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China and Capitalism Watch: Slovoj Zizek, NYTimes Attacks Capitalism like Xinhua, Response to "Fables of Wealth"

-Lots of hate out there for Capitalism... all based on MYTHS! 

"Most Dangerous Philosopher" - This is a summary of Slovoj Zizek's way of thinking with precise explanations which for me is easier to listen to where Zizek is not so manic. Slovoj Zizek is a self-described "Complicated Communist Philosopher" who is intrigued by the Stalinist phenomenon and the movie Kung Fu Panda. "I'm ONLY a communist in the sense that Communism addresses the problems of the commons. Nature out there is our common ground. I am not Communist at the level of answers." Charlie Rose does a wonderful job of keeping Zizek's rapid-fire mind on track and on topic. "Philosophers allow us to ask the right questions." Slavoj Žižek is a prolific author and former candidate for the Presidency of Slovenia in the Council of Presidents of Yugoslavia. Zizek acknowledged that China was moving toward Capitalism and paid homage to Li Quan Yu (or Lee Kuan Yew), benevolent dictator of Singapore, who, "Invented Capitalism with Asian values." Solutions can not be generalized. Solutions need to be evolved on the micro level, NOT on the macro level because then they are not really solutions, they are only superficial bandaids that only cover the wound to hide it rather than help heal the wound. This does not address all of the political compromises that make WORSE problems than any viable solutions provide for. Zizek also talks about the dangers of Zionist politics and the paradox of Zionist anti-semitism.

Slavoj Zizek on Kung Fu Panda...

The following is such a joke of an opinion essay.  There is so much hidden vitriol here of someone who was either laid off, cheated or had too many coffee machines made in China break down on him.  The quip about business school is hilarious because it so petty and silly.  Name one economic system where there aren't widows and orphans being robbed?  I love his point about ethics in Capitalism being optional, as if ethics in government or communism isn't.  Is anyone surprised this was published in the New York Times?  This could have easily been written by a no name in the Xinhua New Agency.  The author should stick to writing about Jane Austen, I'm sure he's better at it than writing about capitalism. editors.

Fables of Wealth -

"THERE is an ongoing debate in this country about the rich: who they are, what their social role may be, whether they are good or bad. Well, consider the following. A 2010 study found that 4 percent of a sample of corporate managers met a clinical threshold for being labeled psychopaths, compared with 1 percent for the population at large.

I always found the notion of a business school amusing. What kinds of courses do they offer? Robbing Widows and Orphans? Grinding the Faces of the Poor? Having It Both Ways? Feeding at the Public Trough?

There are ethical corporations, yes, and ethical businesspeople, but ethics in capitalism is purely optional, purely extrinsic. To expect morality in the market is to commit a category error. Capitalist values are antithetical to Christian ones. (How the loudest Christians in our public life can also be the most bellicose proponents of an unbridled free market is a matter for their own consciences.) Capitalist values are also antithetical to democratic ones. Like Christian ethics, the principles of republican government require us to consider the interests of others. Capitalism, which entails the single-minded pursuit of profit, would have us believe that it’s every man for himself."
Fables of Wealth -

Response to Fables of Wealth -
from Dinocrat » Blog Archive » When something can’t go on forever……:

This chart is remarkable. Even if China cooks its books, as is alleged, the country doesn’t seem to have had 
a recession in the last 30 years. GDP growth briefly dipped in 2009 to 6% or so, but is back around 10% again. To our knowledge this longevity of rapid growth without a recession is unprecedented in the history of major developing economies. (There are some anomalous growth rates in the early part of the chart that are due to China’s GDP being almost non-existent during the Cultural Revolution.)

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