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World's weirdest building causes controversy in China -

-Looks like a giant donut. 
World's weirdest building causes controversy in China - YouTube:

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Pretty Woman Spitting: An American's Travels in China

Leanna Adams moved to China in 2006. What she found were squat pots, plates of pig’s feet, wildly curious Chinese people and life-altering experiences. 

Pretty Woman Spitting: An American's Travels in China

Pretty Woman Spitting is a kind of love letter to China. Adams chose the title after hearing a particularly guttural noise (spitting is commonly heard all over China) and turned to find a beautiful woman in a delicate yellow frock hocking up a big one. Pretty Woman Spitting is the book Adams wanted to read before she moved there, filled with loads useful information like where to go to the bathroom and how you shouldn’t hug Chinese men after they fix your toilet.

While living in the countryside teaching English and American Culture, even the most basic issues of hygiene presented complicated dilemmas for Adams. The reaction of the rural Chinese – who had seldom if ever seen a Westerner – to a curly-haired American woman ranged from pointed curiosity to outright inappropriate touching.

The book is part memoir, part travelogue and a compelling and often hilarious account of an evolving Chinese society and a woman at a crossroads. Adams was nearly robbed, held her co-worker’s hand as she died in a filthy, smoke-filled hospital, bonded with many of her three hundred students and left part of her heart in Wuhu, China.

Adams’s contrasting experiences highlight the differences that make the two cultures unique and the similarities that make all people human.

From a reader:

Insightful and funny travel log of a southern belle experiencing a rawer China than most western tourists see

Beijing Songs: Chinese children's choir comes to Pasadena, CA

-a minute of madness and chaos! 

PASADENA- A delegation of students from Beijing Xicheng District Huangchenggen Elementary School in China toured the Pasadena Unified School District's Dual Language Immersion Program in Mandarin Chinese at Field Elementary School on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012.

How China Will Conquer The U.S. Auto Industry - Forbes

If the Chinese look at the statistics below they will not waste their time sending cheap internal combustion engine cars to the U.S. Why? Because only 2.5 percent of the market is made up of cars under $15,000.
How China Will Conquer The U.S. Auto Industry - Forbes:

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共享发展:“北上广”市民的感受与期待 More Than 60% of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou Residents Feel Left Out Of Economic Growth

Across all three cities, 71%, 63% and 50% of lower-middle, middle, and upper-middle class income earners respectively reported feeling left out of their local economy's growth


More Than 60% of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou Residents Feel Left Out Of Economic Growth:

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A xiaolongbao adventure |

-delicious pockets of fine dough, filled with a nugget of minced meat and pork jelly that melts into a flavorsome soup
Chinese Cooking Workshop: a xiaolongbao adventure | China Travel:

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Shanghai sunset created by iTimelapse for the iPhone

Shanghai sunset from Ad van der Donk on Vimeo.

Coldplay & Rihanna - Princess Of China (Official)

Princess Of China is taken from the worldwide no. 1 album Mylo Xyloto -

Get the mp3 here!

Princess Of China -Coldplay and Rihanna

Lunar New Year 2012 - The Big Picture -

-Great collection of amazing pictures! 
Pulpit rock
Passengers queue up to board their trains at a railway station in Fuzhou, China on January 8, 2011

Lunar New Year 2012 - The Big Picture -

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China and the world fears America will Embrace Protectionism | The Weekly Standard

Sit in the chair of the CEO of a major exporter, and you fear protectionism and the ever-rising spiral of retaliations. Sit in the chair of the president of a trade union, and you welcome what others call protectionism and you call fair trade. 
Will America Embrace Protectionism? | The Weekly Standard: 'via Blog this'

Kalamazoo Michigan Chinese restaurant catches on fire

-Owners are in China. Bummer. 

Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety investigators say a heating and cooling unit sparked a fire inside a restaurant early Thursday morning.

