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Have you ever heard of the Chinese Sorcery Scare of 1768? Also Daoist Magic with a Daoist Priest PhD!

-Looks like an amazing book. 

Soulstealers : The Chinese Sorcery Scare of 1768

孔飞力Philip Kuhn 著《叫魂:1768中国妖术大恐慌》 Soulstealers: The Chinese Sorcery Scare of 1768

Midway through the reign of the Ch'ien-lung emperor, Hungli, in the most prosperous period of China's last imperial dynasty, mass hysteria broke out among the common people. It was feared that sorcerers were roaming the land, clipping off the ends of men's queues (the braids worn by royal decree), and chanting magical incantations over them in order to steal the souls of their owners. In a fascinating chronicle of this epidemic of fear and the official prosecution of soulstealers that ensued, Philip Kuhn provides an intimate glimpse into the world of eighteenth-century China.

Kuhn weaves his exploration of the sorcery cases with a survey of the social and economic history of the era. Drawing on a rich repository of documents found in the imperial archives, he presents in detail the harrowing interrogations of the accused--a ragtag assortment of vagabonds, beggars, and roving clergy--conducted under torture by provincial magistrates. In tracing the panic's spread from peasant hut to imperial court, Kuhn unmasks the political menace lurking behind the queue-clipping scare as well as the complex of folk beliefs that lay beneath popular fears of sorcery.

Kuhn shows how the campaign against sorcery provides insight into the period's social structure and ethnic tensions, the relationship between monarch and bureaucrat, and the inner workings of the state. Whatever its intended purposes, the author argues, the campaign offered Hungli a splendid chance to force his provincial chiefs to crack down on local officials, to reinforce his personal supremacy over top bureaucrats, and to restate the norms of official behavior.

This wide-ranging narrative depicts life in imperial China as it was actually lived, often in the participants' own words. Soulstealers offers a compelling portrait of the Chinese people--from peasant to emperor--and of the human condition.

Soulstealers: The Chinese Sorcery Scare of 1768 - Philip A. Kuhn - Google Books:

"Liu An, Prince of Huai Nan, liked to surround himself with magicians (Fang Shi) who all distinguished themselves with various magical skills. Some of these sorcerers could make a river flow simply by drawing a line on the ground; some could gather up earth to form mountains and precipices; other sorcerers could use their breathing to influence the temperature, inducing winter and summer at will; still other sorcerers could, by simple sneezing and coughing, create rain or fog. In the end, the Prince eventually disappeared with those magicians." Book of Records Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.)

On this show, Dr. Professor Johnson who is internationally renowned as a Daoist Priest and Shifu (master instructor) of ancient Chinese Mysticism, having studied several systems of esoteric Daoist magic for over 36 years, will talk to us about Daoist Magic and so much more...

The understanding of Daoist Mysticism in the West has been hampered by the lack of accessibility to the true knowledge of ancient Chinese magic. This esoteric information only survived through centuries of secrecy, traditionally handed down from master to student.

Even in China today, the general public has no true awareness of the incredible power hidden within the secret art of ancient Daoist Mysticism. Unless specifically sponsored and initiated as a Dizi (disciple), most individuals who wish to study esoteric Daoism only have access to monasteries that commonly perform ceremonies popularized by "Religious" Daoist sects (which are sanctioned and controlled by the government).

The theory and practical application of ancient Chinese Sorcery is really no different in training than other popular schools of esoteric Magic. For example, there are nine levels of ranking, each level requires the mastery of specific Alchemical Transformations, Magical Skills, and Magical Tools, etc.

Ancient occult magic was never intended to replace orthodox religion, but rather to complement it in its quest for a deeper understanding of esoteric spirituality. Through the alchemy of prayer and meditation, an individual can be transformed into an enlightened or "awakened" state of consciousness.

Several of the ancient meditation practices, magical techniques and Shengong exercises described herein are currently practiced within the secret societies throughout the world, including the Peoples Republic of China, Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.
Stay with us and travel to the wonderful world of Daoist Magic.

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