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"Electric Kingdom: the Chinese Gaming Industry" A Documentary project in Beijing, China

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In 2007 I got an opportunity to study abroad for two months in Beijing, China. I attempted to find out as much as I could about Chinese popular culture before I left the US, but came up pretty blank. Nearly everything that goes on in popular media in China is unheard of outside of its borders, unlike other developed Asian countries like South Korea and Japan. The best you can find is literature and film deemed "ethnically" satisfying enough to please the intellectual crowd starved for a jet-set experience, or banned media (how novel!) that uses the glamour of the forbidden to sell itself. But there is more to China than Gao Xingjian's novels or Ang Lee's movies (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon wasn't even all that popular in China, *and* he's Taiwanese, not from the mainland), and I hope to convey, through Electric Kingdom, how China fits into modern video game culture-- a view of China that has been ignored almost entirely.

I've been interested in video games since before I managed to develop hand-eye coordination, and I became a writer for video game news blog Piki Geek in 2011. As an idea for a weekly feature, I wanted to write about video games in China, but, like my attempt to look into Chinese popular culture, finding any information on popular video games or gaming habits or culture was extremely difficult and wholly unsatisfying. This August I will be in China once again for three months, and plan to film Electric Kingdom -- an inside look at the Chinese gaming industry, gathering information that is essentially inaccessible or unavailable in the West. It will be a look at the gamers themselves, their habits, how they are viewed by society, and the role that gaming plays in their culture. It will be a look at game developers: what they believe the core difference is between Chinese gamers and gamers from other countries, especially the West; whether they develop for consoles, mobile, or social networking; what their own thoughts on the gaming industry in China are, and what the future might be. It will also be a look at the general culture of gaming itself-- arcades, conventions, LAN parties, Internet cafes, underground console arcades (they exist), cosplay, toys, etc.

I will be traveling to Beijing on August 31. I have a media internship through Beijing University and will be living there for three months-- I will return to the US in mid-December. I have studied Chinese for six years, so I have a good grasp and understanding of the language, as well as of local customs, history, and culture. I spent two months in Beijing in 2007, and scouted several arcades and game retailers. I have also already researched a number of China-based gaming companies and their locations. If funds permit, however, I will attempt to hire a local guide and translator to help me film and interview. Using a guide in China is extremely common, especially by Western researchers and journalists, and costs about $60/day, or less if I enlist the help of fellow native Chinese students. I will be using a prosumer camera in order to make the film as clean and professional as possible, and will be helped by Macalester College and their connections to properly edit and distribute the film. Therefore, all funds I receive will go to meet these ends: equipment, transportation, permits and licensing, translators/guides, production of film and research book, contributor rewards, and distribution.
This film will only be possible if people like you (gamers, scholars, indie film buffs, travelers) decide it's worth making. I truly hope that you take this project into consideration, not just as a contribution to a growing global gaming culture, but as a contribution to a better understanding of an otherwise culturally secluded, but quickly emerging country.

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