Mr. Chan: Misunderstood Man! "I'm Allergic to Peanuts, Mr. Chan!" -

A frustrated Mr. Chan describes Beef & Broccoli to a clueless customer. (Mr. Chan: Misunderstood Man animated series)

Chinese Knock Knock Joke |

-That is funny! 
Chinese Knock Knock Joke | 

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1,052 Years ago today: Song Dynasty Begins with Emperor Taizu

-When everyone envies China! 
Highlights of the Song Dynasty  (960–1279) : It was the first government in world history to issue banknotes or paper money, and the first Chinese government to establish a permanent standing navy. This dynasty also saw the first known use of gunpowder, as well as first discernment of true north using a compass.

960: Emperor Taizu began his reign in China, initiating the Song Dynasty period that would eventually last for more than three centuries.  His reign:  4 February 960 – 14 November 976 (16 years, 284 days) 
All learned from here:

非常静距离 《幸福三颗星 3 Stars of Happiness》幕后大揭秘

-Such Quality Programming! 



Guardian Non Fiction Roundup: "Travels in China" by Roland Barthes

Travels in China by Roland Barthes

Et cetera: non-fiction roundup - reviews | Books | The Guardian:  'via Blog this'

Rummaging around in deceased writers' drawers for material they never wanted to publish being a mysteriously uncontroversial enterprise, we are now treated to typed-up versions of Barthes's notebooks from a three-week voyage to China in 1974...

From Amazon:
In 1974 Roland Barthes travelled in China as part of a small delegation of distinguished French philosophers and literary figures. They arrived in China just as the last stage of the Cultural Revolution was getting underway - the campaign to criticize Lin Biao and Confucius. While they were welcomed by writers and academics, the travelers were required to follow a pre-established itinerary, visiting factories and construction sites, frequenting shows and restaurants that were the mainstay of Western visitors to China in the 70s.

Barthes planned to return from the trip with a book on China: the book never materialized, but he kept the diary notes he wrote at the time. The notes on things seen, smelled and heard alternate with reflections and remarks - meditations, critiques or notes of sympathy, an aside from the surrounding world. Published now for the first time more than thirty years after the trip, these notebooks offer a unique portrait of China at a time of turbulence and change, seen through the eyes of the world’s greatest semiotician. 

"Reveals a figure who saw failure before his contemporaries and found Tel Quel's Maoist phase to be far from a great leap forward."
Times Literary Supplement

"Barthes writes with his customary insight and style."
Conde Nast Traveller

Can Facebook and China be friends?

-No, never, they can never be friends... ENEMIES!!!
China, the world's biggest Internet market, is a huge draw for Facebook as it prepares to go public, but Beijing is deeply suspicious of social networks that lie beyond the control of the ruling Communist Party. By Peter Ford, Staff writer / February 3 ...
Can Facebook and China be friends?
Christian Science Monitor

Panda Poo: World's Most Expensive Tea

-But ooooh sooooo yummy!
Chinese entrepreneur Yanshi An left his job as a teacher of calligraphy at Sichuan University to pursue his dream of fertilizing his lucrative tea-crop.

Row breaks out over Chinese donation to University of Cambridge

-They want to build a wall? SO WHAT??
University of Cambridge: a Chinese wall? A row has broken out at Cambridge University over a £3.7 million (4.4 million euro, $5.8 million) donation by a Chinese foundation amid fears that it is linked to the Chinese government.

Obama's Re-election Would Be a Gift to China

-Wrap him up and send him there!
Chinese communist dictators do not have Stalin's problem of an inadequate work force China's population is 1.339 billion Suddenly they realized that this is ...
Obama's Reelection Would Be a Gift to China

The economy's 'China Syndrome' - Reuters

-Autor, Dorn and Hanson... 3 stooges!
The Obama analysis gets a lift from "The China Syndrome," a recent paper on the impact of trade with China by a powerful troika of economists: David H. Autor, David Dorn and Gordon H. Hanson. The empirical study, which was cited in an ...
Chrystia Freeland

The economy's 'China Syndrome' - Reuters
By Chrystia Freeland

British Man Falls for classic Shanghai Fraud now awarded £2000 -Telegraph UK

-Charged 19,960 Yuan for a small meal.
While in Shanghai I was a victim of a fraud. Barclaycard refuses to acknowledge it is a fraud and holds me responsible for paying the full amount. I was in the city on a business trip and wanted to experience an "authentic" Chinese restaurant.

