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Chinese Sinkhole Swallows People at a Bus stop

-They had a sinking feeling...

A sinkhole opened in China, sucking in five people. At least four were injured. (Aug. 28)
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China's Obsession Still "Mad About English" the MOVIE, Preview and Reviews

-Mad is a good word...

By the time you read this, the Beijing Olympics 2008 is already in full swing, and the news leading up to it have been the concerns about the pollution levels affecting athletes' performances, as well as how the authorities have taken measures to ensure that all visitors get to enjoy an experience they'll never forget. Singapore documentarians have found the run up to the Olympic event monumental enough to craft documentaries around it, and earlier this year we have seen Tan Siok Siok'sBoomtown Beijing, which provided some insights into how the Games had impacted and inpsired the ordinary folks. Lian Pek's Mad About English too got set during this period of preparation in Beijing.

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Learning English is all the rage in China right now. We have several items on how the Chinese are struggling to learn English: many struggle more than learn. We ask whether China's emerging English profiency will mean an end to those poor but funny translations known as Chinglish. We also discover that you can commit some seriously juicy Chinglish in reverse form, from English to Chinese.
The World in Words 15: China's mad about English and everyone's mad about Chinglish FROM PRI.

The amazing story of 1,000,000,000 people and their MAD MAD MAD rush to learn English! As the clock ticks down to next month's Olympics, China 's love affair with the English language has reached feverish proportions. With half a million or more visitors descending on Beijing for the Games, can the Chinese pull it off with their newly-acquired English? Mad About English! follows the inspiring and heart-warming efforts of a city preparing to host the world by learning a once-forbidden tongue.


The Illuminati Getting Into Position: The Great Fall of China with Paul Begley

-It's yuan not YAWN.

The China Stock Market loses 9% of it's value today and Asian Markets take a big hit, so where will the Dow Jones wind up? also also


China in Numbers -by the People behind ALLTIME NUMBERS and BIG NUMBERS - Power of China.


With 1.4 billion people living there, 100,000 people employed to police the internet and 1 bloody big wall, let's have a look at China In Numbers!

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China has shifted more than 300 million people into cities since 1995 -- about twice the population of Russia.
Today 53% of China's population, or more than 731 million people, live in cities. Its urban population will hit the one billion mark by 2030.

China is the World's No. 2 Economy:
bigger than the economies of Germany, France and UK combined.
In terms of Purchasing Power Parity, China is now the world's largest economy.

China has more Atheists than any other country in the world.
More Christians live in China than in Germany, Italy, Spain or France. China has more Muslims than Syria or Tunisia.

China is the world's biggest energy consumer.
The biggest importer of oil in the world.
The World's largest auto market.
The world's top gold consumer.
China consumes twice as much steel as the US, Europe and Japan combined, and uses more cement than the rest of the world combined.
2% of Chinese people consume 30% of world's luxury items.

China is the largest manufacturing economy in the world and the world's biggest energy producer.
- The world's top gold producer.
China produces more than 90% of the world's rare earth elements.

China is the biggest trading nation on the planet.
* China surpassed U.S. as the world's biggest trading nation in 2012.

China has more internet users than any other country:
618 million Internet Users (*January 2014 stats)
45.8% Penetration Rate
500 million mobile web users
302 million online shoppers

China is only the 3rd country in the world to successfully soft land a rover on the moon after the U.S. and The Soviet Union.

China now has more than 200 million electric-vehicle drivers.
In 2015, there will be more EV drivers in China than the total number of drivers in the U.S.
China in Numbers


Movie Preview: Coming Home - New Gong Li 巩俐 Movie with Chen Dao Ming 陈道明

-Looks like a typical Zhang Yimou movie...

Coming Home Official US Release Trailer #1 (2015) - Gong Li Movie HD

Lu Yanshi (Chen Daoming) and Feng Wanyu (Gong Li) are a devoted couple forced to separate when Lu is arrested and sent to a labor camp as a political prisoner, just as his wife is injured in an accident. Released during the last days of the Cultural Revolution, he finally returns home only to find that his beloved wife has amnesia and remembers little of her past. Unable to recognize Lu, she patiently waits for her husband's return. A stranger alone in the heart of his broken family, Lu Yanshi determines to resurrect their past together and reawaken his wife's memory.

Lu Yanshi (Chen Daoming) and Feng Wanyu (Gong Li) are a devoted couple forced to separate when Lu is arrested and sent to a labor camp as a political prisoner, just as his wife is injured in an accident. Released during the last days of the Cultural Revolution, he finally returns home only to find that his beloved wife has amnesia and remembers little of her past. Unable to recognize Lu, she patiently waits for her husband's return. (C) Sony Classics
Rating: PG-13 (for some thematic material)
Genre: DramaDirected By: Yimou ZhangWritten By: Yan Geling, Zou Jingshi, Zou JinzhiIn Theaters: Sep 9, 2015 Wide
Runtime: 1 hr. 51 min.
Sony Pictures Classics - Official Site

from Variety:
It’s China in the early ’70s. Middle-school teacher Feng Wanyu (Gong Li, who last collaborated with Zhang in 2006’s “Curse of the Golden Flower”) is married to college professor Lu Yanshi (Chen Daoming, “Back to 1942″), who was branded a rightist and sent away for “re-education.” Her teenage daughter, Dandan (newcomer Zhang Huiwen), who’s grown up with no memories of her father, is a promising dancer in a propaganda ballet troupe. One day, mother and daughter receive news of Lu’s escape; they’re warned by the district party officials to “draw a clear line” and report him if necessary. Lu sneaks back home and runs into Dandan, who, hankering after the role of first ballerina, falls for the bait of a party spy and turns her father in.

