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Frisbee in China: 3 Weeks Promoting the Frisbee in China

Frisbee in China from Disctwirls on Vimeo.
This is the story about my first adventure in China, where for three weeks I was promoting and teaching Disc-Sport(Frisbee) in this country.

People say that things go really fast in China, now, I can relate to that. Four month ago I (Jan Moeller Soerensen) was contacted by a Chinese-man called Chenran, he had seen some of my videos in Youtube from disc-workshops in Denmark and he found them very interesting.
We started to exchange ideas, and we soon agree that I have to come to China for showing the Disctwirls concept.

For those people that don't know, I should explain what the Disctwirls concept is about, it is a new way that one can play with a disc. What it make's different from other disc styles is that in this style you are mainly working with a horizontal angle of the disc, and the basic techniques are easy to learn, compeering with the traditional Disc Freestyle, where it takes a long time just to learn to control the basic techniques.

After 3 month of planning, I finally arrived to Shanghai the 5 of December. The 6 of December I had to do my first workshop in China, we had two workshops at two different universities Walli University and Nottingham University. The first workshop was at Walli University and we started out with 13 students ended up with 20 plus. The same day at night time we had to go to Nottingham University, here the paten was more or less the same, started around 20 finish with 30 student. The student just kept playing and playing, and many of them really like to learn more. I must say that it was a great first day in China for me.
The next day we had a workshop in a language school in Ningbo, again the students were very excited about the concept and they wanted to learn more about these great sport, now the workshops was around 40-50 students. Here I also meet professor Shiva from Sir Lanka , this man had a great personality, he made me aware about a very important aspect of the concept for the Disctwirls style, what is " FEEL IT". A aspect I will tell more about in another article.
Now it starts to go really fast, next day we had to go to another city for making some workshops. The first workshop should be for around 100 people, but 3 hours later they change the plans and the workshop was for 200 people, two hours after they called us and says there will be 400 and at the end we end up with 700 students in the workshop, yeaaahh why not, the only problem we had was that we just prepared for 50 student, but it went really well, but a little chaotic. We had more workshop that day for "just" 50 students at a time, that was like a walk in the park, as the American´s would say. Next day we have two workshops with more than 500 people, and around 5 smaller ones with 50 in each. The rest of the tour is more or less history.

But one more thing that made this tour really special was the opportunity that I had to visit Mr. Joy Hu, in Shenzhen.
Mr. Joy Hu, had played Disc-sport since 1965, and is one of the people that helped to bring the sport to Asia. I took a flight down to Shenzhen to meet Mr. Joy Hu and his wife Jo, he had been using the Disctwirls concept to teach kids about Disc-sport, with great success. He has over 100 kids that he teaches every day for more than one hour a day, plus weekends. These kids have amazing skills, they are already creating new moves, stuff that you can not see in Europe, USA or in any World Championship in Freestyle. They are a whole new generation of Disc Freestylers.

I have never been or heard about so many Freestylers in one place before or so many kids that are training Disc-sport every day and I have traveled the world teaching and playing Disc-sport. This community is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, Freestyle disc community in the world.
Joy Hu and his wife have done all of this work as volunteers, that in itself make this success even more amazing. I can not wait to see what will happen when organizations will start to support the development of Disc-sport for the youth.

There is many people that have been a part of this success and even more people that have supported the tour with sharing info and commenting it on FB. I thank you all, it means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to the volunteers that have helped for making it possible. I specially want to thank Chenran, Micky, Sofia, Jo, Ding, Joy Hu, Vishnu and Ningbo Outdoor sports association, the people behind Urban Disc Unity for all the amazing work you have done to help to promote Disc-sport in China, I really believe that it has started a new era for Disc-sport in Asia.
Jan Moeller Soerensen

Some articles and photos form the China tour.

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