Chinese save 4 times as much as Britons

-and that's why China will save us all!
Dr Karl Gerth, author of As China Goes, So Goes the World: How Chinese Consumers are Transforming Everything and a lecturer in modern Chinese history at Merton College, Oxford, said that Chinese people save out of necessity because they have to pay for

Why U.S. Needs a China Threat |

-interesting site...
Beijing is quite happy to cast themselves for it. I'm sure the Falun Gong consider the cadres and China a villan. The Tibetans too would probably look at Beijing as a villian. How about the non-Han Chinese citizens of The Western Provinces of ...
China Power

16 million Chinese women married to gays: Experts

-Where's your pre-nup??
At least 16 million women in China are married to gays, a leading expert has said. Professor Zhang Bei-chuan of Qingdao University, an authority on AIDS and HIV, said that due to traditional family values in China, about 90 percent of homosexual men

The dark side of a guanxi-based society

-Guanxi is "relationship" in Chinese.
Speaker after speaker before or after me at the conference, Chinese and foreign, returned to the same theme: capitalism with Chinese characteristics premised on the critical role and functions of guanxi in the business culture of China.

The Chinese Wheelbarrow

-Fascinating history compared to European wheelbarrow...
From the very cool Low-tech Magazine, the Chinese wheelbarrow: The Chinese wheelbarrow - which was driven by human labour, beasts of burden and wind power - was of a different design than its European counterpart. By placing a large ...
Root Simple

Salaries in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou | Danwei

-Their pay is low. really low.
A recruitment firm called J.M. Gemini has published the results of a salary survey based on compensation at the firm's client companies in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Below is a selection of salaries in the survey; all numbers refer to ...

Salaries in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou | Danwei
By Jeremy Goldkorn

Charlie Rose - Mark Zuckerberg & Sheryl Sandberg on Facebook in China

-Chinese want to "like" stuff too! 

Mark Zuckerberg & Sheryl Sandberg on Facebook in China

Watch the full interview here:

Chinese Western Marriage Counseling |

-Been there done that! 
Chinese Western Marriage Counseling | 

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Who’s Who on China’s Twitter: Writers & Economists |

-4.1 mil followers @李承鹏 a writer and big eyes!
Who’s Who on China’s Twitter: Writers & Economists | Tea Leaf Nation:

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LINK TV: Cultural Tensions Rise Between Hong Kong and Mainland China Residents

-Great synopsis of the issue. 

(LinkAsia: January 27, 2012) Peking University professor Kong Qindong is under fire for comments he made about Hong Kong residents in response to a video posted online of a fight on the Hong Kong subway between mainlanders and local residents.

Hong Kong welcomes the Year of the Dragon with a Chinese New Year fireworks -

-Happy new year AGAIN!
Hong Kong welcomes the Year of the Dragon with a Chinese New Year fireworks - YouTube: ""

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Five myths about China’s power - The Washington Post

-The Party controls China’s Internet.

China and Transportation: What We Can Learn In The US

-10 minutes of Reason. 

China's economy has been the envy of the world for a decade, but what about its transportation system? With the largest population in the world and growing, maybe we should be looking at its mobility. The economic superpower has built a 21st century road system to keep up with its new appetite for cars.

Transportation economist and Vice President of Policy Research at Reason Foundation, Adrian Moore, says that China is using toll roads and science to keep up with the largest car market in the world. He sat down with to talk about what he calls, "the most important bilateral relationship in the 21st century."

Moore has been working with China on free market transportation solutions for booming cities that are attracting hundreds of thousands of people every month. China's demand for cars is being driven by its new middle class, which is roughly the size of the entire United States population.

Doing transportation right is something China can't afford to do wrong. Moore explains what it is doing right and what this "capitalist country" can learn from the "avowedly communist country".

Filmed and edited by Sharif Christopher Matar.

