateful... namby pamby... low down... dirty rotten...
It looks like Apple's now potentially in legal trouble in China due to trademark infringement claims by Proview Technology Shenzehen. According to the company, and a report in ChinaDaily, Proview Technology ...
China, of all countries, potentially fining Apple for trademark infringement


Sanya Hainan Island Restaurants Ripping Off Customers Fleecing Tourists –

-How much for a Gong Bao Ji Ding??
Sanya on China's Hainan island finds itself in a controversy after Chinese tourists complain online of being grossly overcharged (and extorted) at ...
Sanya Restaurants Ripping Off Customers Fleecing Tourists – chinaSMACK

Tigers attack tourist bus in China

-They are pretty hungry there in Shandong!
A worker in charge of the enclosure at Jinan Wildlife World in Shandong province was at lunch when the incident happened last Saturday, and it took officials 10 minutes to open a gate so the tourists could escape, reports said.

Christian Bale: An American In China : NPR

-Interesting report. 
Christian Bale: An American In China : NPR:

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China Proves Feisty Challenge to Apple -WSJ

-Keep persevering Apple. Chinese workers need you!
Apple's entrance into China has been occasionally rocky, but the company needs to persevere to keep growing, Rolfe Winkler discusses on digits.

McCain to Beijing: Revolution is Coming

-Open mouth insert foot.
The Arab Spring is coming to China John McCain told Chinese Vice Foreign Minister ... Why should Beijing care so much about the Arizona senator China's

China Food Scandals from Recent Years (Infographic)

-Find each poison in your food! FUN! 
"If Confucius lived today, he would have to considerably expand his list of risky products."
China Food Scandals from Recent Years (Infographic):

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China fines parents of HK-born second child: report

-Oooops. Didn't see this one coming.
| HONG KONG (Reuters) - Mainland Chinese who have a second child in Hong Kong will be fined for breaching China's one-child policy, Chinese media quoted a family planning official as saying, as mainland Chinese women flock to the former British colony

Dennis Kucinich (D) plays anti-Chinese card in visit to Cooper Tire lockout

-American Democrats are racist? Say it ain't so!?!
In this, the White House has the full backing of the USW and other unions. Despite Kucinich's claims, China is not a communist or socialist country. More than two decades ago, the Stalinist bureaucracy in Beijing restored capitalism.

Arsenal plan games in Seoul, Beijing and Hong Kong in July

-Hey Chinese, here comes some FOOOOOTBALL!!!
Arsenal plan a three-stage Far Eastern tour this summer in addition to the planned visit to Nigeria.
Arsenal plan games in Seoul, Beijing and Hong Kong in July ...

Worst Chinese Restaurant Name: "Mr. Congee Chinese Cuisine"

-Congee and Cuisine shouldn't be used in the same sentence.
View Printable Mr Congee Chinese Cuisine Coupon Valid In Your Area. Coupon Title: Lobster Special. Store: Mr Congee Chinese Cuisine. Location: ...
Mr Congee Chinese Cuisine Coupon Mississauga, Mr Congee

Winter In China

-A Canadian, Norwegian and Minnesotan perspective! 
Winter In China | 

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