from Huffington Post:

In six years, China is poised to have the largest movie audience in the world. It pays for non-Chinese filmmakers, especially from Hollywood, to pay attention to what makes a film tick for the mass market. Not to say the screenwriters and directors should be pandering and forgoing their artistic license but the Chinese audience is actually quite discerning.
Ultimately, Coming Home ends on a note about optimistic love, devotion, and the acceptance of torn lives that left me surprisingly teary eyed. As tragicomically ridiculous as the ending is, with the husband waiting by his wife's side for his own arrival, it's absolutely conceivable and realistic this happened for thousands of people in the great upheaval of China's societal revamp. The artistic collaboration between actress Gong Li and director Zhang Yimou has evolved into a deeper, more sympathetic depiction of the lives people end up with. Though it does not always look like a pretty picture, the beauty of survival and love can be immeasurable.


M.I.A. and Gener8ion Work Together on a Massive Female Shaolin Kung Fu Music Video

-Pretty and cool.

Full ep available on iTunes:
Directed by Inigo Westmeier and featuring the 36 000 students of Shaolin Tagou, the biggest fighting school for kids in China.

Directed by Inigo Westmeier
Edited by Walter Mauriot
Creative direction by Ben Surkin
Produced by Bromance Records.
Executive production by Romain Gavras and Iconoclast.

Adapted From “Dragon Girls” produced by Open Window Film & Gap Films.
Identity by David Rudnick


Full ep available here:




Mia you can wiki me
I don't be no dummenee
Dumbing me is killing me
Like it can be that enemy
They come at me
They gonna meet my
people gonna cover me
The ones that govern me
Ain't the ones that can power me
It's the sun and moon
that's turning me
If I get high it's burning me
You can kill my privacy
But you can't kill that love in me.

It's a game can't me tamed
Keep your fame and I'll keep my faith

Oh yeah you can keep it

Store my name
say my name
Know my name
And I'll keep my faith

Oh yeah you can keep it

Light it up, turn em on, that’s when my powers gone, gonna keep it,
I take em off, turn em off, and my powers on.


China Rises: Food Is Heaven - Documentary on Chinese Food from Canton to the Desert.

-Amazing. Nice job.



3 Amazing Chinese Recipes: Sizzling Hotplate, Prawn Spring Rolls and 5 Spice Chicken Wings!

-Drool Drool Drool

Get ready for an unbelievably juicy and impressive-looking beef dish! Our fiery peppercorn steak is served atop a scorching cast iron hotplate for extra 'wow' factor. This recipe appears in the 'banquet' chapter of our forthcoming cookbook and it is most definitely one of our favourites!

Get the recipe here:

found at

The Food Busker has a delicious, light and zingy street food recipe for you - fresh spring rolls with prawns. Crisp finely sliced vegetables, succulent prawns and lots of fragrant herbs wrapped in rice paper and served with a delicious sweet chilli dipping sauce. So quick to make and so beautiful to look at there’s no way you’re not going to want to make these.

How much would you pay for this dish? Tell us in the comments below. And if you want more fantastic Food Busker recipes check out his channel:

Calling all wings lovers! We promise you'll love these :) Like all the best wings, they have a super crispy, flavour-packed skin that parcels up the juicy flesh inside, and one is never enough ;)

Get the recipe here:


WATCH: Chinese Schools VS. US Schools: Elementary, Middle, High School - Off the Great Wall

-Very important comparisons!

Mike Dan Yi talks about their experiences with Chinese school systems and the differences between that and U.S. school systems.


Chinese Movie: You Are My Sunshine 何以笙箫默 starring Angelababy 杨颖, Huang Xiao Ming 黄晓明, Yang Mi 杨幂 and Tong Dawei 佟大为

-Classic song...

Movie Trailer for the Chinese romance You Are My Sunshine 何以笙箫默 starring Angelababy

Cast - Angelababy, Huang Xiao Ming, Yang Mi, Tong Dawei
Director - Yang Wenjun
Release Date - 30 April 2015
Plot - 7 years after breaking up at college, Mo Sheng is shopping in Shanghai supermarket when she sees her ex boyfriend Yi Cheng who is dating Yi Mei. Mo Sheng is surprised and has an accident which attracts the attention of Yi Cheng and starts the chain of accidental encounters.

Much of the film focuses on the background of the couple’s break up seven years earlier and the byzantine connections between Yi Cheng’s dead parents and Mo Sheng’s politically powerful father. To further complicate the plot, Mo Sheng’s ex husband Ying Hui enters the plot.

何以笙箫默 电视原声带
1. 0:00 My Sunshine - 张杰\ Zhang Jie
2. 4:24 何以爱情 - 钟汉良\ Wallace Chung
3. 9:17 好久不见 - 唐嫣\ Tiffany Tang
4. 14:04 To April - 高姗\Shanie
5. 18:00 The Road Not Taken - 高姗\Shanie
6. 21:15 孤独的总和 - 吳汶芳\Fun Wu
7. 25:27 微光 - 华晨宇

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