Approximately 10 minutes.

Go to for downloadable versions of this and all our videos, and subscribe to's YouTube channel to receive automatic notification when new content is posted.

Studying in China: Tips and Experiences -

-more than 250,000 foreign students annually in China
Studying in China: Tips and Experiences - Knowledge Must Blog:

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Funny Dog Watching Table Tennis

-Giving me a headache. 
This is Tessie, a young red fox labrador, trying desperately to join in on some table tennis!
Please visit her facebook page....

Lenovo Ad: Bruce Lee vs. Zombies

-That guy looks like Ai Wei Wei!


A Most Amazing Payday in Shanghai -

-expectations for jobs and living conditions held by many in China.

China's Booming Baby Economy


From CNBC 
The Year of the Dragon is likely to see a baby boom in the mainland as the Chinese associate the zodiac sign with weatlh and power -- translating to higher sales in the lucrative baby care market. CNBC's Lisa Oake reports.

Harvard Targeted in U.S. Asian-American Discrimination Probe

-Bunch of racists!
Budget-strapped state schools such as the University of California at San Diego are reducing enrollment of Asian- Americans to make room for international students from China and elsewhere who pay almost twice the tuition of in-state residents,

Harvard Targeted in U.S. Asian-American Discrimination Probe

10 popular misconceptions and myths about Chinese - East Asia Student

-No. 1. It's easy. No. 2 It's hard.
A list of popular myths and misconceptions about the Chinese language, ... Benny at Fluent in 3 Months is currently tackling Mandarin and it appears he'll do fine with it. ... Whilst certain readers will be delighted to know that China does actually ...
10 popular misconceptions and myths about Chinese - East Asia

Authorities take aim at China-based Super Bowl fakers

-Tom Brady is a faker!  Aim at him!
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana — US authorities have seized a record $4.8 million in fake Super Bowl souvenirs and tickets and shut down 669 websites, most from China, aimed at duping consumers with counterfeit items. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Made in China FAIL - FAIL Nation - Just classic fails

-Hilarious! FUNNY!!!
Made in China FAIL - FAIL Nation - Just classic fails:

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China's State Capitalism Trap -- Businessweek

-Don't get caught in the trap!
China's State Capitalism Trap. Vigorous debate on the value of state backing. Photograph by China Press PhotoGetty. By Peter Coy ...

Pecan Industry Cracks Chinese Markets -USDA

-Gotta invest in nutcrackers now!
Tim Montz (right) of the Montz Pecan Company speaks with members of the Chinese media while displaying his Texas-grown products at the USDA-supported SIAL China food trade show in 2009. Participation in USDA events and export assistance from the ...
Pecan Industry Cracks Foreign Markets (press release) (blog)

Does marrying a Chinese make me Chinese?

-Yes, your ethnicity actually changes when you get married!
If I get married to a Chinese woman who is on vacation in San Francisco, do I become automatically a Chinese myself? And, while we're at it, since I know that ...
If I marry a US citizen will that automatically make me become one
Yahoo Answers...

Democracy in rural China begins to take hold

-one election does not a democracy make.
Wukan, a rural Chinese village, held an unprecedented public vote in response to demands for better governance. Villagers at a rally in Wukan in China's Guangdong province on Dec. 21, 2011. (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images) BEIJING,
Democracy in rural China begins to take hold

JR Smith, Stuck in China, Scores 60 points for the Zhejiang Golden Bulls

-He's a good sport!

Smith scores 60 for Chinese team
Former Denver Nuggets guard JR Smith dropped 60 points in a league game with his Chinese team Zhejiang Golden Bulls, including a remarkable 14 of 18 shots from beyond the arc. Smith, who is stuck in the country seeing out a fixed contract he agreed ...

