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2 Realistic Videos on Teaching English in China, both with over 30,000 Views

-Love the "Chicken Song" on the second one! 
See what a typical day is like for an English teacher in Shanghai, China.
i taught children in jiashan, china for 3 weeks for an english language camp to help introduce them to the english language. the students i were responsible for were 1st and 2nd graders, so it made it quite the challenge, but i think i got through to them in the end.

this vlog is the first ive ever created, so any comments good or bad would be appreciated.

EDIT - January 2010:
first and foremost. thank you. 18,000 views later, i never would foresee this video being my most watched. i have 20+ other videos on youtube, but the view count on this one trumps them all.

i get a lot of criticism for this video, both good and bad. below is a reply i posted to someones comment and it kind of gives an update to what im up to now.


this video was my first video ever made. it was made for entertainment purposes. it was made to mainly show my closest family and friends what i was up to at the time since it was my first time in a foreign country.

16,000+ views later, i never realized that this video would be taken so seriously and perceive me as being a "snobbish," and "conceited" person who "should feel bad for wasting the time" of young children who should be actually learning something.

however, those who know me most would never use those words to describe me and would think the exact opposite of me. those who have viewed the other 21 videos that ive posted would know that as well.

i know that i may have a sarcastic point of view, but at the time, iwas 23 years old with no future set.

but since then, ive been an english teacher in japan and the students have made me realize how important i am to their lives. there's been no greater feeling in the world and the im glad to have the kind of impact that ive had on them.

i get a lot of comments about this video saying that i should be teaching, and that im wasting their time, etc etc etc...

..but this is my experience. this are my eyes thats viewing whats going on. i know i will always get criticism for this video. but on the last day i was there at that school, EVERY student cried. i cried. everyone cried. because the experience we shared together could never be recreated. i loved teaching the students, and they loved having me as a teacher. i didnt know how to teach at the time, but i must have been doing something right for me to have the kind of respect they had for me.

I DIDNT GET PAID FOR THIS. i did it because i wanted to do something important for other people. youre right, i didnt know what i was doing. but somewhere there, there was a need for me and i tried my share the culture that i have. i did more than the "chicken song" and "head shoulder knees and toes," but it showed how cute the students are and thats why i didnt show any actual teaching in the video. that wasnt the purpose of me making it.

teaching here was one of the best experiences ive ever had. it was eye-opening and made me realize how hard it can be in other places. i taught because the students gave me the motivation to. i couldnt be more thankful.

thats all i have to say about this video. i may look like a bad teacher. but only i know what went on and nothing can change how i feel about this experience. theres another 400+ hours thats missing from this video.

fill it with your own experience and post it. its all i ask.

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