Canada's Beijing ambassador posts his modest official Toyota, sparking debate

-What's wrong with a Toyota??
The Times reported there were 62026 government vehicles in Beijing in 2010 but noted a program on the state-run CCTV network put the figure at closer to 700000. "Government vehicle issue in China is a mess, and our government is the most unwilling in
Canada's Beijing ambassador posts his modest official Toyota, sparking debate ...
Yahoo! News Canada (blog)

What Every Mother Should Know About the Chinese Baby Predictor

-It doesn't work. Right?
Every couple would wish to have a child in the family to make it complete. Along with the wish of having a child is the excitement to know the gender of the baby
What Every Mothers Should Know About Chinese Baby Predictor

Popular Chinese Writer Sues Over Accusations of Ghostwriting

-Chinese suing Chinese. FUN!
In what the state-run Xinhua news agency called a "fight between Titans of the written word," a popular and outspoken Chinese writer filed suit in China on Tuesday against another author who accused him of having a ghostwriter. The libel suit ...
The Lede

Popular Chinese Writer Sues Over Accusations of Ghostwriting ...

This Weird Chinese Dreamboat Can't Stop Looking At Me

-Gawker calling Jay Chou "weird."  Them is fighting words...
Look how "Chinese singer/actor superstar" Jay Chou's eyes seem to follow you everywhere you go. That's an optical illusion you can set your watch to.
This Weird Chinese Dreamboat Can't Stop Looking At Me
By Leah Beckmann

8 Questions: Tim Wright on China's Blood-Stained Coal - WSJ

-Why is coal mining so important in China?  Coal provides around 70% of China’s energy supplies. Eight Questions: Tim Wright on China's Blood-Stained Coal - China Real Time Report - WSJ: 'via Blog this'

Sudanese Rebels Pressure China -WSJ

-NOBODY pressures China and lives to tell about it.
By NICHOLAS BARIYO KAMPALA Uganda—The Sudanese rebel group holding 29 Chinese hostages demanded that Beijing persuade the government of Sudan to halt a military offensive in the African nation's restive south, raising the political stakes in a ...

PF Chang's: Good old Chinese food with an American twang

-Is "twang" a kind of spice?
Just look for The Street at ATC with the stoic terra-cotta warriors, which were the guardians of China's First Emperor, forming a reception line leading to the restaurant. They seem like they're guarding a precious ancient Chinese culinary secret.
PF Chang's: Good old Chinese food with an American twang
Philippine Star

A new class of Chinese students emerging in US -HotPot

-They're all cheating to get in!
By James Ritchie (China Daily) University students from China studying in the United States don't look like they used to. When I was growing up in the 1980s, my southern US city was home to quite a few such students seeking advanced degrees in science
A new class of Chinese students emerging in US
China Daily


47 Signs That China Is Absolutely Destroying America In The Global Economy

-NO. 42 According to Professor Alan Blinder of Princeton University, 40 million more US jobs could be sent out of the country over the next two decades. #43 Over the past several decades, China has been able to accumulate approximately 3 trillion dollars

Mr. China Says The Nation's Economic Boom is Far From Over

-Mr. China speaks we listen!
Jack Perkowski tells China Money Podcast that he is bullish on environmental and energy efficiency technology, health care and the financial services sectors in China. In a bold refutation of prominent China doomsayers including New York University

可爱至极:狗宝宝vs胖宝宝 Adorable: Puppy VS. Plump Baby

-Viral videos go to China too! 


Movie Trailer: "White Deer Plain 白鹿原"

Chinese epic vies for gold at Berlin film fest
Chen Zhongshi’s prize-winning bestseller depicts the hard lives of several generations of families and the impact of the radical upheaval gripping the Chinese countryside over half a century before the rise of communism.

“Considering the span of Chinese history, it is a pretty short film,” Kosslick quipped of its nearly three-and-a-half-hour running time.

"White Deer Plain" 'via Blog this'
IMDB post

Goat fighting competition in China's Henan Province

-I know cock fighting and dog fighting... 

A goat fighting competition in central China's Henan Province takes place to celebrate the New Year. . Report by Chloe Culpan.

Don't Mind the Maggots - Chinese New Year 2012

-maggots having nothing to do with Chinese food. 

Don't Mind the Maggots visits Chinatown NYC for the celebration of the 2012 Chinese Lunar New Year.

China Airlines unveils delectable In-Flight Chinese cuisine menu for first and business class |

-Economy class? Same old crap. 
China Airlines unveils delectable In-Flight Chinese cuisine menu for first and business class | Fare Buzz: 'via Blog this'

Asia Literary Review: "Kangbashi: China's Empty City" by Philip Gostelow

-I’m anticipating the first glimpse of Kangbashi, the city without people forty minutes south of the Dongsheng district of Ordos in China’s northern region of Inner Mongolia.
Asia Literary Review - Asian writers: 'via Blog this'

Watch this Fake Chinese Steve Jobs Angel Introduce Android Tablet On Stage -

-WHAT THE ....

溜溜球神 God of the Yo-yo


Hong Kong Apple Store Dance - Pursuit Of Happiness (Steve Aoki Mix)

-start your morning off well. 

via Gawker.

2012 央视春晚 Chinese Spring Festival - The Cloud of Hometown by Fei Xiang the Most Handsome Chinese guy EVER!

-at least to old Chinese grannies! 
Culture Desk: “The Most Handsome Chinese Man I’ve Ever Seen” : The New Yorker: 'via Blog this'


US and China are behind nearly 40% of global hacking

-They hack each other.
The firm's data show that the US and China top the hacking charts, accounting for 38.3 per cent of the world's hacking attempts and costing the global economy more than $43 billion each year. The UK ranks in 15th place, making up just 1.7 per cent of ...

Made in China: Memories to last a lifetime -Bethel College

-Puyang???  Who goes to Puyang!?
Once in China, our group stayed in three major cities: seven days in Beijing, four in Puyang and five in Shanghai. While Beijing and Shanghai were fairly touristy, Puyang was a bit more rural and the people were not accustomed to seeing foreigners.

Ford F150 being counterfeited in China

Ford does not sell the F-150 in China and does not have any business relationship with JAC according to sources. It is not known at this time, what actions Ford may take with respect to this blatant counterfeit.
Ford F150 being counterfeited in China

Fake Chinese NFL Swag in Time for the Super Bowl

-I want a Patriots jersey!

While counterfeiters based in China and elsewhere pour millions into making increasingly better-quality knockoff and counterfeit NFL gear, some are getting more and more aggressive about making fake OVDs – in other words, fake certifications to certify ...
Super season for fake NFL swag

Passengers left cold and stuck as Hong Kong cable car breaks down

-left them hanging. Literally.
Passengers left cold and stuck as Hong Kong cable car breaks down:

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Chou's Kitchen: An Adventure to Northeastern China

-No Fortune Cookies? The Humanity!!!
In the Valley, this restaurant's menu of mostly unfamiliar northeastern Chinese cuisine (devoid of Americanized General Tso's chicken, crab wontons, and fortune cookies) might turn less-adventurous diners in the direction of the nearest PF Chang's.
Chou's Kitchen: An Adventure to Northeastern China
Phoenix New Times

Why do divorced men marry Chinese girls? | a KTV girls diary

-Great questions!?
Why divorced men married to Chinese women. Article by Sam Reeves. many men who decide to have divorced to remarry after a while. One of the men, but only ...
Why divorced men married to Chinese girls | a KTV girls diary

Beijing unveils incredible ice sculptures

-The people who don't drink cold water... 

The enormous Longqing Gorge Ice Lantern Festival features 300 sculptures covering 500,000 square metres.

China's ex-NBA superstar Yao Ming becomes Shanghai tallest legislative advisor -

-It was inevitable. 
China's ex-NBA superstar Yao Ming becomes Shanghai tallest legislative advisor - What's On Tianjin:

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China Bans Palm Reading in Kindergartens

-There's so much wrong with this story.
The official Xinhua news agency quotes an education chief in Shanxi province as saying measures have been taken to "criticize" three kindergartens that offered palm reading for $190 per child. Promoters have touted the tests, saying they can reveal a
China Bans Palm Reading in Kindergartens
Voice of America (blog)

Ode to the countryside -GoKunming

-mourning the passing of rural China?
The following is meant to pay tribute to this often ignored side of Chinese society. Where meals pull families back together each evening and there's always extra just in case someone else happens by.

China home prices drop for 5th month -survey

-You can almost hear it falling.
BEIJING Feb 1 (Reuters) - Average home prices in 100 Chinese cities fell 0.18 percent in January from December, marking the fifth consecutive monthly decline as Beijing continued its efforts to curb housing prices, a private survey showed on Wednesday.

South China Sea, United States and Double Standards

-America help us!  America help us!
South China Sea is quickly becoming one of the hot spots. Recent report of CNAS suggests that USA should get more involved in the region.

Is Burma Turning On China?

-or is China Turning on Burma?
It is no wonder that Burma is sometimes dismissed as a Chinese "economic ... of the hydroelectric power generated to Yunnan Province in China for the next
Is Burma Turning On China?
The National Interest Online

Inside a Chinese Communist Party school -

-don't sleep in class.
Inside a Chinese Communist Party school - YouTube:

Wukan goes to the polls

-If Wukan can do it, so can we...
About 4000 eligible people in the southern Chinese village voted on Wednesday to select an independent election committee that will oversee upcoming ballots, including one for the village committee on 1 March. With China's top leadership jockeying for

Beijing Targets the Philippines | World Affairs Journal

-easy now, easy easy... calm down everyone...
Beijing claims as its own the entire South China Sea and virtually all the islands in it, ... Aggressive Chinese moves in the area have driven such nations to seek ...

Shanghainese 上海话: Using the Bathroom 我要上厕所 |

-Now I can pee in Shanghai! 
Shanghainese 上海话: Using the Bathroom 我要上厕所 |:

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Yunnan's caffeine rush: For all the coffee in China | The Economist

-with a bowl of musli... YUM!
It is also one of the rare offices in China where a government official will greet a visitor with ... Nestlé, along with the Chinese government and the United Nations

My Chinese Wife Makes A Bad Joke About The Super Bowl |

-GO PATS!!! 
My Chinese Wife Makes A Bad Joke About The Super Bowl | 
: 'via Blog this'

Beijing Foreign Policy Hurts China | The Diplomat

The Chinese Communist Party’s placement of regime security over national security interests is typical of autocracies. It’s also very dangerous.
Beijing Foreign Policy Hurts China | The Diplomat:

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Huang Ruo Sings His Top 5 Favorite Chinese Folk Songs -

-He's got a pretty good voice.
Huang Ruo Sings His Top Five Favorite Chinese Folk Songs - YouTube: ""
Composer Huang Ruo shares and sings five of his favorite Chinese folks songs for and

From Wikipedia...
Born on Hainan Island off the southern coast of China in 1976, Huang was taught piano and composition from the age of six by his father, a well-known Chinese composer. When he was 12, he was admitted to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music where he was instructed in both traditional Chinese and western music by Deng Erbo. In 1995, after winning the Henry Mancini Award at the International Film and Music Festival in Switzerland, he continued his education in the United States at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio and at the Juilliard School in New York City where he studied composition with Samuel Adler, receiving a doctorate.[3]
In 2001, Huang was one of the founding members of the International Contemporary Ensemble, an orchestral group of some 30 musicians which often performs works by European, Latin American, and Asian composers. In 2005, he founded the performance company, Future in Reverse (FIRE), specializing in multimedia and cross-genre projects.[4][2]
In 2010, Huang's composition "The Yellow Earth" won the Celebrate Asia! composition competition. It was performed by the Seattle Symphony at a concert in January 2011. The piece is a rearragement of the third movement of his sheng concerto "The Color Yellow" which brings together music produced by a Chinese instrument accompanied by a Western orchestra.[5]

Huang Ruo's own site!

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-Discussing Economist issue about China. 

Luxury brands look to cash in on Chinese New Year - CNN

-WOW. Take a look at that Rolls Royce...
Luxury brands look to cash in on Chinese New Year -

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Super Baozi vs Sushi man

-Classic! with 428,000 views already. Love it! 

Super Baozi vs Sushi man from sun haipeng on Vimeo.

Why is there no Canadian strategy on Mandarin?

-3 minute ad for Chinesepod. 

Why is there no Canadian strategy on Mandarin? from Asia Pacific Video on Vimeo.

Getting things done in China without Mandarin is easier now than in the days when Mao jackets were all the rage. But as Australia and the United States push forward with ambitious Chinese language-learning programs, why doesn’t Canada have a plan? Hear opinions from Canadian Hank Horkoff, whose educational business reaches 1 million people worldwide with online Mandarin lessons.

This video was created as part of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada's Media Fellowship Program. For more information on Canada-Asia relations please visit

How to Toast Home a Win at a Chinese Banquet – Local Laowai -

-Great banquet advice and great video! 

On this episode, Donny opens up his Chinese banquet playbook and lays out his strategy for bringing home a banquet win for your team.  You won’t want to miss this final business banquet episode of Local Laowai!

New to China?  Feeling lost in translation?  Then you won’t want to miss Local Laowai!  Join host Donny Newman and the Local Laowai crew as they break down all the cultural intricacies, language barriers and potential pitfalls that stand in the way of a smooth transition to life in China.  Whether you're a student, a professional or just traveling through, you won’t want to miss these essential tips.  So don’t just be another foreigner.  Start living like a local -- a Local Laowai!
Local Laowai - Bonlive:

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《新西游记》第1集 New Journey to the West

-This stuff defies classification! 


Movie Trailer SAFE with Jason Stathom

-Best line: "Let's go to war." -Chinese guy.

A former elite agent (Statham) takes on a two-tier mission: rescue a Chinese girl who has been abducted by the Triads, then use a highly desired safe combination to outwit the Russian Mafia, corrupt NYC officials, and the Triads themselves.


How Much Of The iPhone Is 'Made In China'?

-Yes, what percentage? Inquiring minds want to know.
Jason Dedrick, a professor at Syracuse University, said that China's trade balance with the US is marginally affected by Apple. That's because most of the value in is captured by the brand itself, distributors and the retailers, not the manufacturers.

John Chiang on the Future of Cross-Strait Relations

-It's all still up in the air.
China will also oversee a leadership transition later this year, with Xi Jinping widely expected to replace Hu Jintao. But unlike in Taiwan, the Chinese

10 Ways Protect Yourself From Fake Chinese Bullion Coins

-flip it over, if it says "MADE IN CHINA" don't buy it.
In fact, one Chinese counterfeiter recently bragged about producing 100000 fake US silver dollars a year. And he's just one guy – the tip of a monstrous iceberg that America's top counterfeiting watchdog calls "a global economic train wreck waiting to ...
10 Ways Protect Yourself From Fake Bullion Coins
Investment U

A reality check on lunar new year

-Too much materialism, blah blah blah.
But against these strong, millennia-old undercurrents, many modern Chinese are bombarded with the message that they should accumulate and display material wealth. Peer pressure can be overwhelming, and failure to comply can result in rejection from ...

When state capitalism meets bamboo entrepreneurship

-Bamboo I guess means China.
With its state-owned enterprises operating in industries that the government deems strategic, China appears to be an archetypical example of what state capitalism entails. Yet, in reality, millions of privately-held, small firms thrive alongside these
When state capitalism meets bamboo entrepreneurship

Chinese shipping magnate spends £209,000 ($330K or 2.07 million RMB) for a Dutch pigeon!!??!

-1 expensive dinner!
The buyer, Hu Zhen Yu, is a Chinese shipping magnate, who bought the bird for breeding rather than racing in China, where pigeon fancying is a fast growing sport and big business. His purchase beat the previous bestselling pigeon, euro Diamond sold for ...

Chinese dreamer swaps army for pole-dancing

-Wow. I have nothing to say about this story...
Apart from a few scantily-clad women, there is little to suggest this is the headquarters of China's first and biggest chain of pole-dancing training centres, the Luolan Pole Dancing Club. Step inside and you see a forest of steel poles.

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